How to sell beats online by m.g. kidd


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How to sell beats online by m.g. kidd

  1. 1. How To Sell Beats Online by M.G. KiddJoin one or several web-based companies that will serve as a middle man between you andartists wanting to buy your beats. Use your favorite search engine and type in “beats online”and hundreds of these companies will pop up. Many of these companies have a free membershipoption but recommend a higher grade of membership by paying a fee for more exposure of yourbeats and better chances for sales. The advantage of joining these companies is the high traffic ofpotential buyers. Just as a person who needs sports equipment will go to a sporting goods store,an independent artist who needs beats will go to a website that sells beats. Be sure to read all thefine print of doing business with these companies to ensure you are ok with their legalities,ownership, and payment stipulations for your work.Create your own website showcasing and selling only your beats. You may feel your workcan get lost in the sea of producers on beat-selling websites. This is a great and recommendedoption or addition to that. Your own website can give you, as a producer and company, anidentity and personality. This is important if you have high aspirations for a career in musicproduction. It’s never too early to begin establishing your brand. As with finding a beat-sellingwebsite, your search engine can find you a number of different web templates and hosts for yourwebsite. For this option, you will be running your own web-based business so you’ll need a taxID. You should also set up a PayPal account and use this as your primary payment option foryour customers for secure, worry-free transactions. An advantage to this option is having morecontrol over legalities and stipulations for how your work can be used by your customers.Expose your work for free using MySpace . It’s not just for socializing. Contrary to the beliefthat Twitter and Facebook have outdated the pioneer networking site, MySpace still remainsnumber one for all things music. Sign up as a musician and use their very easy to navigatetemplates to format and decorate your page, and upload samples of your music. Make your ownrules as to how you’ll sell your beats to interested artists. An advantage to this option is theability to be proactive in finding independent artists to introduce yourself and your beats tothrough friend requests. MySpace is a great mixing pot for connecting artists with producers andbands.Tips:Copyright all work before uploading online. Never upload an entire beat–only a sample. Alwaysrecord an identifier of your production name or company that repeats on samples to preventsavvy thieves from using your work without your consent.By: M.G. KiddBreak Studios Contributing Writer Download Hot Sound Kits | Loops and Samples