Dun and Bradstreet D-U-N-S Update Screen Captured Proof Roxanne Grinage Caught City of Philadelphia DHS Steals Sole Proprietor Physical Location Fraud Federal Grant Audit Notice OJP OVC OIG FTC USDOJ

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  • 1. Roxanne Grinage, Owner, Legal Administrative Assistant Project Manager HireLyrics Administrative Services U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database PO Box 22225 Philadelphia Pa 1916 Tel. 267-444-0594 Fax. 215-405-2939 www.HireLyrics.org www.Twitter.com/HireLyrics www.Facebook.com/Roxanne.Grinage www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-Serve www.YouTube.com/HireLyrics www.YouTube.com/WhatIsThereLeftToDo www.YouTube.com/RoxanneGrinageRespectfully addressed the urgent attention of:E-mail: AskOJP E-mail: oig.hotline@usdoj.gov Email: edurham@ftc.gov,Laurie O. Robinson U.S. Department of Justice nsamter@ftc.gov dhorn@ftc.govAssistant Attorney General Office of the Inspector General Willard K. Tom, General CounselOffice of Justice Programs Investigations Division Federal Trade CommissionU.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Attn: Investigate City ofBureau of Justice Assistance Room 4706 Philadelphia DHS Fraud BillingOffice of Justice Programs Washington, DC 20530 Federal Grant Sources Stolen810 Seventh Street NW Hotline: (800) 869-4499 or Small Business Owners’ D-U-N-SWashington, DC 20531 Hotline Fax: (202) 616-9881 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWFax: 202-305-1367 H-570, 0721, H-568Phone: 202–307–0703 Email: Governmental Affairs: Washington, DC 20580Web site: www.ojp.gov Harvey Yelen - yelenh@dnb.com Direct Dial: (202) 326-2222 The D&B Corporation www.ftc.govRe: 2010 OJP Program Plan Corporate Headquarters Attn: D-U-N-S Fraud Investigations Pennsylvania Lawmakers whoSection 5 - Effective Interventions 103 JFK Parkway proposed Bipartisan PublicTo Address Violence, Short Hills, NJ 07078 Integrity CommissionVictimization, and Victims’ Rights www.dnb.com Tel. 973.921.5500 (cschrode@pahousegop.com) (edepasquale@pahouse.net)Section 6 - Enhancing Law (jyudichak@pahouse.net)Enforcement Initiatives (mvereb@pahousegop.com)OverviewSection 7 - Supporting Innovationin AdjudicationCity Philadelphia DHS Caught Stolen Dun & Bradstreet No. HireLyrics Alerts Law EnforcementCity of Philadelphia DHS 1515 Arch St Hijacks HireLyrics Dun & Bradstreet Number.U.S. Dept of Justice, Dun and Bradstreet and Office of Inspector General, Office of Inspector General and U.S.Attorney Eric Holder notified that City of Philadelphia DHS Legal Department deliberately created afraudulent D-U-N-S number for HireLyrics Administrative Services associated with City of Philadelphia DHSLegal Department address and likely abused to fraudulently bill federal grant sources.These are the HireLyrics Jobs Creation community development services for which Roxanne Grinage wasattempting to apply for Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Office of Crime Victims only availablegrant source for individual/sole proprietorships, deadline February 14, 2012 which now having discoveredCity of Philadelphia DHS has fraudulently registered 1515 Arch Street, 16 th Floor, Philadelphia Pa as thephysical address of HireLyrics no doubt there will be costly and time consuming investigations to examinewhether City of Philadelphia DHS has likely billed a Federal Grant Source having stolen at least one businessowner’s identity by defrauding Dun and Bradstreet secure financial data management services. Oh well, Iguess another Federal Lawsuit? How does one measure damages caused by loss of three years funding that
