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Mayan challenge group project - Ryon
Mayan challenge group project - Ryon
Mayan challenge group project - Ryon
Mayan challenge group project - Ryon
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Mayan challenge group project - Ryon


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  1. By: Ryon Yu Who were the Maya? The Maya were an ancient civilization that lived in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is amazing how the ancient civilization of the Maya had survived for over 500 years! In this packet there are facts on ancient Mayan culture and what it was like back then. I hope you enjoy it! Daily Life The average Mayan daily life for normal people is the women would get up at four in the morning and toast some leftover pancakes on a fire. Then after the men finished eating they would go work in the field. When it turned into the afternoon the men would sometimes check the traps they made or hunted birds. Finally, at the end of the day, the men would come home and bathe themselves. Sometimes there was a sport that the Mayans had played called, “Pok-ta-Pok” it is sort of like nowadays soccer but no one can use their hands. Writing The Mayans had a writing system that was made up of more than 800 hieroglyphic symbols. Unfortunately, when the Spaniards came they burned almost all of the Mayan’s books, leaving only four codices called, the Grolier, the Dresden, the Madrid(also called Tro-cortesianus) , and there is one in Paris. The longest existing Mayan script is the Madrid Codex holding more than two hundred and fifty almanacs that tell calendrical information on a certain part of Mayan history. Religion The Maya had believed in many gods. One of the most important gods that they prayed to was Itzamna who was believed to have created of all things, and also being the god of fire and the hearth. Another god that was veryimportant to the Mayans was their god called Chac, he was the god of rain and lightning. A veryvital role that was in Mayan religion was sacrifice to the gods. What the Mayans would do is they would cut out the victim’s heart and also sometimes throw down the dead body to other priests below the tower to be skinned. We have also found in rulers’ tombs there were clay statuettes, utensils, and ceremonial objects. Art The Mayans were great artists drawing art on all sorts of things like; jade, wood, bone, stone, clay, and shells. Mayan kings also had art pieces made in their palaces to show their great victories in war from the past. Two great pieces of Mayan art work are the Hieroglyphic Stairway in the ancient city of Copan, and a clay figurine of a man becoming a king. Clothing
  2. Most Mayan people would wear pretty simple clothes. When it would be hot the men would wear cotton loincloths while the woman would wear cotton dresses. But when it got cold both sexes would wear a coats called a manta. The mantas were also used as blankets during the night. While regular Mayans wore their simple clothing, the Mayan rulers would wear ear spools, and obsidian and jade objects. Their outfits would be represented as “The Living Tree” because it was “connecting” themto the gods and nature. The jade had also represented breath and life in the Living Tree. Weapons and Warfare A majority of the Mayan weapons could be used from a far distance. For instance, they had used spears, bows and arrows, and blowpipes. What the Mayans had often used for armor was tightly woven cotton bodies and animal skin shields. In the area of nowadays San Claudio was once a Mayan city. What is thought of often done by the Mayans who inhabited this city would create weapons out of flint. The evidence to this is that when we archaeologists discovered this site there was the amount of leftover mineral on the ground. Currency It was amazing what the Mayans had used for currency. What were often used for currency among the Maya were cocoa seeds from a cocoa tree. Approximately one cocoa seed back then would be equaled to modern days United States dollar. But not only was cocoa seeds their form of currency, they had also used another type of currency which is, chocolate. Rulers There were many rulers during the Mayan civilization. One of the rulers from the Mayan city of Palenque was Lord Shield. The Mayans rulers had used a certain type of pyramid as burial places. They have found Lord Shield’s tomb made out of limestone with his mummified body covered in jade ornaments. Many of the Mayan tombs that belonged to the rulers were found in Jaina, an island off the coast of Campeche. We have found a monument showing the earliest know Mayan ruler of a city in Guatemala was a lady. Architecture The Mayans were excellent architects. The Mayans had created how to make two types of pyramids, the first type were burial spots for rulers, while the second one was for sacrifices and ceremonies. On top of the pyramids that were used for religious reasons, there are small rooms that were called Triadic Groups. Outside of these rooms is where the sacrifices were held. The Mayans had created stele to show the life of rulers, one of the most unique stele that we have found was in 2005. It was found 90 kilometers (54 miles) north of the Mayan city of Tikal. This stele shows a picture of a Mayan man and a lady. The picture of the man and lady was thought of showing part of the history at about the fourth century of A.D.
  3. Cooking The Mayan had a variety of different foods to choose form. The most important source of meat was turkey. Other sources of meat that the Mayans had eaten back then were iguanas, armadillo, manatee, tapirs, rabbits, and monkeys. What was probably the most important food to the Mayans back then would be corn, it could be eaten straight from the cob, or you could make tortillas out of it. What was used as a sweetenerto water and other of their drinks was honey. What Happened to Them Nobody really knows how the Mayans had disappeared, but there are many theories on what had happened to the ancient civilization. Some people believe that the Mayans had died when the Spaniards came, they were shot by the “fire sticks” or if they weren’t shot they died from the new diseases the Spaniards brought like small pocks. Other people think that the Mayans disappeared from constantly attacking each other, or they gave too much of their food away and died from starvation. But as there are many theories how the Mayans were destroyed there is no right answer until we have found evidence. Bibliography          140.102.177/copan/text.html