Spring 2014 www.quadravillagecc.com
Plant neighbours
at Wark Street
Story on Pg. 12
Remembers Do...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 2
Meet the news team
Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin
Helen Cowley...
By Leni Hoover & Marion Fraser
ecent news of the redevelopment of
955 Hillside Avenue as the location of
Rthe replacement ...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 4
By the Hillside-Quadra Youth in Action Team and we’ve made some unexpec...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 5
Meet Our Creative Neighbour - Shannon-Shylene Schlackl
1) Please tell u...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 6
City Councillor's Update: Food Security
By Ben Isitt government's commi...
By Kelly Greenwell various service providers seemed
less protective and rigid which
uadra Village Community made working c...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 8
Spring has Sprung in Hillside Quadra
Our neighbourhood in bloom (photos...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 9
By Grant Bolton cameras and computers were used to help create
the news...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 10
By Janis La Couvée, on behalf of the Hillside- community consultation ...
n Sunday, Feb. 9, the weather kindly for 2014. Depending on being able to organize the
cooperated for our 'hands-on' pruni...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 12
Quadra Village Community Centre would like to
thank our many supporter...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 13
stories of visiting the Governor-General’s home
as a child. But she eq...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 14
Hillside - Quadra Community Board
Parent & Tot Drop-In
Children 0-6 ye...
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 15
Other Community Events
Quadra Village Community Centre
Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 16
By Maureen Weston, President, OCTA operated by The OCTA Collective Soc...
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Hillside-Quadra Community News Spring 2014


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Our Spring 2014 edition featuring articles on why rezoning is not required for the proposed development at 955 Hillside Ave, the United Way community survey and Youth in Action update, the neighbourhood remembers Doug Hudlin and more.

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Hillside-Quadra Community News Spring 2014

  1. 1. Spring 2014 www.quadravillagecc.com Plant neighbours at Wark Street Commons Story on Pg. 12 The Neighbourhood Remembers Doug Hudlin See page 8 Inside This Edition... Why rezoning is not required for the proposed development at 955 Hillside Ave. See page 3 United Way Community Survey and Youth in Action Update See page 4 The Heights at Hillside? By Kelly Greenwell and the organization as a whole, it was important undeveloped green space inHillside-Quadra. for Board members to engage in a brainstorm While all of the above is a real mouthful, the s mentioned in other parts of the Spring and conversation with communitymembers and conversation on the afternoon of February 4th Issue of the Hillside-Quadra News, a agency staff at Quadra Village Community was very interesting. It was a great opportunity Acommunity consultation process is Centre (QVCC) totry to generatesome ideas and for people to share ideas and concerns and to ask being instigated by the Capital Region Hospital principles to carry forward (before engaging in about how different ideas would work. The Board and Island Health regarding 955 Hillside. the developer’s consultation process). These conversation was successful in generating some This consultation process will include principles would be ideas that QVCC and its initialideasaboutprinciples. representation recommended by the Hillside- Board could take forward and share during the Based on the feedback from community th Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group and the time leading up to the consultation and the members at the February 4 meeting, the Quadra Board of Directors of the Quadra Village consultation itself. The importance of getting Village Community Centre Board has identified Community Centre (Downtown Blanshard grounded in community input beforehand is some core principles that should be given AdvisoryCommittee). underlined by the fact that, aside from Summit While consultation is valued by the Board and Topaz Parks, 955 Hillside is the largest The Mount View Heights development - an example of what could be coming to Hillside-Quadra (photos by Kelly Greenwell) (Continued on page 3)
  2. 2. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 2 Meet the news team Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin Helen Cowley T Committee Members: Kelly Greenwell, Grant Bolton, Assistant Editor: Advertising: Shannon Shylene Schlackl Design & Layout: eresa Cowley Shannon Shylene Schlackl The Hillside-Quadra Community News is a forum and information source about projects, issues, meetings, events, history and people in Hillside-Quadra and surrounding neighbourhoods. WHY ADVERTISE? Advertising in the Hillside-Quadra Community News is a great way to target thousands of potential clients within walking distance, people who value all things local and want you to succeed. Remind your neighbours what you have to offer them. Let them know your latest promotion, why you are unique, why they should visit you again. You can place a small reminder ad for the whole year for just $105; or for the same price as a small ad in other publications, you can get a prominent full page ad outlining your services in detail. Don't miss this opportunity to shine for your most important patrons -- your neighbours. Email to discuss: Kelly Greenwell at kelly@quadravillagecc.com or call 250 388 7696 ext.221 HQ News online: http://issuu.com/hillsidequadranews Website: Twitter: www.quadravillagecc.com www.facebook.com/QuadraVillage @QuadraVillage I The deadline for articles and ads in the Summer 2014 edition of the Hillside - Quadra Community News is Friday May 9, 2014. INTERESTED IN GETTING PUBLISHED IN H - Q NEWS? We are looking for story ideas, articles, photos, poems, etc. If you have something you would like to see in an upcoming issue, please e- mail Kelly at kelly@quadravillagecc.com. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Do you have any comments on articles or H - Q community news? Are you concerned about something in our area? We’d love to hear from you! Send a letter to the Editor: 901 Kings Rd. Victoria B.C. V8T 1W5 or e-mail Kelly at kelly@quadravillagecc.com. We work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of the people in our neighbourhood in a safe and welcoming environment. 3000 copies of the Hillside-Quadra Community News are published quarterly through Quadra Village Community Centre Full colour $150 per issue Publication dates: Spring/Summer//fall/winter By Ms. Randi Falls, Principal (photo provided) ic High is 138 years old and is recognized as the longest enrolling Public High school west of Winnipeg and north of San Francisco. th VOur present building is turning 100 on April 17 and we are planning a terrific celebration for the weekend of May 16-19, 2014. Many of the folks living in the Quadra Village area are Victoria High School grads th or staff and will recall the 125 celebrations in 2001. Our plans are to surpass the previous events and offer even more to see and celebrate. May 15, 2014 will be our Black and Gold dinner at the Ward Room in th Esquimalt. This will become an annual event, but we’ll use our 100 birthday to kick off the tradition. We will be honouring the following Alumni: R Friday May 16 is an Open House centred in the new Fairey Technical facility. A Wine and Cheese social will start at 7 pm with tours available through the facility and into the main school. Tables for social groupings will be set up in the Andrews gym and one of our classrooms will be converted to a 1914 era classroom. Please consider connecting with old friends and Alumni and join us for the evening. Saturday May 17 (1-5 pm) we open the doors again, this time in the auditorium and the main building for more tours, archive displays, celebrations, skits, alumni and student performances. Special Victoria High School memorabilia and clothing will be available for purchase throughout the events. We follow with a dance from 7-11 pm at the Crystal Gardens featuring our Rhythm and Blues Band. This is a great chance for Grad classes to get together and have an impromptu reunion. Finally, watch for our Electric truck and our R&B Band in the Victoria Day parade on Monday 19May. We are so proud atVictoria High School to have been such a foundation for education in the City of Victoria for this past 138 years. Consider coming out and supporting your local high school as we celebrate and raise funds to restore our Memorial Stadium and track. Please check our website (https://vichigh.sd61.bc.ca/) and click the link for Alumni under Quick Links for registration information. Hurry, the deadline for Early Bird registration is fast approaching! I hope to see you there! Jim Taylor – Author andAthlete (VHS 1955), Dr. Maria Tippett - Historian and Author (VHS 1962), Olympic rower Jessica Monroe-Gonin (VHS 1984) and acclaimed artist ichard Hunt (VHS 1971). “Come Give a Cheer” - VicHigh Grant Street Campus Turns 100 Thank You! Quadra Village Day 2014 Sponsors and Friends: Andrew Sheret, Artbox, Bill Hartley Insurance, Black Press, Blue Bird Cabs, BC Smoke Shop, BC Housing, Caffè Fantastico, Caribbean Village, Carolyn Developments, Cascadia, CDI, Castle Hardware, C.E. Craig and Associates, Cedric Steele, CHEK TV, City of Victoria, Collins and Co., Community Savings, Fairway Market, Funner Inflatables, GWG Rentals, Hands on Pottery, Incite, Island Farms, Island Tents and Events, , Janis La Couvée, Kings Court, Long & McQuade, Loonie Bin, Metropol, Mike and Shellie Gudgeon, Pacific Audio Works, Pacific Paint, Part and Parcel, Play in Victoria, The Q FM, Quadra Legal, Quadra Village Butcher, Quadra Village Community Centre, reFuse, Rob Fleming MLA, Salvation Army, Serenity Hair and Nails and The Zone FM.
