03/22/10 An early Resume Curriculum Vitae of Roxanne Grinage 03/22/10


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03/22/10 An early Resume Curriculum Vitae of Roxanne Grinage 03/22/10

  1. 1. Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics.org Curriculum Vitae HireLyrics Administrative Services U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database PO Box 22225 Philadelphia, PA 19136 Mobile / Cellular: (229) 395-0039 Email: DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.orgObjective To provide administrative support to professionals in any industry whose function is to guard due process and civil rights for American families who are victimized by CPS corruption in government, Court of Common Pleas Family Court Divisions, unethical or incompetent family court practitioners evaluators and social workers; cities’ Departments of Human Services (DHS) Title IV and CPS funded foster and adoption contractors, etc. To assess litigation referral market entry challenges for working class student and impoverished CPS victim families and develop implement and monitor administrative tools in alignment with rules policies and procedures of my employer.Abilities I utilize twenty years experience working as a legal administrative assistant and document production specialist to responsibly record and aggressively market the class action litigation referral merits of a standard access mechanism presenting population of cps corruption in government American Family victim claimants. I am comfortable in all people synergetic environments including law offices, satellite radio, ecommerce, blog and video citizens journalism.Key Skills Prepare verified Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights In Forma Pauperis Complaint Pro SeForms as available at appropriate U.S.D.C. official website. Get Federal Pro Se dockets opened oneat a time in each state where CPS victim family presents with verifiable official corruption fraud civilrights claims. Monitor and report court controlled docket activity in Superior Court CPS VictimAppeals with U.S. Citizens Public Docket connected relationships for measuring work ethic, criminalintent, modus operandi, financial motivation and siphoning of Recovery Act U.S. Economy Stimulusfunding and States and Federal Funding meant to provide family preservation services. Use free and low cost aggressive marketing capabilities of internet technologies to achieveevidence gathering depositions and expert witness testimony to produce fundraising court reformcase studies packaged as modules inserted into a sort-able publicly accessible U.S. Citizens DocketDatabase. Free Downloads and aggressive search engine capabilities of satellite talk radio,www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Born-To-Serve citizens video journalism www.YouTube.com/HireLyrics andevidence modules burned to DVD data discs and sold as Court Reform Case Studies in Amazonmarketplace for fundraising which pays filing fees for pro se litigants whose petitions for in formapauperis are denied.Education and Pennsylvania Department of General Services Bureau of Contracts AdministrationExpert Professional Minority Women Business Enterprise Certifications (2003 through 2007)PADGS Code 96159 - Legal Services including Regents Diploma College Bound Debate TeamEvidence Gathering, Depositions and Expert Witness President John Bowne High School, Queens, New YorkTestimony; (2) PADGS Code 95238 - Employee 1974 – 1976 - Attended Bowdoin College, BrunswickAssistance Programs; (3) PADGS Code 94682 - Tax Maine 04011, Debate Scholarship and Work StudyServices Including Tax Preparation, Advisory Services; completed two years majors English and(4) PADGS Code 95238 - Employee Development Governmental Studies. Did not graduate.Consulting; (5) PADGS Code 91885 -PersonnelEmployment Consulting (Human Resources); (6) 2003 – 2007 earned expert professional certifications inPADGS Code 95239 - Employment Generating nine areas of administrative practice which mayActivities; (7) PADGS Code 96225 - Copywriting satisfy many four year degree requirements.Services; (8) PADGS Code 96220 - Career Consulting(9) PADGS Code 91725 - Image Consulting. I am 53 years old April, 2010.
  2. 2. Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics.org Curriculum Vitae Page 2 HireLyrics Administrative Services U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database PO Box 22225 Philadelphia, PA 19136 Mobile / Cellular: (229) 395-0039 Email: DignityForTheHumanSpirit@HireLyrics.orgPrior Employment 2000-Present Administrator. HireLyrics Administrative Services, Provided documentationand administrative services to standard presenting population of disadvantaged creators of originalcreative work products including careers contributors into traditional industries. HireLyrics ClientReferences provided upon request. 2001-2008 Contract Labor Temp Legal Admin, Secretary Floater 2nd and 3rd ShiftDocument Production Specialist. Provided contract temp – always full time – project based legaladministrative support document production and secretarial support to litigation, staffing andinvestment banking executives. Chronological list of contract employers and placement agenciesprovided upon request. 1976-2001 Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Legal Secretary. Full time employmentcommitments as I grew my family and before I launched invention of business method, standardaccess to administrative services HireLyrics.org June 2000. Chronological List of law firm, staffing andinvestment banking firm employers provided promptly upon request.Portfolio Available For Interviews: (1) Audio and Listener Stats Roxanne Grinage as Talk Radio Show HostBroadcasts provided promptly on DVD. (2) All Roxanne Grinage researched verified produced Pro Se filings and Exhibitsdocument production promptly provided as pdf with active links on DVD data disc.(3) Roxanne Grinage citizens video journalism provided on DVD upon request. (4) Roxanne Grinage developedadministrative solutions tools, CPS victim declarations and certificate of service court reform disclosures provided promptlyupon request. (4) References Available Upon Request.Minimum Salary Requirement: $42K with medical dental 401(k) and earned vacation opportunities.