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New zealand final New zealand final Presentation Transcript

  • New Zealand: Opportunities for Improvement
    • New Zealand is a beautiful country with the need to grow exponentially in order to compete globally (OECD 2009).
    • The majority of the companies in New Zealand are small businesses (Hamilton, 2003).
    • They have a significant need to enhance their technological sophistication (Hamilton, 2003).
    • All businesses should develop more prominent process improvement initiatives in order to sustain their future
  • Understanding the Culture
    • Ethnic Groups
      • European 74.5%
      • Maori 9.7 %
      • Other European 4.6%
      • Pacific Islander 3.8%
      • Asian and Others 7.4%
    • Languages
      • English
      • Maori
      • Sign Language
    • Religion
      • Anglican 14.9%
      • Roman Catholic 12.4%
      • Presbyterian 10.9%
      • Methodist 2.9%
      • Pentecostal 1.7%
      • Baptist 1.3%
      • Other Christian 9.4%
      • Other 3.3%
      • Unspecified 17.2%
      • None 26% ("New Zealand Facts," 2010)
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  • Economy
    • New Zealand is extremely dependant on trade
    • Exports = $23.69 Billion
      • dairy products, meat, wood and wood products, fish, machinery ("New Zealand Facts," 2010)
    • Imports = $ 25.23 Billion
      • machinery and equipment, vehicles and aircraft, petroleum, electronics, textiles, plastics ("New Zealand Facts," 2010)
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  • The Problem
    • Hamilton and Dana’s (2003) research suggests New Zealand suffers because
    • They lack the technology to compete with OCED companies
      • New Zealand spent .9% of GDP on R&D (the bulk of which came from government spending). Other OCED companies average 52%
    • Only 8,500 of their 259,000 companies are exporting goods
    • They lack comparative advantage
      • Importing and exporting products in the same category
  • Current The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development states “ The global crisis is hitting New Zealand” (OECD, 2009) One of the main concerns for New Zealand is their inability to increase their productivity. New Zealand’s size and geographic isolation make it more difficult for the country to grow. Niko Kloetten, 2009, says “The recession [in New Zealand] has thrust ‘change management’ into the spotlight’” asdf
  • What is Process Improvement “ Six Sigma is a quality-management philosophy concentrating on identifying, quantifying, and driving out errors in business processes and in the design of new products, through leadership, customer-centric goals, teamwork, customer-focused metrics, and control of costs” ( Lloréns-Montes , 2006).
    • Process Improvement is any type of program focused on improving an organization
    • Six Sigma
    • Lean Thinking
    • Total Quality Management
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  • How Can it Help?
    • Six Sigma = Competitive Advantage
    Because New Zealand is a remote country struggling with the current recession, they need to bring companies into the new era of process improvement (De Mast, 2006).
  • Current Process Improvement in New Zealand
    • Some companies in New Zealand already utilize process improvement initiatives
    • A study in 2006 found companies who used process improvement were more likely to be large companies (Harr, 2006).
  • “ New Zealand’s Business is Small Business”
    • The majority of New Zealand’s organizations are made up of small businesses (Hamilton, 2003).
    • “ 86 percent of its 259,000 businesses have five or fewer employees” (Hamilton, 2003).
    • New Zealand needs to adopt process improvement in their small businesses in order to gain a competitive advantage globally
  • Auckland as an Example Auckland Airport is an organization in New Zealand who spent 2009 developing a plan to get through the recession and expand their company (Auckland Airport, 2009). asdasd
  • Auckland’s Business Plan They felt going Lean and using Six Sigma would help through the difficult time. (Auckland Airport, 2009). asdas
  • Six Sigma Strategy for 2009 (Auckland Airport, 2009) asdfd
  • Success in 2010 “ Auckland Airport has been voted as the best airport in the Australia Pacific region for the second year running and has moved from number 10 to number 9 in world rankings” (Deuchrass, 2010). sadas
  • Conclusion
    • New Zealand is a country with great potential
    • Currently they are lagging competitively because of
      • Geographic location
      • Lack of technology
      • Abundance of small businesses
    • In order to make it out of the recession and increase their competitive advantage New Zealand should
      • Focus on implementing process improvement in all companies (regardless of size)
      • Focus on reducing costs and increasing R&D
  • Bibliography Kloeten, N. (2009, March 12). 'change management' in vogue as companies struggle . Retrieved from Deuchrass, A. (2010, March 24). Top regional title for auckland airport . Retrieved from De Mast, J. (2006). Six Sigma and competitive advantage. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence , 17 (4), 455-464. doi:10.1080/14783360500528221. Lloréns-Montes, F., & Molina, L. (2006). Six Sigma and management theory: Processes, content and effectiveness. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence , 17 (4), 485-506. doi:10.1080/14783360500528270 Harr, J., & Spell, C. (2006, July 7). Predicting total quality management in new zealand: the moderating effect of organisation size . Retrieved from Hamilton, R., & Dana, L. (2003). An Increasing Role for Small Business in New Zealand. Journal of Small Business Management , 41 (4), 402-408. doi:10.1111/1540-627X.00090. Auckland airport . (2009, March 30). Retrieved from Video/Pictures: Slide 1: Slide 2: Slide 3: Slide 4: Slide 6: Slide 7: Slide 8: Slide 10: Slide 11: Slide 12: Slide 13: Slide 14: Slide 17: The New Zealand National Bird- Kiwi