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Another more detailed assessment tool. This one touches upon personal life more but can be integrated to professional side. This indicates your traits and you as a person which will be helpful for employers in identifying what kind of roles would be more suitable for you.

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Visual test personality

  1. 1. YOUTIMEENERGYLOVEMONEYFUNRESTARTThe VisualDNA Personality TestShare itWelcome to the worlds most innovative personality testYoure a HarmonizerYoure positive and enthusiastic and have a great sense ofhumour. Its all about enjoying life and leaving yourinhibitions behind every now and again!Reliable and trustworthy, you seek harmony and balancein your life. You forge strong, long-lasting friendships, andyour friends really value your honesty and frank opinions.You may prefer routine and security to lots of newexperiences.YOUTIMEENERGYLOVE
  2. 2. MONEYFUNIts all about you ...Right now, you feel a little lost and that life could go oneway or the other. This uncertainty can be a positive way oftaking a look at what youd really like to do and makingthat change...or it could be that you discover you arehappy just where you are!When it comes to improving things in your life, who would sayno to extra cash? It would be great to be able to treat the familywhenever you feel like it. The trick is to be disciplined aboutbudgeting. If you stay on top of your finances, youll feel a lotmore secure and probably save a bit too.Have you ever written a list of your positive features or askedyour friends to do the same? Its a great exercise and it mightjust surprise you. As a Harmonizer, its important to learn totrust your intuition and to know that everything will work outfor the best. Learn to say yes to new experiences from time totime. Your confidence and self-belief will grow and grow.Sometimes a challenge or a change of scene could be just thething you need.For you, a loving relationship is very important to feelingempowered to be yourself. You really appreciate having a safespace away from the pressures of everyday life, where you cantruly switch off and relax.
  3. 3. TimeYoure quite satisfied that you get things done during yourday, but are you reaching your full potential?You have enough commitment, knowledge and experience to doa great job. It’s important that you continue to learn all the timeand challenge yourself enough to keep motivated. There mayjust be some improvements you can make to help you be moresuccessful.Your awareness of all the different elements involved in asituation means that you are a driving force when it comes tomaking things happen. But you need the inspiration of others tokeep things exciting. Your opinions can seem critical, but theyare important. If you are more assertive with them you might besurprised how much it is appreciated.You could be trying harder, but enthusiasm doesn’t come fromnowhere, and focusing too much on tasks that you’re notcomfortable with can create unnecessary stress. You need themost urgent tasks to be clearly defined so that you know what toconcentrate on. If they aren’t at the moment then don’t be afraidto ask people to help you work on it, they will appreciate yourorganisation.A plan can keep you grounded, but don’t be afraid to thinkoutside the box sometimes. Try not to be too quick to rejectideas that seem unusual, change can be refreshing.At times it can feel like you’re not given the opportunity to useyour talents, but you are pretty good at staying on task, and thatwill help you develop new skills. It’s not worth worrying aboutthings you can’t change. Don’t forget that once you get the
  4. 4. important things done you will have more time to focus on yourreal passion.Youre definitely on the right track. You love nothing morethan feeling rejuvenated after a really good nights sleep.Its the best way to face the world!For you, restoring balance means giving yourself a chanceto process everything that’s rushing through your mind.Carving out some quiet time to reflect on things can beincredibly beneficial. Just make sure you don’t get caughtin a loop – you need a regular stream of new experiencesto process too.WouldaCouldaShoulda just isn’t in your vocabulary.You’ve learnt that if you want to feel great, you need totake the positive steps yourself. It’s all about valuingyourself enough to take the time to do what’s best for youand your body.The real key is keeping your energy balanced – no sugarhighs or caffeine crashes for you. Its all about having atwinkle in your eye and remembering to embrace everyminute of the day.If you feel like you’re running on empty sometimes, it’sbecause you probably are. We all need to push ourselvesto get the best from life, but we also need to remember totake time to rest, recuperate, and enjoy everything we’veaccomplished.Whether it’s running a marathon or just getting through theday, be proud of everything you achieve. Don’t bottle upyour feelings or try to keep a lid on the things you don’t
  5. 5. want to think about. If something is really bothering you,getting it out in the open can be half the battle won.LoveBig romantic gestures rate highly on your love-o-meterand even though its great when someone else treats you,using your own imagination to surprise your potentialpartner can be just as exciting!You like grand romantic gestures every once in a while. Throwcaution to the wind and shout it from the rooftops!Youve got a whole lot of love to give. You like to jump in feetfirst and lavish a partner with romantic gestures. You havestrong instincts and a good understanding of who you are andwhat you want from life. You like to follow your dreams andbelieve in happy endings.You are very expressive and like a relationship to be very openand honest without needing to hold back on showing yourpartner how much you love them. It’s all about immersingyourself in the fairy tale feelings of being in love. For you, it’sthe little things that make being in love so special. A sunsetstroll on a beach, holding hands at the movies, just feelingprotected and cared for.So, what tips can we give to you?1. You are naturally warm and trusting and enjoy sharing yourlove. You have a midas touch when it comes to setting theromantic tone, so do what you do best and express your innerromantic.
  6. 6. 2. Open your heart. Don’t overthink things or be too much of aperfectionist. The strongest connections are founded on spiritualintimacy.3. Remember its the little things that count!MoneyUltimately you have a very healthy approach to life. Youknow that true happiness doesnt come from materialthings or possessions. It goes much deeper than that andis all about valuing those things that you cant put a priceon. You like to care for those around you and if theyrehappy, youre happy. You appreciate that both highs andlows make up the balance of life, and always try and stayspiritually strong and focused.Its important to keep an eye on the wider world though, soyoure well prepared for when things happen that you cantcontrol.You arent scared of making big decisions and investments. Youknow that when it comes to things that will be part of your lifefor a long time you need to be confident - and you are!For you, escapism is the ultimate relaxation. Its the perfectantidote to the stress of everyday life. You love the feel of thesun, sand and sea on your skin – and the more exotic the better.You know big adventures come with a big price tag, so it’s
  7. 7. important to plan how you’re going to save all that money aswell as how to spend it!You have a healthy approach to problems when they come up.Getting new points of view on things as soon as possible is thefirst step towards a swift recovery. And the sooner you get backon track, the more stable and confident you’ll feel.FunSophisticated and inquisitive, you have a real passion forart and culture. You believe in immersing yourself ininteresting experiences that make you look at people,places and opportunities from new angles. Being sensitiveand creative, you want to feel connected to the worldaround you and actively seek out opportunities to exploreit. It’s all about broadening your horizons and living life tothe full. Anything else would not fulfill your curious nature.For you, theres nothing quite like getting immersed in the magicof the theatre and a really great show. Its all about the ambienceand the experience of the show. Its a great night out - theultimate in escapism and culture.Your hobbies are your reward for working hard the rest of thetime. They absolutely shouldn’t be boring. If you find that youdon’t want to play football or grow vegetables any more thenstop doing it and try something else.
  8. 8. At the end of the day, youre a true emotional spirit and youmake really strong connections and friendships. Good buddiesand lots of laughs are the recipe for happy days.