Untethered health in a networked society by James Mathews

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Talk by James Mathews, Chairman, Health 2.0 India …

Talk by James Mathews, Chairman, Health 2.0 India
CEO, Whiteboard Design Pvt Ltd at The Hive Big Data Think Tank Meetup - Healthcare 2.0 hosted at the EMC India.

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  • 1. Untethered Health | in a Networked Society James Mathews Chairman, Health 2.0 India CEO, Whiteboard Design Pvt Ltd @jmathews / james@health2con.com
  • 2. 2013 Investor Funding // 6 Themes
  • 3. Will the world share knowledge? Source: http://blogs.biomedcentral.com/bmcblog/2013/02/05/reverse-innovation-in-global-health-systems-call-for-papers-2/
  • 4. Data | Design | Networks
  • 5. H E A L T H | L I F E
  • 6. S O L U T I O N
  • 7. N A V I G A T E
  • 8. Learn the Art Memorize the Science
  • 9. Liquid Space Shared Perspective Experimentation (don’t assume you know it all) (it’s about we, not me) (prepare for the unexpected, but stay focused)
  • 10. // Migration from Analog to Digital // Data Liquidity // Empowered Patient // Rise of Quantified Self // Disruptive Insurance Models // Solo to Collaborative // Personalized Genomics // Corporate to Entrepreneurial // Solution to Navigational // Value Innovation // Quality Expectations ..and much more …. Our Observations on Trends
  • 11. Diabetes Source: International Diabetes Federation
  • 12. Aging population Source: United Nations Population Fund We need to prepare NOW! New report published on Oct 1st 2013 Global Agewatch Index “The world is not ready for an aging population” Source: http://www.helpage.org/global-agewatch/
  • 13. Physicians per 10,000 population • Source: WHO, World Health Statistics 2013 Which countries are likely to require telehealth products and services?
  • 14. The entire world needs fitness trackers? • Source: The Lancet, 18th July 2012, Evidence-based intervention in physical activity: lessons from around the world • Inactivity defined as not meeting any of the following criteria: (a) 5 x 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week; (b) 3 x 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity per week; (c) an equivalent combination achieving 600 metabolic equivalent-min per week.
  • 15. Human Centered Design | IDEO.org
  • 16. Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi word that roughly translates as “an innovative fix for your business; an improvised solution born from ingenuity and cleverness.”
  • 17. Medxpoint – an incubator in Russia http://www.medxpoint.com/
  • 18. Asia HospitalOS http://www.hospital-os.com/en/index_main.php (Thailand) http://community.sk.ru/ (Russia) http://www.fly2heal.com/ (India) http://surgerica.com/ (India) http://www.mapmygenome.in/ (India) http://www.medxpoint.com/ (Russia) www.mytjacket.com (Singapore) http://forushealth.com/forus/ (India) http://obereg-braslet.ru/ (Russia) http://www.doktorsitesi.com/ (Turkey)
  • 19. Europe http://www.intelesant.com/ (UK) http://www.corehab.it/riablo/ (Italy) http://www.biovotion.com/ (Switzerland) http://laracompanion.com/ (Germany) http://web.it.kth.se/~gengy/ (Sweden) http://www.smartcare.no/en/ (Norway) http://www.beddit.com/ (Finland) http://www.biocat.cat/en/news/sant-joan-de-deu-presents-its-liquid-hospital (Spain) http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/NewsUpdate/viewarticle/999/ (UK) http://www.moodinstitute.com/ (France)
  • 20. Middle East http://www.altibbi.com/ (Jordan) http://www.luminox-health.com/ (Israel) www.treato.com (Israel) http://www.telesofia.com/ (Israel)
  • 21. Africa Over 900 planned or deployed mHealth products globally Majority in Africa – Over 100 in East Africa Source: GSMA mHealth Tracker http://mobisure.kbo.co.ke/ (Kenya) www.claimsync.com (Ghana) http://www.rnw.nl/africa/article/cardiopad-african-invention-save-lives (Cameroon) http://www.dimagi.com/hiv-confidant/ (South Africa)
  • 22. South America http://www.medkohealth.com/ (Chile) http://www.boaconsulta.com/ (Brazil) http://www.intramed.net/ (Argentina) http://www.pcaaudit.com/ (Venezuela) http://glya.co/ (Colombia)
  • 23. Australia & NZ http://www.footfallsandheartbeats.com/ (New Zealand) http://www.uhealth-aus.com/ (Australia) http://magnepath.com/ (Australia) http://goact.com.au/ (Australia) http://health.com.au/ (Australia)
  • 24. Untethered Health | in a Networked Society James Mathews Chairman, Health 2.0 India CEO, Whiteboard Design Pvt Ltd @jmathews / james@health2con.com