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Hexagon\'s services

  1. 1. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. Investment Management Financial Planning Family office
  2. 2. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. ABOUT US Based in Bangalore, Hexagon is a niche wealth management We were awarded by CNBC company with specialized investment management skills, excellent TV18 as South India’s best performing Individual risk management techniques and some of the best client support Financial Advisor for the Year 2006 and have a client the industry has on offer, Hexagon caters to the financial needs of retention ratio of 92% large families, trusts and institutions and Individuals. HEXAGON offers investment Hexagon’s investment team pride themselves on being solution-oriented solutions tailored to your financial needs, with an people who have worked with their clients, to provide them with solid returns ideating process that keeps YOU in the focus. It is what we for their investments, while keeping their entire financial picture in mind. Our do best; get your money to work for you. Team has a cumulative experience of 32 years in the business
  3. 3. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. OUR PROMOTERS Mr. T Srikanth Bhagavat , Managing Director Engineer with a Post – Graduate Degree in Management Studies from Symbiosis, Pune. Experience in Corporate Finance and Merchant Banking prior to starting Hexagon. Mr. T.K.K.Bhagavat, Chairman Reputed banker with more than 40 years experience in Central Banking (Reserve Bank of India) and Commercial Banking in India and other Emerging Economies. Advisor to IMF. Chairman & Managing Director of Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of Maharashtra and Vysya Bank. Mr. Vijaykumar Yadalam Managing Director , Ramkumar Mills Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. Former President of the Bangalore Management Association . Former Deputy Chairman, Karnataka Textile Mills Association. Mrs. Hemanti Phadke President of the D.S.Kulkarni Group of Companies, a reputed and successful property developer of Pune and Mumbai.
  4. 4. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. OFFERING Our Advisory Products include Mutual Funds, Insurance, Gold, Art, Realty, Bonds, Private Equity &PMS. Financial Planning Investment Family office Management Service Offering
  7. 7. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. PRE-INVESTMENT CONSULTATION Risk Tolerance and Analysis Our first step towards planning your investments would be to obtain a clear understanding of your financial needs, current situation and investment objectives. It is essential that we determine your risk appetite for investing before we advise you on what is best. This is done through the use of a questionnaire and personal discussion. Asset Allocation The process of risk analysis will determine the proportion of higher risk investments versus lower risk investments in your portfolio, also called your asset allocation. Customized Portfolio Construction At Hexagon, we provide investment advice on Mutual funds, Private Equity products, Bonds, PMS, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Gold, Real Estate and Art. We use these asset classes for a customized portfolio construction.
  8. 8. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. PRE-INVESTMENT CONSULTATION Investment Plan A final Investment Plan is then created which is backed up by a document detailing the funds’ performance; your risk appetite, our macroeconomic perspective and tax implications. Once the plan is documented & approved, it is executed.
  9. 9. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. ADVISORY SERVICES Buy Recommendations Your Advisor will choose the best suited funds for you, as per our research and your need, risk appetite & asset allocation. Funds are graded internally based on the same risk categories (as client risk mapping) to ensure the fund choice too is tailored to your risk appetite. Sell Recommendations If a fund is underperforming in your portfolio or there is some tactical call to be taken based on the market outlook, a sell recommendation with justified rationale comes to you from your Advisor. Dedicated Advisor When you invest your money with advice from Hexagon, you are in fact, investing in a relationship. A Dedicated Advisor is the primary contact assigned to you to provide personalized services. Advisors, through frequent association with you, are closely acquainted with your financial situation and make their recommendations accordingly.
  10. 10. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. ADVISORY SERVICES Portfolio Monitoring It is not enough that we allocate your money across different asset classes based on your risk tolerance. In a dynamic market scenario we guide you towards successfully managing change. Once the investments are made, your Advisor monitors the performance of your investments to advise you on entry and exit points to ensure that you receive maximum returns for your investments. In-depth Reviews We conduct portfolio reviews every year apart from frequent personal communications to keep you updated on what is happening with your portfolios and evaluate the actions taken. The investments are reviewed in relevance to the investment plan and recommended asset allocation. The service includes funds’ performance evaluation, review of the market situation, changes in asset allocation along with strategy and goal check. The various reviews we cover are:  Asset Allocation & Scheme Performance Review  Financial Plan Review
  11. 11. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. RESEARCH-BASED SERVICES Weekly Market Briefs Our Research Desk is on constant endeavor to keep you informed and updated about the financial markets on a weekly basis. Communiqué In depth research is regularly featured in our newsletter – Communiqué. The research covers the investment environment and data on top performing funds and market outlook. Fund Analysis & Fund Selections A handful of top performers from over 1000 funds are distilled; based on internationally accepted performance parameters like risk adjusted return, returns variability etc. Apart from these parameters; factors like fund manager’s competence, investor-friendly behavior of the fund, ethics of the fund manager and investment and economic environment are also considered.
