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  1. 1. Benedict Gombocz
  2. 2. Overview          Full name: Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. Flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. Headquartered in Amstelveen near its hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Operates scheduled passenger and cargo services to over 90 destinations around the world. Oldest airline in the world still operating under its founding name. Has 31,787 employees as of 31 March 2010. Its merger with Air France in May 2004 formed Air FranceKLM, integrated under French law with headquarters at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Both Air France and KLM continue to operate under their separate brand names. Member of the SkyTeam alliance.
  3. 3. Head office    KLM’s head office is located in Amstelveen, on a 16-acre (6.5 ha) site near Schiphol Airport. Its current headquarters was built between 1968-1970. Prior to the opening of the new headquarters, the airline’s main office was on the grounds of Schiphol Airport in the Haarlemmermeer.
  4. 4. Logo        Dick Roosenburg designed the iconic KLM logo when KLM was founded in October 1919; in this logo, he interlinked the letters K, L, and M, giving them wings and a crown, represented to signify KLM’s royal status, given at the airline’s founding. The logo became known as the “vinklogo” (in reference to the Chaffinch bird breed). In 1925, KLM’s initial logo was modified so that it looked more vibrant in comparison to the initial logo. The biggest change of the KLM logo to date happened in 1961, the year in which the current logo was designed by F.H.K. Henrion. The crown remained in the logo, outlined by the line, the four blue circles, and the cross on top of the logo. Chris Ludlow of Henrion, Ludlow, & Schmidt further modified the logo in 1991. Apart from its main logo, KLM has advertised its alliance status in its branding, such as the “Worldwide Reliability” mark with Northwest Airlines (in use from 1993-2002) and the SkyTeam alliance (in use since 2004).
  5. 5. KLM Asia        KLM Asia (Chinese: 荷蘭亞洲航空公司; pinyin: Hélán Yàzhōu Hángkōng Gōngsī) is an entirely KLM owned subsidiary registered in Taiwan. Founded in 1995 for the purpose of operating flights to Taipei, Taiwan, without negotiating the traffic rights claimed by KLM for destinations in the People’s Republic of China. One of many airline subsidiaries operating under the Asia name with the same intention of flying to Taiwan; these subsidiaries included Japan Asia Airways (subsidiary of Japan Airlines), Air France Asie, Asiana Airlines, British Asia Airways, Swissair Asia, and Australia Asia Airlines (subsidiary of Qantas). KLM Asia’s livery does not feature national icons of the Netherlands, like the Dutch flag, nor does it feature KLM’s stylized Dutch Crown logo; it instead features a unique KLM Asia logo. Has five Boeing 747-400 Combi aircraft (part of the KLM fleet as 747-400M), seven Boeing 777-200ERs, and two Boeing 777300ERs all part of the KLM fleet. Originally flew the Amsterdam-Bangkok-Taipei route with a B747-400 Combi or a B747-400 non-combi aircraft. Has flown the changed Amsterdam-Taipei-Manila route with Boeing 777-200ER/-300ER aircraft.
  6. 6. KLM Asia 777-306, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  7. 7. KLM Lockhead L-188 Electra
  8. 8. Main logo, 1961-present
  9. 9. “Worldwide Reliability” mark, 1993-2002
  10. 10. SkyTeam mark, 2004-2011
  11. 11. SkyTeam mark, 2012-present
  12. 12. Livery and uniforms         KLM’s previous livery featured a bright blue fuselage, with a wide white and dark blue strip above the aircraft’s grey belly. The KLM logo was put in the middle of the white tail and at the front of the fuselage. KLM introduced its current livery in December 2002; in this modification, the white strip was removed while the dark blue strip was turned into a cheatline. The bright blue color was kept; it now covers a large part of the fuselage. KLM’s logo was put more in the middle of the fuselage; the logo’s position on the tail and the tail’s design remained the same. In April 2010, KLM introduced new uniforms for its female cabin attendants, ground attendants, and pilots at KLM and KLM Cityhopper. Dutch couturier Mart Visser designed the new uniform, which has the same KLM blue color that was introduced in 1971. KLM even added a touch of orange, the Netherlands’ national color, to the KLM blue.
  13. 13. KLM 737-900 in SkyTeam livery
  14. 14. KLM hubs and subsidiaries  Hubs:  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol  Subsidiaries: KLM Cityhopper  Martinair  Transavia.com  KLM Asia 
  15. 15. KLM Cityhopper, Munich Airport
  16. 16. KLM Cityhopper, Stuttgart Airport
  17. 17. KLM 737-800, Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport
  18. 18. KLM Airbus A330-200, Toronto Pearson International Airport
  19. 19. KLM 747-406, San Francisco International Airport
  20. 20. Codeshare agreements  Apart from SkyTeam members, KLM has codeshare agreements with the following airlines:                 Aer Lingus Air Astana Air Baltic Alaska Airlines Bangkok Airways Belavia Bulgaria Air Cityjet Comair Copa Airlines Cyprus Airlines Estonian Air Etihad Airways Flybe Garuda Indonesia Georgian Airways                Gol Transportes Aéreos Gulf Air Insel Air JAT Airways Jet Airways KLM Cityhopper Malaysia Airlines Olympic Air Pegasus Airlines Rossyia Sichuan Airlines Thalys transavia.com Ukraine International Airlines WestJet
  21. 21. KLM Cargo
  22. 22. The End  YouTube links:    KLM commercial Welcome Home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiYszYJ2OwM KLM Historic Commercial (Dutch): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpU_cpSh_XI KLM Flight Safety B747-400: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTc4ZRezEaE