Heritage Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments - August 20, 2011


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This is the auction catalog for Heritage Auctions 2011 August Dallas Signature Vintage Guitar and Musical Instrument Auction #7048

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Heritage Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments - August 20, 2011

  1. 1. vintage guitars & musical instrumentsaugust 20, 2011 | dallas
  2. 2. Front CoverLots 54183 & 54292Back CoverLots 54120, 54080 & 54211Inside Front CoverLot 54043Inside Back CoverLot 54193
  3. 3. Heritage Signature® Auction #7048Vintage Guitars &Musical InstrumentsAugust 20, 2011 | DallasLIVE AUCTION Signature® Floor Session LOT VIEWING(Floor, Telephone, HERITAGE Live!,™ Internet, Fax, and Mail) Heritage Auctions Design District Annex 1518 Slocum Street • Dallas, TX 75207Heritage Auctions Design District Annex1518 Slocum Street • Dallas, TX 75207 Thursday, August 18 - Friday, August 19 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM CTSaturday, August 20 • 10:00 AM CT • Lots 54001–54308 View lots & auction results online at HA.com/7048LOT SETTLEMENT AND PICK-UPAvailable immediately following session or weekdays BIDDING METHODS:9:00 AM- 5:00 PM by appointment only BiddingExtended Payment Terms available. Email: Credit@HA.com Bid live on your computer or mobile, anywhere in the world, during the Auction using our HERITAGE Live!™Lots are sold at an approximate rate of 75 lots per hour, but it program at HA.com/Liveis not uncommon to sell 50 lots or 100 lots in any given hour.This auction is subject to a 19.5% Buyer’s Premium. Live Floor BiddingTX Auctioneer licenses: Samuel Foose 11727; Robert Korver 13754; Scott Bid in person during the floor sessions.Peterson 13256; Bob Merrill 13408; Mike Sadler 16129; Andrea Voss 16406;Jacob Walker 16413; Eric Thomas 16421; Shaunda Fry 16448; Marsha Dixey Live Telephone Bidding (floor sessions only)16493; Tim Rigdon 16519; Cori Mikeals 16582; Stewart Huckaby 16590; ChrisDykstra 16601; Teia Baber 16624; Peter Wiggins 16635. Associates under Phone bidding must be arranged on or beforesponsorship of Tim Rigdon 16519: Ed Beardsley 16632. Friday, August 19, by 12:00 PM CT. Client Service: 866-835-3243. Internet Bidding Internet absentee bidding ends at 10:00 PM CT the evening before each session. HA.com/7048 Fax Bidding Fax bids must be received on or before Friday, August 19, by 12:00 PM CT. Fax: 214-409-1425 Mail Bidding Mail bids must be received on or before Friday, August 19. Phone: 214.528.3500 • 800.872.6467 Fax: 214.409.1425 Direct Client Service Line: 866.835.3243 Email: Bid@HA.comThis Auction is presented and cataloged by Heritage Auctions© 2011 Heritage Auctioneers & Galleries, Inc. 21873
  4. 4. Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments Specialist Steve Ivy CEOCo-Chairman of the Board Mike Gutierrez Consignment Director Jim Halperin Jim HalperinCo-Chairman of the Board Co-Chairman of the Board Greg Rohan President Paul Minshull Chief Operating Officer Consignment Directors: Isaiah Evans, Mike Gutierrez Cataloged by: Dave Hinson, Jim Baggett Todd ImhofExecutive Vice President
  5. 5. Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments: Condition KeyMint: New unplayed condition.Excellent: Fully functional. May have been used sparingly or well taken care of by previousowner. Item may show faint cosmetic blemishes due to playing or storing.Very Good: May include minimal dents, dings, scratches or other physical signs of previous useor wear and light weather checking.Good: May show signs of previous use and/or wear including dents, dings, scratches, dull finish,discoloration and/or signs of age. Most signs of wear are cosmetic.Fair: Average. May show varying degrees of previous use and wear. Usually a working musician’sinstrument. Showing finish discoloration usually from smoke and slightly heavier weatherchecking. Any instrument will be in this category or below if parts have been changed. Pleaserefer to description for details.Poor: Rough. Possibly not in working condition. Might have repairs and be cosmeticallydistressed. May need repairs and/or maintenance and/or have been severely altered. Pleaserefer to the description for details and view the guitar in person or see the enlargeable imagesonline prior to bidding.Note: Bidders are urged to make a personal inspection of any guitar that they intend to bid onas there is a limited right of return. Please see “Special Term H Guitars” in our auction Terms andConditions.