  • 2. would have restored public safety slowed a child slaughter, enriched U.S. economy careers contribution andgalvanized grassroots community voter clout?Early this morning, Tuesday, January 10, 2012, while starting the necessary steps for applying for Dept ofJustice Office of Victims of Crime grant application so that HireLyrics can subsidize or provide free claimsforms and pro se federal lawsuit document production services while organizing the voter clout of a tragicallyfar too large financially devastated population of Federal Crime Victims created by Official Corruption FraudCivil Rights crimes ─ Roxanne Grinage, Legal Administrative Assistant Project Manager and almost twelveyears owner of Secretary of State Pennsylvania and U.S. Department of Treasury registered soleproprietorships HireLyrics Administrative Services and U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database discovered,when going to update the physical location of HireLyrics Administrative Services D-U-N-S number a numberassigned by Dun & Bradstreet secure financial data management services….Roxanne Grinage was absolutely “floored” to discover HireLyrics Administrative Service D-U-N-S had beenhijacked/stolen by City of Philadelphia DHS Legal Department 1515 Arch Street, 16 th Fl, Philadelphia Pa19107. Not replaced – another D-U-N-S number registered by City of Philadelphia DHS Legal Departmentafter HireLyrics authentic original D-U-N-S number in 2001.No way could the hijacking of a D-U-N-S number be a result of City of Philadelphia DHS notoriousincompetent records-mismanagement. Not a mistake – Deliberate Theft with the intent of Fraudulent Billingof Federal Funding Sources. City of Philadelphia DHS’ legal department theft of HireLyrics AdministrativeServices Dun & Bradstreet Number is no accident. This is another deliberate felony crime “Identity Theft /Fraud” perpetrated by a bunch of serial criminals who are used to getting away with felony crimes againstworking class student and impoverished families and business owners under color of law.What in the world is City of Philadelphia DHS’ problem? Is City of Philadelphia DHS so plagued with DHSDemonic Horror Stories that they just can’t help but run around stealing every person place and thing theycan?You can bet a dime to a donut that feigned scatter brained Anne Marie Ambrose and her partners in crimeCity Solicitors Craig T. Straw and Barbara A. Ash know that City of Philadelphia DHS lied to Dun & Bradstreetsecure financial data management services in order to steal HireLyrics Administrative Services D-U-N-Sphysical location inserted as DHS’ physical location (1515 Arch Street, 16 th Floor, Philadelphia Pa) becausehaving the D-U-N-S number is the beginning of billing Federal and State funding sources after all; necessaryfor the continuance of City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Family Court Judges “no holds barred big as day”“In your face” Irreverent “what are you going to do about it” RICO Indictable Public Safety Emergency posedby Fraud Schemes.As of January 01, 2012 Roxanne Grinage has verified by standard access to legal administrative assistantclaims intake assessment 1,074 (growing daily by standard access to presentation of claims regardless of whoyou know or what you have) Federal Crime Victims created by Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights crimes,112 plaintiffs and growing plan to sue City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS DemonicHorror Stories) and First Judicial District Court of Common Pleas Family Division Judges for their OfficialCorruption Fraud Civil Rights crimes which have inflicted personal injuries irreparable harms upon theworking class student and impoverished families and business owners of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whiledefrauding U.S. Economy enriching careers contributions and just about every federal and taxpayer fundingsource auditors care to examine.Anne Marie Ambrose Commissioner of DHS will no doubt claim she is unaware as she always does havingbeen quoted in Daily News answering queries about kidnap for profit schemes, “It’s all so complicated”.When approached during families protest of DHS illegal adoptions on the steps of 1515 Arch Street bygrandmother Feltonville Crash and Third Street Angels twice victimized by DHS Demonic Horror StoriesJudge Kevin M. Dougherty declaring in open court regarding the surviving grandchildren of Janice BrownWest and Maurice West, “Well, They are My Kids Now”; Anne Marie Ambrose, told Janice Brown West, “I’msorry for what happened” after Janice Brown West’s grand children were witnessed by community not
