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Expected near-term developments in satellite personal location, tracking, messaging and distress alerting devices
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Expected near-term developments in satellite personal location, tracking, messaging and distress alerting devices


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  • 1. People Tracking and Location 2009 December 2-3, 2009 Patrick Shay VP and General Manager, Data Division, Iridium 1 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 2. Iridium Everywhere The One True Global Network Anyone can promise you the world. Only Iridium can deliver. Worldwide Coverage • The only truly global voice and data communications service • 66 LEO cross-linked satellites • A single subscriber device works worldwide • Reliable, low latency connection 1 Month’s Commercial Short-Burst Data Traffic 2 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 3. Focusing on the Future Realizing our bold vision of global leadership every day. • Publicly traded on NASDAQ as IRDM • Provides NEXT funding foundation • Enables continued growth and business partnerships • Consistent growth in revenue, subscribers and partnerships • Continued solid financial performance • Q3 2009 Highlights • Q3 ’09 Operational EBITDA = $38.4 million • Data Subscribers up 45.2% compared to Q3 ’08 • Data Service Revenue up 48.3% over Q3 ‘08 3 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 4. Focusing on the Future Iridium NEXT — Unleashing the Power of Opportunity We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to expand the possibilities. • Next generation constellation anticipated to begin launching in 2014 • Planned to maintain today’s 66 cross-linked satellite LEO architecture • Unmatched global coverage • Backwards compatibility for existing Iridium customers • Expected to offer: • Improved data rates, quality of voice service • Enhanced IP-based performance and subscriber technology • A new communications platform for space applications • Hosted payloads: Unprecedented capabilities 4 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 5. Satellite Communications: “Instant Infrastructure” • Highly survivable (physical survivability and robustness). • Independent of terrestrial infrastructure. • Able to provide load sharing and surge capacity for larger sites. • Best for redundancy, path diversity and link availability. Optimal Uses for Satellite Networks • Terrestrial infrastructure is unavailable, damaged or overloaded. • Widely distributed networks need interconnection. • Interoperability between disparate systems and networks is required. • Broadcasting services over very wide areas is required. • Mobile/transportable wideband and narrowband are needed. 5 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 6. Iridium Solutions Rugged, Reliable and Ready to Go — EVERYWHERE Maritime Aviation Government Land/Mobile Data Voice & data Voice & data Voice & data Commercial voice Low latency, global communications in communications in the communications subscribers applications international waters, sky in-theater Sea Area A4 • Disaster • Hundreds of applications • Flight following • Over-the-Horizon • Emergency/rescue • Fleet management • Crew calling • Cockpit • Netted operations • Container tracking • Fisheries mgmt communications • Blue Force Tracking • In-Network calling • Oil and Gas telemetry • Man-overboard • Air safety services • Unattended Sensors • Regional Pricing • Oceanographic data • High Speed Data • Quality Network • 2-way personal tracking • SSAS devices • LRIT 6 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 7. Iridium Devices Ready to work anytime and everywhere you need it Short Burst Data Satellite Handheld Phone Track your interests The tough customer chosen by even everywhere — simply and reliably tougher customers • Environmental monitoring • Voice and data communications anywhere • Pipeline monitoring in the world • Distress and alarm • Just like dialing a GSM phone • GPS compatible • Asset tracking 7 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 8. Iridium Ecosystem Taking the network and devices to growing global demand The Iridium Ecosystem is expanding and increasing the reach to end customers everywhere Value Added Specialized VAD Solutions Global VAM End Customers Global EVERYWHERE Distributors VAR Iridium SP 8 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 9. Short Burst Data Service Antenna Customer & Third party content Email or IPSocket via Leased Line OR VPN SBD Network OR Internet 9601 SBD Transceiver Equipment Emergency Response M2M Iridium Application centre Package Gateway Host Server
  • 10. Iridium Data Growth SBD Traffic (Kbytes) Partners in key market segments • Asset Monitoring 12,000,000 • Aviation • Automatic Vehicle Location 10,000,000 • Environmental/Scientific 8,000,000 106% CAGR • First Response/Search & Rescue • Government 6,000,000 • Maritime • Oil & Gas 4,000,000 • People Location & Tracking 2,000,000 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 10 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 11. Iridium Data Benefits Summary • Strong feature set • Global, real time satellite network availability • Low latency • Small device and antenna • Optimal for 270 character MT, 340 character MO • Single global agreement with network owner • No roaming • One price globally • Single device – worldwide operation capabilities • Ease of hardware and antenna integration • Iridium data deployed today in hundreds of mission critical applications 11 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 12. Iridium People Tracking & 2-Way Messaging 2-way data, anywhere in the world, in 30-60 seconds • 2-way messaging • 2-way emergency communications • Eliminate false alarms • Determine what resources to respond with • Notify sender that help is on the way • Automatic tracking • Over-the-air device configuration GLOBAL 2-WAY LOW LATENCY REAL-TIME 12 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 13. ProTECTS Alliance • Rapid adoption of 2-way location, tracking, messaging technologies. • Creating awareness of needed standards public-safety. • Collaborative industry standards development. • Ensuring interoperability with first responders and SAR authorities. • Advocating for 2-way personal locating/messaging solutions. • Inaugural meeting at Annual Iridium Partners Conference in January. 13 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 14. ProTECTS Alliance Members Iridium Proprietary and Confidential 14
  • 15. ProTECTS Alliance End-Use Customers • U.K. RNLI • Cougar Helicopters • Iditarod Trail Committee • EagleMed • U.S. DoD • Era Helicopters • U.K. MoD • German Air Rescue • ConocoPhillips • Mainland Air • Baja 1000 • Noordzee Helicopters • Ocean Pacific Race • Otago Reg. Helicopters • NZ Rescue Coordination Ctr • Prism Helicopters • USDA Forest Service • REACH Air Medical Svcs. • New Zealand Coast Guard • Air Logistics • Sundance Helicopters • Air Methods • Yellowhead Helicopters • CALSTAR • VIH Helicopters 15 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential
  • 16. Iridium. Meeting the World’s People Tracking Requirements. Iridium delivers the world without limits, without compromise and without exception. Iridium is unmatched for near real-time services and network availability Iridium manufactures rugged, reliable and easy to integrate devices Iridium is advancing the way global enterprises do business Iridium is growing, profitable and on-track to launch Iridium NEXT 16 Iridium Proprietary and Confidential