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THGL Presentation of Services

  1. 1.<br />60 Bloor Street West, Suite 1100<br />Toronto, ON | M4 W3B8<br />
  2. 2. About us<br />Introduction<br />Founded in 1985, The Herrmann Group Limited is a human resources management consulting firm. Our responsive consulting practice is built around the individuality of your business and its ever-changing needs in the volatile environment in which we all operate. We have the creativity and expertise to develop customized projects, unique to your specific challenges.<br />Our Mission is to assist clients in attracting, selecting, engaging, developing and retaining their most valuable assets - Great Employees.<br /><ul><li>We focus on relationship building with clients.
  3. 3. We depend on the experience and network developed by our leadership team over the past two decades.
  4. 4. We provide clients with fully comprehended and developed resources that are continually expanding.
  5. 5. We customize projects to your needs through our expertise in Human Resources and our proprietary database of over 75,000 networked professionals</li></ul> <br />
  6. 6. About us<br />Our Approach<br />We work with you to gain an understanding of your organization and we identify distinct challenges and opportunities to meet your human resource goals. Then we apply our methodology and skills to tailor services, ensuring success. We pride ourselves on our communication methods, scheduling regular communiqués and updating clients with marketplace insights.<br /> <br />Our Consultants<br />Our non-commission based team of professionals possesses a range of experiences and competencies. Multilingual skills, combined with our international network, enable us to provide a global perspective on issues that impact the marketplace and your business. <br />
  7. 7. Services<br />Attraction and Selection<br /><ul><li>National Retained Search
  8. 8. Interim Human resources
  9. 9. Psychological Testing
  10. 10. Tailored Research
  11. 11. Talent Tracking</li></ul>Retention and Engagement<br /><ul><li>Exit Interviews
  12. 12. Pre-Retirement Interviews
  13. 13. Engagement Interviews
  14. 14. Continuance Interviews
  15. 15. Alumni Tracking</li></li></ul><li> Founder & PresidentGerlinde Herrmann<br />Gerlinde Herrmann is the founder and president of The Herrmann Group Limited, which provides human capital management solutions through Talent Attraction and Retention programs and services.  <br />After having served almost three years as Chair, Herrmann is now the immediate past Chair of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) Board of Directors and HRPA’s past Chair of Strategic and Global Alliances.<br />During her 20 plus years of business experience, Herrmann has worked strategically to elevate the role and demonstrate the business value that the human resources profession, as a whole, brings to the Canadian marketplace.  She is recognized and respected as a leader in the human resources profession, who has brought attention to such C-Suite issues as Corporate Social Responsibility/sustainability, governance, and competition for talent.  She has worked hard to create greater connectivity with global human resources organizations and initiatives.<br />Prior to founding the Herrmann Group, Herrmann worked with leading organizations such as Nortel, Federal Express and Domtar in the human resources and labor relations areas.   <br />
  16. 16. Herrmann is also actively involved in industry-related and outreach initiatives, such as: Global Experts and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Panels of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM); Youth Employment Service (YES) Advisory Board; Career Edge Diversity Board; Canadian Government Private Sector Working Group on Pandemic Influenza Planning; and is the Canadian representative on the Board of Frontplaces, France (a global diversity think tank). Past involvements include positions as Director on the Canadian Council of Human Resources Association; Director of NAHRMA (North American Human Resources Management Association); Advisor for George Brown’s HR program; Advisor on the Provincial Partnership (Passport to Prosperity); and Founder of the Toronto Chapter of HRPA.  <br />A much sought-after public speaker, Herrmann frequently guest speaks at national and international events and is a regularly published author of articles and editorials and has participated on ROB TV and Goldhawk Live.   A graduate of Concordia University, Herrmann holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics, a Certificate in Industrial Relations, and holds the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and Global Professional Human Resources designations (GPHR) and earned Chartered Director (C.Dir.) designation from The Directors College (a joint venture of McMaster University and The Conference Board of Canada).  <br /> Founder & PresidentGerlinde Herrmann<br />
