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Kenneth B. Clark
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Kenneth B. Clark


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Psychologist and Educator Craigshon Harrington 1
  • 2. Psychologist and Educator Craigshon Harrington 2
  • 3. Craigshon Harrington 3
  • 4. I chose to do my project on Dr. Kenneth Bancroft Clark out of curiosity. I didn’t know about Dr. Clark until I did the research, so he’s relatively new to me also. I chose to do research on Dr. Clark because he’s known by little, and he’s an educator. So listen hard and try not to get bored as we learn about Kenneth Bancroft Clark. Craigshon Harrington 4
  • 5. Craigshon Harrington 5
  • 6. Born Kenneth Bancroft Clark, Dr. Clark was born on July 24, 1914 in the Panama Canal Zone to Arthur and Miriam Clark. He had one sister, Beulah Clark. Attending New York City schools, Dr. Clark’s teachers expected nothing less than the best from Dr. Clark. He graduated from George WashingtonHigh School in 1930. Upon entering Howard University in 1931, Dr. Clark intended to become a medical doctor, but in his second year at the all- black institution he took a class in psychology taught by Francis Sumner that changed his courseof studies forever. He graduated in 1936 with a Master’s Degree in psychology. He furthered his education at Columbia University with the express purpose to obtaining his doctorateand teaching at an integrated college. He became the first black doctoral candidate in psychology at Columbia and he completed his degree in 1940. Craigshon Harrington 6
  • 7. Craigshon Harrington 7
  • 8. Dr. Clark married Mamie Phipps in 1938, a fellow psychology student at Howard who would later co- author many of the articles that made the couple famous. The couple also had two children, Kate Miriam Clark and Hilton Bancroft Clark. He wasobviously a very busy man because he was employedat many different places. He was a teacher at Howard University, The Hampton Institute, and The City College of New York. He worked for the U.S. Officeof War Information. He was even the chairman of the board of directors of Harlem Youth Opportunities, Unlimited (HARYOU), and president of the Clark, Phipps, Clark, Harris, Inc. consulting firm. Craigshon Harrington 8
  • 9. Dr. Clark’s careers are stated several times through- out this biography. He was a psychologist and educator. Not only did he dedicate most of his life to his many years ofteaching, but he was also the first black president of the American Psychological Association, and he and his wife, Mamie, founded the Northside Center for Child Development. Craigshon Harrington 9
  • 10.  Rosenwald Fellow, 1940-  Franklin Delano Roosevelt 41 Four Freedoms Spingarn Medal, National Award, Franklin and Association for the Eleanor Roosevelt Advancement of Colored Institute 1985 People (NAACP) 1961  National Alliance of Black Board for the School Educators, Living Advancement of Legend Award 1995 Psychology in the Public  Honorary Degrees from: Interest, Committee on o Columbia University Psychology in the Public o John Hopkins University Interest Award 1978 o Princeton University Craigshon Harrington 10
  • 11. Again, I chose Dr. Clark because he was a newperson in which I was not familiar with, and I was curious. I have really enjoyed learning about Dr. Clark and I hope you have, too. Craigshon Harrington 11
  • 12. Earned the National Alliance Graduated from Parents Separated Graduated from Married Mamie of Black SchoolBorn July 24, 1914 High School in Died May 1, 2005 in 1918 College in 1936 Phipps in 1938 Educators, Living 1930 Legend Award 1995 Craigshon Harrington 12
  • 13. KennethDependable, Dedicated, LoyalWho is related to Arthur and Miriam ClarkWho cares deeply about his familyWho fears nothingWho needs school and his familyWho became a College ProfessorWho is was a resident ofClark Craigshon Harrington 13
  • 14. bancroft-clark-9249475“ Kenneth B. Clark.” Contemporary Black Biography. Vol. 52. Detroit; Gale, 2006. Gale U.S. History In Context. Web 1 Feb. 2012. 1914 Craigshon Harrington 14
  • 15. Craigshon Harrington 15