How to sell more hip hop beats online book


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FULL GUIDE - How To Sell More Beats

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How to sell more hip hop beats online book

  1. 1. How To Sell More Hip Hop Beats OnlineSEO TIPSI hope you have your website up and running? I bet you’re really excited about getting it finishedand your ready to get selling straight away. Only one problem, you actually have to get people tocome to your website. There are so many ways to get people to visit your website, I can’t talkabout them all, but what I will share with you is information that some companies pay thousandsupon thousands of dollars for. That of course is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.SEO is the process used to get your website higher on the search engines. SEO is like an art. It’ssomething that the more you do, the better you get at it. But it’s very simple to start doing and Iwill help you get started by giving you the most crucial essence of SEO.Now before I start, I want you to goto and search for 3 different terms, “sell beats”,“selling beats online” and “how to sell beats”. Now you’re probably thinking why on earthwould I ask you to do that? Well, because I want you to see that my website isactually listed on the first page of all 3 of those very popular search terms. Now apart from meobviously showing off, I wanted to let you see that the information i’m going to give you is allfor real and I wanted prove that I am an SEO expert.The essence of SEO is back links. Back links are HTML hyperlinks from other websites that linkback to yours. Google see’s each back link to your website as a vote for your site, and just likeany competition, the more votes you have, the better you are.First you create an anchor link that the person clicks on initially. Here is the HTML code for theanchor link.<a href=”your-website-adress”>Your Anchor Text</a>For example, if I wanted to allow folks jump from the words “Hot Rap Beats”: <a href=”your-website-adress”>Hot Rap Beats Beats</a>Now if you want to appear high up in searches on Google for the term “hot rap beats”, you mustmake sure you get as many links to your website with the anchor text as “hot rap beats”, so yourlink would be;So many people get wrong and I don’t want you to make the same mistake. The anchor textMUST be the term for which you want to appear higher on Google for. Most people put theirwebsite name as the anchor text and that’s all wrong. You will automatically appear high up onsearches for “”, so use the links for more important terms.So, how do you get back links? Simple, you just go around the internet emailing other websiteowners, asking politely if they would exchange links with you. You’re going to want to set up alinks page somewhere on your website, so every time you find someone who will exchange linkswith you, you can place their link on your links page and they will do the same.
  2. 2. Although there is so much more involved in the whole process, and there are so many other(secret) ways to help you get better search engine placements, the whole essence of it is simplyto getting back links. Get as many as you can and you might meet me at the top of Google oneday.Google AnalyticIf you don’t know already, Google Analytics is an amazing tool to help you keep track of all thevisitors to your site. It gives you an unbelievable amount of information that will help you inmarketing your website.Google Analytics is absolutely free, you can sign up here you sign up you are given a small piece of code which you have to copy and paste ontoevery page on your website. This will help you keep track of what pages people visit and whatwebsites they have come from.It is important to know which website people come from because this is a great way to test outany advertisements or banners you have on other people’s website. You can see how many visitsyou have from this website, then you can decide whether the advertisement or banner is workingfor you.There are so many more advanced features of Google Analytics like setting up sales goals, andtracking how many sales you have made. You can even see which website someone came frombefore they purchased from your site. This is amazing information because you can see whichwebsites are bringing in the most sales, so you can push yourself more on whatever website thatis.
  3. 3. To get all these advanced features, it takes a bit of time to set up, but it is really worth your timeto do. You can find loads of useful Analytics videos here that might help you understand it a bitmore is an amazing tool that when used properly can help you fine tune your marketingcampaign for maximum effectiveness.Get on FORUMSThe most important thing about being in the music industry is to get as much exposure aspossible. The great thing about selling beats online is that you can get so much exposure for free.One great way to get exposure is utilizing forums.Now I know we spoke before about having your own forum, but this is different, this is actuallymaking yourself known on other people’s forums. For example, one of my favorite forums, I post on here regularly helping other people and adding real value todiscussions.Search around Google for forums where you think artists may hang out, then make some reallyvaluable posts on that forum. Posting valuable information does not mean spamming the hell outof the forum, this is unethical and just doesn’t work. Spamming is counteractive and will onlylose you respect.When you join a forum, you’ll want to set a signature which appears at the bottom of every oneof your posts. In this signature you can post a link to your website. People only tend to click onthis link if you are active in the forum and post valuable information so make sure that’s exactlywhat you do.Staying active on as many forums as you can possibly manage is priceless to your business andwill bring you in huge amounts of traffic and cost you absolutely nothing. Don’t underestimatethe power of this technique.