  3. 3. By Leni Hoover & Marion Fraser ecent news of the redevelopment of 955 Hillside Avenue as the location of Rthe replacement for Oak Bay Lodge and Mt. Tolmie Hospital led to some digging through the archives for the history of this property and its role in the community. A Development Permit Area was established following the most recent Neighbourhood Plan for Hillside Quadra (1995) so that the community would have input into development in this area. If the closure of Blanshard Elementary School had in any way been anticipated, the community would likely have recommended its inclusion in the Development Permit Area. As it was, extensive discussions took place about the development of the lane beside the school field. Pictured to the right is the current strategic direction for the neighbourhood from the City of Victoria website. See Quadra Village Part 1 Design Guidelines at: http://www.victoria.ca/assets/Departments/Pl anning~Development/Community~Planning/ Documents/OCP/Map%2025_Hillside- Quadra%20UPDs.pdf By November 1998, after consultation with the community, the City adopted Design Guidelines for Quadra Village Development Permit Area. As an example, the guidelines set the character and scale for building in Quadra Village including maximum building heights of 15.5 meters in a maximum of 4 storeys. Outside the Development Permit Area, zoning determines how land may be developed. Historical zoning maps show that the school property has been zoned for “apartments” or “multiple family dwellings”, at least since 1963. However, our neighbourhood was largely made up of single still zoned R3-2, which allows for a 6-storey C o m m u n i t y C e n t r e , ( 2 5 0 - 3 8 8 - family homes with a small commercial area at building. Therefore,thecurrentproposal for a 6- 7696/kelly@quadravillagecc.com) or contact Hillside and Quadra until a large-scale Urban storey, 320-bed residential care facility for the Neighbourhood Action Group at Renewal Schemein 1966displaced 157families seniors with complex needs to replace Oak Bay nag@quadravillagecc.com to get more from their homes to make way for the Blanshard Lodge and Mt. Tolmie facilities fits the existing information about the on-going community Street extension, Evergreen Terrace public zoning. consultationprocess. housing and Blanshard Elementary School (see Members of the community have worked d e t a i l s i n hard to ensure that our neighbourhood retains its SOURCES: www.victoriaheritagefoundation.ca/Neighbour character and that continued growth and change Http://www.victoria.ca/assets/Departments/ hoods/hillsidequadrahistory.html). reflect the vision of the community plan. The Planning~Development/Development~Service Rezoning ofthe school site from apartments Capital Regional Hospital District, the s/Documents/neighbourhoods-hillside-quadra- (R3-2) to townhouses (RK) was recommended proponent of the hospital development, has plan.pdf in the 1995 Neighbourhood Plan even though the invited community input. Http://www.victoria.ca/assets/Departments/ school district “indicated that no redevelopment What do you think? Interested community Planning~Development/Development~Service or alternative use of the site was contemplated”. members may contact Kelly Greenwell, s/Documents/neighbourhoods-quadra-village- The rezoning did not take place and the site is Executive Director at Quadra Village design-part-1.pdf. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 3 Why is the Green Space at 955 Hillside Ave Not Included in the Quadra Village Development Permit Area or Subject to Rezoning? ! There needs to be a vision for how the forward, Quadra Village Community Centre development will be integrated into the recognizes that the formal consultation is yet to priority with respect to the 955 Hillside community and assurance that the come. Bruce Wallace (Director, QVCC) and development. These principles are outlined development will include meaningful access Kelly Greenwell (Executive Director, QVCC) below: to all generations in the neighbourhood. will carry these ideas forward into the ! Construction and ongoing disruption needs consultation process and encourage all! The fact that there will be impacts on the to be minimized to the greatest extent neighbourhood residents to ask questions, shareneighbourhood needs to be recognized and possible. ideas and participate in the consultation processsome form of compensation to the ! Traffic and parking planning needs to that unfolds. Bruce and Kelly look forward toneighbourhood needs to be offered by the mitigate community concerns and be based working with the consultation working groupdeveloper (Capital Hospital Board). on existing and projected traffic patterns which includes Neighbour Action Group! The loss of green space needs to be with special consideration to cycling and participants Marni Offman and Rowenaacknowledged and compensation needs to pedestrians. Locklin.include a way to address this. Meaningful, ! Each household and business should bepublic access green space needs to be notified directly and clearly about how toincorporated. participate in the consultation and these! A retention of and contribution to the Village opportunitiesshouldbeeasytoaccess.concept of Quadra Village should flow from the eventual development. While many fantastic suggestions were put The Heights at Hillside? (Continued from cover) Hillside Quadra Strategic Directions from the 2012 Official Community Plan
  4. 4. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 4 By the Hillside-Quadra Youth in Action Team and we’ve made some unexpected discoveries. While there are certain common themes across he Youth in Action team in Hillside- generations, and even amongst youth, it is Quadra is looking for input from the apparent that each individual approaches Tcommunity. We’re currently about half community with their own unique experiences. way through our process of gathering Talking to a group of grade 7 and 8 students, we information and we’re asking for your help. Your found that priorities and wishes differed from responses will contribute to a vision for the person to person.Wecontinue to encounter other neighbourhood and help us with our task of young people with great ideas and often find creating positive change for the youth in this ourselves caught in “ah ha” moments. From community. With support from Coast Capital what we’ve seen so far, there isn’t just one Savings and the UnitedWayof GreaterVictoria, “youth perspective” but rather a wide variety of people, but we are always open to youth age 15-we will then develop projects, initiatives, or thoughts,ideas,andhopes. 24 joining our team or coming to a meet-up toinvestments that reflect the community’s vision One of the common themes emerging is a share experiences. You can contact to find outand ourperspectives as youth. wish for space that any young person can be part aboutthenextmeet-up.Our most immediate task is to gather visions of making their own – ha place where they can be Recently, we have looked closer at how andand ideas from people and organisations in the creative, express themselves, or just hang out why things are happening in the neighbourhoodneighbourhood. This will involve some big with friends without worrying about being and where we can make an impact. Over the lastthinking on your part and all of us working kicked out or watched. We’re hoping to explore three months, we’ve met people in thetogether to find innovative ideas. The team have this ideafurther. community and explored some of the greatsome key questions that we hope you will Wherever we end up as a result of the Youth things here. We’ve worked with groups from theanswer. (Please see our questionnaire on page 3 in Action project, there is a strong sense across Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society,of thisnewsletter). generations of wanting to create a vibrant and the Quadra Village Community Centre, andWe are particularly interested in connecting caring community. To find out more or get Central Middle School, as well as having manywith other young people who want to help us involved contact youthinaction@uwgv.ca, visit one on one encounters.show that youth are an active part of the uwgv.ca/get-involved/youth-in-action or As we go along we’re discovering that therecommunity! Our core team remains at around 7 facebook.com/unitedwayyouthinaction. are a variety of ways of looking at community Youth in Action Local Community Builders Win Prestigious Awards wo individuals in our neighbourhood and themselves and their neighbourhoods. from 66 per cent in 2010 to 92 per cent in 2012. one organization have each been Leslie Lee of George Jay Elementary won The Cridge Centre for the Family has Trecognized for their unique contributions the prestigious 2014 Canada's Outstanding received Leadership Victoria’s Victoria to community building. The Quadra Village Principals Award. This national award is given to Foundation Community Leadership Award for Community Centre’s own Kelly Greenwell only 40 Principals across Canada. Leslie’s talent building community capacity and achieving received Leadership Victoria’s United Way of for leveraging strategic partnerships has positive change. The Cridge Centre serves Greater VictoriaAward for Collaboration for an transformed her school into an oasis of children, adults and families, to maximize their individual in a non-profit organization who is inspiration and forward-thinking for her opportunities to participate and grow in the building community capacity by creating students. Leslie’s school-wide focus on responsibilities and enjoyment of family life and partnerships and collaboration. Kelly is improving writing, math skills and problem- loving relationships and to achieve their passionate about facilitating opportunities for solving and effective use of enabling potential. individuals, families and communities to technologies increased the number of students overcome barriers and fulfill their vision for meeting provincial grade level expectations Youth in Action in the hood
