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C S5 Super Guide Photoshop Cafe

  1. 1. WelcomePhotoshop CS5 - New Features 4Photoshop can Paint 14 Welcome to this cs5 superguide contributors Welcome to the Creative Studio CS5 Superguide. Jack Davis: Jack is co-author of the award-winning and best-selling guide toCamera Raw 18 Here you will find a wealth of information on Adobe’s Photoshop, “The Photoshop Wow! Book.” He is an internationally recognized expert on digital imagery and the visual communication process. He hasWhat’s new for Tablet Users? 22 latest release. lectured at conferences and universities throughout the US, and abroad. He teaches as part of the “Dream Team” at the National Association of PhotoshopPhotoshop CS5 3D By: Stephen Burns 28 This is our second Superguide following the huge CONTENTS Professional’s Photoshop World Conferences. Jack was recently inducted into the NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame. success of the CS4 Superguide. Expect a Superguide from us each time Adobe has a major release of a new Jane Conner-Ziser: Jane Conner-Ziser is a photographer, digital artist, pre- mier educator and independent consultant. She was named as one of Canon’s Creative Suite. Count this as part of your exploration Explorers of Light in their PrintMaster program, is an Adobe Photoshop Expert, process. a Corel Painter Master and a Craftsman Photographer of the ProfessionalFlash CS5 - New Features 34 Photographers of America. In addition, she is past co-chair for the Digital and Check out our coverage of Photoshop CS5, Camera Advanced Imaging Committee for the Professional Photographers of America.Packager for iPhone 37 Raw 6, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, After Effects, Pre- David Blater & Anne-Marie Conception: David Blatner and Anne-Marie miere and more. We have assembled some of the best Concepción are regarded as the top InDesign experts and have authored a ton of book and spoken at many events. Together they run the top InDesign experts in the industry to write these articles for you. Resource and magazine InDesignSecrets.com While we didn’t manage to cover every application, Colin Smith: Colin Smith is a best-selling author, trainer, and award-winning we got really close. There have been many sleepless new-media designer. He is founder of the world’s most popular Photoshop resource site, PhotoshopCAFE.com, which boasts over twenty million visitors. nights and favor-calling to make this a reality. I have He is a regular columnist for Photoshop User Magazine. He is in high demand managed to assemble a very elite group of people, across the United States as a lecturer, presenting his Photoshop techniquesIllustrator CS5- New Features 40 some of the smartest minds in the business, including to Photographers and graphics professionals across the nation. Colin has con- sulted such companies as Adobe Systems, Apple and Disney Studios. Jack Davis, Jane Conner-Ziser, Wes Maggio and David Weston Maggio: An Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and Application Blatner. Each contributer is an expert (In many cases Specialist for Wacom Technology, Weston Maggio is an authority on Photoshop the top expert) in their chosen application. instruction. Wes can be regularly found lecturing and instructing experts-to-enthu- siasts alike at creative events around the country. For more information about Wes, We also plan on making Creative Studio a regular check out his website at www.westonimages.com. To learn more about Wacom and their line of pen tablets, please visit www.wacom.com. free publication. Thanks for your patience and sup- port. Also thanks for your support of PhotoshopCAFE. Matt Keefe: Matthew is a new-media designer, developer, author and trainer. Recently Matt authored the Flash and PHP bible. His work has been published com. Thanks to you, we are celebrating our 10th year in How To Wow with Flash for which he was a contributing author, and techni- cal editor. Matt was also a technical editor for Essential ActionScript 3. He holds as a leading inside resource on Photoshop.Indesign CS5- New Features 48 an ACE certification for Adobe Photoshop CS3 and works closely on new and upcoming technologies from Adobe and other technology companies. If you aren’t a subscriber on our mailing list, make sure you join up so you don’t miss any of the exclu- Bruce Bicknell: Bruce Bicknell is a video and animation specialist who is the founder of Digital Blue Productions. He has been an instructor on Adobes in- sive tips and discounts only on our mailing list. (If you box training as well as published in Photoshop User, Layers Magazine, ATI Red, signed up for this superguide you’re already a mem- MacTribe and PhotoshopCAFE. His clients include Time Inc., DTCC, KW Media and has worked with magazines that include People, National Geographic, ber, it’s free!) Adventure, Photoshop User, and Layers magazines to name a few. Bruce is also an instructor at Sessions.edu teaching video and graphics courses. Also check out the free videos on Photoshop CS5. A lot of the content here has also been compiled into a Stephen Burns: Stephen Burns is the author of several books published by CS5 microsite at www.PhotoshopCAFE.com/cs5, there Charles River media. They include “Photoshop CS Trickery & FX”, “AdvancedPremiere CS5- New Features 55 are also some videos and other goodies there. Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX”, “Advanced Photoshop CS3 Trickery & FX”, “Ad- vanced Photoshop CS4Trickery & FX” and “The Art Of Poser Pro & Photoshop CS4. Darren (Daz) Winder : Graphic designer, web designer, teacher, technical Your partner in success, editor of books on Photoshop, Illustrator and PainterX. Darren is widely known on the internet circuit, a teaching assistant at ed2go.com teaching Photoshop Colin Smith and Illustrator. Darren can also be found at PhotoshopCafe.com answering questions on Illustrator and Photoshop. The owner of d.a.w. DESIGN digital art Publisher studio. dawdesign.com // dawdesign.net. csmith@photoshopCAFE.com Creative Studio (CAFE) Colin Smith Publisher, Editor in Chief, Layout and DesignAfter Effects CS5- New Features 59 Bruce Bicknell Managing Editor. bbicknell@photoshopCAFE.com Creative Studio (CAFE) // PhotoshopCAFE.com 80 Reunion Irvine, CA. USA CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 3
  2. 2. photoshop cs5 photoshop cs5 the good stuff Don’t worry though; there are plenty of sexy ad- ditions too. Check out HDR Pro, the Puppet Warp Photoshop CS5 New Features (aka Photoshop 12) By: Colin Smith tool, Content Aware Fill, the new Refine Edge tools, new RAW engine, new brushes and paint mixer and Photoshop is the cornerstone of the extensive use of the GPU (Graphics Processing much more. Let’s get started with the Refine Edge Unit). This takes a lot of the graphical load off of the tool. Creative Suite. Almost every creative professional main processer (CPU) and reroutes it to the Graph- leans heavily on the use of Photoshop. Designers, making selections ics card. The GPU is equipped to run these types of Photographers, 3D artists, Video, Visual Effects, You may well remember that the Refine Edge processes with effortless ease. So it not only results Illustration, even forensic scientists, dental, and Quick Select tools were added in CS3. You also in faster screen redraws, smoother painting etc. but medical and scientists are using Photoshop. It’s noticed that in CS4 there was a disappearance of it also opens up the options for on screen resizing of a word regularly used on TV and films, it’s part the Extract tool. That’s because Adobe had some- brushes, live updates, faster scrolling, redraws and of pop culture. Everyone has heard of Photoshop thing up their sleeve in CS5. There is a completely zooming. and millions of people are using it. different way that Quick Selection and Refine Edge For example,with the Brush tool selected. hold work together in CS5 and it was worth the wait. It’s So what does Adobe have up their sleeve this down Control+Command on Mac and drag side to now really fast and easy to get great looking selec- time? What wizardry has been engineered into side to chage the brush size. Drag up and down to tions, even on things like hair and fur. This may be Hold down Control+Option+Cmd on Mac (Right Click+Alt+Ctrl our favorite app to make it our even more favorite change the softness. my favorite new feature in CS5. Windows?) with the brush selected. You get an on screen color app. What have they injected into CS5 to make us picker with Hue/Saturation and Brightness ramps.Very nice! want, no HAVE to rush out and get the Start by using the Quick Select tool to make a upgrade? That’s what you will discover selection. Remember to hold down Alt/Option to On top of this, the CPU is able to perform more remove from a selection if you get a little too heavy as you read this article. I’ll attempt to work because of the helping hand of the GPU. I handed. give you a look at what’s new and also highly recommend looking into the NVIDIA line of report what it’s like to use. Any features cards for a fast upgrade. The Geforce line is a good that will change your life, or any tips to cost effective way to gain extra performance. For the save you time? Read on. power user, consider the Quadro FX models. 64 bit and gpu What’s worth mentioning is that Photoshop is 64 bit native on Mac and Windows. Actually all the Adobe CS5 products are 64 bit. What does this mean? It means a performance boost. Not the type you are perhaps With the selection active, switch to Refine Edge, thinking though. 64 bit removes the you can see it in the Options bar. You will see lots of 4Gig of RAM bottleneck. So if you are working on Hold down the alt/Option key while the brush is selected to new options. While refining selections, you will work large files, or files consisting of multiple composited sample a color. The new Color wheel displays with the current in the top part of the panel. Notice there is a pull images, you will be able to take advantage of more and selected colors visible. down menu with lots of viewing options. RAM. Also on the performance end of things is the Here is a little tip to simplify the process. Click4 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 5
