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K S B M K S B M Presentation Transcript

  • VISION To be a top-class institution for the pursuit of excellence in knowledge through learning and research as well as in character and service to humanity. To INSPIRE students and employees to strive toward their highest potential. To provide private graduate education of the highest quality both in India and internationally, & in respect of the former to remain at the cutting edge of new-economy leadership education in coping with the complex demands of a continent in transformation. Kaizen School of Business Management
  • MISSION Facilitating and enhancing the global competitiveness of organizations through leaders, entrepreneurs and managers equipped with state-of-the-art management knowledge. To socialize managers in tune with the demands of industry and the business environment. To understand the social, economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern society and their characteristic values. To provide opportunities for higher education for those already in some gainful employment. To widen and diversify access to a flexible, innovative and cost-effective system of education to the ever increasing number of learners who either did not have the opportunity of University education or for some other reasons cannot engage in full-time studies.
  • The  Kaizen School Of Business Management  has a programmed focus on managing business in fast-evolving environments, with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, the impact of technology on commerce, and managing the emerging markets of the World. We offer a unique Fast Track distance MBA for candidates with work experience, an executive MBA, a Doctorate Program, and more than 150 specialized courses in the field of management all designed to suit the requirement of the business professionals. All the Programs has been designed to match your Skills, background, work experience, interests and career aspirations that truly meet your individual career goals. The corporate-academia partnership has shaped the School in three ways: it has ensured that the content for our programs is relevant and well-timed, that it is international in its perspectives, and is delivered at world-class standards. Distinctive Programs
  • Outstanding Faculty The faculty at the  Kaizen School of Business Management  includes eminent management intellectuals with experience from the Corporate as well as from the Best B-Schools in India. The distinctive research of our faculty members ensures that our programmes offer content that is contemporary and global in its perspective. Our Faculty as a part of the curriculum addresses complex leading to the creation of the knowledge and ideas that vastly advances the practice of general management and prepare students to be thoughtful and efficient leaders.
  • "... a partial, historical, clinical study of a situation which has confronted a practicing administrator or managerial group. Presented to students, it provides data - substantive and process - essential to an analysis of a specific situation, for the framing of alternative action programmes and for their implementation, recognizing the complexity and the ambiguity of the practical world." As quoted defining Case by Carl Christensen has become the basic of learning for the management students. For any learner, the major motivating element in the case method is the process of grappling with a situation faced by another manager, hence Kaizen programs use case studies of reputed Indian and international companies, which help the student, understand the complexities in various businesses political, legal and social environment. In the managerial context, knowledge is, firstly, situation-specific concerning policies of those - both external and internal - who influence managers' actions, and, secondly, concepts, approaches and techniques expounded in the literature or by colleagues, or from other sources. A manager needs to acquire such knowledge, not merely as words but so as to be able to appropriately interpret it for improved decision making. In the case method, knowledge is acquired while grappling with a real-life situation and not in isolation of its context. . The Case Method   
  • The students are assessed based on course work and examination for every program. As soon as the students feel confident that they are ready for the exams, they can contact the institute for the question papers. Question papers can be answered by the students at their comfortable locations as listed in Examination Options. This unique methodology helps students to write best answers based on case studies {a case study is a detailed account of a company, industry, person, or project over a given amount of time. The content within a case study may include information about company objectives, strategies, challenges, results, recommendations, and more} and personal experiences. This format is similar to that of students in PHD programs. KSBM has designed this liberal and novel education methodology that allows students to answer examination questions at their own choice comfort and quality. Unique Examination pattern
  • Programe Benefits Kaizen School of Business Management  offers Fast Track Distance Learning Management courses from diploma to doctorate level of management which is a crucial step in the advancement and evolution of career-minded professionals. The primary benefits of this program include. Career Advancement & Greater Income Potential -  A recent study by the Indian Department of Labor reported that average wages for employees with graduate degrees are approximately 40 percent higher than for employees with undergraduate degrees. To remain competitive, employers are demanding increased knowledge from their employees. An MBA will carry significant value in a company's hiring and career advancement decisions. Your MBA will provide you with the educational edge needed to advance your career.   Higher Level of Self-Confidence -  The knowledge gained through our Correspondence MBA program will enhance your effectiveness in your current position and help define your future career path. It will sharpen your skills in critical business areas, giving you the self-confidence you need to become a leader in your profession.   Personal Fulfillment -  An MBA is the key to unlocking both a professionally and personally rewarding future. Education is the foundation upon which you can build lifelong business and personal achievements. The Kaizen MBA program is designed to enrich your personal life, as well as to keep you informed about a constantly changing industry.  
  • Our Alumni   Our Alumni range from Higher level to the Lower level of the management. We believe that alumni of the kaizen are the KSBM's ambassadors to the outside world. We have a strong alumni base spread across 15 countries in a wide spectrum of sectors including Consulting, Technology Consulting, Finance, Real Estate, Media, Manufacturing, IT – Product, Service & ITES, Telecom, Automobile, Oil/Energy, Petroleum, NGOs, Pharma who are in leading positions in their organizations. Top Level Executives from company Like Reliance, Wipro, Timken, Infosys, Siemens, Aditya Birla, Bharti Airtel, ICICI, Vodafone, L.G. Electronics, Grand Hyatt and many others forms the part of our KSBM family.