  6. 6. Want More?Check outour InternetWeekly GuitarAuctions atHA.com/Guitar
  7. 7. SESSION ONE Floor, Telephone, Heritage Live!™, Internet, Fax, and Mail Signature® Auction #7048 Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT | Dallas | Lots 54001-54308 A 19.5% Buyers Premium ($14 minimum) Will Be Added To All Lots To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/704854001 1906/1912 Gibson Style 54002 1918 Gibson L-2 Natural 54003 Late 1920s Gibson TG-0 54004 1937-42 Gibson HG-00O Artist Sunburst Acoustic Gui- Acoustic Guitar, #41756. All origi- Natural Acoustic Tenor Guitar, Sunburst Acoustic Guitar, #N/A.tar, #4917. Label serial number is nal finish. Heavily nicked, scratched #N/A. 14 3/4” body. Guitar has com- Bright, clean original finish. Minor4917 but appears manipulated. Ink and worn. An 1/8” rough hole with plete amateur refinish. Non-origi- pickguard shrinkage crack under Bstamp number on neck block is small crack on treble waist area from nal truss rod cover. Bridge has been string. Otherwise crack free guitar.11200 which would make this guitar pickguard bracket. 5” and 2” back shaved and may not be original. Original bridge and saddle needs toa 1912 which seems more appropri- cracks starting at butt. Bass side Needs neck reset. Original banjo- be reglued. Guitar is still set up withate. Long top crack from soundhole tuners have been replaced. Non- style tuners. Several repaired cracks high nut for Hawaiian style. Very lit-to butt under high E string bridge original Melita adjustable bridge. prior to refinish. Original hard case tle play wear. Original soft casefoot is open and needs repair. Other- Original trapeze tailpiece. Very low, included. Condition: Poor. included. Condition: Very Good.wise crack free guitar. Neck unglued worn frets. Nice, straight neck. No Starting Bid: $150 Starting Bid: $750from heel cap from shrinkage but case included. Condition: Fair.not from damage. Fingerboard is Starting Bid: $200loose from body, from 12th fret tosoundhole. All original finish. Missingpickguard and attachment brack-ets. Original tailpiece and bridgein excellent condition. Hard to findoriginal hard case included. Condi-tion: Fair.Starting Bid: $1,000 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 5
  8. 8. 54005 Late 1930s Gibson L-00 54007 1940s Gibson L-7 Sun- 54009 1948 Gibson L-48 Sun- 54011 1949-50 Gibson L-48Sunburst Acoustic Guitar, #835. burst Acoustic Guitar, #A141. burst Archtop Acoustic Gui- Sunburst Archtop Acoustic Gui-Clean, bright, original finish with typ- Moderate play wear and weather tar, #2270. Replacement, correct tar, #397517. Normal weatherical weather checking. A 4” splint in checking. Bridge has a wood shim in style, tailpiece. Replacement checking and also a few minor dingsback under original finish, appears underneath and has been repaired bridge. Original finish, heavily nicked overall. Original tuner buttons areto be original. Strap rash patterns in the compensated area, missing and dinged. Original tuners. Nice, deteriorating and two are missing.on back finish. Original full thick- thumb wheels. Tuners are single- straight neck. Original pickguard No changes or modifications. Softness bridge and saddle. No fretwear. line circa 1956 to 1960. Tailpiece and heavily scratched. Gigbag included. case included. Condition: Good.Would benefit from neck reset. Orig- pickguard are original. Treble side Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $225inal soft case included. Condition: neck binding is loose at first fret. Fac- Starting Bid: $150Very Good. tory order number is not present.Starting Bid: $750 Soft case included. Condition: Very Good. No Minimum Bid 54012 1950s Gibson LG-2 Sun- 54010 1949-50 Gibson J-45 burst Acoustic Guitar, #N/A. S u n b u r s t A c o u s t i c G u i t a r, Bright, clean, original finish. Weather54006 1939-40 Gibson L-00 #381513. Appears to have been checked and scratched. No cracks.Black Acoustic Guitar, #N/A. Has completely refinished and tun- Original full thickness bridge is prop-a couple of minor cracks on top 54008 1942 Gibson LG2 Sun- ers are reproduction replacements, erly glued. Full height saddle. Nice,that have not been repaired. Nor- burst Acoustic Guitar, #N/A. Has incorrect style. Considerable weath- straight neck. Very little fretwear.mal weather checking overall. No had extensive repairs with cleats on er checking overall and pickguard Lowering the saddle slightly wouldchanges or modifications. Clean gui- back and top. Side cracks have wood crack unrepaired. Bridge has been result in excellent playability. Orig-tar with reasonable neck set. Soft spliced to fill cracks in places. Large shaved down considerably and inal soft case included. Condition:case included. Condition: Good. patch on bass side at end above would benefit from neck reset. Has Very Good. endpin. Numerous nicks, dings, and strap button added at heel. HardStarting Bid: $1,000 Starting Bid: $625 scratches. Replacement bridge and case included. Condition: Fair. several braces have been replaced Starting Bid: $250 or changed. Refretted with minimal fret wear. Slight fingerboard rutting. Hard case included. Condition: Poor. Starting Bid: $2006 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  9. 