Politics of Azerbaijan


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Politics of Azerbaijan

  1. 1. POLITICS OF AZERBAIJANBenedict (Viktor) Gombocz
  2. 2. Geography of Azerbaijan Location: Eastern Europe, bordering theCaspian Sea, between Iran and Russia Area Total: 86,600 sq km Country comparison to the world: 113 Land: 82,629 sq km Water: 3,971 sq km (note: includes the exclave of NaxcivanAutonomous Republic and the Nagorno-Karabakh region;the Azerbaijani Supreme Court terminated that region’sself-rule on 26 November 1991 Area – comparative: Slightly smaller thanMaine Land boundaries: Total: 2,013 km Border countries: Armenia (with mainland Azerbaijan) 566km, Armenia (with Azerbaijan-Naxcivan exclave) 221 km,Georgia 322 km, Iran (with mainland Azerbaijan) 432 km,Iran (with Azerbaijan-Naxcivan exclave) 179 km, Russia 284km, Turkey 9 km Coastline: 0 km (landlocked) – note: Azerbaijanborders the Caspian Sea (713 km)
  3. 3. Physical Map of Azerbaijan
  4. 4. Religion statistics Muslim 93.4% RussianOrthodox 2.5% ArmenianOrthodox 2.3% Other 1.8% (1995 est.)
  5. 5. Russian Orthodox Church in Goytepe
  6. 6. Azerbaijan’s political system:Background The political system of Azerbaijan functions in a structure of apresidential republic; the President of Azerbaijan is the head of state,and the PM of Azerbaijan is the head of government. The government exercises executive power. Legislative power is vested in both the government and parliament. The Judiciary is for all purposes independent of both the executive andthe legislature.
  7. 7. Azerbaijan’s political system: Government ofAzerbaijan Capital (and largest city): Baku Official languages: Azerbaijani Demonym:Azerbaijani Government: Dominant-partyunitary presidential state President: Ilham Aliyev Prime Minister:Artur Rasizade Legislature: National Assembly
  8. 8. Azerbaijan’s political system:Executive branchMain office holders Explanation Office: President Name: IlhamAliyev Party: New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) Since: 15 October 2003 Office: Prime Minister Name:Artur Rasizade Party: New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) Since: 15 October 2003 The head of state and the head of government areseparate from the country’s law-making body. The president is the head of state and the head ofthe executive branch. The president is elected by the people. The president appoints the PM, who issubsequently confirmed by the NationalAssemblyofAzerbaijan. The President nominates all cabinet-levelgovernment administrators, including ministersand heads of other important administrativebodies. TheConstitution ofAzerbaijan was revised in 2008 ;term limits for the office of President wereeradicated.
  9. 9. Azerbaijan’s political system:Legislative branch The NationalAssembly ofAzerbaijan (Azerbaijani:Milli Məclis) is Azerbaijan’s legislative branch ofgovernment. The unicameral NationalAssembly is made up of125 delegates: previously, 100 members wereelected for five-year terms in single-seatconstituencies while 25 were members elected byproportional representation. However, from the most recent election, all 125delegates are returned from single-memberconstituencies. The Speaker of Milli Majlis, aided by the FirstDeputy Speaker and two deputy speakers, leadsthe assembly. The assembly’s current speaker is Ogtay Asadov;the current First Deputy Speaker is ZiyafetAsgarov; the current two deputy speakers areBahar Muradova and Valeh Alasgarov.
  10. 10. Azerbaijan’s political system: Majorparties NewAzerbaijan Party (Yeni AzərbaycanPartiyası) National Revival Movement Party (Milli DirçəlişHərəkatı Partiyası) Equality Party (Müsavat Partiyası) Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (AzərbaycanXalqCəbhəsi Partiyası) Azerbaijan Democratic Party (AzərbaycanDemokrat Partiyası) Motherland Party (AnaVatan) Civic Solidarity Party (Vətəndaş HəmrəyliyiPartiyası)
  11. 11. Azerbaijan’s political system:Political parties and elections Azerbaijan is categorized as a one-party governing state. Even though parties opposed to the New Azerbaijan party exist, theyare widely considered to lack a realistic chance of having power.
  12. 12. Azerbaijan’s political system:Judicial branch AConstitutional Court, which is onlyindependent, leads the judicial branch.
  13. 13. Ilham Aliyev Born 24 December 1961 in Baku. Current President ofAzerbaijan; was elected in2003. Briefly served as PM ofAzerbaijan from 4August2003-4 November 2003. Also second and current Chairman of the NewAzerbaijan Party and head of the National OlympicCommittee. In addition to his native Azerbaijani, he speaksEnglish and Russian. Is the son of HeydarAliyev, President ofAzerbaijanbetween 1993-2003. His tenure as president has been marked bywidespread cases of political corruption,suppression, and human rights violations inAzerbaijan and accusations of nepotism and theconcentration ofAzerbaijan’s wealth and resourcesin his family’s hands.
  14. 14. Artur Rasizade Born 26 February 1935 in Ganja. Current PM of Azerbaijan, since 4 November 2003. Was a long-time member of the AzerbaijaniCommunist Party during the Soviet period. Initially served as PM from 20 July 1996-4 August2003, when he stepped down, allegedly due tohealth concerns; then President Heydar Aliyev’sson Ilham Aliyev took his place. However, Rasizade continued to act as PM forIlham Aliyev; he formally reassumed the post on 4November 2003, following the former’s election aspresident. Was awarded with Istiglal Order by Ilham Aliyev on23 February 2005 for his involvement in economicdevelopment of Azerbaijan.
  15. 15. Baku
  16. 16. The End (axır)