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Recruiting in Singapore…HiringBoss HR Breakfast Club Event, March 7th 2013


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Published in: Technology

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  • All Talent Mgt consultants focus their work on these 4 areas However, Sourcing is just given 10 minutes out of a 2-day workshop. Put ads in papers and use agencies. Main focus is on interview techniques (HIRE) such as behavioral questioning, psychometric tests etc. from DDI World, Caliper, SHL etc. DEVELOP looks at in-house training, succession planning of employees. RETAIN looks at C&B, recognition of employees etc. SOURCING has been glossed over. Getting people from the OUTSIDE is and will always remain the main strategy of how a company can expand, reinvigorate itself and grow as a company The key of what I do, is how to develop sourcing or what I call the TALENT POOL. That is, how to manage it, how to spot top-talent from outside the organization, how to measure it so that you can show to mgt on your success rates through data and facts using TQM The work that I do cuts across industries. It can be used in the IT industry, mass recruitment in the manufacturing industry, government, military, finance, pharma, industrial, services sector etc. Especially in Singapore, with the tight labor market, how do you then maximize your talent pool. How do you find them? What sourcing tools can you use? Any innovative tools you’ve not used yet? So what I do at Hof Consulting is very niche and it blends in nicely with whatever strategies you have in place in the Interview Stage, Training & Development and Retention strategies
  • Discuss?
  • Creation of a TA COE Firms too caught up in processes, analytics but translating all of this into deliverables requires “Professional Recruiters”. What is a PR?
  • Notice that I do not look at issues like HR Policies, C&B, Staff Welfare, Employee Morale, Succession Planning HEADCOUNT APPROVAL: This happens when a hiring manager is seeking approval from HR and senior management on approving a headcount which is either new or a replacement. Make take 1-day or 2 months depending on client’s processes. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Recruiter meets up with HR and hiring managers to explain about the recruitment processes. Recruiter will also be embedded in the hiring manager’s division, what it does for the company as a whole, challenges that the hiring manager’s division faces. This is to increase rapport HEADCOUNT BRIEFING: Recruiter will meet up with the hiring manager to understand the job description such as duties, cultural fit, salary ranges, time-to-hire. CANDIDATE SEARCH: Recruiter will start the candidate search via several means: job portals, print ads, direct sourcing (headhunting), referral program etc. etc. Where does the recruiter than store the candidate CVs. How does he coordinate meetings? SCREENING/INTERVIEW PROCEESS: Recruiter will screen candidates on a set criteria agreed with the hiring manager and shortlist candidates accordingly which are then sent to the hiring manager. Recruiter will coordinate all meetings between hiring manager and candidates. What forms of interviews are done? Competency-based? NEGOTIATION: Recruiter will be involved in getting feedback from hiring managers and candidates alike on how the interviews went and also negotiate salary issues with the chosen candidate. OFFER STAGE: Some clients will handle this process after the selected candidate is found. We can also handle this process if necessary and if we are provided the right handing over processes. ONBOARDING: Most clients will handle this process. But we can handle this process as well if necessary.
  • Research shows that the PASSIVE MARKET is 70% of the Talent Pool. So if you just advertise on job boards, you are only looking at 30% of the market.
  • Remember I make distinction between JD and Job Ad
  • Key to the talent acquisition strategy is building candidate pipeline in an acretive manner to meet business priorities. This group will focus on that initiative, by bundling networks to build communities. Key to this strategy, aligned with the business goals is the creation of an early career community aimed at acquisition, adoption, innovation and evangelism.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Join Asia’s HR Revolution…With HiringBoss
    • 2. Welcome• 9.30 am Introduction / Welcome: Matt Allanson• 9.40 am Guest-Speaker and Chief Talent Evangelist, Steven Yeong• 10.20 am “How can HR Tech Help?” by Matt Allanson• 11.00 am Networking 3
    • 3. On the ground in Asia Taiwan JUL 2013 JAPAN KOREA THAILAND APR 2013 March 2013 CHINA MAR 2013 VIETNAM HONG KONG MAY 2013 SINGAPORE Philippines INDONESIA JUN 2013 Malaysia March 2013 4
    • 4. Love HiringBoss 5
    • 5. White Paper 6,900,000 PEPEP S-PASS RATIO QUOTA Max Foreign Workforce = DRC% × [Local Workforce + Max Foreign Workforce] 6
    • 6. 1,500,000 more people -Tighter restrictions on foreigners =Confusion 7
    • 8. Recruitment in SG:Time to take risksMarch 7th 2013 Steven Yeong Chief Talent Evangelist Email: Tel: +65 962 55 742 Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 9. Who Is Steven Yeong? 41 years old  Cients include Motorola, 14 years in corporate Asia Pacific Breweries, recruitment, executive Bayer Healthcare, GMP, search, contingency work Drake, Oman Airport Authority, Starwood Hotels, 1997 The PSD Group Siltronic etc. Co-founder of executive search firm, Exacutives Pte Ltd in 2001. Sold off in 2005  NOW: Coaching clients in the art of recruitment & Senior Recruiter @ Oracle headhunting and using in 2006-07 social media to create Recruitment Manager Asia employer branding. Pacific @ Sun Microsystems in 2009-10 Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 10. HOF’s Unique Selling Proposition:Filling-A-Gap SOURCE Hire Develop Retain HR Talent Management System Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 11. Tighter foreign workforce regulation. What are your options? Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 12. *Increased Focus on StrategicRECRUITMENT … Results In Increased ValueBusiness Partnering … • Better decisions, both short-term/operational & long-term/strategic • Effective allocation of resources towards value creation • Tighter linkage of strategy, analytics & stakeholder satisfaction Emphasis on Business Partnering Ability (Recruitment Center of Excellence – COE Model) Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 13. STAKEHOLDERSTALENT ACQUISITION CYCLE Sourcers Recruiters Employer Brand Manager HR Hiring Mgr Headcount Vendors Approval Onboarding Relationship Management Offer Stage Headcount Briefing Negotiation Candidate Search Screening/ Interview Process Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 14. What is a Talent Pool? A Talent Pool is... A community of probable qualified candidates who can be engaged over time to fill vacancies. Usually sourced through the PASSIVE MARKET. It involves identifying individuals with the best fit and making them interested to explore with your oganisation. Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 15. RecruitmentModels Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 16. RECRUITMENT MODELS1. Traditional Direct  HR takes charge of recruitment. Reactive approach  Channels include advertising and recruitment firms used for hard-to-fill roles1. Outsource  Parcel all requisitions to recruitment agencies  RPOs handle – approval, sourcing, screening, offer letters. Subordinate to HR  Alexander Mann, Kenexa, Randstad, Kelly Services etc.1. New Direct *  “agency in a firm” approach. Separate division or part of HR  Oracle is an example1. Hybrid  Mix of all the above Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 17. NEW DIRECTo Advantages  Control  Cost  Recruiters “own” their projects since they are part of the firm  Better way to manage employer branding  Agency recruiters LURVE going in-house  Closer to the businesso Disadvantages  If firm require volume recruitment in short-time span, this will be an issue  Requires time to build a team, infrastructure, processes etc. 6 months to 36 months depending on size of firm and complexity  Power struggle with HR  Hiring manager push-back  Cost? Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 18. Business Focus Competitors Interviews Persuasion Talent Recruitment is SocialShortag Media e becoming more Proactiv COMPLEX Technology e Sales Driven Maintain Talent Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Pool Intel Rights Reserved.
    • 19. YOUR CORPORATE WEBSITE . Niche Magazines & craigslist Internet Sites Corporate Alumni Facebook Network Outdoor AdvertisingSMS Ads CORPORATE BLOGS Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 20. Candidate SOURCING Solutions Campus Recruitment Talent Pool • Interns • Direct & Indirect • Campus Ambassador Sourcing • New Grads • Candidate Relations • Interviewing • University Relations• Viral Campaigns • Employee Referrals• Social Media • Professional Networks• Story-Telling • Industry Events• Recruiting Collateral Branding Communities Copyright 2012 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 21. Questions??? Steven Yeong email: Copyright 2013 Hof Consulting Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    • 22. So how can technology help? 23
    • 23. RECRIUTERS NEED TO GETBETTER AT :SellingMarketingHiring 24
    • 24. Selling – three thingsCandidate don’t just buy a roleSell – yourselfSell – the companySell – the role 25
    • 25. Selling yourself LinkedIn tips: Always have a photo Share relevant news updates Share your jobs within your own feeds 26
    • 26. Sell – Company HiringBoss can help you with employer of choice branding. Clean and modern career sites are the most important tool. 27
    • 27. Make sure you company Linkedin pageis up-to-date and at a good standard – much of it is free 28
    • 28. Work4labs have a smart Facebook career page app 29
    • 29. Market – Multiple Sources HiringBoss has one click posting to multiple sources such as Job Boards, Social Media or even Agencies 30
    • 30. Hire – Top ReasonsTop reason for candidates losing interest in arole:1.Lack of Urgency – poor communication2.Preparation – no interview format3.Lack of sell 31
    • 31. Hire – communication Communicate with candidates within HiringBoss and at the click of a button 32
    • 32. Hire – no interview format Set the metrics or even questions to guide Hiring Managers during interviews 33
    • 33. Hire – Don’t waste candidates Refer candidates among your team 34
    • 34. Thankyou!