  • 3. recognizing their family, coming and going to school dressed in ragged clothing, personal grooming neglectedand ever popular with all DHS foster placements glazed eyes slowed reflexes headaches and nausea ofpsychotropic forced chemical medical error accompanied by letters from DHS doctor contractors to confirmseparation trauma injuries and of course the need for psychotropic chemicals to treat the DHS Judge Kevin M.Dougherty “They are my kids now” inflicted injuries.For once I would like scatter brained Anne Marie Ambrose and yet to be accountable for anything butreceiving pompous un-deserved awards and recognitions from billing contractor providers, Judge Kevin M.Dougherty to apologize after disclosing who got paid how many times for the illegal transport and illegalreassignment of persons property and heritage that Judge Kevin M. Dougherty and Anne Marie Ambrose soflagrantly claim they have jurisdiction over but nothing to say when evidence responsibly reportedrespectfully posted to U.S. Citizens (controlled) Public Docket Database reveals serial criminal RICOIndictable crimes calling for U.S. Department of Justice Federal Law Enforcement and States Lawmakersappointed Special Prosecutors to Prosecute Gangsters who have infiltrated the institutions and processesrightfully intended for the preservation of society and family and U.S. economy enriching careers.DHS Commissioner, Anne Marie Ambrose, 1515 Arch Street, 8th Floor, Philadelphia Pa 19107 is an officialcorruption fraud civil rights defendant sued in her individual criminal capacity along with Judge Robert J.Matthews $6.2 Million Theft of Vested Interest Career Theft in a Federal Lawsuit U.S.D.C. 209-cv-5448-BMS.The Theft of Vested Interest Federal Lawsuit was brought by Plaintiffs Willie Brownson Ezekiel ZadkielBrown and Arriyel Roxanne Brown who sued Anne Marie Ambrose and Judge Robert J. Matthews foroverwhelming evidence of cumulated forty-seven official corruption fraud civil rights crimes which includedconspiracy kidnap for profit through falsification of records, perjury and colleague protection of Fern BrownCaplan, Esquire (famous attorney Gloria Allred’s stated in 48 hours interview best friend) and Timothy E.Possenti, Esquire which destroyed the Pennsylvania Minority Women Business Enterprise Certified business(HireLyrics, Versatileasy Recovery Print and Birth Wright Doll Collection Mother Daughter Tea Tour) ownedby Plaintiffs’ provider and employer wife and grandmother Roxanne Grinage documented in another FederalLawsuit Roxanne Grinage v. Fern Brown Caplan, Esquire et al U.S.D.C. 209-cv-04119-MSG.Anne Marie Ambrose and Judge Robert J. Matthews were exposed lying to U.S. Department of Justice, FederalJudges Mitchell S. Goldberg and Burle M. Schiller, Lying to U.S. Marshals and Lying to Corrections Officers atCFCF jail; DHS case worker Kenneth A. Dixon lying about home investigations; Family Court Supervisor JudgeMargaret T. Murphy lying about hearings on mental health that never occurred.Anne Marie Ambrose ignored multiple emails and calls to DHS child abuse Hotline (recorded) and obstructedhelp to two babies being recorded and bragged about beat by two drug addict alcoholic child abusers ErickBrown and Saundra O Sullivan on December 13, 2009 which eventually caused the 06/08/10 public mobassault child abductions of now parent alienation trauma injured irreparably harmed Ezekiel and ArriyelBrown, Lorraine Grinage’s children, documented in Federal Lawsuit, Lorraine Grinage v Saundra O. SullivanErick Brown Diane and Lenwood Kearney, U.S.D.C. 210-cv-00179-MSG. See June 18, 2010 filing.https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0BwkY4FQWX-6pMTliNWMzZDYtYjM5YS00NWFjLWFkMDAtOTAwODcxODhhNGI2&hl=en_US also enclosed after signature. “HireLyrics™ JOBS CREATION 2012 Law Enforcement Are Working Class People Too!”