  3. 3. photoshop cs5 photoshop cs5 Finally, you get to choose how content aWare fill More often than not, it does work, and works well. the selection will be applied to the Ok, this next feature is really freaky. You may I find that applying it over all, and then reapplying image. You can apply just as a have seen it before because Adobe leaked it to the to some smaller areas yields the best results. What selection; copy the selected object public a couple of times before the launch. How it doesn’t work very well on is areas with a strong to a new layer; add it as a Layer about a magic retouching tool? perspective. Mask; create a new Layer with a mask or even a new document. This is really nice and allows for a flexible workflow. What I really like about this, is that it really works. I was able to get faster, cleaner edges than ever before. Simply put, you have something you want on Show Radius. You will notice removed from a picture, don’t reach for the Clone (as you slide the radius slider Stamp (anymore). Make a rough selection with the in Edge Detection) an edge lasso tool. appears. This is the edge where Photoshop decides what to keep and what to erase. Now change to your pre- ferred viewing mode and click the little brush tool to the left. Paint over any edges that have background that you want to remove. Hold down Option/Alt hdr (high dynamic range) and paint over areas that you First of all, let me clear up a misconception of want to keep. You will notice what HDR is. The human eye is capable of seeing the display updates after each more details in shadows and highlights simultane- stroke. But look carefully, the Then choose fill (Keyboard Shortcut is ously than a camera. The range of light to dark with entire selection updates. The Shift+Delete, Shift+Backspace on PC). Select the visible detail is called the dynamic range. more you refine the edge, the option Content Aware from the drop down menu This image shows what typically happens in a better the tool works, really and click Ok. Wait a few seconds. Then like magic high contrast scene. Notice that the exposure is simple. the object is removed and replaced by the texture of pretty good. However, I was unable to capture the The Adjust Edge tools simply allow you to the background. This is a random effect with no real detail outside because it’s too bright. Also some of choose how crisp or soft the edges will be. options, it either works on the image or it doesn’t. the shadows are plugged up because they are too6 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 7
  4. 4. photoshop cs5 photoshop cs5 The solution is to shoot a series of photos that covers the entire dynamic range. In this case I took 7 shots, each of them 2 stops apart. (Each F stop is double the brightness of the previous.) Using the new HDR Pro (a beefed up Merge to HDR) we are able to merge the Photos into a 32 bit image. There are some significant enhancements in HDR in Photoshop CS5. dark. This is known as a Standard or Low Dynamic Anyone who knows anything about HDR knows Range image. It’s a RAW file. With some adjust- that Photoshop is the best tool for merging images tone mapping ments, I could coax some extra detail out of the into HDR. I have heard some instructors, mistakenly suggest using Photomatix for merging. (Bad idea, The 3rd part and the magic of shadows, but the Highlights are totally gone. because Photomatix converts RAW to JPG at merg- HDR is the Tone Mapping. You can’t Let’s shoot another couple of photos. First of all, use a 32 bit image so we need to get the image looking the way you like. ing point, thus throwing away ½ the dynamic range. I set the exposure for the outside area. Notice how choose the tones to display the photograph. Photo- Now Photomatix for tone mapping is a different You can also use it to create surrealistic looking dark the interior is now. shop now includes a decent Local Adaption for tone story altogether). images that people either love or hate. I personally mapping. In the past we had to use programs such When there is movement between Photos (cam- like them when done correctly, which sadly is rare. as Photomatix to do high quality Tone Mapping. era shake, or blowing clouds, leaves or water etc), There is still a place for Photomatix, but Photoshop It takes a keen eye and some skill to produce doubling (also called ghosting) occurs. now does a pretty decent job of Tone Mapping. a surrealistic HDR that isn’t ruined by halos and A new feature in CS5 is the Remove Ghosts but- oversaturation. Check out my full tutorial and DVD Photoshop CS5 excels in natural looking Tone ton. When you click this, Photoshop does a pretty for more on HDR. Mapped HDR photos and contains lots of options to good job of de-ghosting. Notice that there is a green box around the de-ghosted image. Try clicking a different thumbnail to set a differ- ent de-ghost and produce a very different result. Or how about another exposure to show all the detail in the iron banister. Notice that many parts of the photo are now over-exposed.8 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 9
  5. 5. photoshop cs5 photoshop cs5 hdr toning on the camera and therefore impossible to recover This is a filter than can produce a stylized HDR on any type of imaging. “looking” result on a single image. Personally, I don’t Having cleared that up, the HDR Toning tool like the name HDR, because it’s not possible to cre- does a good job of simulating a tone mapped look ate a single image HDR. “Wait!” you might say, “I’ve on a LDR image. For what it does, it does well, just seen single image HDRs, or Pseudo- HDR.” Reread don’t expect miracles. HDR toning converts the the explanation of HDR again and you will notice a image into a 32 bit space and allows you to make photo isn’t an HDR because of the Tone Mapping, it’s some tonal adjustments. When you click Ok it goes because of the Dynamic Range. A single photo will back into its 16 or 8 bit space. It’s a cool looking fil- always be SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) no