Photoshop techniques


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Photoshop techniques

  1. 1. PhotoshopUseful techniques
  2. 2. Magazine designers often usedrop shadows on someelements of text to help themstand out from the page.It is a simple technique whichcan add a nice finishing touchto your work.Be careful not to over doit, often subtle is best.
  3. 3. To create a drop shadow, first select the text layer that you want to add it to.
  4. 4. Then double click in the blank space atthe right hand side of the layer in thelayers pallet.
  5. 5. This will bring up the layer styles pallet. There are lot of options in here but we willconcentrate on drop shadow for now.
  6. 6. Click on the option on the left hand side which says drop shadow. Make surethe box on the left is ticked and that the option is now highlighted in blue.
  7. 7. There are lots ofoptions to adjust.OpacityAngleDistanceSpreadSizeColourYou should be able to see the changes you make instantly on your page.It is worth experimenting with different settings but often the default one provides anice, subtle shadow to start with.
  8. 8. I find changing the Blend Mode to ‘Normal’ gives a stronger shadow. If it’s too strongyou could reduce the opacity. You can change the colour of the shadow by clicking on this box. It will bring up the colour pallet.
  9. 9. To help make sure your text or images are lined up with each other, Photoshop hassome useful guides which can help you.
  10. 10. Go to the ‘View’drop down menuSelect ‘Rulers’
  11. 11. You should nowsee rulers at thetop and to theleft of your workarea.If you click with theleft mouse button inthe wide part of theruler and then dragacross or down, youwill see a guidelineappear.This straight line willhelp you organiseyou page but willnot appear on thefinal work.
  12. 12. Here you can see two guides(yellow) which help organisedifferent cover lines.You can add as many as youwant to the page.You can toggle them on and offusing the shortcut Ctrl+’This is a quick way of makingthem disappear when youwant to look at your workwithout them.Pressing it again will makethem reappear.
  13. 13. Photoshop is a powerful photographediting tool.Whilst it can be used to create all sorts ofinteresting effects, often it is best used forsimple but effective changes to yourphotographs which will make them standout and improve the overall look.One of these tools is the levels tool.It improves the contrast of the image andcan improve a dull by making the blacksblack and the whites white.
  14. 14. To use the levels tool:Open the photographyou want to changeORSelect the layer thatthe photograph is onTHENGo to ImageAdjustmentsLevels
  15. 15. The levels tool shows you a graphical representation of your image. This is called ahistogram.
  16. 16. It also has some small sliders that you can adjust.Moving the black triangle will make the shadows in your image more dark and rich.
  17. 17. It also has some small sliders that you can adjust.Moving the white triangle will make the highlights in your image more stand out more.
  18. 18. The black triangle has been moved to the right in this image.You can create quite striking effects doing this but be careful not to over do it.Sometimes only a small adjustment is needed
  19. 19. The white triangle has been moved to the left in this image.In this case a large adjustment has been made but this is not always needed.Be careful not to go too far or else the lighter areas of your image will turn totally whiteand this does not look good.
  20. 20. Here you can see the difference between the pictures.The picture on the right is the original imageThe picture on the left has had it’s levels adjusted.This simple adjustment will usually improve the look of most photographs.
  21. 21. Another usefultool is theSaturation tool.It can changethe amount ofcolour in andimage
  22. 22. Moving the slider tothe right increases theamount of colour inthe image.Be careful with this, itis easy to make theimage look toosaturated.Moving the image tothe left reduces thecolour.This is can desaturateyour image all the waydown to black andwhite.
  23. 23. Original Saturated Desaturated