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Hodges Digital Mobile/Web Porfolio

  1. 1. Mobile Portfolio
  2. 2. Services Partial Client List VIRGINIA EDUCATION WIZARD Google Play (http://bit.ly/1kA2y4C), App Store (http://bit.ly/1dNhbZf) HYBRID MOBILE APPS Goal: To build a mobile app companion to the web-based Virginia Education Wizard, which provides students, parents and educators information about college admissions requirements, popular careers based on location and cost calculations between Virginia-based schools. Strategy: Utilizing PhoneGap, hD created a hybrid mobile app to work across operating systems and devices. Accessing information through a previously created API, hD worked with the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to determine the most accessed portions of the Wizard system. These discussions influenced the design and UX of the app, allowing users to quickly and seamless access information, without going through a detailed registration process. Results: 5 star ratings in Android and iOS app stores.
  3. 3. Services Partial Client List RUTGERS UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS http://bit.ly/1aC5eZd iOS NATIVE MOBILE APPS Goal: To build a mobile app that is a one-stop shop for all of Rutgers Athletics events. Strategy: The apps were designed to function in a magazine-format. Most current news item is one the cover of the app. Right after the user “flips” open the cover, they are able to access all areas of the app. Live-stream footage of events and news, as well as archived video, can be viewed in a fullscreen mode and also on a large screen via Apple TV integration. All team-related information, schedules, bios, player stats, etc., are right at a fan’s fingertips. Results: 4+ star rating for apps on Apple’s App Store.
  4. 4. Services Partial Client List HILLDRUP MOVE PRO http://bit.ly/1j5KbTA iOS NATIVE MOBILE APPS Goal: To build a mobile app to elevate Hilldrup above its competition, particularly in the B2B space, while solving the issue of creating an app with longevity for a one-time event. Strategy: hD conceptualized the app as an organizational tool. Users of the app can track contents of individual boxes, as well as track their boxes during the move itself. The app allows users to create QR codes to stick to boxes, letting them view the contents of any of their boxes without having to open and unwrap every piece. Results: 4+ star rating for apps on Apple’s App Store.
  5. 5. Services Partial Client List CHILDREN’S & WOMEN’S PHYSICIANS OF WESTCHESTER http://bit.ly/1eBUskD iOS NATIVE MOBILE APPS Goal: To create a mobile application resource for prospective and current patients, providing doctor and location information. Strategy: The app helps patients find doctors by specialty and location (along with driving directions). To encourage repeat usage, the app also includes a journal to help patients document their medical needs and progress post-treatment. Results: The app created a unified brand for the organization, which was extended to other digital properties.
  6. 6. Services Partial Client List VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM www.vccs.edu RESPONSIVELY-DESIGNED WEBSITES Goal: To redesign the website for the Virginia Community College System(VCCS) using responsive technologies to present site content in a streamlined and easy-to-use way across various form factors. Strategy: Through an in-depth analysis of the old site’s analytics and in a series of discovery meetings with key organization influencers, hD helped VCCS organize its content in a way that is most relevant to its target audience and user groups. Results: A WordPress-based website that was culled down from 1,000+ pages to 100+ pages and fully functional across mobile form factors.
  7. 7. Services Partial Client List ELEVATE VA www.elevatevirginia.org RESPONSIVELY-DESIGNED WEBSITES Goal: To create a modernized and realigned website to help Elevate VA (formerly the Virginia Workforce Network) hit its target audiences, which include career seekers, businesses and policy makers in Virginia. Strategy: Elevate VA is made up of numerous state agencies that all share a similar goal in helping Virginia businesses and workers strengthen their skills through training. Hodges Digital worked with the various agencies in the network to determine target audiences and key features and functions for those groups. From there, a few anchor pieces were developed, including a “Need Help?” concierge tool, a service locator, an interactive WARN database, a Practitioner’s Corner and a separate mobile site. Results: Elevate VA site will become a centralized tool for all career seekers and businesses in the Commonwealth. Site analytics will be evaluated post launch to determine the success of the rollout and new brand push.
  8. 8. Services Partial Client List WEBSITES Goal: To create a mobile-enabled website aimed at high school students with the sole purpose of convincing them to request an application form. Strategy: hD leveraged prior knowledge of the client (previously, hD transitioned VCU SOB from an HTML site to a CMS), to build a targeted micro-site. The design is youth-focused and heavily integrated with social media. Site visitors are immediately engaged to take the quiz and are exposed to various aspects and advantages of a getting an education through the VCU School of Business. Results: WordPress-based micro-site that utilizes jQuery to allow for playback across mobile devices. VCU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS www.businessrams.com
  9. 9. Services Partial Client List WEBSITE CONCEPT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Goal: To help Virginia teachers find high quality resources to teach new Economics and Financial Literacy requirements. A consortium of organizations including Virginia Banker’s Association, the Federal Reserve and others were responsible for conceiving the site. Strategy: In order to make peer-review and publishing stream-lined, hD created complex work-flow processes, allowing multiple users to upload teacher resources for approval. Upon receipt, each resource is peer- reviewed, then routed to an administrator for final approval and publication. Results: Drupal-based App that is actively in use by K-12 teachers across Virginia TEACHING MONEY VIRGINIA www.teachingmoneyva.org
  10. 10. We are… Services Partial Client List
  11. 11. We are… Thank You LINKEDIN Linkedin.com/company/1362696 DROP US A LINE (804)447.9289 WEBSITE Hodgesdigital.com FACEBOOK Facebook.com/HodgesDigital