9. 54013 1950 Gibson LG1 Sunburst Acous- 54015 1952 Gibson J-50 Natural Acous- 54017 1953 Gibson L-50 Sunburst Arch-tic Guitar, #323010. Moderate weather check- tic Guitar, #Z2160 24. Project grade with loose top Acoustic Guitar, #Y6131. All original fin-ing overall with minimal fret wear and slight braces, back strip, and bridge belly. Has side crack ish. Nicked and scratched. Three top cracks fromfinger board rutting in first position. Various dings, on treble side that extends all the way toward the treble f-hole to butt. Non-original replacementscuffs, and scrapes though non-severe. Slight evi- endpin. Has three noticeable top cracks. Back of tailpiece. Replacement correct style tuners. Nice,dence of moisture damage on lower bout at back neck is heavily marred from capo wear. Tuner but- straight neck. Original frets in very good condi-binding. Hard case included. Condition: Good. tons are crumbling. Would benefit from a neck tion. Top crack under base bridge foot with looseStarting Bid: $250 reset and is a guitar worthy of restoration. Soft tone bar. Hard case included. Condition: Fair. case included. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $200 Starting Bid: $37554014 1951 Gibson SJ -200 SunburstAcoustic Guitar, #A7476. Bright, clean, original 54018 1953 Gibson LG-1 Sunburst Acousticfinish. Crack free guitar. Beautiful flamed maple 54016 1953 Gibson J-200 Blonde Acoustic Guitar, #Y384921. Considerable weather check-back. Original pickguard in excellent condition. Guitar, #A13300. Entire guitar has amateur refin- ing overall. Considerable play wear on neck andPerimeter of all top surfaces, pickguard, bridge, ish. Four inch tight crack in upper treble bout area body. Appears to have several replaced bracesand top binding have been coated and glued on flamed maple back. Crack free top. Three side on back with considerable glue residue through-with sparkle. Decal stickers with sparkle “Dusty cracks at treble waist area. Front and back peg- out inside of guitar and around bridge, whichRhodes” glued to lower treble bout area of top. head overlays have been stripped of color and has been reglued in amateur fashion. Saddle hasSparkle from body binding is gone leaving glue refinished natural. Guitar needs to be refretted been reshaped and probably is not original. Tun-residue. Condition of binding underneath glue for proper playability. Original gold tuners. Origi- er buttons are deteriorated. Has two back cracks,unknown. Peghead crown coated with sparkle. nal bridge cracked at end of saddle slot. Hard case at each side waists, that are four inches long. HardMustache bridge hollow areas filled with foreign included. Condition: Fair. case included. Condition: Poor.material. Original frets in very good condition. Starting Bid: $625 Starting Bid: $200Otherwise very nice guitar. Original hard caseincluded. Condition: Good.Starting Bid: $1,250 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 7
  10. 10. 54019 1956 Gibson L-48 Sun- 54021 1957 Gibson J-45 Sun- 54023 1963 Gibson J-45 Sun- 54024 1964 Gibson B-25 Nat-b u r s t A c o u s t i c G u i t a r, #V burst Acoustic Guitar, #U26045. burst Acoustic Guitar, #141518. ural Acoustic Guitar, #101836.762325. All original guitar. Only Has repaired headstock with out Moderate weather play wear with Moderate weather checking over-missing screw in pickguard. Tuner touchup. Has screw hole in top of considerable wear around tre- all. Has back crack at each side nearbuttons are deteriorated, but still back of headstock. Moderate weath- ble side of sound hole. Dings and waist. Appears to have repairedfunctioning. Various dings, scuffs, er checking overall, some tape res- scrapes overall. Some belt buckle side crack at heel, and possible heeland scrapes with some wood miss- idue on pickguard. Various dings, damage on back, but not through repair. Entire guitar appears to haveing on sides. Headstock has some scuffs, and scrapes overall, non- finish. Finish missing on back of been oversprayed. Stamped factoryfinish flaws at top both on front and severe. Soft case