  5. 5. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 5 Meet Our Creative Neighbour - Shannon-Shylene Schlackl 1) Please tell us about yourself: beginning. I have memories of rearranging my now ten years old and working on documenting bedroom furniture late at night, and being all the stories we have collected, projects we I am a human, easing myself into the BEing excited to do the big reveal to my mother and have done, and places we have left a mark on. part. I am a community engaged gatherer, a sister in the morning. I have very early memories We are in the process of writing a book and mother, and I am about as Canadian as they of playing for hours with plasticine. I began in buildinganewinteractivewebsite. come. Raised within an Italian family on my the arts as a theatre major, and practiced that craft I am also always busy at the house with our stepfather’s side; my mother's roots go back to through most of grade school. Then I lost my big dreams to create the Future UniTea House. I England, Scotland and Ireland. My birthfather's creative way for a bit, but during a huge life trip I am currently working on our 11th show for ancestry has English lines as well, but also found it again. I started playing around with Studio Twelve-Nineteen. It will open sometime Norwegian. My great-great grand parents landed recycled mosaic materials and then in my late in the spring. We also have a huge mosaic project in Nova Scotia where some of my relations live twenties fell in love with community public art. plannedforthelatespring. today. My husband's family isAustrian/German I was inspired by the work of Public Dreams in decent and I have been with them for over 20 Vancouver, and had the privilege of getting to 5) Please tell us a bit about projects we years now. I am Canadian. know a few of the huge place makers there. I was might know. hooked. I was inspired by the idea that art can 2) Why did you move to this area? What share stories, share space, and create a sense of I have been co-creating art in the Hillside made you choose this neighbourhood? belonging and place. I hope to play in Theatre Quadra area for a long time now. I first worked again, as I was reintroduced to this art form last with the PATH project when I was invited to My husband and I chose this house for two summer with From the Heart - an interactive make mosaics one day in Wark Street Park on main reasons: its location close to town on a theatre installation. I was the host of the Quadra Village Day in 2005. Then I had the major bus route and the beautiful Garry Oaks in tearoom, and a healing bowl ringer and found privilege of working with the Quadra School the back yard. We wanted to find a home that myselfinafullcirclemomentofmycreativity. population on two amazing community art was big enough for our young family but could projects (2006& 2010)both nowinstalled atthe also serve as head quarters for our not-for-profit 4) Please tell us a bit more about your art, historic school. I have also done a few smaller organization and all its needs. The house had an and what you are currently working on. mosaic projects in the ’hood that can be found at unfinished basement with lots of room for a Wark Street Park and at the Quadra Village studio and play spaces. When we first walked Shortly after meeting the community arts Community Centre. And of course there is our through the front door, I knew this was the right specialists in Vancouver I had the idea of doing house on Hillside where I am always doing house. Our imaginations have been allowed to something here in Victoria. I had been showing interestingprojects. go wild with the possibilities of this very well my recycled mosaics at shows around the CRD For more info on Shylene and what she is kept 1940'shome. and had my work carried at a local gallery. One up to, find her on Facebook: thecups: afternoon I brainstormed with the owner about Mosaic The City or The Future UniTEA 3) Can you tell us about your creative outlet bringing a community art project to the area. House or Studio Twelve-nineteen & and how it inspires you: With a lot of meetings, networking and show and website www.thecups.org tell, I was able to persuade others to come along Being creative has been with me since the and Mosaic The City was born in 2003. We are lue Bridge Repertory Theatre Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre’s has enjoyed the move to The third production in their inaugural BQuadra Villagearea and hopes season at The Roxy Theatre will be that the residents are pleased with the Annie Baker’s award winning th new identity of The Roxy Theatre. production “The Flick” March 18 - th Although movies have temporarily March 30 . Tickets from $26.25- been suspended, we hope in the future $42.00 to implement our original idea of With keen insight and a finely showing classic films to support our tuned comic eye, The Flick is an production of classic plays in a way hilarious and heart-wrenching cry for that increases our audience’s authenticity in our fast-changing appreciation of our live offerings and world. In a run-down movie theatre in continues to develop the Roxy as the central Massachusetts, three underpaid dynamic live venue we know it can be. employees mop the floors and attend to Although there have been many one of the last 35mm film projectors in Roxy, our donor will match that amount, givingchanges and improvements to The the state. Their tiny battles and not-so-tiny Blue Bridge $200,000! This money will go aRoxy Theatre, we still have a long way to go. heartbreaks play out in the empty aisles, long way in our efforts to renovate the RoxyBlue Bridge Repertory Theatre has an incredible becoming more gripping than the lacklustre Theatre, transforming it into a multi-use liveopportunity to receive $100,000 towards the second-run movies on screen. performance venue in Victoria’s Quadra Village.renovation of the Roxy Theatre. A generous Tickets can be purchased at Ticket Rocket by If you would like to donate to ourdonor has put up $100,000 as a challenge – if we calling 250-590-6291 or online at $100,000.00 challenge, please go tocan raise $100,000 towards the renovation of the www.ticketrocket.org www.bluebridgetheatre.caformoredetails Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre Comes to the Roxy Theatre The next Blue Bridge Repertory production at the Roxy Theatre - The Flick The Hillside-Quadra Community Newsletter needs distribution volunteers. Participation involves 30-45 minutes once every three months delivering newsletters door to door in your local neighbourhood. Please email Kelly at kelly@quadravillagecc.com Meet people and support your community!
  6. 6. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 6 City Councillor's Update: Food Security By Ben Isitt government's commitment to a province-wide, food security. We can examine the inventory of arms-lengthsystemoffarmlandprotection. City-owned and School Board-owned land to n this update, I want to draw your attention to Faced with uncertainty over the security of determine whether there are spaces that are an important issue facing residents of arable land in our region and province, I have appropriate for expanding the inventory of IHillside-Quadra, Victoria, the Capital been working with farmers, local residents and community gardens, food commons and Region and the entire province – the future of grassroots organizations in the Farmland allotment gardens in partnership with farmlandandourfoodsupply. Protection Coalition to raise awareness and community groups. We can also encourage Local food systems are identified as a support for the ALR and for farmers and food residents and business operators to buy local priority in the City's Official Community Plan, systems. In a series of Town Hall meetings – in food products. And we can support policies and reflecting the fact that we have approximately 72 Sidney, Saanich, Duncan, Nelson, Summerland social services to assist our most vulnerable hours worth on food on this island and over 90% and Victoria – people are educating themselves residents in achieving food security and good of food products are imported from elsewhere. about the ALR and strategies for protecting it. health. Now, the provincial government is considering Local governments including the City of Together, we can increase the independence far-reaching changes to the Agricultural Land Victoria, Capital Regional District and several and stability of our food supply here on Reserve (ALR), established forty years ago to other municipalities have gone on record Vancouver Island and across BC, by ensuring protect BC's finite supply of arable land (less supportingtheprovince-wide,one-zonesystem. there is sufficient farmland to grow food for the than 5% of the landbase of our mountainous You can assist these efforts by calling the future. province)forfoodproduction. Premier to share your views on the ALR and I look forward to working with you to By the time this newspaper goes to press, food security: 250-387-1715. You can also address this and other issues in the year ahead. Premier Christy Clark and her government may email: Premier@gov.bc.ca, and share a copy already introduced amendments to the Land with the Farmland Protection Coalition Ben Isitt is the City Council liaison to Commission Act that could erode the autonomy (contact@FarmlandProtection.ca). Hillside-Quadra. He also serves the of the ALR and the commission that is entrusted To learn more about his issue, visit the public as a CRD Director. Ben can be to protect it. Statements from the Minister of website:www.FarmlandProtection.ca. reached at Ben@Isitt.ca / 250-882-9302 Agriculture and the minister overseeing the core Alongside these provincial efforts, there are or via his website: www.BenIsitt.ca. services review do not instill confidence in the steps we can take right here in Victoria to support uadra students continue to concrete that is going into the enjoy their yearlong “field building makes us feel good about Qtrip” at the former Richmond our safety upon our return! School. Our current proximity to When we return in September Lansdowne Middle School, where 2014, we look forward to a year of th many Quadra students will go for celebrating our 100 anniversary. their middle school years, has given Quadra is more than a school, it is a us an opportunity to attend community. Many of our former presentations by Lansdowne students students still live in the area. We and also to welcome some older would like to reach out to our Lansdowne students as reading community to help us celebrate this buddies in our classrooms at Quadra momentous event. If you were a @ Richmond. Quadra student and have some ideas That notwithstanding, we are as to how we should mark this looking forward to our return to our occasion, please contact the school at permanent site. We can see the 250.382.8296 and we will put you in changes taking place on the outside touch with our Heritage Committee. and we are excited about exploring Many thanks for your interest. the inside. The amount of steel and News from École Quadra Elementary Quadra School under construction (photo by Tracy Byrne) Hillside Quadra Traffic Survey Results Snapshot ate in 2013, The Neighbourhood Action Group put out a survey that asked people about their top concerns Lregarding traffic safety issues in the Hillside Quadra neighbourhood. Thank you to the many people who participated. Here is a snapshot of the results: ! Speeding cut-through traffic was the biggest concern on many streets. This impact is felt most acutely closest to arterials such as Hillside Ave, Cook St, Blanshard and Bay St but affects residents from the northern boundary of TolmietothesouthernboundaryofBaySt. ! Unsafe pedestrian crossings were a major concern. Both marked and unmarked crossings were reported as unsafe, with many residents relaying stories of near misses by a vehicle in a crosswalk, most commonly by the vehicle in thesecondlanesimplynotstopping. ! The lack of cycling infrastructure was mentioned repeatedly, particularly along the major arterials such as HillsideandCook. ! Unsafe driving conditions were mentioned in several cases, in particular unsafe left turns, with no advance left turnlight. ! Parking was cited as a concern in the Fifth St. area betweenHillsideandTopaz. ! Signage to indicate pedestrian and cycling cut-throughs wassuggestedaswellasimprovementstodisabledramps. To participate in building solutions please attend a Hillside Quadra NeighbourhoodAction Group meeting or email nag@quadravillagecc.com