© FEDERAL CRIME VICTIM VOTERS Created By Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Crime American Working Class Students Impoverished Families & Business Owners HireLyrics™ Scope of Services OPTION 1: PRO SE DOCUMENT PRODUCTIONThese standard services are a preview of Jobs Creation 2012 HireLyrics is in the process of applying for grantfunding for so that financially devastated American Federal Crime Victims verified by standard access to claims
  • 4. intake assessment and litigation referral may receive Pro Se Document Production and Claims FormsPreparation free or at substantially subsidized cost while community enrichment jobs are created.HireLyrics Claims Intake Assessment Performed by a Legal Administrative Assistant: Evidence Gathering Depositions and Expert Witness TestimonyHireLyrics Litigation Referral: Legal Administrative Assistant Verification Report: Docket Analysis; Identify Conflict of Interest; Measure IndividualMerits of Claim Contingent Liabilities Accountability Components: Work Ethic, Compliance, Negligence,Assessed; verified evidence indicated Records Mismanagement, Employee Misconduct, Malpractice;Calls for Class Action, Special Embezzlement or Fraudulent Billing; discern whether bogusProsecutor or Defense, Private warrants, whistleblower retaliation, false arrest, nepotism orInvestigator, Forensics, Credentialed judicial tyranny.Expert Witnesses or other LegalIndustry Support Service including Package and submit due diligence as trial prep evidence modulestranscriptionists researchers which responsibly record respectfully report degrees of individualparalegals, technology, law or business accountability for Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights crimesschool students. perpetrated under color of law against American working class student impoverished families and business owners.HireLyrics Trial Prep Evidence Binder: Legal Administrative Assistant Summarized Marked Exhibits Index provided to HireLyrics Client on Data Disc or Flash Drive and, if authorized by Federal Crime Victim Pro Se Claimant, active links posted to HireLyrics Administrative Services managed case study page prototype demonstration of U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database on the internet at www.HireLyrics.org.U.S.D.C. Pro Se Forms Compliant HireLyrics Legal Administrative Assistant Drafts Affidavit of FactsFederal Civil Lawsuit Complaint compiled from evidence provided by Federal Crime Victim Claimant; prepares U.S. District Court official package of pro se Federal Lawsuit Complaint form, and if asked by HireLyrics Client, gathers the information necessary and completes U.S.D.C. pro se forms package compliant Petition Informa Pauperis (Poverty Affidavit; Indigent Litigant) asking U.S. District Court for permission to waive Filing Fee. The Pro Se Claimant (HireLyrics Client) must sign and file with the Court by Certified Mail or Hand Delivery on their own behalf. HireLyrics Legal Administrative Assistants are not attorneys are not enrolled to practice before the IRS and do not represent any person in any court or claims process.If verified evidence indicates: Presidential Executive Officers, U.S. Department of Justice, Appropriate U.S. Senate Committees, U.S. Courts Administration;HireLyrics Certified Service State Lawmakers, Child Abuse Registry, Child SupportDistribution Fraud Report Enforcement, Licensing and Disciplinary Review Boards, InternalWhistleblower Transmittal Law Revenue Service Office of Professional Responsibility (IRS OPR);Enforcement Investigation and Audit U.S. government