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A partial media kit detailing my talents and experience; complete with resume, letters of recommendation, and media samples. Sum of my sake parts.

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Media Kit - Tiffany Dawn Soto

  1. 1. Tiffany Dawn Soto (t) 702.366.6676www.sake2you.cominfo@sake2you.comBiographyHaving soared through the sake ranks to arrive as Las Vegas only female master sake sommelier, Tiffany Dawn Soto isone of the countrys preeminent sake senseis, possessing a rare blend of knowledge, passion and expertise.Having spearheaded a collection already responsible for 25 percent of sake sales in the United States, Soto created andmanaged one of Las Vegas’ largest sake collections with more than 125 selections, making it the West Coast’s largestpremium sake collection. She has presided over a premium list including everything from the first Daiginjo-level sakeever produced to the oldest aged sakes currently available in the United States. Soto enlightens and enthralls guestswith both the cleanest sakes from the Niigata prefecture to the rarest, such as the koshu (aged) sake, priced at $1,100since only 125 bottles are produced globally per year.Believing there is a of sake for every kind of patron, taste and style, Soto is generally regarded as one of the best atpairing sake with both Asian and non-Asian styles of cuisine. Her exceptional ability to prescribe is just one of therevealing topics she covers during her popular corporate and private classes, while the education she provides on herannual sake safaris to Japan is far more in depth. During each of her popular safaris, Tiffany leads a group of aspiringsake aficionados through 1000 year old breweries and 1500 label sake tastings over the course of ten sake filled days.Soto’s impressive journey started with a wine education at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)’s prestigioushospitality school and continued with training at the Court of Master Sommeliers, further beefing up her wine skills andlater, the Niigata Sake Research Institute, Sake One and Sake World, where she became a certified sake sommelier atthe Masters level. Through the course of her career, Soto developed numerous exclusive relationships and contractswith sake distributors in Japan, including shuzos (sake breweries) and tojis (head brewers at shuzos). During her mostrecent experiences as sake and wine list manager at Hachi Modern Japanese & Sushi Samba in Las Vegas, Soto becamethe top seller of Niigata Sakes and later, all sakes in the United States three years consecutively. .In addition to being the resident expert for all things wine, liquor and sake, Soto also tours the country teaching aboutsake and is a prolific, sought-after expert on the subject, having either written for (or been referenced in) well-respectedAmerican and Japanese publications such as Los Angeles Times, 944 Magazine, Nightclub & Bar,, ChefMagazine, Luxury Las Vegas Magazine and The Niigata Times. She has even made appearances on “Fox 5 EveningNews,” “Top of the Food Chain,” “Martha Stewart Radio,” and the “JCV Tokyo Evening News” as an authority on thesubject.In the realm of preference, Soto’s favorite is the rarely found, Kirin-zan Junmai Daiginjo, which she considers her favoritesake around. ###
  2. 2. Tiffany Dawn Soto(702)366-6676728 Stagecoach Ave. North Las Vegas, NV 89081tiffanydawnsoto@yahoo.comwww.Sake2You.comPress References - Google Search Term “Tiffany Dawn Soto”ObjectivesTo obtain a position in a major resort property in a position of beverage management. To contribute in ameaningful way to the continued growth and success of the property food and beverage programs, throughreview, analysis, and careful implementation of carefully tailored training programs.SpecialtiesManagement and coaching of food and beverage staff members aimed at increased sales with minimal wastevia coaching and development. Creation and development of competitive and award winning wine, liquor& sake programs for restaurants, hotels, beverage companies & schools. Negotiating, pricing & buyingliaison between buyers and beverage distributors. Consulting & interviewing for all types of food, sake &wine related press inquiries. Practical, historical, cultural, scientific & sales specific training programs in thefields of wine & sake for restaurant and hotel staff. Consulting aimed at better programs resulting in lesswaste and higher sales, both domestic and international.Education2008 | Sake Professional Educators Advanced CertificationSake One, Tokyo Japan2008 | Sake Research and Brewers Credential – Master level kikizake -shiNiigata Sake Research Institute, Niigata Japan2007 |CertificationCourt of Master Sommeliers2006 |Bachelor of A rts in Journalism & Media StudiesUniversity of Nevada – Las VegasExperienceJanuary 2009 – Present | Founder and Educator at Sake2You Consul ting &The North American Sake InstituteLas Vegas, NV
  3. 3. Specializing in restaurant and hotel openings, providing on site consultation and training to the hospitality and F&B industries in the areas of food, sake & wine list and menu creation, pairing, education, and sales technique, all with the aim of maximizing the client portfolios sales potential. Created special pairing menus and seminars for special events both inside and outside of restaurants both domestically and internationally. Consulted for 13 different restaurant openings worldwide. Also offered private sake tasting and education events, both corporate and private, of all types, nationwide. March 2008 – March 2009 | Corporate Sake Director & Onsite Beverage Director & Sommelier, Restaurant and Nig htclub - Samb a, Gaucho, LLC. Responsible for the creation and implementation of the most dynamic sake program in the United States, boasting the highest sake sales outside of Japan. Responsible for the development of an amazing training program that lead to dramatic increases in sales for food, wine & sake. Maintained relationships with representatives at all beverage locations, negotiated pricing and contracts on sake, wine & liquor. Oversaw development in six locations. June 2007 – April 2008 | Sommel ier & Room Manager Hachi Modern Jap anese, Terra Rosa Ital ian, T -Bones Steakhouse – Red Rock Resort Responsible for the opening of, creation and training development for the sake and wine program at Hachi – Modern Japanese. Maintained Inventory, set pars and negotiated pricing. Maintained relationships with representatives from all liquor and beverage distributors. Responsible for the re-development and maintenance of the wine program at Terra Rosa Italian where I served as the floor sommelier. As seen on Hells Kitchen! 2007 |Restaurant Events Coordinator - Wynn Las Vegas Planned and coordinated special and private events in conjunction with the staff at each of Wynn’s Fine Dining Establishments. Responsible for maintaining intimate knowledge of each of the menus and wine lists in multiple styles, price points and cuisines. Regular interaction with guests. Honors and Awards Number One Selling Sake Sommelier in the United States – 2007, 2008, 2009Tiffany Dawn Soto Recommendations as Taken from my linkedin online profile:2