matter ter that many people will enjoy when they only have what you do to it. It’s like taking a mono signal, play- a single exposure to work with. However I strongly ing it through 2 speakers and then calling it stereo. recommend doing real HDR for the best results. of the most common lens issues. As you can see, it does an amazing job on removing vignetting. It also does a good job of geometric distortion. Although sometime you will prefer the distortion because we are so used to looking at it. Sometimes a photo Tip: Hold down shift to automatically select points as you add looks odd without it. This all depends on the photo them. of course and many wide-angle photos look better lens correction corrected. puppet Warp tool The new lens Auto correction is really good. neW brushes This is a great tool for people who are into Photo Photoshop contains a database of common cam- I’m not going to get too much into the brushes manipulation. This tool allows you to add anchor eras and lenses. It then looks at the metadata and here because Jane and Wes have written plenty points to your image. You can then drag the points makes adjustments to the curvature, aberration Have a look at this Single Image raw file pushed to warp the shape of the image. You can use the (color fringes) and vignette to automatically fix some through HDR toning. Notice, the blown out areas unselected points as anchor points. You can select in the doorway, they don’t gain detail, they just turn multiple points by holding down the shift key. gray. The reason is that the detail wasn’t captured This is a little akin to “rigging” a character for Inverse Kinematics, a 3D and animation term. The difference is that you can warp the image anyway you like. This is a lot better than the liquefy tool for these types of purposes. I can imagine that people are going to have a lot of fun with this tool! To truly understand what it does; watch the free video I created on it.10 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 11
  6. 6. photoshop cs5 photoshop cs5 DVD ROM and DOWNLOADS (iPad, iPhone4, PC & MAC) mini bridge Training Videos by Colin Smith about them. I also have a video for you to see them www.photoshopCAFE.com/video Have you even been working in Photoshop and demonstrated. you have the need to quickly grab an image. You In a nutshell, we now have natural bristles and don’t want to leave Photoshop for Bridge or even new mixer brush that smudges the colors. You can Watch additional use an open menu. You know, when you’re in the paint from scratch or you can paint over a photo for free videos that zone and really focused. They have now added a a hand painted look. support this article. small version of Bridge in a panel. It’s called Mini other changes Bridge and it’s really useful in a jam or when you http://www.photoshopcafe.com/cs5/videos.htm are working with lots of images. Personally I prefer There are a lot of other changes in Photoshop CS5. Let me touch on a few. Big Bridge because it’s faster. You also have to have Bridge running for Mini Bridge to display. Work space sWitcher I do find Mini Bridge really useful for things like We have had the ability to choose and save HDR, because I can merge them directly from Mini different workspaces for some time now. In this re- Bridge without the clutter of multiple photos on my lease it has been brought to the forefront. There are desktop. now workspace buttons at the top the screen. This controls panel layout, menus and menu highlighting paste in place as well as tool presets and menu highlighting. Paste Inside has a few new options. Paste in Place, Paste Inside and Paste Outside. These little tweaks are bound to help you out a lot. I especially will use Paste in Place a lot. conclusion I am more excited about this release of Photo- shop than I have been for several upgrade cycles. I Jdi changes believe this is the biggest update we have seen for During the development process, Adobe told all the engineers to take time off what they were working on. a while and there is something for everyone. Would During this time the focus was on working on “the little things”. Adobe looked at customer requests and made I recommend upgrading? Tune in next week to find many little tweaks that have been requested. They called these JDI (Just Do it). Here are some of the JDI en- out. Just kidding! I recommend Photoshop CS5 hancements in CS5 without hesitation! • Delete Empty Layers Script about the author • Convert a 16bit file to 8bit without a dialog box on save to jpeg Colin Smith is a best-selling author, trainer, and award-winning new- • Neutral Density Gradient Preset media designer. He is founder of the world’s most popular Photoshop resource site, PhotoshopCAFE.com, which boasts over 20 million visitors. • Straighten image button added to ruler He is a regular columnist for Photoshop User magazine. He has been • Turn off/on Gesture support featured in most major imaging magazines including, Computer Arts, Macworld, After Capture, PSD Photoshop, Advanced Photoshop, Photo- • Default for Shadow Highlight changed to 35% shop Creative, Digital Photographer, Web Designer magazine and a host • Can move a selection while to Active layer is hidden. Doesn’t move the layer, just the selection. of others. Colin’s graphic design work has been recognized with numerous awards, • Option to always default to last saved folder including, MacWorld Digital Design and 3 Guru awards at Photoshop • You can drag and drop a file into an open PSD to create a layer World 2001 and 2002, for his work in both Illustration and Web Design. He’s authored or coauthored more than eighteen books on Photoshop. • Shift+Enter puts focus on the text fields on an adjustment layer. They also open with the focus on the text fields. This He has been a speaker at many national conferences. Colin has con- saves time because you can apply keyboard commands right away. sulted such companies as Adobe Systems, Edison International, Apple and Disney Studios.12 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 13