Accountability Office (GAO) and others as verifiedRequest evidence indicates and lawful reporting opportunities become available.If verified evidence indicates: In an effort to send a clear message that HireLyrics will not allow the quality of life enhancing results of a standard accessAppropriate Referrals to U.S. mechanism to be hindered by misuse, HireLyrics will promptlyDepartment of Justice Programs (OJP report all facts and evidence discerned during claims intakeVictims of Crime): Domestic Violence assessment; due diligence, trial prep, research and discoveryElderly Abuse and Mistreatment including those challenges and crimes for which there is help orIdentity Theft or Theft by Deception
  • 5. Schemes. criminal justice intervention by way of appropriate referral. Example: If a Federal Crime Victim’s claims of official corruption are verified and the claimant is observed to need help with addiction, vocational rehab, arrest recidivism intervention or penal action is necessary to intervene in a discovered domestic violence or elder abuse, identity theft or scams of defenseless Americans; HireLyrics will move swiftly decisively lawfully and without notice to cause appropriate reports referrals and notices to appropriate law enforcement and funded neighborhood innovation programs.If verified evidence indicates: HireLyrics Certified Service Notice to Federal State County Employers of evidence verified Employee(s) or ProfessionalHireLyrics Certified Service Notice to Practitioner Misconduct, Bribery, Coercion, Intimidation, Extortion,Federal State County Employers. Nepotism, Cover Up Censorship Rerouting Destruction of Evidence, court filings, Falsification of Records Fraud Embezzlement Kidnap For Profit.If verified evidence indicates: U.S. Department of Justice Form 95 Claim For Damages or Wrongful Death Caused by a Federal Agency.If verified evidence indicates: U.S. Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (OIG) Fraud Waste Abuse Misconduct Report.If verified evidence indicates: Certified Service Form COL Violation Warning Denial of Rights Under Color of Law Violation Warning—18 U.S.C. §242; 18 U.S.C. §245; 42 U.S.C. §1983. “I certify that the forgoing information stated here is true and correct. Legal Notice and Warning - Federal law provides that it is a crime to violate the Rights of a citizen under the color-of-law. You can be arrested for this crime and you can also be held personally liable for civil damages.” Certified Service Distribution of Form COL Violation Warning Denial of Rights Under Color of Law Violation Warning—18 U.S.C. §242; 18 U.S.C. §245; 42 U.S.C. §1983 is always publicly posted to HireLyrics Administrative Services managed case study pages within prototype demonstration of U.S. Citizens (controlled) Public Docket Database.If verified evidence indicates: Dept of Justice Executive Office For Immigration Review Alien’s Change of Address Form Board of Immigration AppealsIf verified evidence indicates: Dept of Justice Executive Office For Immigration Review Immigration Practitioner ComplaintIf verified evidence indicates: Dept of Justice Executive Office For Immigration Review Application for Cancellation of Removal and Adjustment of Status for Certain Nonpermanent ResidentsA management team of Federal Crime Victim Voters created by State Court Conflict of Interest with DHSmalpractice will organize the endorsement and impeachment clout of a tragically far too large voterconstituency while we create jobs in our community that recognize “Law Enforcement are Working ClassPeople Too!” and restore and protect public safety, educate, make referrals to ethical litigators and claimsprocesses; transmit Fraud Reports and Recovery Act Fraud and Waste Whistleblower transmittals; honor ourCommonwealth, States’ and U.S. Constitutions; and provide constitutionally correct People’s Protection SafeHaven for DHS and Court Ordered Abused Runaways.
