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Priyank Patel, Teradata, Hadoop & SQL
Priyank Patel, Teradata, Hadoop & SQL
Priyank Patel, Teradata, Hadoop & SQL
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Priyank Patel, Teradata, Hadoop & SQL


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  • Within the Unified Big Data Architecture, we provide multiple technologies that enable high-performance data movement and data access between Teradata, Aster and Hadoop.
  • This is an example of meaningful enterprise-level integration which minimizes data replication and increases analyst productivity. Closes gaps in Hadoop which will take them years and years to close. Leverage the scale and cost of Hadoop, but provide a proper SQL-compliant interface, performance, and higher analytic value with pre-built analytic functions that solve specific business problems like marketing attribution.
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    • 1. 1 8/8/2013 Teradata Confidential AUDIO & VIDEO IMAGES TEXT WEB & SOCIAL MACHINE LOGS CRM SCM ERP DISCOVERY PLATFORM CAPTURE | STORE | REFINE INTEGRATED DATA WAREHOUSE LANGUAGES MATH & STATS DATA MINING BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE APPLICATIONS Engineers Data Scientists Business Analysts Marketing Front-Line Workers Operational SystemsCustomers / Partners Executives Aster Connector for Hadoop Aster SQL-H Aster Teradata Connector Teradata SQL-H Teradata Connector for Hadoop Aster Loader Teradata Loader TERADATA UNIFIED DATA ARCHITECTURE
    • 2. 2 8/8/2013 Teradata Confidential Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop ”Taking Hadoop from Silicon Valley to Main Street” Most Trusted & Flexible Hadoop Platforms for Your Next-Generation Unified Data Architecture™ 1. Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance 2. Teradata Appliance for Hadoop 3. Teradata Commodity Offering with Dell 4. Hortonworks Data Platform software-only support resell Complete consulting and training capability • Big Analytics Services – across the UDA • Data Integration Optimization – ETL, ELT across the UDA • Hadoop deployment & mentoring • Teradata delivering Hortonworks training • Hadoop Managed Services - operations & administration Customer Support for Hadoop • World-class Teradata customer support, backed by Hortonworks What We Announced June 26th, 2013
    • 3. Confidential and proprietary. Copyright © 2013 Teradata Corporation.3 Teradata SQL-H™ A Business User’s Bridge to Access Hadoop Data Teradata SQL-H Gives Business Users a Better Way to Access Data Stored in Hadoop • Trusted: Use existing tools/skills and enable self-service BI with granular security • Allow standard ANSI SQL access to Hadoop data • Fast: Queries run on Teradata, data accessed from Hadoop • Efficient: Intelligent data access leveraging the Hadoop HCatalog Hadoop Layer: HDFS Pig Hive Hadoop MR Teradata: SQL-H HCatalog Data DataFiltering