  7. 7. photoshop cs5 make your oWn combinations by adJust- and there’s more! ing these options yourself: CS5 includes a new set of Bristle Tips that are capable of delivering a va- Photoshop Can Paint! By: Jane Conner-ziser Wet = how “wet” the existing paint on the canvas is. A dry can- riety of stroke shapes and opacities that vas will show a lot of the selected color being applied. A wet can- are user controlled with the direction and tilt of the Wacom pen. I’ve chosen Wow! CS5 came out smoking with new square provides the option to Load Solid Colors Only. vas will immediately begin blending existing color into your applied color. As the wet setting increases, the amount of paint picked up the Round Tip Bristle brush to show If this option is on, when you sample color from an features and new ways of doing things! One of the from the canvas while painting also increases. A Dry brush will not you some of the new features. image (Opt or Alt tap), it will load a solid color based most talked about features is the new Mixer Brush on the settings for the Eyedropper Tool. When Load pick up paint while painting so no mixing is involved. A Wet set- As soon as you choose one of the Tool. Nested with the Brush Tool in the vertical Solid Colors Only is not selected, the sample from ting with no color loaded on the brush allows blending of existing new Bristle Tips a Preview of the brush tool bar as the bottom option, it can be used with the image allows for loading the brush with multiple colors. tip and tilt becomes visible just to the both the new Bristle Tip brushes and the standard colors. top right of the vertical tool bar and un- Load = how much paint you have in the brush, or how long Static Tip brushes. For the first time, Photoshop der the tool options bar. This proxy can You can also choose to automatically reload a your color will last in a stroke. High loads last longer than low offers a means of blending colors beyond Smudg- be used to visually learn how the brush brush after every stroke or automatically clean the loads. ing whether you want to paint from scratch or responds to the tilt, rotation and pres- combine paint with photography. brush after every stroke by selecting from the two Mix = how much the color on the canvas blends into the color sure of the Wacom pen. It can also be options just right of the current brush load icon. being applied. Low mix settings pick up less paint from the canvas When you choose the Mixer Brush you will im- turned off (upper right corner x) should CS5 even includes useful brush option combina- so more of the color being applied will show. High mix settings will you prefer not to see it. View / Show / mediately notice new options available for it. tions in the next drop down menu that helps jump- not be as pure because the picked up paint will fully cover the Brush Preview will bring it back again. from left to right the options are: start you into painting. These choices were created brush. Tool Presets. There are some presets included I chose the Very Wet option from using the options for Wet, Load, and Mix and are Flow = how fast the paint comes off the brush. Visually it looks that can be loaded by accessing more options from the drop down brush combinations and listed under the Custom option. like opacity. High flow gives a lot of paint at one time. Low flow lay- the upper right corner and selecting Mixer Brush made two strokes, one using the tip of ers it on more slowly. the pen and the other using the side. Tool from the drop down menu, or you may prefer making your own once you become familiar with the The next option is to choose whether or not to use the airbrush These brushes offer great variety of way the brushes work. option. This option gradually continues to build color as if you stroke and with a bit of practice allow were using a traditional airbrush. you to paint with more control than is Next is the option bar’s shortcut to the Brush possible with static tip brushes. Presets where you can adjust the size and softness Sample all layers allows you to create your painting on a New of brushes or load other brush collections. Layer instead of working directly on the background. Many artists The difference between using the who paint from photographs like to paint on layers so they can standard brushes with the Mixer Brush The third option is to hide and show the Brush refer to the original image when needed. Artists who paint from and the new Bristle Tips is that the Panel (or Palette). scratch often like to work on layers so they can back up when they standard brushes apply paint more ac- the next three options are brand neW: need to or make image adjustments to specific parts of the paint- curately for shaping objects and adding The color square shows the current brush load