  • 6. The Federal Crime Victim Voter Statement: If one of us should fall…or ten of us should fall…or a hundred ofus should fall…WE WILL HAVE A COMMUNITY-NEEDS POWERED personality independent MECHANISM inplace which will AUTOMATICALLY TRIGGER the rescue of kidnap for profit injured working class student andimpoverished American children of all ages.” Respectfully Roxanne GrinageNotations and Enclosures itemized below.January 10, 2012 at 3:09 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • 7. About the D-U-N-S Number http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/displayFAQPage.do http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/pages/dunsnumber.jsp Created in 1962, the Data Universal Numbering System or D-U-N-S® Number is D&Bs copyrighted, proprietary means of identifying business entities on a location-specific basis. Assigned and maintained solely by D&B, this unique nine-digit identification number has been assigned to over 100 million businesses worldwide. A D-U-N-S® Number remains with the company location to which it has been assigned even if it closes or goes out-of-business. The D-U-N-S® Number also "unlocks" a wealth of value-added data associated with that entity, including the business name, physical and mailing addresses, tradestyles ("doing business as"), principal names, financial, payment experiences, industry classifications (SICs and NAICS), socio-economic status, government data and more. The D-U-N-S® Number also links members of corporate family trees worldwide. The D-U-N-S® Number is widely used by both commercial and federal entities and was adopted as the standard business identifier for federal electronic commerce in October 1994. The D-U-N-S Number® was also incorporated into the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) in April 1998 as the Federal Governments contractor identification code for all procurement-related activities. http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/displayFAQPage.do Frequently Asked Questions for D-U-N-S Number and CCR RegistrationDMCA Copyrights owned and rigorously counterclaimed by Roxanne Grinage willing to accept service inU.S.D.C. for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Service Address: Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics AdministrativeServices, U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database, PO Box 22225, Philadelphia Pa 19136, Telephone 267-444-0594, Fax 215-405-2939 email for electronic service dignityforthehumanspirit@hirelyrics.org websitewww.HireLyrics.orgForever referred to by historians as Champions of Patriotism Quotes Roxanne Grinage August 02, 2011 Letterto President Barack Obama, U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, Office of Civil Rights Regions Enclose HireLyricsAdministrative Services Evidence RICO and Title 18 Indictable Judges Social Workers, Lawyers, PsychologicalEvaluators and Elected Officials Indicated Need For Presidential and Justice Department Intervention toProtect National Security Public Safety Emergency Posed by a Nationwide Child Slaughter U.S. EconomyFraud Court and Education Public Safety State of Emergency. responsibly recorded respectfully reported,Roxanne Grinage, Legal Administrative Assistant HireLyrics Administrative Services U.S. Citizens (controlled)Public Docket Database Grinage Family Private Investigation Rescue 060810 Abusive Parent Mob AssaultAbducted Ezekiel and Arriyel Brown, PO Box 22225 Philadelphia Pa 19136, www.HireLyrics.orgwww.BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-Serve, 267-444-0594, Fax: (215) 405-2939 RoxanneGrinage@Yahoo.comor DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.orghttps://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B_UmvYpq4WCUNWE2NGEwN2UtNjUwZi00YTBjLWFkYmItNjJkNjY3NmU0YTAy&hl=en_USFree Download Re-posted 10/20/11 Build This! Roxanne Grinage 11 years Prototype DemonstratedStandard Access Practice Model