  7. 7. By Kelly Greenwell various service providers seemed less protective and rigid which uadra Village Community made working cooperatively Centre boasts an array of more possible. The vast cut backs Qexperienced, dedicated in resources and the not so user- employees who have a friendly systems make assisting served the community well for youth and their families more many years and, in some cases, a challenging. When needing to few decades. The largest group of access certain resources or these long-term employees has support for youth, the long worked a significant amount of w a i t l i s t s a r e i n c r e d i b l y their time as school-based Youth frustrating. With some reluctance, and Family Counsellors. Over I have familiarized myself with the last two years we have had the world of social media as it is three employees surpass their 25- su ch a pr im ar y so ur ce of year employee anniversaries. communication among youth and Helene Bell, who currently works I use texting to remind them of out of the Community Centre as their various appointments. The t h e C h i l d a n d F a m i l y absence of a widely accepted Coordinator, was the first of these framework for understanding and three valued employees to va lu in g a pp ro pr ia te an d accomplish this feat. She started responsible behaviours within out as a Youth and Family our technologically advanced Counsellor at Warehouse School world generates new work for us Alternative Program and made attheschoollevel.” Village Community Centre as a Family andthe transition to working out of Other changes that she has Community Coordinator. Helene's way ofthe Community Centre in 2003. Debra Porter noticed in the community include "a shift of working with people is rooted in "building aand Lisa Roy have been Youth and Family responsibility from governmental agencies to relationship that includes compassion, humilityCounsellors since 1989 and just recently reached communities to address the physical, social and and trust" and goes on to say that "families often25 years of service. Debra has been at SJ Willis emotional needs of its members without the know what they need but may require some aidthe entire time while Lisa has been based at Vic much needed financial support.” She goes on to in seeking out and accessing appropriateHigh. Each of these amazing and unheralded note that, "It’s great to see the Community community resources as well as developingwomen have spent thousands of hours providing Centre blossom both in its physical structure and effective personal support networks.” Over thevaluable, insightful and purposeful individual ongoing development of programs and years Helene has noticed a shift towards moreand family support to community members services." acceptance of the need for and value ofdealing with life challenges and needing Working for Quadra Village Community alternative education rather than stigma from theassistance to contend with these obstacles. It's Centre has been made easier for Lisa through its school system when youth are not "part of thehard not to wonder what inspires Helene, Debra philosophy and its family friendly policies. Lisa norm.” She believes that "this is a welcome andand Lisa to dedicate their lives to community reports that, “It's an organization with a great comforting change for our youth and theirservice and the wellbeing of others. Inquiring deal of integrity and compassion.” Her families.” Helene has stayed with child, youthminds at Hillside-Quadra Community News inspiration for 25 years in the job is largely due to and family work and the Community Centre fordecided to just go ahead and ask. Here are the "the exceptional, refreshing nature of young such a long time due to an alignment of herhighlightsofwhattheyhadtosay: people and especially their capacity to remain valueswiththoseoftheorganization: hopeful and push forward during very difficult Debra Porter "This organization has a tremendous belief times” and her drive to assist youth and families or philosophy of putting the families andDebra Porter first visited S.J. Willis as a in making positive changes that improve their individuals at the centre, respecting who they areSocial Worker, coming by the school to meet overall wellbeing and happiness. and celebrating their diversity. In short, itwith a youth attending there. The connection to has been a privilege to work for anS.J. Willis was immediate as illustrated by Debra organization that supports what we do assaying, “The minute I walked through the door, I family workers, and who always strive toknew that I had to become a part of this enhance the lives of the people we serveprogram." She integrates humour into her work through providing opportunities to grow,and other Youth and Family Counsellors have build self-esteem and to build communitymade a point of mentioning that. Debra even capacity."claims that part of her working philosophy is that "if they laugh at my jokes, I'll work with them.” Lisa Roy Debra says that she has noticed changes at S.J. Evidence of Youth and FamilyWillis over the last 25 years. While this includes Counselling fitting well with Lisa'sher belief that "teachers are getting younger personality started young. "From an earlyevery year,” she is quick to underline positive age, I had a tendency to be the ‘little helper’developments such as working in collaboration and when I witnessed someone struggling, Iwith The Link and Continuing Education to was affected. Growing up, my familymake it easier to "continue to support students to definitely had some major life-changingmeet all their academic goals and to graduate." issues so I had some first-hand challengesDebra feels that it's easy to see why she would and obstacles to address." As well, she hascontinue to be a Youth and Family Counsellor, received significant reinforcement for thestating, "I get to work everyday at a job that I role that supportive adults can play as itlove, where I feel respected as a person (not just "made a huge difference in my life.” Lisaan employee) and in a place that I TRULY has a clear philosophy that she brings to herbelieve makes a difference in people’s lives. work. It is guided by respect and a valueWhat could be better than that?" for privacy and trust. She believes that Helene Bell "everyone has a need to be listened to and understood and, feel like they matter in theHelene was first drawn into the helping world.” As well she “works hard to beprofessions in her native Sweden through "some accepting, nurturing, encouraging andwonderful teachers who inspired me to move when appropriate, challenging" and isinto the teaching field.” Helene taught for three "verymindfulofmyroleasanadvocate.”years in Sweden before moving to Canada and Over the years Lisa has noticedbecoming a Youth and Family Counsellor at the significantchangesthataffectherwork:former Warehouse Alternative School. She spent "In the late 80's, the boundaries16 years in that "wonderfully supportive and between the governmental agencies and thecreative program" before moving to the Quadra Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 7 Quadra Village Community Centre Employees Celebrate 25 Years (Left to Right) Lisa Roy, Debra Porter and Helene Bell celebrate 25 years of service in our community (Photo by Kelly Greenwell)
  8. 8. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 8 Spring has Sprung in Hillside Quadra Our neighbourhood in bloom (photos by Tracy Byrne and Helen and Teresa Cowley) Spring on down to Quadra Village Day! Saturday, May 10, 2014 9:30 am to 1pm Bee a Friend of Quadra Village Day and donate what you can to keep this event buzzing. Sponsorship and volunteeropeningsareavailabletoo. Mostofallwehopetoseeyouthere,enjoyingthefun! www.quadravillagecc.com/quadra-village-dayI
  9. 9. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 9 By Grant Bolton cameras and computers were used to help create the newsletters, however, we still relied heavily he roots of the Quadra-Hillside News go on ourwonderful communityvolunteers tohand back to 1974 when a Non-Profit Society, distribute the newsletters out into the Quadra Tthe Downtown Blanshard Advisory Village area. Committee, was formed. The Society’s first In 2005 Helen Cowley, Teresa Cowley, communications with the community came in Linda Outcalt and I decided that we would like to the form of Flyers and News Announcements. try a return to the larger newsprint format that we When, in 1977, we opened the Blanshard are using today. We continued to present Community Centre (called the Blanshard community events, photos, program schedules Friendly for the first few months), we developed and activities. We added an editor’s section and a series of regularly produced program colour pages and used the centre pages to pamphlets, newsletters and community event highlight the art works of the many creative posters andflyers. people in our community. We also highlighted I remember running off copies of one of our new businesses,profiled communityvolunteers, first News Letters on a mimeograph machine at and regularly reached out to community the Blanshard Elementary School. By today’s members and politicians for their input. Over the standards our methods were very primitive and last nine years the Hillside Quadra News has work intensive. Photographs had to be scanned continued to publish quarterly. It has covered at a Printer’s Shop and put on a screen and many community functions, programs and reduced to a series of white, grey and black dots, celebrations, and has endeavored to keep the like a newspaper photo, so that we could community informed on local issues. In 2011, I duplicate them on the mimeograph. Our retired and Kelly Greenwell took on the duties of Newsletters, for the most part, were produced in Editor of