included. Condi- headstock, probably from being 2nd. Replacement wooden bridgeback. Soft case included. Condition: tion: Fair. leaned against a wall. Also similar is lifting and will need to be reglued.Good. Starting Bid: $500 minor damage to back of neck in Has later style wooden adjustableStarting Bid: $225 play area, though none severe. Hole saddle. Original soft case included. in side from a soundhole pickup Condition: Fair. jack. Missing endpin. Slight discolor- Starting Bid: $200 ation in various colors on both front and back. Soft case included. Condi- tion: Good. Starting Bid: $400 54022 1960 Gibson LG-1 Sun-54020 1956 Gibson J-50 Natu- burst Acoustic Guitar, #R7026.ral Acoustic Guitar, #V789714. Four inch top crack at treble lowerConsiderable weather checking bout. Original full thickness bridge 54025 1965 Gibson TG-0 Nat-overall. Moderate fret wear to origi- is lifting. Pickguard shrinkage crack ural Acoustic Tenor Guitar,nal frets. Dings, nicks, and scratches parallel to fretboard. No back or side #512250. All original finish withoverall, but no cracks. Top is warped cracks. All original finish is nicked medium weather checking. Tortoiseat soundhole and pickguard. May and weather checked. Would bene- shell plastic top binding is showinghave crack under guard or top has fit from neck reset. Original soft case signs of deterioration, but still intact.come off the brace. Either way, it included. Condition: Fair. Nice, straight neck. Original frets inwill need to be repaired. Changed Starting Bid: $200 good condition. Soft case included.tuners. Soft case included. Condi- Condition: Good.tion: Fair. Starting Bid: $150Starting Bid: $5008 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  11. 11. 54026 1965 Gibson Country 54028 1967 Gibson J-50 Nat- 54030 Late 1960s Gibson J-45 54032 1969 Gibson B-25 Left-Western Natural Acoustic Gui- ural Acoustic Guitar, #102794. Cherry Red Acoustic Guitar, Handed Sunburst Acoustic Gui-tar, #320877. Bright, clean, original Considerable weather checking #600287. Very rare all cherry finish, tar, #542571. Rare lefty model infinish. Original full thickness bridge and possibly moisture damage, heavily weather checked and evi- very good cosmetic condition withis lifting. Very nicely repaired three predominantly on back and sides dence of moisture damage through- moderate finish checking. There areinch top crack from high E string where a lot of the finish is missing. out guitar. No cracks or repairs that three top cracks behind the bridgeto midway in belly. No back or side No changed parts. Finish missing at we can find. Has traditional sad- that appear to be tight. One pearlcracks. All original parts. Would ben- top of headstock near serial num- dle installed in slot from adjustable dot is missing from the bridge. Softefit from neck reset. Soft case includ- ber, but still legible. Tape or glue on bridge. Most likely 1967 or 1968 but case included. Condition: Good.ed. Condition: Good. back of headstock, may be able to does not have belly below bridge. Starting Bid: $200Starting Bid: $400 be removed and buffed back. Bridge Hard case included. Condition: Poor. will need to be reglued. Original Starting Bid: $300 frets show minor play wear, primari- ly in the first position. Gigbag includ- ed. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $250 54033 1970 Gibson J-50 Nat-5 4 0 2 7 19 65 G i b s o n B -25 - ural Acoustic Guitar, #909755.12N Natural Acoustic Guitar, 54031 1969 Gibson Country Considerable weather checking#324224. Very clean cosmetic con- Western Natural Acoustic Guitar, overall. Minor scuff marks from playdition with light play wear and sur- #867017. Moderate to heavy play near pick guard. Very late for ceram-face scratches. One tuner shaft is wear, with finish checking through- ic bridge, so it probably has beenbent. No visible cracks or repairs. 54029 1968 Gibson Country out. Appears to have mild center changed. Guitar shows minor fretOriginal soft case included. Condi- Western Natural Acoustic Gui- seam separation on the top. First wear and minimal play wear overall.tion: Very Good. tar, #513827. Moderate weather fret shows wear. Top x-brace is loose Original hard case included. Condi-Starting Bid: $300 checking overall, minimal fret wear. and needs to be re-glued. Pickguard tion: Good. Two marks on headstock near nut is lifting in various areas. Soft case Starting Bid: $300 from guitar hanger vinyl burn. Some included. Condition: Good. minor scuffs, dings, and scrapes but Starting Bid: $375 none severe. Has original paperwork. Original hard case included. Condi- tion: Good. Starting Bid: $500 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 9