  • Accreditation   
  • Our Success in preparing professionals for business world transformed by Information Technology is drawing attention from all the outlets & other organizations across the country. KSBM is affiliated to  BLOOM EDUCATIONAL TRUST  registered under act 29 of 1950, Government of Maharashtra. KSBM is also an associated member of CODS. The School is accreditated with QATECHNIC  from  Turkey . It is also accreditated by Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat (German Akkreditation Council) and Tragergemein Schaft fur Akkreditierung (German Association for Akkreditation) of Germany for the scope of providing distance learning education in the field of Management, Accounting & Finance. DAR  is a member of International Accreditation Forum &  TGA  is a member of European Co-operation For Accreditation. KAIZEN  is also an associated member of International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) with its principal administrative offices in London in the United Kingdom. IADL works to promote quality in distance education and training, and to provide approval and recognition of open, online, and distance learning programmes and course-providers worldwide. IADL members include schools, elearning websites, private training companies, corporate training departments, NGOs, colleges, universities, and other organisations on four continents. Accreditations :
  • National Association MAEER's,  Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT)  was founded by Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, (Founder, Executive President and Director General) along with the collective efforts of many Educationists, Scientists and Social thinkers in the year 1983. MIT is among the first in professional education offering academic programs at more than 47 institutions for over 50000 students annually. Kaizen School Of Business Management is an academic partner of MIT.
  • Q.1} What is Distance Learning? Ans . Distance Learning refers to teaching and learning situations in which the instructor and the learner or learners are geographically separated and therefore rely on other modes of instructional delivery. FAQ'S  
  • Q.2} Advantages of a Distance Learning program? Ans . Right from its inception, KSBM realized that Distance Learning presents the ideal type of educational programs for the mature career individual and for those who have major disadvantages attending normal classroom environments. KSBM plays an important role in this field and is continuously developing new programs and new methods of delivery to remain in the forefront of this very important sector of adult education. Other advantages are the low fees and other overheads, no capitation fees or donations involved and allow working people to pursue education in a manner most suitable to them.
  • Q.3} Who will benefit from KSBM programs? Ans . KSBM Programs are extremely useful for working executives, self-employed entrepreneurs and job seekers who do not have a formal managerial qualification. These courses provide extensive knowledge of essential management techniques and offer an opportunity to everyone, irrespective of background, to receive job oriented training which meets business and industry requirements. It greatly improves the chances of getting a job and also improves career prospects, as lack of a management qualification often bars entry into managerial cadre in the corporate sector.
  • Q.4} How is the MBA Program of KSBM different from other MBA Programs? Ans . The MBA Program of KSBM focuses on knowledge and skills required by management professionals who plan to work for Indian and multinational corporations. It provides the students with a general management perspective and introduces them to the latest concepts and practices related to functional areas of management. The substantive exposure to Indian and international management practices with a strong case-study orientation is a unique feature of the MBA Program. In addition, the MBA Program is structured in a flexible manner so that working executives can pursue this program without disturbing their careers.
  • Q.5} What is MBA fast track? Ans . The program is for 2 years; however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 6 month and 2-years. Generally when you go for a regular MBA with 16-24 subjects the course structure is basically divided in 3 major parts. In the first part i.e.1st Year, you get to revise the graduation studies and the basics of MBA. In the second part i.e. 2nd Year 1st half, you get to learn your 1st specialization and in the 3rd part, they cover your second specialization. This particular program that we offer is a single specialization MBA with 4 other subjects. So in a way what we are offering you is the 2nd year 2nd half of any regular MBA program because you already know the first 2 parts through you experience.
  • Q.6} Is the MBA and other Programs recognized by AICTE? Ans . KSBM is a non-university institution. All program of KSBM are autonomous and do not come under preview of UGC/AICTE. In the changing economic environment what matters most is the recognition by the employers. The MBA Program is highly appreciated and valued by blue-chip employers, as it is a uniquely designed program in Management, comprehensively covering all the functional areas of management in great depth. In today’s buyers’ market, these professionals will have good prospects in Indian companies and also in MNCs operating in India. All programs are autonomous.
  • Q.7} I am a working executive. Can I pursue the MBA Program? Ans . Yes, the MBA Program can be pursued on a self-study basis. You can do self-study in your free time, and appear for the examinations and complete the program. It is designed completely in a flexible manner to suit the needs of the working executives.
  • Q.8} What are the placement prospects for the MBA graduates? Ans . Acquiring the MBA qualification will give a sustainable competitive advantage for candidates who are interested in career opportunities with progressive employers. The MBA Program offers a broad spectrum of management courses with a strong practical orientation through its emphasis on case-based learning. The candidates who pursue the MBA Program will get exposed to a cutting-edge curriculum. Thus, successful candidates will be able to explore career opportunities with leading Indian and multinational companies. KSBM also assists qualified MBAs in their placement efforts.
  • Q.9} Can I go for an extra specialization? Ans . Yes, you can go for as many specializations as you want. You have to pay Rs. 5000/- extra per specialization. Q.10} Is the study material supplied by the institute? Ans . The study material is supplied by the institute without any additional cost, subject to the receipt of fees as per the payment schedule. Q.11} When are the examinations held? Ans . The examinations are held throughout the year.
  • Q.12} How do students receive their study material? Do they have to pay extra charges other then the fees paid? Ans . Study Material is dispatched to the student within 35 working days from the date of admission at the correspondence address mentioned in the application form. No extra charges are payable by the student for the same. Q.13} What I am to do if I fail in any of the subject? Ans . In such a case, you are to be re-examined for the subject in which you have failed. A re-examination fee @ Rs. 400/- per subject is required to be paid by you.
  • Q.14} How relevant will what I learn be to the real business world ? Ans . The experts who have planned the curriculum of these programs have extensive real world experience. They know both business theory and business practice.
  • Basic Education makes you Stand, Management Education makes you Run........... So don't be a follower make the people follow you........