About my service dog and i
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About my service dog and i






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About my service dog and i About my service dog and i Presentation Transcript

  • About My Service Dog and I
    My name is Dawn.
    I have a specific disability that my service dog assists me with.
    My dog’s name is Weliwoni. It is a native American (Abenaki) word which means “Thank you very much”. I call him “Buster” most of the time though…
    “Buster” is almost 2 years old.He is trained to do many tasks that help me live with my disability..
  • Meet “Weliwoni” aka: Buster
  • Buster’s Trainer…. www.serviceassistancedogs4u.org
  • Busters Tasks……
    Wake me during nightmares or when I sleep walk
    Alerts me if there is anyone near my vehicle (when we are parked in parking lots)
    Reminds me to take medications at specific times during the day/night.
    Assist me with my daily routines and household chores
    Assist me to leave a uncomfortable situation
    Alert to a incipient panic attack
    Brace or lean against me. (Mobility & Tactile)
    Buffer owner in crowded situations
  • Busters Tasks ….continued
    Tactile Stimulation
    Hallucination Discernment
    Staying with and focusing on me (helps ease some anxieties)
    Interrupt repetitive or compulsive behavior (picking)
    Helps me “come back” from (or prevents) moments of dissociative behavior
    Distraction (from getting stuck in the mind.)
    And it’s just pretty comforting to have my best friend with me all the time.
  • Busters antics…
    Loves to fetch balls
    Always wants contact
    Is a attention hog
    Hates squirrels
    Is afraid of the vacuum
    Enjoys all toys with squeakers.( destroying them to get the squeaker)
    Is motivated with play and positive reinforcement
    Has really soft ears
    Doesn’t bark unless it is very important
    Likes to play Laser pen with grandpa
    Lays on his belly to eat his meals
    Will only eat his meal if he is in the same room as Dawn
  • Common Q&A
    How old is he?He is very young. Not even 2 yet.
    What KIND of service dog is he?He is a Psychiatric Service Dog. He assists me with a severe medical disability. He also helps with mobility.
    Does he ever get to behave like a “normal” dog?Oh yes. He is very much a “normal” dog that loves to run, romp and chew.
    Where did you get him?I got him from “Ambassador Assistance Animals International” where he was trained for me.
    Can I pet him?I understand very much how tempting he is, but I would really appreciate it if you didn’t, because he is working, and I need his focus to be primarily on me.
  • He loves his job…..
  • A Guide Dog for the mind…..
    A Guide dog for the mind……….
  • Credits
    Power point Created by Dawn Allen
    Brought to you today by the letters
    D O & G
    Hissy Fits And Halos