  12. 12. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. OPERATIONAL SUPPORT Completing requirements for KYC & PAN card Filling of forms as per Client Information Record Transaction Processing All the transactions like purchases, switches, redemption etc. are taken up by our operations wing. Account Management Services If you decide to change your bank account, change your address, change your nominees or any other personal information, we do the needful for you. Transaction Statements An updated list of all transactions executed by you shall be provided, which can be used for accounting purposes.
  13. 13. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. OPERATIONAL SUPPORT Capital Gains Statement To smoothen your tax filings, we also organize for the Capital Gain Statements from the Asset Management Company and facilitate the process for your auditors. Logistics Our endeavor to provide convenience takes a new dimension when we pickup and drop cheques and transaction papers from or to your doorstep or a place of your convenience. Portfolio Statement Your updated portfolio statement will be sent to you through e-mail.
  14. 14. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. PORTFOLIO REVIEWS For each financial year, 4 reviews will be conducted. Out of this, 2 reviews will be detailed and 2 reviews will present the macro picture. Asset Allocation & Scheme Performance Review: (detailed review)  Review of all the actions taken in the portfolio since the last detailed review  Impact of the actions taken  Net investments made  Market Value and performance tracking since last review  Asset Allocation Charts (Current versus the Target Asset Allocation)  Style diversification chart  Snapshot of Scheme diversification  Scheme Performance table  Note on Market outlook and strategy  Snapshot of cash levels in portfolio  Liquid versus illiquid assets  Update on chosen Active Strategy  Peer performance tables for funds  Fund Notes
  15. 15. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. PORTFOLIO REVIEWS Asset Allocation & Scheme Performance Review: (Macro Review)  Net investments made  Market Value and performance tracking since last review  Style diversification chart  Scheme Performance table  Note on Market outlook and strategy  Snapshot of cash levels in portfolio  Update on chosen Active Strategy  Asset Allocation Charts (Current versus the Target Asset Allocation)
  16. 16. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. ACTIVE STRATEGIES FOR INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Our choice of Active Strategies for investment management enable you book profits at specified profit levels, dynamically re-balance your asset allocation and also take advantage of investment opportunity presented by economic cycles.
  18. 18. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. SERVICE CATEGORIES Office Platinum Office Gold Office • Financial Planning • Financial Planning • Financial Planning • Investment advisory • Investment advisory • Investment advisory • Integrated reporting • Integrated reporting • Integrated reporting • Advisor evaluation • Advisor evaluation • Advisor evaluation • Computation of investment • Computation of investment • Computation of investment gains gains gains • Tax assistance • Tax assistance • Estate Planning • Estate Planning • Owner-level advice • Assistance on philanthropic activities
  19. 19. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. SERVICE DESCRIPTION Financial Planning: Financial Planning at Hexagon is a systematic and disciplined process of enabling our clients to identify their life goals along with timelines for achieving them. It also includes evaluating the risks involved in the process and guarding adequately against them. Our active strategies for goal management ensure that the journey is steady and worry-free. Investment Advisory: Our team of advisors with a cumulative experience of 32 years in the field of Investments is committed to presenting you with practical advice to streamline your investments with your risk appetite and needs. Integrated Reporting: A report of all your investment holdings including:  Single snapshot of investments held with all advisors  Tracking and steering overall asset allocation towards the prescribed asset allocation
