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    Photovoice Photovoice Presentation Transcript

    • HCT JourneyMy TP PlaceTechnologiesSocial LifeThis space contains from different images thatpresents my journey to the college. This space is animportant part in my life because it repeated in eachmorning of my studying days. Through this space, Ishortens the destination of finishing my studying andmoves to the work life.
    • My first view inthe morningThis is the first viewI see when I open thedoor to go to the car.I like the view toomuch because the skylooks wonderful inthe morning with thesound of the birds.My First View InThe Morning
    • I always go to thecollege with mybrother. I reallyenjoyed hiscompanion becausehe is very friendlyand I can discusswith him differentissues in my way tothe college so I don’tfeel board.My Brother andCompanion
    • 93.9 is the firstchoice to me in themorning becausethey always start withthe national anthemfollowing nationalsongs which interestsme and makes mefeel patriotic.The First SoundI Hear
    • This is the mosquethat each morning Isee because it’slocated directly infront of my home.It’s great thing toalways hears theprayer times.My AreaLandmark
    • My JourneyRoadThis is Emirates roadwhich I often take itto go to the college.This is the best roadfor me because it hasplants on the side ofthe road and all Ihave to do is to gostraight until arrivingnear to the college.
    • This is the SharjahWomen’s Collegeentrance. I like thisentrance because it’sa sign to me that Ireach to the placethat allow me tocreate my studyingfuture and achievingmy goals.My CollegeEntrance
    • My ValuedPlaceThis building adds tomy life a lot becausethis place enhance myknowledge indifferent areasespecially intechnology and Irecognize a lot ofpeople here which isnow means a lot tome.
    • This is the picture ofthe college parking. Ilike this picturebecause rarely theparks look empty.Too Early
    • This is the pictureof my IT Blockwhere I spend mostof my time. Thisblock is my favoritein the collegebecause here is myhome class andpreferred food“pasta”.My LearningArea
    • HCT JourneyMy TP PlaceTechnologiesSocial LifeFrom this space, I learnt a lot,gained new knowledge, deals withlovely and corporative people. Thisspace is significant in my studyingbecause it develops my skills andits great chance to me to apply,what I learnt in my studying in thereal life.
    • I walk on this stairs togo to my class.Thestairs is important tome because while, Iam busy in the collegeand spend the wholeday setting in theclassroom, I can doexercise while, Itransfer between the 2floors.The Stairs
    • My Class AndSecond HomeThis is my class(IM19) in IT block.I like this roombecause here I learnmany benefits. Irecognize valuablepeople to me whoare my friends.
    • I always eat mybreakfast fromAppela and thecashier oftenwelcomed me with anice smile and thesmile is all what Ineed in the morning.My BreakfastWith a Smile
    • This is my office intheTP. This officehelps me to achievemy work incomfortable and easyway. Also, I like thisplace because I meetLatifa who worksthere and she helpsme a lot.My Office
    • MyTP supervisorsoffice located in CBlock. I regularly goto show and discusswith them my work.This block means tome benefits feedback.In My Way ToMy Supervisors
    • In this picture Iobserve my supervisorwhile she is teaching.Observation teachesme a lot according toRobert Baden-Powell“If you make listeningand observation youroccupation you willgain much more thanyou can by talk” (SirRobert Baden-Powell quotes).Observe toLearnSir Robert Baden-Powell quotes. (n.d.). Retrieved January 14,2013, from thinkexist.:http://thinkexist.com/quotation/if_you_make_listening_and_observation_your/255586.html
    • This picture meansthe end of my day intheTP. By showingthe guard my greencard I can go to homeand get rest from thelong and busy day inthe college.Time To GetRest
    • HCT JourneyMy TP PlaceTechnologiesSocial LifeTechnologies are playing major rolein developing and facilitating ourlife. I used technology a lot in mystudying and it has great impact inenhancing my learning process. Inthis space, you will have a look tothe devices that I use in my daily life.
    • This tool is extremelysignificant in mystudying.Additionally, via thistool I learnt countlessbeneficial software.My laptop is a storefor my works sowithout it I can’t doanything.My Laptop
    • This tool is myengagement in theclassroom because Iam visual learners so itfacilitate my learningprocesses. Also, thistool will be suitablefor learner who haskinesthetic intelligencebecause it’s working bytouching.Smart Board
    • The PrinterThe printer is veryimportant to mebecause I can printthe papers I need. Iuse this tool when Iwant to study frompapers instead ofsitting behind thelaptop screen.
    • My PhoneMy phone is significantin my life to contact myfriends and family viatexting, calling andsocial networkingwebsites. Also, from myphone I can check thecollege website andemail. Additionally, Iused my phone to takepictures and records asan evidence for my tpwork.
    • My ConnectionTo The WorldThe wireless is thetool that connect meto the world, I relishbrowsing the internetto find answer to myquestions. But what Idon’t like is theinsecurity of thiscomplicated world.
    • The LibraryHere is the placewhere I love to do mywork because it’s quietand has ipads,computers,photocopiers,TVsand printers.
    • HCT JourneyMy TP PlaceTechnologiesSocial LifeIn this space I will share with you some photos of myactivities. This space is mean to me a lot because ineach picture I have great memory with my family.Actually, this space is very important to me to changethe routine and get rest from work.
    • My Lovely PlaceIn The WorldThis is my house andI desperately like itbecause I grow uphere and I have greatmemories in every tinyplace. Also, the mainreason that I like thishouse is because themost precious peopleto my heart live in .
    • I like going to thebeach excessive and Ikeen on watching thekids while they areplaying with the sand.Going to the beach isimportant to me tochange the routine andenjoy the see sound.The Beach
    • This is Al Ain Zoo. Ivisited it with myfamily.The most thingI like there is the kidsreaction when they seethe animals.They keepstaring, talking,feeding, laughing andtouching the animals. Ithink this visit wasimportant to the kidsto explore the animalsworld.ExploreAnimal World
    • This is Mishref parkin Dubai. I oftenvisited with myfamily. It’s big andhas nice games. I liketaking children toplay in order towatch their joyfuland pleasure faces.Mishrif Park
    • I revel in beingaround the nature. Asa result I enjoycamping especially inwinter because theweather in the nightis amusing andmarvelous.Camping WithFamily
    • I enjoy going to themall with my familyfor shopping andeating. EspeciallyDubai mall becauseit’s big and all shopI need is there.The Mall
    • I like readingbooks toconstruct aknowledge indifferent issues.Furthermore, Ithink readingbook is best wayto exploit my freetime.Extend MyKnowledge
    • In my free time IwatchTV with myfamily and I preferaction showsespecially inEnglish languageto enhance mylanguage.Watching TV
    • HCT JourneyMy TP PlaceTechnologiesSocial LifeFrom this project I noticed the valued thingsto me that I didnt recognize it before suchas technologies, teaching practice, thecollege and my family. All these pictures giveme evident ideas of their benefits in my life.Additionally, I figure out that pictures arespeak the most understood language.In conclusion