the Hillside Quadra News with the similar fashion for the next decade or so. great assistance of Helen and Teresa Cowley, In the early 90’s we experimented for the and the talented and fondly remembered Eleanor first time with a newsprint format. A part-time Rhymas. More recently, Shannon ShyleneIn the early 2000s a new format emerged employee, Rory Rickwood, really helped with Schlackl, came on board and since Fall 2013,under the direction of Executive Director, Leni this process and we put out a monthly issue for TracyByrne, and Rowena Locklin have been co-Hoover, with the volunteer help of Helen and eight months. When Rory had to move on we no editing the paper.. With the infusion of newTeresa Cowley and the support of Linda Outcalt longer had the staff and volunteers needed to blood and with the guidance of the old (includingof PATH. Usually the Newsletter was in an eight carry on with this format and so we returned to the Downtown Blanshard Advisoryand a half by eleven inch, four-page format. putting out our usual program flyers, Committee), the Hillside Quadra News is inCommunity events, photos, stories and program announcements and posters to get our message excellent hands and should continue to serve theactivities were reported on. We were well into out to the community. community for years to come.the computer age by this time and digital By John Walmsley (photo provided) happening in the neighbourhood. He didn't mind talking about himself but what was telling of his ike a magnet for the community." humility was that so many in the neighbourhood "Everybody knew him." "Always out on were unaware of his life achievements. For those Lthe street walking." A group of neighbours who stopped a little longer and asked, he was recently gathered to remember Doug Hudlin who happy to share details about his family history and passedawayaged92onJanuary5thofthisyear. workthat he'ddone (forinstance, drivingdelivery Doug was known to many outside the for Spencers, doing garbage collection for the city) neighbourhood as a gentle but firm icon ofVictoria and that he'd been involved with baseball in town baseball history. In addition to guiding several but, somehow, it never seemed to come up that he'd generations of players through more than three played such a major part in the game and the decades of umpiring in Victoria, Doug was the first respect that he'd earned there. non-American umpire to be invited to work the But again, for those neighbours Doug’s gift Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA was that he always greeted them with a smile or a twice. wave and he always had time for a chat. And when Doug's family moved to Vancouver Island in he did chat, he was happy, positive and kind. Many 1858 in response to James Douglas's call for report that after asking how things were, he would colonists. In 1861, they settled in Saanich where listen sincerely and be genuinely interested in their they owned a farm and were involved in the news, theirworriesandtheirjoys. founding of Shady Creek Church. When Doug Each of those who knew Doug, remember him made a family tree in 1992, there were more than with fondness and respect. Those who shared 400 descendants of this early pioneer couple. But it stories at his funeral, those who gathered to was Doug himself who made the mark on the remember him in support of this article, his Hillside-Quadraneighbourhood. neighbours who recall a stalwart of Doug lived with Agnes, his wife of over 50 neighbourliness and his ex-colleagues at the city years, at the corner of Summit and Fifth. For who still beep a salute as their truck passes hisThe kids of the neighbourhood, on the other passersby, including kids on their way to Ecole house.hand, didn't want for sweet gifts from Doug. It is a Quadra Elementary, Doug was a constant As one neighbour simply expressed it, “Hecommon recollection among many families that presence. He was always around, always with his was areally,reallynice,kindman.”every Easter and Christmas, Doug would come dog, Bogie and, for a time, with Agnes' dog, round with candies and chocolates. The rest of the Shortly after this article was written, Doug'sCookie. The secret of the long-lived terrier Bogie year he was equally generous with his time. He wife Agnes Macfarlane Hudlin passed away,was that, in fact, there were three of him – one after always had time for a word with those he met in the aged 94.the other! street and wasn't above teasing or giving A family story told at the funeral reflected the nicknames to those who earned them. (Leaving so importance of Bogie (1, 2 and 3) to Doug. Doug Contributions to this article were receivedlate that she had to run to catch the bus every day was out walking with his sister on a hot day and, from, among others: George Anderson,got one neighbour the moniker 'Roadrunner'.) naturally, Bogie was along too. They stopped for Tracy Anderson, Karen Reynolds, DaleOnceearned,thenameswereneverforgotten. ice cream and while Doug's sister waited outside Reynolds, Tracy Byrne, Lilis Hall, KellyIn observing the neighbourhood, and its with Bogie, Doug went in and bought a couple of Greenwell. Black History Youtube video:residents, Doug got to know a lot of people. In ice creams. Only his sister, apparently, felt that he The story of Charles and Nancy Alexander,talking with them, he always knew what was going should have bought one for her as well as for as told by descendent Doug Hudlin. : Dougon. Whether people were moving out or moving in, himselfandBogie! HudlinDoug could keep you straight on what was “You Think of His Name and You Smile.” – The Neighbourhood Remembers Doug Hudlin The Beginnings of Hillside Quadra Community News The Various formats of our community newsletter (photo by Helen Cowley)
  10. 10. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 10 By Janis La Couvée, on behalf of the Hillside- community consultation might best proceed; It was decided to ask the Downtown Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group theyalsotookquestionsfromthefloor. Blanshard Advisory Committee (DBAC) Board The site is zoned R3-2 Multiple Dwelling tonominatethisadvisorygroup. he Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood District and hospital is a permitted use that does The members nominated are: Bruce Action Group (NAG) is a group of not require re-zoning, a development permit, or a Wallace (DBAC Board member and resident), Tvolunteers that works on issues related to public hearing. As such, NAG in its role as land Rowena Locklin (NAG executive member and land use, transportation, and parks in our use committee for the community association resident), Marni Offman (constituency neighbourhood. Anyone with a connection to land use committee (CALUC) process, does not assistant to Rob Fleming, MLA and resident), our neighbourhood is welcome to come to need to be formally consulted. However, Island and Kelly Greenwell (Executive Director, meetings or join our email list. We meet at the Health (who will operate the facility under a 25 Quadra Village Community Centre). The Quadra Village Community Centre at 7:00 PM year lease) and the Capital Regional Hospital alternates are: David Turner and Leni Hoover the first Monday of each month from September District (who own the land) would like input (DBAC Board members and residents). to June, except we meet on the second Monday from the neighbourhood through a process that Quadra Villa 2835-2855 Quadra Street whenthefirstMondayisaholiday. has not yet been defined. The land was purchased from School District 61 after Quadra Villa (renamed “The Residences at Transportation Concerns negotiating the leasehold with the previous Quadra Village”) is for sale as a result of the Responses from the traffic survey have been owner, and will now be in public (not private) restructuring of League Assets. The property is collated and the results will be shared shortly. hands. marketed as 64 units of rental housing on ±2.6 These results will assist us in planning All current city planning bylaws and acres that “offers excess development potential transportation priorities for the future. There guidelines will be respected. Issues of site on the south end of the site. Current plans exist will be a meeting focusing on transportation. coverage, parking, set backs, ingress and for an additional 28 units in four 2-storey Members of the Hillside Quadra NAG egresses are governed under these bylaws and b u i l d i n g s . ” M o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a t : attended the second follow up Safe Streets and guidelines, and the current zoning. https://www.collierscanada.com/12235#.Uv0T 955 Hillside is a replacement for the currentActive Transportation meeting hosted by amJdXzM Oak Bay Lodge and Mount Tolmie Hospitalcouncillors Isitt and Gudgeon. All the 1120 Hillside (The Root Cellar, formerlyfacilities and will be comprised of 320 beds ofcommunity associations were represented. This Much More Grocery).residential care for seniors with complex needs.meeting focused on how neighbourhoods can The actual building is likely to be 6 storeys andstrategicallymoveforwardwithinitiatives. The owners have received the permit will be similar to the current facility being built relating to the parking lot and are waiting forHigh-Profile Development Proposals in on Carey Road (Mount View Heights (260 beds) one for the retaining wall.Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood – a replacement for Mt Edwards and Central The SETO (2560 Quadra)Care Homes).Our group has been designated by the City as The plan is to issue the request for proposalthe contact for developers proposing changes This property has been sold. The original (RFP) in late summer. Island Health and thethat require the City to change the zoning for the development permit lapsed, but City of CRHD will be using a “design/build” process,property involved. We host meetings to which Victoria planning indicates it could be revived and contracting with a single supplier who willthe neighbours and any other interested persons by the present owners. then design, project manage, and build theare invited to hear about the proposal and How You Can Get Involvedfacility. It’s important for the community toprovide their comments. After that the project provide their feedback before the RFP ingoes through a formal review process at City If you would like to know more or be order that any requests for community useHall. Ultimately, City Council holds a public involved in any neighbourhood land use or and amenities can be included in the RFP.hearing before any approvals are given or transportation matters, please contact NAG at Island Health and CRHD would like to workdenied. the number shown below. NAG is currently with a small advisory group comprised of local recruiting volunteers to help with community955 Hillside Avenue citizens and business owners (members of the meetings held as part of the rezoning process. If DBAC, NAG, citizens, etc) in order to design aRepresentatives of Island Health and the you’re interested in land use issues, and can help consultation process that can engage the widestCapital Region Hospital District (CRHD) out on an occasional basis, we’d love to hear spectrum of residents possible over the next sixattended our monthly meeting in January to from you. months, prior to issuing the Request Forexplain the proposed development of an Contact: Keith Macgowan, Chair (250)Proposal.extended care facility on the site and how 388-7696 x 301 Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group By Susan Turner only one) for not believing We sho uld onl y be lie ve information is bias. Bias is well information that is objectively true. haring our social or political defined in science and law. It is the This means it is free from bias and beliefs in public can be tricky. misrepresentation, intentional or based on adequate evidence. Think SWe base our beliefs about the otherwise, of information in one of the evidentiary rules that apply in a world and each other on two things: predominant direction. Bias court oflaw.What woulda judgesay information and methods of belief interferes with objectivity, the about the microwave oven case? He formation. Twenty four-hour news hallmark of reliable information. or she would rule that the channels, the Internet… We are Even if the conclusion of biased information is irrelevant. What awash in information, but we don’t information is true, we have been would a judge say about reference to believe all of it. This is because of our given no basis for believing it and one person’s opinion? He or she methods of belief formation. should be sceptical. would dismiss it as hearsay. Philosophers argue that some How does bias interfere with the The real challenge is to actually methods, but not others, are reliable formation of true beliefs? Certain find things to believe in that are and that these methods have t y p e s o f i n f o r m a t i o n a r e based on reliable methods of belief dominated, among other areas, unrepresentative. If you believe that formation. Webelieve inscience and s c i e n t i f i c microwave ovens are unsafe, you we believe in our courts even though enquiry and have probably based your belief on they sometimes make mistakes. We l e g a l information about old microwave trust them because we trust their determinatio ovens. That information is not methods. Applying these methods to ns of guilt, representative of current microwave our own lives will make us naturally areas where ovens and so wrongly influences sceptical about what to believe, true belief is belief formation about their safety. without calling into question our all- considered Other types of information are based important rulesof evidence. crucial. on hearsay. Much information on the Thank you to Conversation Cafe. O n e o f Internet is often not based on As I step down as host, I look back the reasons anything more than one person’s withfondnessoverthelastyear. (though by no opinion and may have no basis in means the fact. Rules of Evidence
  11. 11. n Sunday, Feb. 9, the weather kindly for 2014. Depending on being able to organize the cooperated for our 'hands-on' pruning support of readers like you, these are some of the Oworkshop, by giving us a little warmth topicsthatwewouldliketocoverthisyear. and staying dry. People came out to learn more ! Soil101andaSeedExchange&Workshop about winter pruning of the fruit trees and shrubs ! SummerplanningforWinterGardening at the Wark St. Commons. Wayne from Urban ! WarkStCommonsWorkParty/FamilyEvent Cedar Works, served as our intrepid master ! Pruning and Care of Fruit Trees pruner.Thankyou,Wayne! ! Garden Tour showcasing different and unique We managed to clean up the grape vines, garden concepts thorn-less blackberry, Desert King fig, Italian ! MulchingandGarlicPlanting Prune Plum, Autumn Olive, StrawberryArbutus, ! Gooseberry, Elderberry bushes and Goumi tree. Later, while congratulating each other for another enjoyable couple of hours, we paused to share sometea,treatsandvegetableseeds. If you would like to find out about upcomingJob well done, tuning up the commons for events, please email us and we'll add you to ouranother year! We had so much fun we want to do it Upcoming HUFFS Events newsletter distribution list so you can get up-to-again, demonstrating summer pruning and care datedetailsaswegetclosertotheevents.forfruittrees. Check out the events HUFFS wants to offer YourIdeas? If you would like to help organize an event, or have ideas for other events, please get in touch with us at huffsgroup@gmail.com. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 11 Winter Pruning Workshop – Hillside Urban Farmers For Sustainability By Janice Mercer and tryto learnthe namesof themall. them into my son's grade one class for show and One year for my birthday, my ex-husband tell. I have moved many times since then. Most remember my Mother taking me to the built me a greenhouse with a Dutch door. I places had no garden and I always felt a little sad nursery for flowers when I was young. We remember how excited I was to have this not to be able to plant a few herbs. Now I have a Ipicked out pansies and salvia together. I wonderful corner full of possibility! We had an little garden again. It is wonderful because it was liked the pansies because I thought they always acre of land, so that was my biggest project. established when I moved in. I have added some had a happy face. I did not care much for the red There were rockeries, and paths through the plants and have some ideas for the trellis. It is ones but never said anything. woods. It took me a while to learn which plants now February and the snowdrops are blooming I remember opening my first package of liked shade and which ones liked sun, which and the other day I saw that the hyacinth was seeds as an adult, looking at the picture on the ones were perennial and which ones were poking it's head through the soil. I always think front and trying to imagine these little seeds annuals. Part of the excitement was just deciding of that quote “If you have two loaves of bread, growing to full size. I loved to go to Butchart what to grow.I would trade seeds and plants with sell one and buy Hyacinth for they feed thesoul.” Gardens to get some ideas for the garden. I friends. My garden evolved over theyears. would take my kids and photograph the flowers One year I planted sunflowers. I took one of Participants learning to prune at Wark Street Commons (photo provided) Garden of the Heart Love grows along with the daffodils in the planters at Wark Street Park (photo by Teresa Cowley)
  12. 12. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 12 Quadra Village Community Centre would like to thank our many supporters. The help of generous funders, sponsors, donors and volunteers means we can accomplish so much more! Program Funders BC Housing, City of Victoria, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Ministry Responsible for Housing, Service Canada, School District 61, UnitedWay Sponsors Because We Can, Blanshard Square Liquor Store, Caffe Fantastico, Cold Star Freight Community Food Program, Esquimalt Kiwanis, Fairway Market, Farmer Construction, Gordon Head Lions, Il Terrazzo, Shaw, The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of BC & Yukon, TLCFundforKids,7-11 Donors Anawim House, Art Box, Bootlegger, Cleo’s, Clothesline Clothing Company, COBS Bread, Island Farms, Kaboodles, Mustard Seed, Sysco, League, Tim Horton’s Ricki’s and our generous individualcommunitydonors Sponsored by Shop in Your Neighbourhood & Support New Outdoor Fitness Circuit and Pavement Upgrades Planned for Hillside-Quadra By Mayor Dean Fortin revitalize public spaces and improve connectivity in Quadra Hillside. A new ibrant public spaces are important outdoor fitness circuit will be installed in for healthy communities and many Topaz Park, adding additional workout Vof Victoria’s gems are found in opportunities in this popular park. The Hillside Quadra. From Topaz Park to pathway connecting Summit Park to Summit Park and others in between, there Blackwood Road will be completed and we are many places to explore and enjoy. will develop the Greenway around Higgins Creating and preserving quality services RoadinthedirectlyadjacentOaklandsarea. and community spaces requires an ongoing Other improvements that you can expect commitment from Mayor and Council. Every to see around the neighbourhood this year year, the city invests in capital projects include upgraded pavement on Kings Road throughout Victoria including pathways, bike from Graham Street to Blackwood Street, on lanes, parks, playgrounds, facilities and Douglas Street from Bay Street to Hillside underground infrastructure. This year, there Avenue and in the Glasgow-Topaz Park area. are a number of projects planned for the Water systems will be upgraded on Tolmie Hillside Quadra area, building on the work Avenue, with new pavement from Glasgow thatwehavedoneinpastyears. StreettoFifthStreet.Thewoodensignalpoles Last year, we replaced aging play at Bay Street and Douglas Street will be equipment in Wark Street Playground after replaced, and the crosswalk at Bay Street and hearing ideas from children and parents about Chambers Street will be upgraded to narrow the features they wanted to see in the the crossing. We will continue to add cycling playground. The playground now has new lanes throughout the City and upgrade play equipment for children 18 undergroundinfrastructure. months to 12 years of age and has been Public spaces provide a place for families expanded to provide a new spinning to play and gather, for neighbours to connect componentandafuntheatrearea. with one another and for residents to connect In 2014, we will continue to with the city around them. I look forward to connecting with you at Quadra Village Days and in the parks around Quadra Hillside this year. I host Open Door meetings between 9-11am on the first and third Friday of each month. If you want to connect about your community or any other issues in Victoria, please email me at mayor@victoria.ca or attend an Open Door to speak with me one-on- one. Open Door locations are posted o n t h e C i t y ’ s w e b s i t e a t www.victoria.ca. Quadra Village Community Centre Phone: (250) 388-7696 Website: www.quadravillagecc.com Interested in writing for us? Perhaps you would write one article or maybe you are interested in contributing more regularly. We publish 4X per year and general guidelines are 500-800 words with a tie in to the neighbourhood. Contact Tracy andRowenaat:therah@telus.net.
  13. 13. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 13 stories of visiting the Governor-General’s home as a child. But she equally remembers her father's hard work, diligence and support for the neighbourhood. She can remember him working for the Spencer family at the castle that has now been converted to common area for the Spencer Castlecondominiumdevelopment. There is so much history inside the home and heart of Mrs. Marianne Bennetts. She has so many things to share with us. From photos and news clippings, ideas for the community paper, and thoughts about past events, people, our neighbourhood, and ideas for using the communitycentre. She can be found around our neighbourhood most days, most times of the year. She loves that she can jump on the #6 Quadra bus and that it takes her just where she needs to go. Although she believes it would be fun to take a train and recalls when there was a train she could catch around here that would take you all the way to Sidney. Mrs. Bennetts relates memories of her travels and times living away from Victoria. Recalling a time when she planned to live on a houseboat, she wrote for the "Flotsam & Jetsam" newsletter. She told me that she used to interview people herself By Shannon Shylene Schlackl neighbourhoodrunstrong. and when I asked her, she might be open to the Mrs. Bennetts recalls a very special teacher idea of writing a future column for the HQ News. was able to scan through so many interesting named Miss Tressi. Miss Tressi claimed a place She thought it would perhaps be something with parts of Evelyn-June (Jean) Marianne Ross in the middle of little June's heart, one that still a bit of laughter and sparkle – “old geezer says” IStandfield Bennett’s life during my rings of sweetness as she shares with me this day. or something with a good side of comic relief, conversation with her for this article. Whether Mrs. Bennetts was part of the group who helped oneofthekeysoflife. you know her as Nana June, or Sugar Girl, to commemorate TeacherTressi and now she has She recalls a time when she practised being a Marianne (said with French accent) or Mrs. a tree planted at the school, leaving a legacy of mime and was able to see and meet famous mime Bennetts, the reality stays the same, this lady has her service and sweetness to the neighbourhood Marcel Marceau. She shared with me a signed seen many things, and experienced many children. poster she received when she saw him at the changes throughout her time in our Currently, Mrs. Bennetts misses the sounds NationalArtCentreinOttawa. neighbourhood. of the schoolyard (the school is undergoing a She reminds us that we shouldn’t forget to If we let ourselves imagine back to when the seismic upgrade this year) and knows our say hello and take a minute to spend a moment, or hillside was covered in large trees and the area of neighbourhood families are working hard these enjoy a cup of coffee with her or another Fifth Street between Summit and Finlayson was days to be neighbourly. She was recently invited interesting elder. Beauty is simply knowing your an open meadow, that is when we would have met to the temporary location for Ecole Quadra, on neighbours and being able to witness the little Evelyn June Ross, a young girl who lived on Richmond Ave, to continue her sharing of what changing light of the sunsets that welcome you Summit Ave, near Quadra School. June would she calls her Tressi treats. These are now mostly back to this place. "It’s an Emily Carr night with often be seen playing in the field behind her colourful pencils for each of the children. She thosecoloursoutthere,"shecommentsasIleave. house, with her close neighbourhood pals, Fred still loves to share real candy treats, and always from next door and thePerkins boys. has some in her pocket to share. I noticed This was a time when the Anderson family one carefully tucked in the mail slot, held many properties in the area; when the awaiting thevisit of her mailcarrier. remains of the prison foundation were up the road The granddaughter to a coal miner, her where SJ Willis now sits and just up the other way father carried that hard work ethic and focus was a brickyard and an orphanage. Atime when to provide, while her mother's line is babies were born at what are now senior’s connected to the Muir family.Mrs. Bennetts residences, where in fact she was born … here in shared with me an autographed copy of our neighbourhood, in 1924. This was a time and DarylAshby's book,John Muir - West Coast place where the frog ponds kept the children Pioneer, in which he has inscribed, "To a occupied for hours, and no one even wondered woman whose family has enriched my life wherethechildrenwere. beyond measure." She remembers her While I visit Ms. Ross we travel back to the mother's desire to socialize and shares time when she drew pictures of her parents. Methodically, the now Mrs. Bennetts, leads me through her home, the files and memories sorted into 'vignettes' around her space. She shows me her plans to share her memorabilia; she wants to continue to share the information that is stacked and sorted throughout the home she has lived in most of her life. This was her parents’ home and the home she raised her own children in. When Nana June, as her grandchildren refer to her now, reflects back on her over 80 years of living in this area, she allows her memoriestofloodin. Ecole Quadra Elementary was just called "the school". Jean, as her friends affectionately called her, her two children, and her grand children have all attended Quadra School, so the memories, stories and connections to t h i s h i s t o r i c p l a c e i n o u r Newsletter box locations: ! Fairway Market (at Quadra and Kings) ! Italian Bakery ! Blanshard Community Centre ! Crystal Pool (inside facility) ! Bahr’s Peoples Drug Mart ! Rob Fleming MLA Constituency Office ! McGavin’s Bread Basket ! Mixer Food Mart Find us online at: http://issuu.com/hillsidequadranews PANDORA AVE COOKST QUADRAST BLANSHARDST DOUGLASST BAY ST KINGS RD HILLSIDE AVE FINLAYSON ST CLOVERDALE AVE Distribution Area What is in a Name can Change but the Person Stays the Same Hand drawn portraits by Marianne Bennetts of her parents
  14. 14. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 14 Hillside - Quadra Community Board Parent & Tot Drop-In Children 0-6 years and their parents/caregivers are invited to join in an atmosphere of creativity and play. Activities include crafts, story time, special guests and songs. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-11:30 am. Please call Gillian at 250-388-7696 (ext.225) for more information. Building Healthy Families A pre- and post-natal program, in co-operation with Victoria Best Babies and the Vancouver Island HealthAuthority, that aims to optimize nutrition and health in expectant new parents and families. Weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 11 am-1:30 pm, one-to-one support, plus dietician, public health nurse and dental hygienist services. Please call Helene at 250- 388-7696 (ext. 226) for more information (registration required). All Quadra Village Community Centre Programs listed are free of charge except for Little Ones Music Sing-Along (low fee with bursaries available), Hot Lunch Program (exceptional value), Camp Blanshard (bursaries available) and Out-of-School Care (full subsidy available). Youth Drop-In (Ages 10-18) A safe, fun place for boys and girls to hang out. Activities include: pool, ping pong, board games, air hockey, hoops and internet. Please call Jennifer at 250-388-7696, or visit us at for current dates and times. www.quadravillagecc.com The Crew (Ages 13-18) Every Monday from 4:00-5:30 pm, the Work Crew gets together to work on projects, learn new skills, plan activities, volunteer and hang out as a group. Contact Jennifer or Terri at 250-388-7696 for more information. Music with Joie Children 0-5 years, with parents/caregivers, are invited to this creative and playful drop-in music program. Join us Fridays from 10 am-11:30 am. Little Ones Music Sing-Along Come along to our sing–along, rhyme–along sessions in our fun play space. Children 0–6, with parent/caregiver, are invited to this creative and playful music program. Register for Thursdays 1pm-2pm. Child, Youth and Family Worker Assists children and families in areas such as support, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, goal setting, life skills, coping, safety planning, parenting strategies, healthy relationships and referrals. Call Helene at 250-388-7696 (ext.226). Quadra Village Community Centre Quadra Village Community Centre Youth and Family Worker Offers support, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, goal setting, life skills, safety planning and referrals for youths 13-19 and their families. Parenting consultations also available. For residents of Hillside-Quadra and nearby neighbourhoods, contact Laurie at 250-388-7696 (ext.228). Quadra Village Community Out-of-School Care (Ages 6-12) A fun, safe environment for your children. This program provides care after school and full-time during Pro D days, as well as full-time during Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks. Activities include: in/outdoor games, music, arts, crafts, baking and day trips. The Out-of-School Care program picks up children from Quadra and George Jay Elementary Schools. Please contact Deirdre at 250-388-7696 (ext.232) for availability and further information. Family Games Night Join us for fun activities and snacks Tuesdays in the Teen Centre area from 6- 7:30 pm. For parents/caregivers with children of all ages. Call 250-388- 7696 for more information. Youth and Family Counsellors School-based Youth and Family Counsellors provide support, counselling and advocacy for young people and their families at S.J. Willis, Vic High, Quadra, Cloverdale, Oaklands, Reynolds and Cedar Hill Schools. Sensational Seniors Seniors (50 and over) getting together for conversation, activities, information, good times and good company. Our facilitators follow group input to plan each week’s activities. Coffee, Tea and snack provided. Tuesdays 11am to 12pm. Knowhow Do you want to know how to do something really useful that can make a difference in your life? This daytime group for adults will help show you how to do what you need to whether it’s sewing, cooking, budgeting, fun activities for less, canning, tasty recipes, basic sign language or other things you really could use. Participants share ideas with each other and help make the plans for the group too. Our facilitators help pull everything together. One thing is for sure, you will leave this group with more knowhow than you had before you started (and the group will learn from you too!) . Wednesdays 12:30-2pm. Startdate to be finalized. Contact Gillian at 250-388-7696 ext.225 for more details. Seniors Cards Group For 50 years & over. Cards, games, workshops, crafts and low-cost monthly outings. Mondays 12:30-3 pm. Snacks, tea and coffee are provided. Seniors Entitlement Services We welcome seniors who believe that some essential services are denied them. Call us at 250-388-7696. The office is open for consultations Mondays and Thursdays from 9 am-3 pm and Wednesdays 9 am-12 noon. Internet Access Community members are welcome to use one of four computers, with access to printing. Available Monday to Friday, 9 am-3:45 pm, with the exception of Tuesday closures between 1:30-3:00 pm. Call 250-388-7696 or visit for details. Other Community Events 12th Annual Quadra Village Day See you Saturday, May 10, 9:30am to 1pm for this exciting community celebration. Come out and meet your neighbours and enjoy this entirely free, family-friendly, intergenerational event. Check out the Pancake and Healthy Start breakfasts at 9:30 am and stay for live musical and dance demonstrations on the main stage, community displays and lots of kids activities. Volunteers are encouraged to help on the day and register by April 15 by emailing quadravillageday@gmail.com or calling 250 388 7696 The Hot Lunch Program You are cordially invited to join us at the Quadra Village (Blanshard) Community Centre for a hot lunch consisting of a main dish, salad, dessert and coffee or tea. Lunch is served every Thursday from noon-12:30 pm. Stay and socialize until 1 pm. Cost: Adults $3.00, Volunteers $1.00, Children $1.00. Step by Step Parenting Supportive discussion group for parents and caregivers based on Triple P, S.T.E.P. and other effective parenting strategies and information sources. Topics are based on feedback from parents who attend. Child-minding provided. Dates TBA. Contact Helene or Gillian for more information at 250-388-7696. Camp Blanshard Offering fun, affordable, exciting and creative outings in a safe, supportive, engaging and non-judgemental environment. There will be arts and crafts, games, sports, special trips to the beach and water parks, plus various local events around Victoria. Camp sessions are by the week starting June 30 and run from 9:30am to 3:30pm with before and after care available. 5 day camps are $80 per week with camp subsidy and bursary available based on need. For details or registration ask for Shawna at 250 388-7696. The Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is a group of volunteers that works on issues related to land use, transportation and parks in our neighbourhood. WemeetatBlanshardCommunityCentreat7pmthefirst Monday each month from September to June, except when the first Monday is a holiday. For more information, contactusatnag@quadravillagecc.com. Hillside Urban Farmer For Sustainability (HUFFS) HUFFS is a community of people, interested in food gardening, who live in or near the Hillside-Quadra, NorthPark, Fernwood area. We come together to learn about urban food production by sharing information, success and challenges, seeds, seedlings and tasty food. One of our goals is to foster community through food production (learn more on the about page). We try to organize a monthly event on varying topics such as soil fertility, backyard chickens, beekeeping, winter gardening, etc. For more info check out http://huffs.ca
  15. 15. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 15 Other Community Events ROOM RENTALS @ Quadra Village Community Centre Planning a special event? Require a meeting space? Just want a comfortable place to gather with a group? We’ve got the room for you, with 6 different rental spaces to suit almost any need. Bright, spacious rooms for private meetings or public presentations. Comfortable couches and chairs for more informal gatherings. Even an awesome Teen Centre to host that perfect birthday party. Washrooms, which are wheelchair accessible, are located on both floors in close proximity to allrooms.Affordablerates,easyaccessandplentyofoptionstochoosefrom: Call Shawna at 250-388-7696, or email frontdesk@quadravillagecc.com for room sizes, on-hand equipment and availability. Promote your community events, shows, courses and meetings on the Community Bulletin Board for FREE! Email kelly@quadravillagecc.com SJ Willis Education Centre Alternative Education serves students who have experienced difficulty in their school and their community. SJ WillisAlternative serves students 13- 18 years of age, and offers grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 curriculum. GAP, located on Richmond Road, serves female students 14-19 years of age, and provides grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 core curriculum to pregnant teens and teen mothers whose infants are in the GAP daycare. Pho Email: https://alted.sd61.bc.ca/#sthash.nZ0b6oUW.dpuf Continuing Education serves adults and school- aged students, 16 years and older, who wish to complete their 2004 or Adult Graduation Program, and/or upgrade their skills in Math, English, Social Studies and Science. Continuing Education also offers English as a Second Language and Numeracy and Literacy programs. To accommodate all learners courses are offered in the evening as well as in the day and as self-paced and teacher directed classes. Phone: ; Ema https://ce.sd61.bc.ca/#sthash.uwm52SmP.dpuf Home Learners’ Link (HLL) and The Linkis the K- 12 program for the Greater Victoria School District’s distributed learning (DL). HLL/The Link offers a full range of courses leading to graduation for students. HLL/The Link operates on a continuous-entry model, with students beginning courses at any time during the 11-month academic year (September 1–July 31). The school supports the achievement of learning outcomes through a combination of online and/or paper-based course options. At HLL/The Link, communication between students and teachers is ongoing and frequent; email, telephone and face-to-face meetings are used to provide learning support and information. Phone: ; Email: (Home Learners' Link) SJ Willis Education Centre students are able to access support from Youth and Family Counselors from Burnside Gorge and Quadra Village Community Centre. Deb Whitten is the Principal for all of the above academic programs. ne: 250-360-4300; ce@sd61.bc.ca; 250-360-4300 il: ce@sd61.bc.ca; 250-360-4300 homelearners@sd61.bc.ca or (The Link) thelink@sd61.bc.ca Quadra Village Community Centre (Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee) Membership Drive and Annual General Meeting Come join up with your local community centre and neighbourhood association! Free memberships are available by e-mailing (frontdesk@quadravillagecc.com), calling 250 388 7696 or coming by 901 Kings Rd during business hours. It's a way to have your say and keep informed about your community and the initiatives of Quadra Village Community Centre, Neighbourhood Action Group and more. Join in on the upcoming Quadra Village Community Centre Annual General Meeting on Monday, May 26 at 6pm at 901 Kings Rd. Hear about progress over the last year, vote on important issues, elect Board members, sip some coffee and have something good to eat. Ideas, questions and newcomers welcome! It's your community!!! Send a kid to summer day camp Are you able to help children whose families cannot afford summer activities? ! Donations of any amount will help ! $25.00 involves 3 children in a special event ! $80.00 sponsors 1 child for 1 week at camp ! $225 sponsors 1 child for a full 3-week camp Camp Blanshard offers exciting experiences: games, crafts, visits to parks and beaches. It encourages children to be active & engaged, to make new friends & treasured memories. Want more information? Call Kelly at 250-388-7696 or email kelly@quadravillagecc.com
  16. 16. Spring 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 16 By Maureen Weston, President, OCTA operated by The OCTA Collective Society, a works. If funding is approved youth aged 6 to 14 Collective Society registered charity based in Victoria. Funding for will be able to register for free 6 week after- the free workshops is raised by the society school programs in theatre, visual art and dance f your children attend or have attended through grants, sponsors, donors, and heldattheQuadraVillageCommunityCentre. Quadra, George Jay, or Cloverdale fundraising events. A major fundraising event for the IElementary Schools chances are they have Through participating in artsREACH artsREACH program will be held on Tuesday, th come home from school one day bubbling with workshops, children: April 15 , 2014 at The University Club. This enthusiasm over the special painting, annual event, called Colour Your Palate,! Develop artistic and creative skills in a printmaking, or dance class they had at school celebrates the combination of food and art bypositivelearningenvironment that day. For students, artsREACH means that inviting chefs from local area restaurants to! Gainanappreciationforthearts the gym will be turned into a giant art room and create canapés based upon a randomly selected! Improve their self-confidence and self- that real artists will arrive with all kinds of colour. Three celebrity judges award prizes foresteem wonderful supplies to guide them in an artistic “best tasting” and “most creative use of colour”.! Develop teamwork, communication, and adventure for the next 90 minutes. For teachers, Attendees at the event sample all of the canapéspersonalmanagementskills it is an opportunity to observe a professional and also have an opportunity to bid on the many artist provide instruction and mentorship to their Since its inception artsREACH has provided items in the silent auction. Tickets for this event students, enriching the regular fine arts over 1,000 workshops to 17,000 children in 31 c a n b e p u r c h a s e d o n l i n e a t curriculum provided by the school. public elementary schools in Victoria, Saanich, www.artsreach.ca/shop. This event sold out last ArtsREACH was created in 2005 by founder and Sooke. This year the OCTA Collective year so best to purchase early. Tickets are $60 Marilyn Sing, with the goal of providing the Society is hoping to expand the outreach before the event and $65 at the door, subject to highest quality visual and performing arts program to include after school workshops at availability.All funds raised directly support the training to young children, regardless of their community centres.Acollaborative project with artsREACH program. financial means. The artsREACH program is the Quadra Village Community Centre is in the ArtsREACH: Inspiring Children to Explore their Potential through Arts Experiences Artwork created by children participating in the artsREACH program (photos provided) By Michael Wegner, Quadra Village Day Organizing Committee tarting in April, look to Castle SBuilding Centre (1720 Cook St) for the Quadra Village Day special fundraiser Birdhouse Kit. These birdhouse kits contain everything you need to attract songbirds, and proceeds go to support the 12th th Annual Quadra Village Day Event (to be held May 10 ). Quadra Village Day is famous for the free breakfast, the exciting kids activities, the community’s village and an awesome line up of music and entertainment. Easy to assemble and affordable, the birdhouse kits are fun for anyone. When you create a home for songbirds you’ll be supporting the event that celebrates thriving community spirit. In the photo: Ashley Erskine, Keijo Rannankari, Ellen Barnes (photo by Michael Wegner) Support the Quadra Village Day Birdhouse Fundraiser!