  20. 20. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. SERVICE DESCRIPTION  Integrated and individual views of performance of all advisors, based on data supplied by the individual advisors  Performance of portfolios measured against benchmark indices for outperformance or underperformance  Asset class-wise analysis of performance Owner-level advice: There are times when business families need to restructure their businesses to prepare it for the future generation. This service helps one do that and also helps in identifying a growth path for the business. Assistance in philanthropic activities:  Identification of causes  Conduct due diligence on the NGO if required  Structuring the mode and execution of the charity
  22. 22. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. Your Assets Plan for an Your emergency Liabilities fund 360o view of your Financial Situation Adequate Maximum Health Tax Cover efficiency Adequate Life cover
  23. 23. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. Disciplined Asset Rebalancing in the post- retirement years and continuous advisor support Scenario Analysis We follow the and stress Depleting Corpus testing Methodology to assumptions on arrive at returns to make retirement a robust plan corpus Plan your retirement with Hexagon Your advisor is Sudden changes always at hand and additions to to ease any sort income can be of worry about incorporated your plan Tax-efficient and Cost-efficient methodology used
  25. 25. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. BROAD OUTLINE OF HEXAGON’S FUND RECOMMENDATION PROCESS Result Filter 1 Filter 2 Asset Management Co. / Quantitative metrics: Funds: Fund Risk Ethical Practices Recommendation Quality of Return+ Fund Philosophy Fund Manager’s from Hexagon’s Consistency of fund outperformance Investor Friendly Behavior Performance consistency Research Desk Age (at least 3 years’ performance)* *Not applicable to the NFOs we + What risk was taken to recommend. NFOs are rarely achieve the said return? recommended unless we feel there is good potential in the investment philosophy and fund outlook. If fund is less than three years, it is accorded a higher risk rating.
  26. 26. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. We place qualitative filters such as investor friendly behavior in the highest priority while selecting our funds. (Investor “un-friendly” behavior is maybe the fund taking investment calls which benefit some large institutional investor but hurt the retail investor.) As you can see, we filter funds for these parameters before looking at returns.
  27. 27. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. THE PROCESS Determination of fund category Large / Mid / Blend/ Sector / Thematic Short / Floating / Income / G-sec / Liquid / Hybrid Analyze Suitability of corpus size in relation to the fund category Measurement of Risk and Return Point – to – Point return Categorize to low/ mid/ high risk Quality of Returns Did the return justify the amount of risk taken? Measure contribution of fund manger Group into Quartiles
  28. 28. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. THE PROCESS Shortlist Top Quartile performers Analyze for Trends Classification of funds according to risk Aggressive Moderate Conservative Map the risk characteristics of fund to client’s risk profile Study of Macro Economic indicators Make a fund recommendation
  29. 29. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. THE RESULT Individual rating of all the mutual funds based on parameters which are held paramount in Hexagon’s system. These ratings can be directly mapped to your individual risk profile to give you a recommendation tailored to your risk profile.
  32. 32. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. PORTFOLIO COMPOSITION Fund Allocation Corpus HDFC Equi ty 15% 750,000 DSPBR Top 100 15% 750,000 Bi rl a SL Frontli ne Equi ty 10% 500,000 ICICI Pru Focus ed Equi ty 10% 500,000 Rel i a nce Regul a r Sa vi ngs – Equi ty 5% 250,000 Bi rl a SL Mi dca p 5% 250,000 Sunda ra m BNP SMILE 5% 250,000 ICICI Prudentia l Infra s tructure Fund 15% 750,000 Templ eton Indi a Ul tra Short Bond Fund 5% 250,000 Templ eton Fl oa ting ra te – Long Term 5% 250,000 Templ eton Indi a Short Term Fund 5% 250,000 BSL Dyna mi c Bond Fund (Medi um Term) 5% 250,000 100% 5,000,000
  33. 33. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. BENCHMARK PORTFOLIO Benchmark Portfolio - Asset Allocation Nifty 4,000,000.00 80% Fixed Deposits 1,000,000.00 20% 5,000,000.00 PERFORMANCE Performance of Model Portfolio v/s Benchmark Portfolio Value as on Benchmark portfolio Hexagon's Portfolio 1-Mar-09 5,000,000.00 5,000,000.00 17-Mar-10 8,827,458.00 9,406,490.11 Portfolio Returns (Annualized) 72% 83%
  34. 34. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. Hexagon's Portfolio Benchmark Value, Portfolio 94,06,490 Value, 88,27,458 Investment Value, 50,00,000
  35. 35. HEXAGON CAPITAL ADVISORS PVT. LTD. THANK YOU contactus@hexagononline.com