How to get more followers on twitter


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How to get more followers on twitter Read article
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How to get more followers on twitter

  1. 1. How to get more followers on twitterBy
  2. 2. 1. Best social engagement articles. March 2013 selectionBest social engagement articles this month:- Creating a Social Engagement Plan in 4 StepsThe four steps of this social engagement plan are listening, engaging, measuring, and learning.You’ll want to think of this plan as being continuous or cyclical, so you can repeat it once you’redone with the fourth step. 5 Psychological Triggers to Increase Social EngagementIn short, business owners, brands and companies wanting customers to buy, follow or like them,must understand how to ethically persuade. How to use certain psychological triggers which inturn help you and your business become a magnet which constantly draws clients and followers. Gamification: What it is and How You Can Use it to Improve Your Blog“Gamification” is the practice of integrating dynamics usually associated with the online gamingworld to websites, communities, advertising campaigns, in order to increase the interaction andthe ultimate experience for users.
  3. 3. 1. Best social engagement articles. March 2013 selection- The Future of Social Media Marketing According to HubSpot’s CMOWhat 6 words would you use to describe the future of social media? 6 Facebook Metrics Marketers Should Be MeasuringAs a marketer, you know that what can be measured can be managed (and improved). So even if itseems complex, you need to measure your Facebook Page’s performance. How to Run a Successful Facebook Marketing CampaignCreating a memorable campaign on Facebook requires greater understanding of the platform andenvironment that it provides. In this post, you can read about five tips that will make you seeFacebook in a new light and harness its power for your next promotion.
  4. 4. 1. Best social engagement articles. March 2013 selection- Are You Making These 9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes?If you’re using Facebook to market your blog, company, or brand, you have the potential to reach awhole new audience. However, you’ll only reach that new audience if you follow the best practice ofFacebook marketing without falling into common traps that many marketers do. Whether it’s beingtoo self-promotional or automating too much, these mistakes will keep you from maintaining a two-way conversation with your fans. And without that conversation and engagement, it won’t be easy togrow your fan base.
  5. 5. 1.2 Best Social Engagement Videos: March 2013 selection Best social engagement videos this month: - Turn social engagement into purchase intent The sharing you see on sites like Facebook and Twitter is the tip of the ‘social’ iceberg. We are impressed by its scale because it’s easy to measure……but most sharing is done via dark social meaning like email and IM that are difficult to measure. - Social Media Product Placement and Lessons from Hollywood Chief Marketing Officer Bret Kinsella presents the new way to drive consumer brand marketing reach and social network engagement, Social Media Product Placement. This 20 minute closing keynote presentation to the CREA Digital Conference in Geneva Switzerland (January 2013) discusses how the lessons from Hollywood style product placement can be creatively leveraged in social media to drive brand impressions and online engagement
  6. 6. 1.2 Best Social Engagement Videos: March 2013 selection - Social media in the corporate environment- Hangout with with LaSandra Brill LaSandra is part of the Global Marketing group at Cisco Systems where she shaped Cisco’s marketing strategy to include a mix of social media marketing techniques leveraging web 2.0 and virtual technologie - Webinar: “How to Create Successful Twitter Ad Campaigns” In this webinar, Salesforce Marketing Cloud CMO Michael Lazerow will share the best ways to create a scalable Twitter campaign to effectively reach your audience’s Twitter streams in order to drive real results. - Social Media Strategy Crowdsource for NDRC Kathi Browne organized a brainstorming session with several marketing minds (Elaine Lindsay, Todd Hartley, and Peggy Gonder) to help David Nilsson, PhD establish some direction in his social media strategy
  7. 7. 3. facebook coupon appNumerous studies show that receiving coupons and discounts is one of the main reasonswhy consumers follow brands on social networks.SourceIt is logical therefore, that companies strive to use this strategy to attract new socialfollowers, more so when you consider that this type of follower can directly generate newpurchases of products and services. In other words, the ROI of this type of strategy can besignificantly greater than for other types of social media strategies.Companies basically have two ways to create coupons and discounts online:-Through specialist portals (like Groupon)- Creating their own online promotionsThe first strategy has one great advantage: the increased coverage that our deals willreceive. The site itself takes charge of this, and has all of the appropriate means at itsdisposal (web traffic, emails databases etc). Nevertheless, this type of strategy does haveserious disadvantages, among which we can highlight:
  8. 8. 3. facebook coupon app- The discounts that these portals demand (Often in excess of 50%)- The commission that the portal takes from any sales (this can also be in excess of 50%)- The negative impact on traffic to our social networks- We will not have a database of the participant’s details to carry out subsequentpromotional activities.Creating our own promotions circumvents these disadvantages and gives us total flexibilityover our business strategy. But……it’s not all plain sailing and as I’m sure the reader willrealize, it also has a major drawback, if the coupon is not properly distributed it is of no useto us at all.Now let’s see some essential features to help our discount coupon or promotional offer bea success:- The offer that we make. It’s logical that our potential market will respond better to amore attractive offer. Let’s look at some of the things to keep in mind.If we are talking about discounts, the percentage of discount we offer, and on what productwe offer it, will have a logical and intertwined effect. Bigger discounts on top products willreceive a greater response than token discounts on marginal products. But the reductionsdo not have to be limited in solely monetary terms, instead there are many otherpossibilities such as
  9. 9. 3. facebook coupon app- Distributing the offers. The second basic pillar around which the success of ourpromotional offers is built is their distribution. An offer that doesn’t even have theminimum level of diffusion is of no use to us whatsoever. The possibilities to spread thepromotions are infinite, we are going to briefly look at some of them.Social Media. We should publish the offer over all of the social networks in which ourcompany retains an active presence.Our webpage. An obvious, but often forgotten, place to announce our promotions is ourown webpage or blog, if we have one.Newsletter. We have a database of people who have given their prior and express consentto receive information about our company; this can be very useful in distributing ourpromotions.Publicity campaigns. If all of the above methods do not have sufficient force to promote ouroffers, it will be essential to carry out an advertising campaign. Online campaigns oftenhave a better cost to benefit ratio and, specifically campaigns on Facebook and GoogleAdwords, can give us excellent results.HiSocial is characterized by being multi-platform and allowing the distribution of dealsthrough various distribution channels. We should take advantage of this characteristic todistribute our promotion as widely as possible.
  10. 10. 3. facebook coupon app- Virality, confidence and aesthetic elements. Finally we will look at some other complementaryaspects that will help us achieve a greater diffusion of our coupon or offer.Let’s start with virality. It is important that our promotion contains viral elements to help with itsdiffusion. Participants in our promotion should be able to easily share our coupon on all of the majorsocial networks.On an aesthetic level, the promoters should be sure that the images chosen, just like the text thataccompanies them, are as attractive as possible. It’s worth taking the time to choose an image that will“seduce” our potential participants, and write a coherent and descriptive text. It is precisely this aspectthat is key to transmitting confidence to the users, to adequately describing our company, to clearlyspecifying the details of the offer and to specifying our privacy policy and legal details of thepromotion. This in turn will help to create confidence in the contest, and consequently, the number ofparticipants in our promotions.Having said all this, it is important to note that experience will also help us improve results andunderstand what kinds of deal work better. HiSocial lets you create an unlimited number ofpromotions, so we suggest you take advantage of this feature to improve your overall promotionalactivity.Now that you know the secrets of making a successful offer, why not get moving? and start to….. Make my own free promotion.
  11. 11. 4 Social Engagement Posts – February 2013Selection Best social engagement posts this month: - Starbucks brews up social engagement to drive sales How do you engage with consumers and build a business through social media? That is the sixty four million dollar question. The answer is actually quite simple, don’t sell, engage. Starbucks, much derided but actually way ahead of the game when it comes to building a relationship with customers on social media. Their objective is not sales it’s to build a relationhip. By doing this the sales will naturally grow. Simple. Except 99% of brands seemed to have missed this point. Read article - What is social engagement? 21 experts tell us What is social engagement? What does it achieve? Does it result in more sales? Better awareness? Greater loyalty? How do you know it’s working? Or, is it just a new way of saying customer service, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and relationship building using social metrics such as Likes, Comments, Views and Shares? Here’s what 21 experts tell us social engagement means and does.
  12. 12. 4 Social Engagement Posts – February 2013Selection Read article - What’s Next? Better Engagement and a Marketplace Without Boundaries A lot of businesses have a presence on social media, but very few have taken this opportunity seriously. There are even a greater number of businesses that still see Social Media as a fad, or are unable to grasp the opportunity due to either a lack of understanding or fear about someone posting a complaint on their social channel site. Read article - The Engagement Equilibrium: Social Media Strategy Meets Economic Theory Figuring out the “right” mix and frequency in for your brand’s social media posts can be a tricky business. The word “right” is in quotes, because it’s such a subjective term. My definition of “right” is when you find consistent engagement levels along with a consistent rate of growth in engagement levels, month after month. Read article - Rules of engagement: making the most of social media For a product or brand, it’s not enough to say you’re ‘on’ facebook. Sure, you need to be ‘present’, but you also need to be noticed – otherwise, the time you spend posting to your followers is time down the drain. For many contract workers, freelancers, and startups out there, though, there’s little time for social media, and often no expert on hand to make sure you’re showing your best face to the world… and that the world rewards you for seeing it. Read article
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