  4. 4. Tony Perez – 5 Steps To Sell Your BeatsStraight from Scratch Magazine. Tony Perez manages over 15 music producers. Here is his top5 steps to sell your beats.1. Have Quality BeatsIt doesn’t matter if you’re a known producer, or you’re a new guy. The music has to be good. Itjust can’t be good for the cats that you play it for in your neighborhood. It has to be good foreverything. It has to be structured like a real song.2. Know Your AudienceOnce you have the record, the next step is to understand where you could go with this record.You cant play a rock record for Tyrese. You can’t play a ballad for 50 Cent. You have tounderstand what you’re dealing with, and know where to play it.3. NetworkThe third is relationships. You need to know who you gotta give your beats to, ’cause that’sgonna be the starting point for a meeting. You get so many demos from producers, and artiststhat if they don’t come from someone credible, its not gonna get listened to.4. Get RepresentationI also think you need a manager or a lawyer. Whoever that is going to run with your beats has tobe someone credible. At the end of the day, it boils down to who’s representing you. Doresearch, when you read an album, see who’s the manager behind these artists, and reach out.5. Work HardBe relentless, on call 24 hours, and go with different ways of selling records. You could give it toan artist, a manager, a lawyer, and A&R. If you’re shopping beats without a manager, what isgonna make an A&R, manager or a lawyer pick up your CD? Be Creative.
  5. 5. How To Sell Beats Online by M.G. KiddJoin one or several web-based companies that will serve as a middle man between you andartists wanting to buy your beats. Use your favorite search engine and type in “beats online”and hundreds of these companies will pop up. Many of these companies have a free membershipoption but recommend a higher grade of membership by paying a fee for more exposure of yourbeats and better chances for sales. The advantage of joining these companies is the high traffic ofpotential buyers. Just as a person who needs sports equipment will go to a sporting goods store,an independent artist who needs beats will go to a website that sells beats. Be sure to read all thefine print of doing business with these companies to ensure you are ok with their legalities,ownership, and payment stipulations for your work.Create your own website showcasing and selling only your beats. You may feel your workcan get lost in the sea of producers on beat-selling websites. This is a great and recommendedoption or addition to that. Your own website can give you, as a producer and company, anidentity and personality. This is important if you have high aspirations for a career in musicproduction. It’s never too early to begin establishing your brand. As with finding a beat-sellingwebsite, your search engine can find you a number of different web templates and hosts for yourwebsite. For this option, you will be running your own web-based business so you’ll need a taxID. You should also set up a PayPal account and use this as your primary payment option foryour customers for secure, worry-free transactions. An advantage to this option is having morecontrol over legalities and stipulations for how your work can be used by your customers.Expose your work for free using MySpace . It’s not just for socializing. Contrary to the beliefthat Twitter and Facebook have outdated the pioneer networking site, MySpace still remainsnumber one for all things music. Sign up as a musician and use their very easy to navigatetemplates to format and decorate your page, and upload samples of your music. Make your ownrules as to how you’ll sell your beats to interested artists. An advantage to this option is theability to be proactive in finding independent artists to introduce yourself and your beats tothrough friend requests. MySpace is a great mixing pot for connecting artists with producers andbands.Tips:Copyright all work before uploading online. Never upload an entire beat–only a sample. Alwaysrecord an identifier of your production name or company that repeats on samples to preventsavvy thieves from using your work without your consent.By: M.G. KiddBreak Studios Contributing Writer
  6. 6. 21 Video Sharing Sites to Promote OnWhether you’re promoting a CD, a music video, beat videos, or even your beats. You shouldtake advantage of all the free marketing tools that are available.All of us know about Youtube, but many more video sharing sites exist. Just because you maynot use them, doesn’t mean potential fans, or buyers of your products don’t.So here are 21 sites you should look into: 1. Youtube – The most popular 2. Google Video – Search and browse all kinds of videos, hosted on sites all over the web, including Google, YouTube, MySpace, and more. 3. Yahoo Video 4. Myspace Video – Run by Myspace of couse 5. Photobucket – Upload photos and video 6. Vimeo – Flickr for video 7. Revver – YouTube like, but with monetization, you get paid 20% of what the advertiser pays Revver. 8. Daily Motion 9. Flixya – Share Videos, Photos, Blogs, Make Money 10. luluTV 11. MetaCafe – Offers incentives for user generated content. 12. Soapbox – Run by Microsoft 13. 14. Uncut – Under AOL 15. Break 16. You Are TV 17. Webshots – Upload photos and video 18. Zippy Videos 19. Eyespot – Easy-to-use video uploading and remixing. 20. Grouper – YouTube with a file-sharing application built on top. 21. Clip Shack
  7. 7. Where to sell beats? How to Sell Beats?A lot of people find this site searching for a place to sell beats or information on how to sellbeats. Here is a list of sites that we recommend.These sites top our personal list and meet the criteria of pitching beats to the industry. Theamateur sites will get touched on later.ROCBATTLE Buy Beats. Battle Beats. Sell Beats. Network with thousands of Producersworldwide, hosted by Grammy award winning Producer Rockwilder!BEATSLAB If you are looking to buy rap beats online or sell your beats this is your site. Hereyou can buy quality rap beats or hip hop beats of any genre. Once you purchase a beat you caninstantly login and download it! We also provide opportunities for music producers to sell beatsonline and download free sound kits & drum kits Join our production team and start makingmoney by selling beats today. Sign up for a free producer account!BUDGETBEATS Buy and sell hip hop and rap beats and instrumentals online from musicproducers around the world. Instantly download hot beats for sale from crunk to dirty south.MYFLASHSTORE Sell beats online using the most innovative Flash store in the world. 0%commission, automated order delivery and multiple designs.Those are the 4 major players that have proven connections inside the biz that I can personallyvouch. Plus I know they all deal with urban music so you won’t be the only beatmaker in themix. Download Hot Sound Kits | Loops and Samples