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Fourth grade curriculum night
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Fourth grade curriculum night

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  • 1. 2013—2014 Curriculum night 4th Grade ―Meat the Teacher‖ Welcome to 4th Grade Michigan Islamic Academy
  • 2. Fourth Grade Teachers Sister Humaira (Reading, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE) Sister Hadaf (Arabic) Sister Hafida (Islamic Studies) Sister Muna (Quran)
  • 3. Contact Us At … Sister Humaira – humaira.khan@mia-aa.org Sister Haddaf Sister Muna Sister Hafida
  • 4. Tests There will be a spelling test every Friday, assuming Friday is a school day. Otherwise, the test will be given on Thursday. Science, SS, and Math will have weekly quizzes. Days will be announced next week. Parents will be emailed about all quizzes and tests in advance. Study material will be sent home to help the student prepare.
  • 5. Home/Classwork About 20 minutes of Math homework every night Guided Reading, Guided Writing, Science, and Social Studies assignments are expected to be completed in class. Incomplete classwork and homework will be completed during recess.
  • 6. Reading The Reading Community Recognizing Text Features Questioning Analyzing Text Structure Making Inferences Fiction/nonfiction Expository Fiction and Nonfiction Narrative Fiction and Nonfiction Poetry
  • 7. Writing Build a caring community and get to know one another. Proofread for spelling and conventions. Use sensory detail and write engaging openings. Develop interesting plots that make sense. Take research notes and organize them by subtopic. Create imagery using sensory details Free write. Reflect on growth as writers and as community writers.
  • 8. Math Numbers and Operations Decimals Fractions Estimation Measurement Geometry Data and Probability
  • 9. Science Inquiry Process Energy Properties of Matter Earth in Space and Time Organization of Living Things Ecosystems
  • 10. Social Studies American Democracy Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship Constitution and the Bill of Rights Michigan—The Land and the People Michigan’s Economy Michigan’s Industry Economics and Market Economy Circular Flow Model-Public and Private Goods Changes in the Economy-Global Competition
  • 11. Thank you for attending our 4th grade Curriculum Night 2012. We hope this has answered many of your questions about 4th grade. By working together we can be sure that your son or daughter will have a productive and successful 4th grade experience! Sincerely, The 4th Grade Team Michigan Islamic Academy Sister Humaira Sister Haddaf Sister Muna Sister Hafida