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Florida Keys History and Discovery Foundation operates the Florida Keys History and Discovery Center and Theater. The unique Geography of the Florida Keys makes it a place with many rich stories and characters. Permanent and temporary exhibits are planned to preserve and display the history, the people and communities of the Florida Keys. Interactive and creative exhibits will be available to the public, schools, historians and educators to enhance the learning and enjoyment of the cultural heritage from the upper Keys of Key Largo, Tavernier, Islamorada to the middle Keys of Marathon to the lower Keys and Key West. Learn about Henry Flagler, the Overseas Highway, bridges, hurricanes, fishing, wrecking, treasure hunters and more in this history of the islands and the blue waters at the gateway to the Caribbean that make up the Florida Keys.

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Fkhd presentation aug 2013

  1. 1. Introducing Florida Keys History & Discovery Foundation
  2. 2. Non-Profit Formed in 2013 to Develop and Operate the Florida Keys History and Discovery Center and Theater
  3. 3. Vision Create and Perpetuate a World-Class, Multi-Dimensional Discovery Center For and About The Florida Keys
  4. 4. Primary Goal Establish the Discovery Center in a Way That Accurately Reflects the History of the Florida Keys Community in a Multi-Faceted and Interactive Environment. This is the Main Activity of the Foundation.
  5. 5. Strong Building Blocks -- The Islander Resort Conference Center 7,500 Square Feet Being Leased to The Foundation by The Islander to Establish the History and Discovery Center
  6. 6. The Facility and Theater Will Be Available to Businesses, Non-profit Groups and the Community For a Fee as a Means of Supporting the Foundation.
  7. 7. Two Floors of Exhibit Space and a State-of-the-Art 40-Seat Theater
  8. 8. Historical Information Unique Geography of the Florida Keys Makes it a Place With Many Rich Stories and Characters. Sharing These Stories Will Foster Appreciation For Our People and Places and Contribute to the Community Culturally, Civically and Economically.
  9. 9. We Are Working Closely, But Non-Exclusively, With Historians Jerry Wilkinson and Brad Bertelli as Critical Resources
  10. 10. Board and Committees President Rich Russell George Hertel Phyllis Mitchell Dick Saylor Dr. Kinzy Jones Cale Smith Henry Rosenthal Buddy Pinder Frank Hawkins
  11. 11. Partnerships Discussions with Various Historical, Academic and Scientific Entities about Potential Alliances
  12. 12. Target Audiences Local Residents Monroe, Dade Schools Tourists Families Scholars Interested in the Keys
  13. 13. Funding Grants Government Allocations Contributions Membership Fees Merchandise Sales Admittance Fees
  14. 14. Events Clyde Butcher’s “Preserving Eden” Photo Exhibit Next Exhibits are Being Booked Permanent Exhibits are Planned
  15. 15. An Emerging Historical Resource
  16. 16. An Expanding Library of Historical Photos
  17. 17. A Bibliography of Books About Keys History
  18. 18. Videos About The Keys
  19. 19. Our Facebook Page Please LIKE us on Facebook FloridaKeysHistoryAnd DiscoveryFoundation
  20. 20. Staying In Touch Contacts: Rich Russell George Hertel Facebook Creativity/artwork Hibiscus Marketing