ing during the painting process. detail while the Bristle Tips offer more (red). If you choose to “clean” the brush from the variety of stroke and better blending The last option is for letting the tablet pressure determine the drop down menu, the square will empty to let you capabilities. This is because Static Tips size of the brush, overriding settings in the Brush Panel. This know that there is no color currently on the brush use a single brush shape to gener- means that if you apply light pressure the brush is small. Harder and it will behave like a blender. This allows you to ate the stroke while Bristle Tips are 3 pressure makes the brush larger. This settings override option is add color, then blend it without having to change dimensional models with individual not available for the Bristle Tip Brushes. brushes. In addition, the drop down from the color bristles that bend and deform accord- The above new options are available for all brushes in Photoshop. ing to how you move, tilt and press the14 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 15
  8. 8. photoshop cs5 pen. Bristle Tips are available for all ing the new color. You can choose to photoshop cs5 photoshop cs5 painting tools. see or not see the Sample Ring by portrait retouching portrait retouching advanced There are a few other impor- enabling or disabling this option skin techniques techniques There is a new HUD Color located in the options bar for the Jane conner-ziser tant notes and changes for paint- Jane conner-ziser ing in CS5. Picker as well. Eyedropper Tool. 3 hours. $79.99 2 hours, 40 mins. $79.99 Access it with There is a new HUD Color How to make Faces look amazing... Conquer the most difficult retouching challenges When regular brushes are Control+Option+Command Picker as well. Access it with These beyond the basics sessions include step selected, there are new options This step by step project based DVD leads you Control+Option+Command (Mac) by step hands on instruction on how to handle added for controlling brush size (Mac) or Alt+Shift+Right through a variety of techniques to accomplish beau- or Alt+Shift+Right Click (Win). some of the most common retouching jobs in and opacity using pressure with- Click (Win). tiful skin retouching. You will work on professional This is a really fast way to choose portraiture. The projects have been selected spe- out having to select them from images by some of the world’s best portrait pho- colors that visually fit in cifically to give you practice using a variety of within the Brush Panel. tographers, Clay Blackmore, Maz Mashru, Patrick with the project you are techniques and the files are cropped to isolate the If you choose to rotate the Ciatto, Brooke Christl – and Jane – and learn how working on. You can set particular session topics. Included on the disc are a canvas, the brushes will retain to sculpt faces, blend skin, remove shine, retouch the size you want to see set of Jane’s Retouching brushes plus her layered their relative angle. wrinkles … everything pro retouching artists do the HUD Color Picker in psd files for your reference and visual guides in on a daily basis. Taught by Jane Conner-ziser, an Brush Presets are no longer General Preferences. Photoshop. internationally respected retouching artist with over required to be size specific. in addition 25 years of professional excellence in the portrait http://www.photoshopcafe.com/video They will take their size from CS5 is packaged with industry. the current brush setting. many new features and Brush Resize and Hard- incredible new technol- ness, brackets [ ] for size and ogy. The new painting { } for hardness can now be capabilities are just one accessed with a single shortcut of the exciting things you on screen. Control Opt (Mac) or have to look forward to. Alt Right Click (Win). Be one of the first to upgrade and experience it for yourself! AND there are new Color Picker options. Opt (Mac) Alt (Win) brings up a new Sample Ring that allows you to see the color you currently have com- Jane conner-ziser pared to the color you are choosing prior to select- Jane is an independent consultant and teacher for the professional photography industry. With 27 years of experience, 16 of them in digital imaging and evolving technologies, Jane’s projects have spanned across a large segment of the studio photography market - freelance art, photography, lab systems, digital imaging, Internet, teaching PhotoShop and Painter, fine arts, writing for industry publications and being part of development teams for marketing/selling software and strategies using new technologies. Jane has served on the Digital and Advanced Imaging Committee for the Professional Photographers of America. Considered to be one of the most talented and well rounded experts in the industry, her clients include Canon, Art Leather Manufacturing Co, Marathon Press, Kodak, many of the nations largest professional color labs, and numerous studios of fine portrait and commercial photography. Her engaging style, impressive knowledge of her field and her easy and entertaining way of presenting material make her one of the most significant educators in the industry today.16 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 17
