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Vasudev Water Solution, scaling new horizon of success, is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Industrial Water Treatment Plants. The range includes Activated Carbon Filters, Domestic RO Plant, Dosing Pumps, Hot & Cold Water Dispensers, Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals and many more. In addition to this, we also provide Projects & Consultancy Services with the supports of experts. With prime focus of i.e. water disinfection, oxidation and recycling technologies, we have collaborated with technology consultants so as to make ourselves capable of delivering full-scale turnkey systems for any industry. Adopting ethical business practices, we have carved a niche as one of the trustworthy RO Membranes Exporters from India. We have raised the bar of customers’ satisfaction by catering to the exact expectations of the clients. Last but not the least, we are making diligent efforts to establish and maintain long-term relationship with our esteemed clients.

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Company profile vasudev water solution an iso 9001 2000

  1. 1. Vasudev Water Solution provides water treatment solutions for all type of applications, from designing domestic plant, commercial plant to industrial turnkey plants. Our wide range of technologies and extended know-how in all water-related sectors will guarantee you a cost-efficient solution meeting your water quality requirements. Vasudev Water Solution deals daily with clients from various origin such as municipalities, water bottlers, hotels and resort requiring safe drinking water for their visitors, farmers needing specific irrigation water for their plants, but also industries like chemical factories, Pharmaceutical, Effluent treatment requiring specific process water for their equipment. About Vasudev Water Solution Vasudev Water Solution, created in 2007 is an An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company Indian water technology company providing comprehensive solutions for the treatment of water for consumption, reuse or disposal. Its main goal is developing, designing, manufacturing and installing environmentally friendly water treatment and purification systems for the industry by means of Saving Water. Originally, the organization's main focus was around water disinfection, oxidation and recycling technologies. Now Vasudev Water Solution in collaboration with technology consultants can deliver full-scale turnkey systems for any industry. Solutions & Products Industrial Solutions Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant Our skid-mounted reverse osmosis plants range from tap water, brackish water to seawater desalination and cover all type of application including drinking water, irrigation water and process water. Our Supply includes capacities from 10LPH to 1000m3
  2. 2. 1. Multigrade Filter / Activated Carbon Filter • • • • Sand filter, for removal of suspended solids up to minimum level. Multi Graded filter, for high velocity flow rates of reduced area of filtration, in depth filtration. Activated Carbon Filter, for removal of free chlorine, phenol, taste and odor as well as reduction COD/BOD. Gravity Filter, for Housing & Hotels and municipal water supply. 2. D.M. Plant The industry is constantly asking for a higher quality of Demineralize water at affordable price. And Its found that, naturally available water is hardly suitable for industrial demands because of its dissolved contaminations likes number of mineral salts and compounds of Ca, Mg, Na, K & Fe carrying positive ions and So4, Cl, Co3, Hco3 and Sio2 etc carrying negative ions as well as organic and inorganic impurities.
  3. 3. 3. Package Water Turnkey Project We manufacture commercial bottling equipment for the bottled water industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Since the beginning of A Packaging Systems, we have been working with water bottlers of every size and stage of business, from start-ups to many of the leading independent water bottlers in the nation. In addition to our own manufacturing capability, we represent quality manufacturers from around the world so we can deliver solutions at the quality you expect and the performance you need, all within your budget. We are your complete source for water bottling equipment. Beginning with water pretreatment and purification systems including uv sterilization, water ozonation, deionization, reverse osmosis, water distillers, and commercial water softeners. 5. Effluent Water Treatment Plants We are offering a range of Wastewater Treatment Plant that is assured to have high quality standards. These are used for treatment of water, waste water and liquid having suspended and colloidal particles. Principle of our Wastewater Treatment Plant is based on settling under gravity, providing number of inclined plates to give large projected surface area.
  4. 4. Water Treatment Chemicals For the chemical treatment of water a great variety of chemicals can be applied. Below, the different types of water treatment chemicals are summed up Algaecides - Algaecides are chemicals that kill algae and blue or green algae, when they are added to water. We have copper sulphate, iron salts in this category. Boiler water chemicals - Boiler water chemicals include all chemicals that are used for this application. We have Industrial Salt –NaCl, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, and calcium silicate. Disinfectants - Disinfectants kill present unwanted microorganisms in water. There are various different types of disinfectants: Chlorine dioxide, Sodium Hypo chlorite, Sodium metabi sulphate. pH conditioners The pH is brought up or down through addition of basics or acids. We have Caustic Flakes and Hydrochloric acid (HCL). Scale inhibitors Antiscalents like Sodium Hypo chloride, Sodium metabisulphite (SMBS) as a antioxidant and preservative agent. TwinOxide TwinOxide is a unique and advanced delivery system, providing 99.9x% pure chlorine dioxide solution in a 0.3% concentration without by-products. It is applied as a (drinking) water disinfectant. TwinOxide is delivered as a powder kit of two components. Once added to a specific volume of water, TwinOxide® reacts to a 99.9x% pure chlorine dioxide solution with a kinetic halftime as a biocide of 30 days. As water contamination levels vary, it is easily possible to vary the dosage rate of TwinOxide®. We are the premium Twinoxide Chemical Suppliers in India. Advantages • • No free chlorine, chlorate, chloride or chlorite Less sewage load by strong decrease in building of organic halogen combinations (Aox, TriHaloMethane) Provides THM control • Bounded Chlorine building is strongly suppressed to a negligible amount • No strange taste occurrences - improved taste and improved color of water • TwinOxide solves epidemic problems in India Applications of TwinOxide • Drinking Water • De-central washing of Vegetables and Fruits • Emergency disinfection of water production plants Disinfection of water applications in the dentist chair • Process water disinfection in canneries and frozen food packaging • Brewing and drinks industry • Paper industry • Reclaimed wastewater • Sewage disinfection of slaughter-houses • Tank cleaning (e.g. bulk trailers for food) • Disinfection of water tanks • Chlorine Dioxide applications on Oil and Gas platforms Dosing pumps
  5. 5. These pumps can handle a huge variety of types of liquid, including normal chemicals plus viscous, slurry-laden, abrasive, corrosive and other substances, and covers flowrates from 0.4 cc per minutes to over 60,000 litres per hour. Valves and Fittings Plastic Pipes & Fittings & Valves PVC, C-PVC, PP, PVDF, ABS: Various materials for different chemical resistance and temperature resistance requirements. Domestic Solution
  6. 6. Ultra Violet (UV) treatment Plant Cold & Hot Water Dispenser with/Without RO Swimming Pool Filtration Chemicals & System Water Purifiers. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant Water Treatment Spares Membranes We can provide you with membrane elements from most leading membrane producers. In our scope of supply you find tap, brackish and seawater elements. Please find below the required brands. FilmTec Hydranautics Koch Fluid systems membranes Osmonics (Desal)Seawater membranes
  7. 7. Projects & Consultancy services Chemical and Pharmaceutical Process audit & Optimization. Process automation (Turn Key) - Installation of instrumentation, Cable laying, cable tray, Documentation, as built & all kind of drawings, erection and commissioning. ISO documentation. cGMP Design and Certification. Erection and Commissioning of Chemical plants. Basic and Detail engineering of Process plants. Boiler and Utilities Designing and Automation. TAC Approval, Designing, Installation and commissioning of Active and Passive Fire & safety system. Approval, Designing, Erection and Commissioning of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) We are experienced professionals who bring added value to our customer's project teams by providing technical support in an efficient, professional and high quality fashion. With Multidisciplinary engineers – Process Engineers, Mechanical engineer, electrical and Instrumentation engineer, Environment and Safety specialists. Technical Support We are always available to talk about any project that you might be planning. Our dedicated staff is well seasoned and has an eye for finding ways to solve problems geared towards economy, efficiency and ease of use. Putting customers in control of their solutions is what we do. - - Maintenance: We can operate maintenance task on any water treatment technology within our scope of supply. You can also contact us for maintenance on your old equipment - Installation: We supervise installation and commission every single unit we provide, on client's request. Technician and / or engineers can be sent all over the world to set up your installation Consulting: We specialized engineers provide on-site consulting, carry out on-site analysis and field test on demand, anywhere in the world.
  9. 9. Send Business ENQUIRY Vasudev Water Solution Contact Information: e-Mail : service line : +91 260 6454069 web : . Mob : +91 9227457888 Write us : VASUDEV WATER SOLUTION H.O: Shop NO. 621, AT Post Tukwada, Surya Darshan, Tukwada Vapi Gujarat (India) Correspondence :210, Business point Near Hina Arcade G.I.D.C., Char Rasta, vapi Gujarat (India)