Schematics Reported at Fifth Anniversary 2005 birthedAdministrative Solutions Tool U.S. Citizens controlled Public Docket Database Corruption inGovernment Clean Up Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Education Reform Public SafetyEmergency.pdf https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B-34Z89xij26NGZhYzc5NTMtYWEwMi00Y2MyLWE2OTYtYTdiODI5OWRmODFl&hl=enSee Roxanne Grinages Memorial Day Letter on behalf of Ezekiel and Arriyel Brown and thirty-twoCity of Philadelphia DHS and Family Court corruption Federal Crime Victim Witness families, to Mr.Eric Holder U.S. Department of Justice (8 pages with active links) INTERVENTION REQUEST USDOJAPPOINT SPECIAL PROSECUTOR(S) Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State ofEmergency Systematic Abuse of Immunity Language in 1983 Civil Rights Act. Pennsylvania EasternDistrict, Philadelphia County All Philadelphia Family Court and DHS Adjudications Are Not In The BestInterest of Working Class Student and Impoverished Families and Children A New Civil Rights
  • 8. Movement Is Underway CPS Corruption in Government Clean Up Initiative Families Fight Back say"NO MORE" DHS Demonic Horror Stories. Respectfully submitted by Roxanne Grinage on behalf ofevidence data gathered from thirty-two (32) Federal Crime Victim Witness Plaintiffs Families.https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0BwkY4FQWX-6pYWQzOTJhYmEtOWQzMS00YzYyLTk2ZGItNGRmY2Y2Mjg0MmFh&hl=en_US053111 Special Prosecutor Intervention Audit Review Requested 070610 Filing Figure 1 DocketDiscrimination Analysis U.S.D.C. Paed 209cv04119MSG Roxanne Grinage v Fern Brown Caplan Esquireet al.doc (289 KB) 7:21 am by HireLyrics Download https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BxAauJ_oh-KFOWI2NTAzNmYtYTMwZS00OThkLTgyMTctMjE2ZmJhZWY2MTlj&hl=en_US021311 IRS PACSES USM285 USDOA USDC Notices Grinage Family Rescue Ezekiel Arriyel BrownPhiladelphia Family Court DHS Malpractice Judge Robert Matthews Kevin Dougherty Anne AmbroseErick Brown 060810 Mob Assault Abduction Fraud.pdfhttps://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B_UmvYpq4WCUODdkMzVlYmMtZTIyYS00MGZjLTk3NjMtZTMzMDc4ZjEwYjFl&hl=en012311 Confidential Distribution List Redacted Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics Checklist ProposalManagement Team Invitations First Draft Business Plan Nonprofit Federal Crime Victim Voters SafeHaven DHS Abused Runaways.pdf https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B-34Z89xij26MTkxMTIyYzMtMTViOS00MjczLTk5MGEtZWNmNzk0MzgxZWY3052711 SCHEDULE C U.S. Citizens controlled Public Docket Citizens Video Journalism Public PostIncident Reports HireLyrics Administrative Services Roxanne Grinage Family Rescue Ezekiel ArriyelBrown.doc (2 MB) 4:53 pm by HireLyrics.org Download https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B-34Z89xij26OWQxNDAyYjMtOWMwNC00ZWYxLTlmNTYtZmFjMzdiYjYzN2MxPrint fill in and fax back the second page of this pdf file if you want us to contact you to verify yourclaim to join class action lawsuit 70 families and growing plan to sue City of Philadelphia DHS andcertain Philadelphia Family Court Judges with Certain Named City Solicitors Child AdvocatesCommissioner Case Workers. See Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics Mar 15 2011 Metro Philly Ad. Faxcompleted form back to 215-405-2939. Join 70 Families Plan $1 Billion Lawsuit No 2nd Term NutterDHS Family Courtroom Killing Floors Must Close.pdfhttps://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B-34Z89xij26YWE2ZDY5ZjctNTc4YS00ZGU1LTgzMWEtZDMzNzM3MGQwY2Qy&hl=enhttp://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-564973 See Full Length 33min video what happened 02/28/2011 when NewCivil Rights Movement New Civil Rights Heroes Families Fight Back Say No More DHS Demonic Horror Stories,Janice Brown, Maurice West, Roxanne Grinage reviewed the records ordered produced by Subpoena upon DHSCity of Philadelphia