  12. 12. 54034 Early 1970s Gibson 54036 1974 -75 Gibson J-50 54038 1976 Gibson MK-72 Nat- 54040 Early 1900s Martin TypeHummingbird Natural Acoustic Deluxe Natural Acoustic Guitar, ural Acoustic Guitar, #00219792. 00-28 Natural Acoustic Guitar,Guitar, #129099. Minimal weath- #D344346. Almost no play wear, Light play wear with some surface #N/A. Construction of this guitarer checking, a few minor dings and has changed saddle and saddle is scratches, light dings, and strap-to- reminiscent of Martin in all respectsscuffs to finish though non-severe. broken at High E. Minor scuffs and finish reaction on back. Has some but no marking inside nor out of anySome rippling of finish on back near dings overall, area around heel is bridge lift, which does have some maker. Most likely Martin employ-heel. Small crack in back binding in dark but appears to be factory and movement. Hard case included. ee model from early 1900s. One fullheel. Almost no fret wear. Hard case not repaired. Original frets have min- Condition: Good. length visible back crack. No side orincluded. Condition: Very Good. imal wear. Original hard case includ- Starting Bid: $175 top cracks. Original pyramid bridgeStarting Bid: $375 ed. Condition: Very Good. lifting slightly. Back of guitar appears Starting Bid: $300 to have been refinished. Sides, top, and neck appear original. Original bar frets in excellent condition. Peri- od correct tuners. No pencil mark- ings on inside of top as is common for guitars of this period. Hard case included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $750 54039 2007 Gibson Songwrit-54035 1973-75 Gibson Her- er Deluxe EC Natural Acousticitage Natural Acoustic Guitar, 54037 1976 Gibson Humming- Guitar, #03077021. Bright, clean,#A800130. Has crack in bridge and bird Cherry Sunburst Acoustic all original finish. Minor nicks andmoderate weather checking overall. Guitar, #00164980. Minor weath- scratches. Nice, straight neck. BackNeck is loose and will need glue and er checking overall. Various dings, and sides are ovangkol. Three tight,reset. Has crack in top treble side scuffs, and scrapes – all minor. Has unrepaired center seam cracks infrom neck to sound hole but has not two pickguard cracks – one is cen- back. All original parts. Fishman Pre-shifted. Various scuffs, scrapes, and ter of soundhole and is lifted off of fix pickup system. Original hard casedings overall. A few moderate dents brace, also a crack at treble side of included. Condition: Excellent.in top. Soft case included. Condi- neck at sound hole but has not shift- Starting Bid: $300tion: Fair ed forward. Shows minor fret wearStarting Bid: $300 to original frets. Typical thick finish from this era has pulled around gear post washers from tension. Original hard case included. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $37510 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  13. 13. 54041 1928 Martin 2-17 Natural Acous- 54044 1942 Martin 0-18 Sunburst Acous-tic Guitar, #36728. Bright, clean, original fin- tic Guitar, #81650. Rare sunburst finish. Pick-ish. A 2” unrepaired back crack in lower bout. Top guard shrinkage crack at waist area. Five scratchescrack from bridge to butt. Glue smears around on top, along grain lines, appear to be cracks butbridge. Original bridge is lifting, has been shaved are not; they are caused by dragging a pick alongthin. Would require neck reset and new bridge grain lines. Original finish is scratched, nicked, andfor proper playability. Original soft case included. dinged. No back or side cracks. Original tunersCondition: Good. have been changed to Grovers. Very minute peg-Starting Bid: $500 head crack at low E string tuner screw area near outside of peghead. Original full thickness bridge. Guitar would benefit from neck reset. Original nut and saddle. Hard case included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $1,000 54043 1941 Martin 000-18 Natural Acous- tic Guitar, #79925. Has heavy play wear. Top has54042 1937 Martin 5-17 Natural Acous- center seam separation behind bridge. Has cracktic Guitar, #67043. All original finish, crack free from pickguard toward bridge. Upper bass sideguitar. Moderate nicks and scratches. All original bout has added screw for strap button. Bottomparts. Original bar frets in very good condition. treble side bout has 3” x 3” area of impact withGuitar is very playable but would benefit from several cracks. Treble side also has two visible 54045 1948 Martin 00-17 Natural Acous-neck reset. Original soft case included. Condition: fractures and one on the bass side. Back of guitar tic Guitar, #106245. No changes or modifica-Very Good. has a large area of finish removed from belt buck- tions, tuner buttons are deteriorated and two are le wear. Back of neck shows heavy signs of wearStarting Bid: $750 missing. Minor fret wear and light fingerboard rut- with capo marring. Tuners have been changed ting. Replaced bridge has glue residue all around and shaft holes enlarged. Would benefit from a in amateur fashion. Entire guitar appears to have neck reset. Has a lot of volume. Hard case includ- been oversprayed with some drips and runs on ed. Condition: Fair. side. Soft case included. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $2,000 Starting Bid: $350 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 11
  14. 14. 54047 1949 Martin 000-28 Acoustic Gui- tar, #109307. Moderate weather checking over- all with play wear in finish below treble side of neck in front of pickguard. May have been refur- bished by Martin. Finish looks rather thick. Tuners are probably not original. Finish missing at bass side on back at waist. Appears to have had neck reset, possibly at time of refinish. Some evidence of glue around bridge, missing end pin. Has two unrepaired pickguard cracks, one near bridge, one near treble side waist. Hard case included. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $875 54049 1954 Martin 000-18 Natural Acous- tic Guitar, #136560. Extremely worn finish on54046 1949 Martin D-28 Natural Acoustic all surfaces. Nicks, scratches, and gouges. One topGuitar, #109215. Complete, very amateur refin- crack in bass lower bout. Five side cracks in bassish. Considerable pickwear and scratches under- lower bout. Three back cracks. Finish bubblesneath finish. Very long scratch on bass side of top, on surface of pickguard may indicate old over-looks like crack but is from dragging pick down spray on top or attempt to seal significant pick-grain line. Original bridge has been finished over, wear. Back of neck finish is worn off, dented, andreglued, and bolted to bridge plate. Non-origi- gouged. Very little wear to original frets. Originalnal pickguard. Crack free Brazilian rosewood back bridge has been sanded thin. Cut through saddleand sides. Strap button crudely attached to end has been modified to drop in. Reasonable neckof heel. Very worn, original frets. Full thickness fin- angle. Would benefit from new bridge and setupgerboard. Inside of guitar clean and unmolest- for proper playability. Tuners have been replaceded other than overspray on back and soundhole with Kluson style with threaded grommet attach-area. Needs neck set. Worthy of professional res- ment system. Hard case included. Condition: Fair.toration. Hard case included. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $625Starting Bid: $750 54048 1952 Martin 00-18 Natural Acous- tic Guitar, #127346. All original finish. Top has significant play wear. Compression crack in tre- ble lower bout area of top. Several side cracks in treble lower bout area from impact. Original full thickness bridge. Two tight back cracks. Worn, low original frets. Needs neck reset. Original hard case included. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $45012 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  15. 15. 54051 1955 Martin D-28 Natural Acous- 54053 1968 Martin 0-16NY Natural Acous- tic Guitar, #142194. Entire body has been over- tic Guitar, #236937. Almost no weather check- sprayed. Crack free Brazilian rosewood back and ing and very little play wear or use. Some minor sides. Typical Martin pickguard shrink crack under fret wear on first three frets only. Has non-original E string, otherwise crack free top. Significant fin- pickguard screwed into top. Hard case included. ish checking in top finish. Oversized non-orig- Condition: Good. inal bridge. Very large oversized bridge plate. Starting Bid: $300 Full thickness fretboard. Guitar would need new bridge, neck set, and refret for proper playability. Hard case included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $1,00054050 1955 Martin D-28 Natural AcousticGuitar, #144546. Finish is very heavily weath- 54054 1968 Martin D-18 Natural Acous-er checked, nicked, and scratched. Entire body tic Guitar, #233485. Completely refinished withappears to have old, very light satin finish add- several repaired and unrepaired cracks. Two holesed. Two side cracks. Two back cracks at bass low- have been filled in top from previous electronicer bout. Original full thickness bridge. Original 54052 1956 Martin 0-15 Natural Acoustic controls. Odd, possibly homemade, replacementmaple bridge plate. Inside of guitar very clean and Guitar, #153079. Very nice guitar. Original full bridge is cracked and will need to be replaced.unmolested. Needs neck reset. Original hard case thickness bridge. Two unrepaired 3” side cracks Has area of several cracks on top near arm.included. Condition: Good. in treble waist area. Minimal nicks and scratches. Replacement pickguard and abalone inlay added Original tuners. Original frets with minimal wear. at sound hole ring. Has moderate fret wear. HardStarting Bid: $2,000 Needs neck reset. Original soft case included. case included. Condition: Poor. Condition: Very Good. Starting Bid: $200 Starting Bid: $500 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 13
  16. 16. 54055 1969 Martin 0018 Natural Acous- 54057 1972 Martin 0-16NY Natural Acous- 54059 1975 Martin N-10 Natural Classi-tic Guitar, #248207. All original finish. Has tic Guitar, #272890. Original finish with minor cal Guitar #370421 All original finish is nickedvery heavy play wear and pick scratching. Origi- weather checking. Very little play wear. Original and scratched. Top layer of neck finish peelingnal bridge has been shaved thin and has cracks full thickness bridge. All original parts. No cracks. from chemical reaction. A 1/4” endpin jack in buttbetween bridge pins. Several areas of finish blis- Would benefit from neck reset. Original hard case but no visible pickup inside guitar. Original fretstering from chemical reaction to plastic mate- included. Condition: Very Good. in good condition. Position marker holes drilledrials. A 3” side crack in treble lower bout. Finish Starting Bid: $400 in edge of fingerboard at 3, 5, 7,and 9 positions.has been worn or stripped from entire shank of Original hard case included. Condition: Fair.neck. Guitar would need neck set and new bridge Starting Bid: $200for proper playability. Top loose from X bracingunder bridge foot. Rosewood bridge plate maybe non-original. Two tight top cracks. Gigbagincluded. Condition: Fair.Starting Bid: $200 54058 1974 Martin D-28 Natural Acoustic Guitar, #349362. Original pickguard has been replaced with tortoise shell plastic. Full thickness 54060 1977 Martin HD-28 Natural Acous- bridge. Bright, clean finish. Minimal nicks and tic Guitar, #396156. All original finish. Nicks, scratches. No cracks. Needs neck set and new scratches and weather checking but no cracks. saddle for proper playability. Original hard case A 1/4” endpin jack with split saddle undersaddle included. Condition: Very Good. pickup. Inside of guitar very clean and unmolest-5 4 0 5 6 19 69 M a r t i n D12-35 N at u ra l Starting Bid: $400 ed. Guitar would benefit from neck reset. Origi-12-String Acoustic Guitar, #249304. All origi- nal frets with medium wear. Original hard casenal finish. Strap rash and soft finish from chemi- included. Condition: Very Good.cal reaction on back and at butt. Two repaired Starting Bid: $500back cracks at bass lower bout. Beautiful Brazil-ian rosewood back and sides. Crack free sprucetop. Replacement pickguard. Full thickness origi-nal bridge. Guitar would benefit from neck reset.Original hard case included. Condition: Good.Starting Bid: $50014 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  17. 17. 54061 1980 Martin M-38 Nat- 54063 2004 Martin JC-16RGTE 54065 1957 Epiphone De Luxe 54067 Late 1960s Fender Wild-ural Acoustic Guitar, #424527. Natural Acoustic Electric Gui- Cut away Sunburst Arc htop wood I Wildwood Acoustic Gui-Bright, clean, original finish. Minor tar, #1018596. Light to moderate Acoustic Guitar, #69144/75149. tar, #14526. All original guitar withnicks and scratches on top. Several play wear with no breaks, repairs, or Guitar has been completely refin- no changes or modifications. Mod-nicks and scratches on back. Crack cracks. Preamp is a Fishman Prefix ished and possibly renecked with ern late ‘60s style tuners. Minorfree guitar. Original full thickness Premium Blend, which functions as different serial number with label weather checking and moderatebridge. Very little play wear. Origi- it should. Original hard case includ- stamped in the back of headstock. play wear scuffs to finish near soundnal hard case included. Condition: ed. Condition: Very Good. Professional quality refinish, possibly hole. Original frets show minor wear.Very Good. Starting Bid: $250 in factory. Probably been rebound Original hard case included. Condi-Starting Bid: $500 with new pickguard, which appears tion: Good. to have been cobbled together in an Starting Bid: $200 amateur fashion. Possibly using old binding. Hard case included. Condi- tion: Fair. Starting Bid: $500 54064 1953 Epiphone Zenith54062 1991 Martin D-41 Nat- Sunburst Archtop Acoustic Gui-ural Acoustic Guitar, #506495. tar, #65587. Bright, clean, orig- 54068 1980s Guild G-5P Natu-Bright, clean, original finish. Minor inal finish with minimal nicks and ral Classical Guitar, #N/A. Labelnicks and scratches but very little scratches. Original pickguard severe- reads “Guild Music Corporation ofplay wear. Good neck angle. Origi- ly deteriorated. No real fretwear or Westerly, Rhode Island, Made innal paperwork in case. Original hard play wear. All original parts. Original 54066 1964 Epiphone F-28 Spain”. All original finish in excel-case included. Condition: Very Good. soft case included. Condition: Very Natural Acoustic Tenor Guitar, lent condition. Bridge lifting slightly.Starting Bid: $625 Good. #173622. Similar to Gibson T-GO, Neck slightly bowed, would benefit Starting Bid: $250 all mahogany tenor Epiphone ver- from refret. Soft case included. Con- sion. Appears to have been altered dition: Very Good. to 8-string. Some extra screw holes Starting Bid: $150 in peghead. Light weather check- ing. No cracks or repairs. Hard case included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $175 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 15
  18. 18. 54069 1904 J.G. Schroeder 54070 Modern Larrivee L-09 54072 2000 Shelton-Farretta 54074 20 02 Taylor 614 - CENatural Classical Guitar, #N/A. Custom Natural Acoustic Guitar, Classical Classical Guitar, #2032. Transparent Blue Acoustic Elec-J.G. Schroeder was a manufactur- #055237. All original guitar with Interesting double sided, double tric Guitar, #20021212113. NAMMer, importer, and dealer of musi- very minimal play wear, and almost back construction method with Show 2003 exhibition model. Beau-cal instruments at the turn of the no fret wear. A few minor dings and entire perimeter of guitar lined with tiful quilted maple back and sides.century. Unknown whether this a scuffs but none are severe. Original ports on top. One top crack in treble Guitar has very minimal nicks andNew York manufacture or European hard case included. Condition: Very lower bout. Bright, clean finish. Back play scratches. Has Taylor Expres-import. Very nicely made with crack Good. and sides Brazilian rosewood or sim- sion System pickup. Frets and neckfree Brazilian rosewood back and Starting Bid: $375 ilar species. No real play wear. Orig- in unplayed condition. Original hardsides. Spruce top has two bridge to inal hard case included. Condition: case included. Condition: Excellent.butt, tight, unrepaired top cracks. Excellent. Starting Bid: $450Ebony, violin style friction tuner Starting Bid: $500pegs. Low E tuner is cracked and willneed repair or replacement. Wouldbenefit from refret and setup. Wor-thy of professional restoration. Verywell made guitar. Neck is loose frombody with unrepaired heel crack. Xstyle bracing. Inside of guitar is cleanand unmolested. Soft case included.Condition: Good.Starting Bid: $500 54071 Recent Larrivee D-05E Natural Acoustic Electric Gui- tar, #23099. Light play wear and 5 4 0 7 5 19 6 0 s D e l Ve c c h i o pick scratches. Has active pickup 54073 1997 Taylor 655 Nat- Dinâmico Natural Resona- that functions. End of fingerboard is ural 12-String Acoustic Guitar, tor Guitar, #N/A. Very interesting missing binding, but it is in the case #970707117. Bright, clean, original Brazilian-made guitar. Eight round pocket. Original hard case included. finish. Three tight top cracks. Very sound hole ports with woven cloth Condition: Very Good. nice crack-free, flamed maple back covers. Back and sides are crack free. Starting Bid: $250 and sides. All original parts. Very Back, sides, and top appear to be little play wear. Original hard case Brazilian rosewood or similar species. included. Condition: Very Good. Tuners are correct fitting replace- Starting Bid: $250 ments. Soft case included. Condi- tion: Very Good. Starting Bid: $45016 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  19. 19. 54076 1994 Dobro Square 54078 1932 National Duolian 54080 Early 1970s Gibson Les 54082 1948 Gibson ES -125Neck Sunburst Resonator Gui- Crystalline Resonator Guitar, Paul Jumbo Natural Acoustic Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui-tar, #S1 132 94D. Light play wear #C3291. Lots of nicks and scratches Electric Guitar, #913520. Mod- tar, #N/A. All original finish, heav-with some surface scratches and to original finish but only one or two erate weather checking overall, ily weather checked. Some areasfingerprint smudges. Has passive minor dents. Original cone is col- some pick wear on front both sides of chemical blistering on the backpickup installed that functions. Nut lapsed. Open crack down center of of sound hole. No breaks or repairs, of neck. Mahogany body. Flat backappears to be replacement brass neck from nut to 7th fret. