What motivates us to build Sustainably?


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What motivates us to build sustainably- a presenation i gave at the Construction Industry Council and CIBSE HCSE conference dates Jan 15th In London , UK.

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What motivates us to build Sustainably?

  1. 1. what motivates us to build Sustainably . . . Farah Naz CEng MCIBSE Senior Sustainability Engineer Ramboll UK
  2. 2. what are our Drivers/Motivators Market Perception - corporate Image Markets -govt action, user perception Policy - informed by legislative changes Culture - adopted by informed Staff Clients- looking GOOD
  3. 3. Drivers/Motivators Market Perception • Having the Right Organisational Image – Establishes position in the market • Harmful Image- Negligence - DeValues • Robust policy based on Values & Current Knowledge • Communication Strategy - Internal & External with a Clear message • Keeping Updated +Share Knowledge + Good Practice +Innovation with Clients • Example: Ramboll Technical Excellence, Sustainability Conferences, Tech talks • Project Example- Sustainable Thought Leadership: Rocky Mountain Institute- USA. Image Reference: Rocky Mountain Institute
  4. 4. Drivers/Motivators Policy • Future proofing of Buildings ( Tall Towers) & Infrastructure advising – insurance company • Designer of Energy Systems & Eco System Ramboll’s team of electricity market experts, has been selected for a framework to support the Green Investment Bank (GIB) - the UK Government’s direct intervention vehicle to stimulate growth in renewable energy.
  5. 5. Drivers/Motivators Designers of Ecosystem Image:Tanner Springs Park | Portland, USA, Awards: ULI Open Space Award finalist 2012, ASLA Oregon Honor Award 2007. Reference: http://www.dreiseitl.com
  6. 6. Drivers/Motivators Policy • Sustainable Transport – Carbon & Cost savings • How we use our Streets, Buildings, Energy , CO2 Image: Green wave for cyclists Copenhagen, Denmark
  7. 7. Drivers/Motivators Policy • UK Part L 2013 & 2016 –Cost & Value • EU Legislation – Ref: REHVA • Example: Germany, In Bavaria, 3 PV panel/ person, Price of PV has fallen 66% from 2006, aims to close nuclear plant by 2023.
  8. 8. Drivers/Motivators Markets Two Major Market Drivers: • Legislation : European Union & UK Government legislation • Growth ( Urbanization+ Demand ) How can we Respond: Project: International Institute for Development Studies • Understanding value of Good Design • Retrofitting Sustainability • Skill Set: Hybrid Skill Image Left: Carbon Story of a typical 1960s Office refurbishment in London
  9. 9. Drivers/Motivators Culture •A culture driven by Cost or Innovation • Integrity of Design in VE process • Example Walky Talky, London • Knowledge Share- External Culture: • Technical excellence and knowledge share • Continue Professional Development Internal Culture: • Design Critiques current project creates a culture of interaction & Innovation – shared with Clients Image Left: Daily Mail Archive
  10. 10. Clients The Best advice Clients need is GOOD Design ADVICE Robust Holistic Rational Long Term Benefit Humane
  11. 11. Clients •Understand the Difference or perception of Sustainability & Truly Holistic Projects Question: Which one is Designed Sustainably ? Wind Turbine Solar Thermal Solar Thermal PV Add TSB Image Left: Daily Mail Archive, Top: 1960s House Refurbishment, TSB Funded project CAN OUR PERCEPTION of GOOD Design be FLAWED?
  12. 12. OUR PERCEPTION of GOOD Design maybe FLAWED? Image: Thermal Imaging of PV Panel Image Reference: Good and Bad Practices, manual to improve the Quality and reduce the cot of PV system, Modules placement and shading,Pg 79, 80
  13. 13. IS THIS SUSTAINABLE…What is our Perception of Sustinbility Voted ‘Britain’s ugliest new building‘ by readers of Building Design magazine (and thus the holder of the 2010 Carbuncle Cup) Resident Nathan Wheelhouse said: “When I left my house the other morning it was 28°C at 7.30am — it’s tropical in there.. I feel like I’m in an eco experiment that has gone wrong at the design stage. I only moved in two weeks ago and I am not enjoying it.” Ref: The Guardian Archive
  14. 14. Clients : How do we bring Value to our Clients: DESIGN: Integrated Design Team- what is it? Clear Design Brief Clear Communication & Simple language for the Briefing process Informed team members - listening to the FMs, Other Stake holders and building users – understanding DEMAND Users taking Ownership Energy Strategy: Understanding user demand, usage pattern occupancy- build energy model vs using standards Evaluate Operational Energy - CIBSE TM54
  15. 15. Clients : How do we bring Value to our Clients: Clean Energy Cost- RET SREEN (Free ) POST CONSTRUCTION: Users taking Ownership for design & usage Building Energy Monitoring Post Occupancy Evaluation – share knowledge! Supporting Client- User Manualunderstanding Performance in USE http://www.retscreen.net/ang/home.php
  16. 16. Crouch Hill Zero Carbon School, Islington, London. DESIGN: Day 01 Involvement Passive Design- Orientation, Thermal mass,Ventilation, Daylight Engaged with Islington Council & GLA Community- Energy Strategy AFTER CONSTRUCTION – 2 YEARS Post Occupancy Evaluation – share knowledge. Building Monitoring & Operational Energy Image: Crouchill School, BREEAM Outstanding, Score : 89.2
  17. 17. I hope you enjoyed our open culture of knowledge sharing…that influences our Sustainability and can influence yours …
  18. 18. Farah Naz CEng MCIBSE Ramboll UK Thank you Telephone: 0207 927 8643 Twitter: @FarahnazSustain Linkedin: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/ farah-naz/1a/528/685/ Email: Farah.Naz@ramboll.co.uk Highsustain@gmail.com