  4. 4. "I had the opportunity to work with Tiffany; she has a great palate and flair for Sake. Her passion and knowledge are evident and she shares this love of Sake with the guests and staff. If its Sake Tiffany knows it! Sincerely, Evan Wald" — Evan Wald, Director of Special Events, SUSHISAMBA strip & Sugarcane Lounge, worked directly with Tiffany Dawn at Sushi Samba "What can I say? Tiffany is without a doubt the most knowledgeable sake expert I have ever come across. She was responsible for building both a world class sake list and a training program that was second to none. In addition, both her ability to sell and her likability with guests are extremely impressive. I recommend Tiffany without hesitation." — Michael Durovsik, Assistant General Manager, Sushi Samba inside The Palazzo, worked directly with Tiffany Dawn at Sushi Samba "I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany when she was at Hachi at Red Rock Resort. I oversee public relations for Station Casinos and tapped into Tiffany on a regular basis to help educate reporters about sake and used her for numerous media interviews where she served as the "expert" sake somm. I work with hundreds of people in my company on different media opportunities and have to say that Tiffany was excellent. She was enthusiastic and passionate about sake, knew how to work with reporters and ultimately, her time spent with reporters helped to ensure that the stories about Hachi were good. She is helpful, creative and a true pro." — Lori Nelson, Director of Corporate Communications, Station Casinos, Inc, worked with Tiffany Dawn at Station Casinos "Tiffany was a wonderful person to work with. Her warm personality and friendly attitude made me look forward to going to work everyday. Shes extremely sharp, personable, and a very quick learner. Tiffany is highly organized and detailed and is a great asset to any company she works for." — Juliet Douglas, Restaurant Events Coordinator, Wynn Las Vegas, worked directly with Tiffany Dawn at Wynn Las VegasTiffany Dawn Soto Image of Tiffany Dawn Soto on the cover of Nightclub & Bar Magazine.3
  5. 5. June 2, 2011To whom it may concern,I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Tiffany Soto. Ms. Soto and I workedtogether when I served as the public relations agency of record for SUSHISAMBA located insideThe Palazzo. We were the agency tasked with the opening of the restaurant, garnering bothdomestic and international media, as well as business, trade and consumer opportunities.As the sake sommelier of SUSHISAMBA, she was one of few who were permitted to speak withmedia. As such we utilized her often as a spokesperson and positioned her not only as arestaurant representative, but also as an expert in the beverage industry which far surpassed heralready impressive knowledge in sake. She was able to seamlessly discuss all types of spiritsand beverages and how they relate to various cultures and food. Ms. Soto impressed numerousmedia representatives which at one point even garnered her the cover of Nightclub and BarMagazine. At all photo shoots and interviews, she was the consumate professional, alwaysarriving on time and seeking any feedback on her interviews afterward which always showed ourPR team that was she was a team player and there to learn and represent her product at the bestof her ability.Personally, I know Ms. Soto and her passion for the beverage industry is quite evident and again,impressive. I would highly recommend her for the position she seeks and would consider her anasset to MGM Resorts.If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach me at the contact information below.Sincerely,Marina NicolaPrincipalVox Solid Communicationsmnicola@wearevoxsolid.comCell: (702) 355-0845
  6. 6. Eric C. Gladstone (323) 806-2660 ECGladstone@gmail.comJune 2, 2011To Whom It May Concern:I will never forget the first time I met Tiffany Soto. She made an instant indelible impression, not just with her appearance andpersonality, but more importantly, with her confident and encyclopedic knowledge of sake beverages. Although I am fairly well-versed in wine and western spirits, sake has always been something of a mystery to me, as it is to many Americans. Within fiveminutes of talking with her, it became clear that the majority of how we are exposed to sake is meaningless to its appreciation, and thatwhat was available under the category was far more than most people could imagine.In that regard she was instantly of interest both as a subject for an article as well as a background source for anything regarding thecategory. She has that rare ability to express herself flawlessly at a moment’s notice, and since getting to know her, I’ve also seen thatshe is quite poised and unflappable. Those are excellent qualities for media participation on any level, be it print to radio to TV andbeyond.Soto is, in all honestly, one of the only persons I’ve ever met who has been able to demystify the world of sake while making thediscovery even more of an adventure. She is also, in my experience, without parallel in terms of pairing sake with food, and we haveoften discussed different creative ways of presenting sake to the western palate.Although Las Vegas is full of many impressive talents in the beverage world, I believe Tiffany Soto is still truly a unique personage,who continues to hold interest for me as well as many of my peers. She’s a great asset to the community.Please feel free to contact me with any questions or need for clarification.Sincerely,Eric (E.C.) Gladstone(323) 806-2660• Editor-At-Large, The Tasting Panel• Member, Society for Culinary Arts & LettersContributor: • • • MTV Online • AOL/Asylum • Where LA •Jetsetter • • 944 Magazines • Wine &Spirits magazine • Tasting Table • • Las Vegas Weekly/Las Vegas Sun • Nevada magazine • 360 Westmagazine • • Advanstar pubs