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The story of The DoNation, in case you missed it.

For more info see https://www.wearedonation.com/

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Our story in slides

  1. 1. Our storyJanuary 2012www.thedonation.org.uk@The_DoNation
  2. 2. The DoNation is aninnovative new toolset to revolutionisethe way we tacklebehaviour change.
  3. 3. It’s a sponsorship sitethat replaces cash withaction.Our aim is to activelyengage the populationin living sustainably.
  4. 4. Why?Because there is so much thatwe can do right now to startmaking this planet a healthier,happier, more sustainableplace for us to live, and itsmadness that were not doing italready.
  5. 5. 42% of the UK’s carbonemissions are a result ofindividual’s actions, at homeand in personal travel.Behaviour change has afundamental role in developinga sustainable future.But it’s notoriously tricky.
  6. 6. we need tostop just talkingand startdoing.
  7. 7. The idea was born in 2009,when I was studying for an MScEnvironmental Policy…
  8. 8. …and I decided to cycle fromLondon to Morocco.
  9. 9. It was going to be a big challenge.But I saw it asan opportunity…
  10. 10. …to raise support forthe cause I’m passionate about:the environment, sustainability.
  11. 11. But I didn’t feel comfortableasking friends for money. Theywere broke, and getting tired ofendless fundraising requests.More importantly, I realised thatthe environment needed theiraction more than their cash.
  12. 12. The traditional sponsorshipmodel seemed prettyinef cient… Charity Fundraiser Cash Sponsors
  13. 13. …so we came up with asimpler, more effective solution. Fundraiser Action Sponsors
  14. 14. We asked our friends to donate bydoing not by paying. 216 friends sponsored us, by doing things like:
  15. 15. cyclingto work
  16. 16. eating localseasonal food
  17. 17. or using reusablewater bottles.
  18. 18. Whilst we saved two ights by cycling from London to Morocco,
  19. 19. our sponsors saved theequivalent carbon to 84 ights.
  20. 20. I realised that there was more inthe idea than just our little ride, sowent about scaling it up into TheDoNation.
  21. 21. I started building TheDoNation in early2010, and the betasite launched in May2011, with the help offunding from UnLtdand Tellus MaterFoundation…
  22. 22. …and a wealth of in kind support: (and of course, our great advisory group)
  23. 23. Our impact since launching:
  24. 24. 95 challenges have been registered, raising sponsorship for everything frommarathons and triathlons to volunteering days and Christmas presents.
  25. 25. 937 sponsors have made over1,300 pledges,all together, they’ve…
  26. 26. eaten 6,800veggie meals
  27. 27. cycled 40,000 km(once around the world)
  28. 28. boiled 49,000kettles with less water
  29. 29. walked up 61,000 ights ofstairs
  30. 30. and muchmore(that’s just four ofour 24 DoActions)
  31. 31. In the process, they’ve saved143 tCO2 as well as savingmoney, improving health,reducing pollution, cutting waste,and all sorts of other good things.
  32. 32. Yes, but how do you know people really do it?!Trust. It’s mainly down to honesty, but becausethe sponsors make their promise to a friend notto us, a faceless organisation, and because it’sdisplayed publicly for all their friends to see,there’s a much greater level of commitment.What’s more, we send them regular reminders,and at the end of the two month sponsorshipperiod they have to return and con rm howthey got on.
  33. 33. And does doing something for two monthsreally have much of an impact?Yes. Because two months has been shown tobe long enough to form new habits, resulting inlong term behaviour change.
  34. 34. And if you’re not asking for money, how on earthdo you make any money?!Ah ha! That’s the interesting and exciting bit.That’s where our plans to scale and grow reallykick in.We’re starting to develop subscription packsdesigned to help companies, schools, and otherorganisations to actively engage their employees,customers or students in sustainability.There are a couple of other revenue streams too,but I’ll save that for another time…
  35. 35. Our targets are to have40,000 challenges and almost600,000 pledges within threeyears, leading to 90,000 tCO2savings.We hope to become the world’snumber one non- nancialsponsorship platform.
  36. 36. Contact details: Hermione Taylor Tel: +44 7793155 044 @The_DoNationhermione@thedonation.org.uk www.thedonation.org.uk