Deputy Solicitor Barbara A. Ash – an historic event in turning the tide for a so farunaccountable Philadelphia Family Court with DHS agency daily kidnap for profit child slaughter, theft ofheritage, religious freedoms, forced commerce, siphoned embezzled federal and state funds by deliberate or incompetent falsification of records and lying in official court documents: Child Abuse Registry Fraud; ChildSupport Enforcement Fraud; Mental Health Exam Fraud; unlawful attachments, double and triple billing, etc. atCNN iReport HireLyrics Roxanne Grinage http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-5649736/18/2010. U.S.D.C. PaED 2:10cv00179-MSG COS Copy Filed Today: PLAINTIFF LORRAINE GRINAGESCOMPLIANCE WITH HONORABLE MITCHELL S. GOLDBERGS ORDER OF MAY 10, 2010 SUBMITS PHOTOVIDEO AND WITNESS EVIDENCE DEFENDANT SAUNDRA O. SULLIVAN HAS LIED TO U.S. MARSHAL TOEVADE SERVICE OF SUMMONS AND RESIDES AT 972 ANCHOR STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19124WHERE SHE WAS PRESENT ON JUNE 8, 2010 AT 6:30 P.M. 45 MINUTES BEFORE SAUNDRA O. SULLIVANPARTICIPATED IN SIX MEMBER FLASH MOB WITH GUNS AND BASEBALL BATS ATTEMPTED HOMEINVASION AND INFLICTED AGGRAVATED ASSAULTS OF LORRAINE GRINAGE, ROXANNE GRINAGE ANDWILLIE BROWNSON ENDANGERING LORRAINE GRINAGES CHILDREN TRANSPORTED AND LEFT
  • 9. UNATTENDED IN SAUNDRA SULLIVANS WHITE BRONCO IN THE MIDDLE OF FLASH MOB VIOLENCE.Friday, June 18, 2010 8:04 PM From: "Roxanne Grinage" <roxannegrinage@yahoo.com> To:MarvinWilliams@pacses.com,kevin.dougherty@courts.phila.gov, "President Judge Dembe CCPPhiladelphia" <hr@courts.phila.gov>, "President Judge Marsha Neifield"<Marsha.Neifield@courts.phila.gov>, "Court of Judicial Discipline Harrisburg Pennsylvania"<Wanda.sweigart@pacourts.us>, "Philadelphia District Attorney" <DA.WebMail@phila.gov>, "ChildAbuse Registry Director Harriet Dichter" <HDichter@state.pa.us>, "Mayor Nutter Address 1"<Michael.Nutter@phila.gov>, "Mayor Nutter Address 2" <Mayor.Nutter@phila.gov>,governor@state.pa.us, John.D.Christmas@phila.gov, "Anne Ambrose DHS"<AnneMarie.Ambrose@phila.gov>, "Supreme Court Rules Evidence Committee"<appellaterules@pacourts.us> Cc: "Daily News Reporter Janice Brown DHS Story"<farrs@phillynews.com>, "Daily News Reporter Sparkle Ballard DHS Story"<difilid@phillynews.com>, 2020@abc.com, 48hours@cbsnews.com, 60m@cbsnews.com, "USDOJMichael Levy Philadelphia" <AskDOJ@usdoj.gov>, fair@fair.org, "FBI Philadelphia Complaints"<Philadelphia.complaints@ic.fbi.gov>, foxreport@foxnews.com, Hannity@foxnews.com,hardball@msnbc.com June 18, 2010 HAND DELIVERED Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court United StatesDistrict Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania 601 Market Street, Room 2609 Philadelphia, PA19106-1797 Re: 2:10-cv-00179-MSG Please find hand delivered for filing in above docket, (1)PLAINTIFF LORRAINE GRINAGES COMPLIANCE WITH HONORABLE MITCHELL S. GOLDBERGS ORDEROF MAY 10, 2010 SUBMITS PHOTO VIDEO AND WITNESS EVIDENCE DEFENDANT SAUNDRA O.SULLIVAN HAS LIED TO U.S. MARSHAL TO EVADE SERVICE OF SUMMONS AND RESIDES AT 972ANCHOR STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19124 WHERE SHE WAS PRESENT ON JUNE 8, 2010 AT 6:30 P.M.45 MINUTES BEFORE SAUNDRA O. SULLIVAN PARTICIPATED IN SIX MEMBER FLASH MOB WITH GUNSAND BASEBALL BATS ATTEMPTED HOME INVASION AND INFLICTED AGGRAVATED ASSAULTS OFLORRAINE GRINAGE, ROXANNE GRINAGE AND WILLIE BROWNSON ENDANGERING LORRAINEGRINAGES CHILDREN TRANSPORTED AND LEFT UNATTENDED IN SAUNDRA SULLIVANS WHITEBRONCO IN THE MIDDLE OF FLASH MOB VIOLENCE with (2) Certificate of Service, (3) Exhibit A, (4)Notice of Change of Address and (5) Respectful request Clerk of Court correct spelling of minorPlaintiffs middle name Ezekiel Zadkiel Brown and do not file Plaintiffs Compliance as an amendedcomplaint. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0BwkY4FQWX-6pMTliNWMzZDYtYjM5YS00NWFjLWFkMDAtOTAwODcxODhhNGI2&hl=en_US