  17. 17. Privacy Policy<br />We have earned a reputation for conducting business in an ethical manner and are in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.<br />Information held in our extensive database is absolutely restricted to employees of The Herrmann Group, who have all signed confidentiality agreements. Personal information in our possession is limited to home address, home telephone, home fax or email address, employment history, education and income. That information is kept strictly confidential until such time as an individual agrees we may disclose the information. We do not collect personal information through our website.<br />Individuals who wish to verify their personal information or have concerns about it, should contact The Herrmann Group Limited via email at<br />
  18. 18. Respectful Treatment Guarantee<br />We guarantee that we conduct business in an ethical, socially responsible manner. <br /> <br />Our Clients<br />Can expect to receive regularly scheduled and frequent communication.<br />Can expect that their employees will not be solicited by us.<br />Can expect to benefit from our breadth of knowledge and connections.<br /> <br />Our Candidates<br />Can expect to receive honest, constructive and informed feedback.<br />Can expect to be informed of interactions made on their behalf.<br />Can expect regular communication throughout the process.<br />
  19. 19. Retained National Search<br />National<br />Retained<br />Search<br />We understand that many factors play into finding the right candidate for your organization: you need professionals that fit your organization’s structure, culture, knowledge and experience requirements. Ultimately you need the individual who can add the most value to your company. <br />We specialize in researching, analyzing and interpreting the complex marketplace to source the best candidate for your organization.<br />Once we have clarity on your ideal candidate profile we implement a customized search and attraction strategy. Our proprietary database of 75000+ professionals allows us to easily identify and focus your search. Combined with our database, our extensive research abilities and personal networks allow us to identify a short list of candidates. Once we have screened and qualified appropriate candidates, we conduct behaviour and situation-based interviews. This ensures presenting the most relevant candidates. All candidate interviews are coordinated to best meet your schedule and location requirements.<br />Throughout this process we maintain an open line of communication to regularly update the status of your search. Comprehensive reference checks are conducted once you have selected your ideal candidate. You have the option of using our expertise for negotiations of the employment contract.<br />Our services, standards, guarantee and flexible approach to business are the basis of our successful partnerships with both clients and candidates.<br />Our Guarantees<br /><ul><li>No fee for replacement up to six months
  20. 20. Satisfaction or reduced fees on next project</li></li></ul><li> Interim Human Resources<br />Contract HR professionals allow your organization more flexibility in staffing coverage, planning, project management, maternity leave, sick leave etc. We can place interim HR professionals from the following specializations: HR generalists, labour relations, talent management, total compensation, organizational development and effectiveness, training and development, recruitment, health and safety, and employee communications.<br />We provide qualified HR professionals at all levels and with a diverse range of experience for short and long term contracts.<br />Interim<br />HR<br />
  21. 21. Psychometric/Psychological Assessment<br />We work with the client to select the most appropriate assessment tools. The selected questionnaire is then administered to the candidate in a controlled environment. In addition to a written report, the client and candidate are given personal feedback.<br />The goal of the selection process is to predict superior job performance. It is vital to know whether a candidate has the skills for the position and the “fit” for your organization’s unique culture. A characteristic of psychometric assessment is the ability to learn a great deal of information that would otherwise be difficult to detect within the constraints of the selection process.<br />This additional information provides vital insight about potential job performance.<br />It has been conclusively demonstrated that personality profiling and ability testing can significantly improve human resource and business decisions, resulting in productivity gains.<br />Psychometric<br />Assessment<br />
  22. 22. Psychometric/Psychological Assessment<br />Value of Psychometric Assessments<br /><ul><li>Minimizes costly errors in selection decisions.
  23. 23. Objective measurement is a better predictor of job performance.
  24. 24. Identifies strengths and development needs of the candidate.
  25. 25. Highlights questions to be used for probing during interviews.
  26. 26. Rules out individual bias through objective scope.
  27. 27. Indicates where and how individuals can be most effective.</li></ul> <br />Uses of Psychometrics<br /><ul><li>Selection
  28. 28. Career Development
  29. 29. Promotion
  30. 30. Team Building
  31. 31. Appraisal
  32. 32. Succession Planning
  33. 33. Coaching
  34. 34. Career Transition Management</li></ul>Psychometric<br />Assessment<br />
  35. 35. Tailored Research<br />Organizations often require external information to support internal talent management strategies. With our extensive global network and research capabilities, we are able to develop, research and present custom data and reports.<br /> <br />Types of projects:<br /><ul><li>HR best practices
  36. 36. Branding trends and initiatives
  37. 37. Innovative practices
  38. 38. Talent availability within specific fields
  39. 39. Competitive data</li></ul>Tailored<br />Research<br />
  40. 40. Talent Tracking<br />Attraction and retention of top caliber talent is important to the success of every organization. We have created, designed and developed a software application tool, Human Capital Management System™ (HCMS™), in order to effectively identify and track talent. <br />HCMS™ allows us to gather and pool information for your specific talent tracking requirements. We have the capability of tracking an individual or groups of related professionals for your organization’s short and long-term hiring needs. This includes the capability of identifying professionals with the specific skills, education and experience for your immediate and future needs. <br />Our talent tracking tool equips an organization to ensure a greater success in achieving its goals through an effective proactive talent management program. <br />Talent<br />Tracking<br />
  41. 41. Exit Interviews<br />Organizations are increasingly concerned with the costs and impact of turnover, increasing talent competition and the challenge of effective employment branding.<br />Our Exit Interview service was developed in response to clients requesting solutions to their growing concerns. The knowledge gained from our effective exit interviews will enable you to build quantifiable value propositions to attract and retain employees.<br />Outsourcing exit interviews benefit your company by allowing for anonymous statistics and information that would otherwise be difficult. This frees up the productive time of your resource team to focus on other pressing needs. Without this valuable information, an organization is often merely speculating as to the nature and gravity of its turnover.<br />Exit<br />Interview<br />
  42. 42. Pre-Retirement Interviews<br />The changing demographics of the workforce create unique challenges for an organization. There is a dramatic increase in the number of employees soon eligible for retirement combined with competition for limited talent. This means that organizations will have to adapt.<br />We provide pre-retirement interviews that afford your organization with valuable knowledge of work related intentions of the retirement-eligible workforce.<br />Conducted prior to a departure, these interviews determine if employees might be interested in continuing their employment with an alternative work schedule such as flexible hours, part-time, contract and project work.<br />This can form a part of an overall talent retention component crucial for your organization’s resource management. It will allow a better understanding of the motivations and desires of employees that are considering retirement.<br />Pre-retirement interviews can influence talent management strategies and policy development for hiring, training, succession planning and management practices.<br />Pre-<br />Retirement<br />Interview<br />
  43. 43. Engagement Interviews<br />Engagement interviews reduce the high cost of time and money spent on hiring and training new employees allowing your organization to better understand the needs and issues surrounding new staff.<br />We can assist your business in retaining, identifying and developing your talented workforce by conduction independent engagement interviews when your new employees have reached the 3 – 6 month mark of their employment.<br />Engagement interviews will allow you to comprehend the reasons why employees are disengaged and potentially exiting. They help you to develop new strategies in hiring and training processes, succession planning, communication, policies and procedures, on-boarding, etc.<br />Engagement<br />Interviews<br />
  44. 44. Continuance Interviews<br />Continuance interviews cater to your organization’s needs to effectively manage its talent. Often called ‘stay’ interviews they are designed to determine if one of your top performers is a risk to leave the organization. They are used to determine promotability, willingness to remain and your employees’ level of satisfaction.<br />Usually conducted after your employee has been in the organization for a number of years, continuance interviews act as an important fact finding tool to assist your talent management and succession planning programs. They help determine the current and future value proposition of important employees and can provide information to help you design on-boarding tactics.<br />Our consultants can assist you in developing and conducting continuance interviews that will provide your HR people with optimal information and value. The knowledge you receive from a continuance study will be used to implement beneficial approaches to talent retention.<br />Continuance<br />Interviews<br />
  45. 45. Alumni Tracking<br />Exit, pre-retirement, engagement and continuance interviews all be linked with alumni tracking.<br />Alumni can return to your organization and add value after furthering their development. It is important in our global business climate of workforce mobility and limited talent supply that you track your alumni and keep in touch with their career development. <br />As former employees and ambassadors for your organization, this provides an opportunity to maintain positive relationships.<br />Alumni<br />Tracking<br />
  46. 46.<br />60 Bloor Street West, Suite 1100<br />Toronto, ON | M4 W3B8<br />