  9. 9. photoshop cs5 but they now take advantage if the new process- ing engine to achieve even greater detail with less potential edge artifacts. Camera Raw 6- A WHOLE NEW PROCESSING ENGINE By Jack Davis but i Want to add noise! Actually, when we add noise back into an image Adobe has done it again - they’ve taken (using something like Photoshop’s Add Noise filter) what we are usually trying to imitate is the organic the foundational image processing engine of the “patina,” the texture, the finger print, of certain world’s most popular raw converter and rewritten what they do. Every time film grains of yesteryear. Film grain is visually very it from the ground up. The algorithms for this new you open an image that different from digital camera noise, with its inher- “demosaicing” process allows Adobe Camera was processed with ACR 5 ent randomness, “clumpyness” and size variations Raw 6 (like it’s cousin Lightroom 3) to achieve or before, you’ll see a little caused by the small grains of metallic silver halide sharper, cleaner detail while also dramatically exclamation mark in the reducing noise in high ISO images. This quality lower right hand corner of boost would be worth the price of upgrade alone ACR’s preview window telling you that new process- but the ACR team has also added new improved ing enhancements like Noise Reduction wont be blending options for the Post-Crop Vignette available to you unless you click on the icon and feature and also the ability to add a simulated indispensable control) because the ability to get ac- give ACR permission to use it’s new capabilities. “grain” back into images to obtain a range of curate, saturated, yet non “Christmas Tree Lights” Of course, if for some reason you don’t like the traditional film looks. color, while maintaining smooth detail, is apparent changes (most of which are subtle and hard to see even at the default settings of the new sliders. without zooming in on the file) you can always Undo and continue to work with the file as in the past. But With the results you’ll see you will be tempted to as mentioned, if you DO click the icon, the file with go back to some of your older portfolio files just to gain a cleaner overall look (especially in shadow see what quality increase is possible. But there is a and highlight areas), and all the new Noise Reduc- decision to be made: Adobe couldn’t just arbitrary tion features will become available. go back to your already adjusted files (processed using the current 2003 engine) and update them staying sharp to the new 2010 profiles. Well they could, but it The sliders in the Sharpening section of ACR wouldn’t be polite without asking, and that’s exactly 6’s Detail panel look and work exactly the same as in ACR 5 (and if you’re not familiar with the subtle- ties of the Radius, Detail and Masking options, you reduced noise, clean detail should be - they offer incredible control over where How to get both has been the digital photogra- and how sharpening is - and is NOT - applied), phers’s balancing act for the last decade - especially if one didn’t want to rely on opening a file and ap- plying pixel-based noise reduction/sharpening filter. ACR 6’s updated Detail panel gives you three new sliders to control Color Detail, and Luminance Detail and Contrast, but you may not need to play around much with these new options (though they do add18 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 19
  10. 10. photoshop cs5 photoshop cs5 ACR 6 to the rescue! With two new Priority adobe camera raW 6 “blend modes” (Highlight or Color Priority) and an for digital photographers additional Highlights protection slider, it is much Jack davis easier to get subtitles like skies to “burn” gracefully, 6.7 hours $99.00 while maintaining the crisp highlights of the subject With Photoshop CS5’s new ACR 6, Adobe has matter that extends into the edge area. And if you introduced tools that have the power to completely want a framing effect, the Paint Overlay option is change the way we shape our photography. Instead still there (and very useful at a low Roundness and of working one image at a time, one step at a time, Feather setting) now the vast majority of our photographic finishing and don’t forget the game-changers that can be done quickly, elegantly and nondestructively came in With acr 5! in one place! - without even opening Photoshop! Yes, you combine these incredibly useful (I’d say This includes such universal tasks as dodging & of the original medium. And it’s these subtle varia- completely indispensable!) improvements in ACR burning, skin softening or even targeted sharpen- tions of Amount, Size and Roughness that the new 6, with the paradigm shift that came in with the tar- ing! That’s what Adobe Camera Raw 6’s Localized Effects panel in ACR 6 puts at your fingertips. geted adjustment tools in ACR 5 (not to mention it’s Correction tools have brought with it to yield a highly What would be an example of when you might incremental updates that brought us lifesavers like increased workflow. You will have to see these tech- choose to actually add grain into a file? For me, it’s the Targeted Adjustment Tool and the Snapshots niques in action to understand just how powerful when I’m imitating a traditional photography look - panel!) and you have a complete procedural, non- they are. like something taken with a high speed film (like in- destructive, quick and easy, one-stop shop for 90% http://www.photoshopcafe.com/video frared), or a chemical developing effect (like cross- of your photographic post processing needs! Quality, processing) or an antique printing process (like Flexibility and Speed - Thank you Adobe for ACR!!! sepia toning). In this before & after sample here I’ve become a tool (some would say an overused tool) added a course grain back into a color photograph in the photographers Bat Utility Belt to intention- Jack davis that has been converted to black & white, in such a ally darken the edges of an image to help draw the Jack is co-author of the award-winning and best-selling guide to Photo- way as to imitate an infrared shot. viewers eye into the subject of the photograph. shop, “The Photoshop Wow! Book,” as well as an award winning designer / illustrator / photographer and contributing editor to numerous other vignettes done right The problem was that since it was designed to books on digital imagery, design, and on-line communication. He is an internationally recognized expert on digital imagery and the visual Originally added to the Lens Corrections panel fix an issue with the full frame of the shot as it was communication process. He has lectured at conferences and universities in ACR to help get rid of the inconsistent darkening captured, when a composition was cropped, the throughout the US, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil and Australia, as well as leading numerous workshops around the US and tone at the edge of wide angle shots, vignetting has edge effect didn’t “rewrap” to follow the new size. abroad. He teaches as part of the “Dream Team” at the National Associa- Hence ACR 5’s Post Crop Vignette option that would tion of Photoshop Professional’s Photoshop World Conferences. Jack was recently inducted into the NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame. Jack has follow along with the new image size. The only recorded several DVDs for Software-Cinema.com. problem was that while the original Vignette feature has a beautiful dodge and burn result that lightened or darkened the original colors of the photograph, For excellent Lighting and Photographic DVDs check out while maintaining the integrity of the highlights of the www.software-cinema.com scene, the ACR 5 Post Crop Vignette was just a layer of blurry white or black “paint overlay.” This was great if you wanted an opaque frame effect (with muddy grey highlights), but poor for the intended aesthetics associated with a quick dodging and burning of edges.20 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 21
  11. 11. photoshop cs5 Photoshop CS5 – What’s in it for tablet users? By Weston Maggio This tool offers an extensive set of controls to alter the effects of the brush. For example, you can A lot will be written about Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop CS5 is pen-centric through and through. We see this first hand with a new tool, determine the wetness of the brush, how much 5 and all it’s goodness for months to come. As paint is held on the tip, how much of that paint mix- The Mixer Brush. This brush emulates the effects it should be, seeing as CS5 represents one of es between the tip and the canvas, and how clean of a traditional artist’s brush whose tip was dipped the biggest updates to the Creative Suite since the brush is after each stroke. Every characteristic in multiple colors and then blended together. This it has been bundled as a suite! But beyond all that you would expect from a traditional paintbrush. blending of colors can be applied to a blank canvas the marketing-speak, with each new release of to achieve the look and feel of various traditional And speaking of the Creative Suite, what I really want to know is, media. Alternatively, you can use the Mixer Brush traditional brushes, “What’s in it for tablet users?” And I’m happy to on a photo, picking up the underlying colors as if you are going to say, “A whole lot!” they were wet media, adding an artistic or painterly love new Bristle tips. effect to any image. Once you’ve se- lected a brush tool, you need to choose a brush tip (in the Brush panel, which I’ll get to in a mo- ment). New Bristle tips offer stroke characteristics that rival traditional artist’s brushes. Brushes with a round, blunt tip or a flat fan brush for example. Beyond the shape of the brush, every aspect of a brush’s behavior can be modified to give you the most natural effects imaginable. Including the length of it’s bristles, their window is not only effective in the creation of new thickness, stiffness and angle of the brush tip. All of brushes, but also flat out fun! these characteristics affect the way in which color is applied on the image. These new painting tools and features are excit- ing stuff for literally every type of Wacom tablet and You can use one of the ten standard Bristle tip Photoshop user. Whether you are a photographer presets, or create and save your own to match your seeking the addition of artistic enhancements to preferred look or style. your images, or an illustrator/artist wishing to extend Assisting you in the creation and use of your their creative vision, or a designer who makes dy- new Bristle tip brushes is a Bristle Brush Preview namic composites and effects. These new painting feature which provides you with a real-time refer- tools and functions are going to change the way you ence of the brushes look and behavior. This float- work! ing window gives you a visual representation of New is cool, but with CS5 newly redesigned is your brush when selected and active. This preview22 TABLE OF CONTENTS CS5 SuperGuide www.photoshopCAFE.com/cs5 23