How to Hire Salespeople

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Hiring salespeople isn't easy. You're trying to find a person who not only have impeccable selling skills, but someone who has what it takes to be the face of your company. In this SlideShare, …

Hiring salespeople isn't easy. You're trying to find a person who not only have impeccable selling skills, but someone who has what it takes to be the face of your company. In this SlideShare, Hireology CEO Adam Robinson discusses what to look for when hiring new sales professionals.

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  • 1. How to Hire Salespeople What works, what doesn’t, and how to make sure you pick the right person for the job By: Adam Robinson | Chief Hireologist / CEO
  • 2. Why is hiring salespeople so difficult? Business managers, particularly entrepreneurs and small business owners, have a downright awful track record when it comes to hiring sales talent. When you hire the right sales resource, you see instant results and amazing things begin to happen. On the other hand, when you hire a mediocre (or worse) salesperson, you shell out paycheck after paycheck and begin to feel like you’re running a corporate welfare program. So, why is sales hiring so hard? Most of the issues that create difficulty during the hiring and selection process are due to one of the following: Great salespeople are always in demand. Problem is, there are so darn few of them. That means that for you, the hiring manager, the market for the most productive business development resources is always tight. Even in the midst of the current economic slowdown, with millions of layoffs across the planet, topproducing sales staff are virtually downsize-proof, for obvious reasons. This supply-side constraint forces you as a manager to do make one of two choices. Your first choice is to up your recruiting and interviewing game to be able to locate and hire the top resources away from your competitors. Your second choice is to fish in the pond stocked with mediocre sales talent because that’s who’s on the market and easy to pick off. If you’re reading this and feel like Choice #2 is somewhat autobiographical, then keep reading.. Mediocre salespeople are A-Players when it comes to selling themselves. If only they sold your products and services as well as they sold themselves in that interview, right? Most sales candidates are fairly adept at talking about the act of selling – what to do, what to say, how to act, and the other common tools of the trade. But did they actually do any of it? If they haven’t made plan for the past three years, it doesn’t matter what they tell you in an interview. They didn’t cut it. The beautiful thing about judging sales performance is that all you have to do is look at the scoreboard. Did they make the number? Have they consistently made the number? Can they prove it? All the bloviating in the world won’t change their prior results. Don’t be taken by smooth-talking sales candidates who proclaim to move mountains. Check the math (and their prior 3 years’ W2s). Great salespeople are a product of environment. A recent study found that when salespeople classified as “top performers” by their employers left their position to work at another firm, they were classified as “top performers” by their new employers less than 50% of the time. The study went on to show that the reasons for sales success have as much to do with environment as their sales ability. You need both to be successful. How to Hire Salespeople © Hireology 2012 1
  • 3. Whoops! To keep reading, please download the complete whitepaper. Click here. Hireology helps you hire the right people. Request a Demo. Source. Hireology is integrated with job sites like Indeed. com, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Snagajob so you can source candidates from the world’s best job INTERVIEW. Accurately and efficiently conduct interviews with pre-built and fully editable guides. Easily enter and score interview results, and reduce your time spent interviewing. How to Hire Salespeople Read our Stuff. verify. Hireology’s one-click access to online background checks and employment verifications make candidate due diligence a breeze. DISTRIBUTE. No contracts to sign, no software to install, no training required. Hireology compliments existing HR technology and can be integrated into just about every hiring process. © Hireology 2012 2