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Facebook Landing Pages - Variations and Results.
Women Rock, September 21, 2011
Presented by Herringbone.fm

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Herringbone landing pages

  1. 1. Facebook 
Landing Pages" Variations and Results"Women Rock, September 21, 2011! "
  2. 2. Engagement Building Cases"•  Michael E. Gerber Birthday - Compelling Contest"•  Michael E. Gerber Birthday - Social Media Integration"•  Michael E. Gerber Books - Display Products"•  Michael E. Gerber Dreaming Room - Testimonial Video"•  YogaShakti Course Promotion - Coupon & Discount Features"•  Boundless Event Ticket Promo - Discount Code"•  Futura Factory Membership - Video Teaser"•  Parentology Convey Your Message - Emotional Video "•  Art by Näsmark Exhibition invitation - email subscription"•  Michael E. Gerber Event - Educational Video"•  Herringbone – Social CRM for Dummies book download"
  3. 3. Compelling Contests!Fans love posting pictures andvideos about something they like" Winner’s video displayed" Contestants were able to upload their own birthday wishes " Michael E. Gerber’s Birthday"
  4. 4. Social Media Integration" Multi Channel Campaign"Email, LinkedIn, SlideShare"Twitter, YouTube" Birthday contest announced and wishes collected on YouTube Playlist" Birthday wishes on Twitter with links " to videos" Michael E. Gerber s Birthday
  5. 5. Products!Special tab to promote "products.""Each product is "clickable and user is takento Amazon (alt. integratestore).""Shows status on comingbooks""Call to action for co-authors"and partners" Michael E. Gerber"
  6. 6. Testimonial Videos! 1. Inspiring words from course participants" 2. Invitation to the next facilitator training with link to sign-up " Michael E. Gerber"
  7. 7. Coupon & Discount Features!1. User must “Like” Page to be "able to get the discount" 2. After user “Likes” the page she gets " access to the promo code" 3. User get’s prompted to share page with friends." 4. Page owner gets more “Likes” " and a larger customer base"
  8. 8. Discounts!1.  Tweet/LinkedIn link landing page/"frame with 15.6% click-through on "promo offer" 3. Promo code displayed on page" 2.To be able to see the page and enjoy the promotion, user must “Like” the page"
  9. 9. Video Teaser! Purchase" ticket tab"1.  In order to see the video, "user must “Like” page"2. Video works as a teaser for theorganization" Other Features:" - Become a Member" Time length: 3 weeks" - Next Event" - Sponsor promotion" Fan base increase: 29.5% "
  10. 10. Emotional Videos!Convey your key message"1. Touching TEDx Presentation"catching attention to the stake"2. Hyperlinked images for more
information"3. Clear company statement "and course presentation "4. Call to action - sign up now"information on next event"
  11. 11. Forms! 2. She receives a thank you note and gets the option to send a friend an invitation. " 3. The user receives an1. User fills out a form to receive an automated email invitation."exhibition invitation. She provides 4. Page owner enjoys a largerher Email Address." email list and can create relationships with fans. "
  12. 12. Educational Videos!Feature: "“Like” to see the movie"30 minuteeducational video"Call to action: "Invitation to event" Michael E. Gerber"
  13. 13. Free Download! 1. Gated for fans only - “Like” to get access" 2. Click to access Free Social CRM for Dummies"
  14. 14. Contact us! "For your customized landing page. " Phone: (415) 3 BONE UP - (415) 326-6387
 Email: info@herringbone.fm 
 Web: www.herringbone.fm 
 Twitter: @herringbonefm
 Facebook: herringbone.fm
 YouTube: /herringbonefm "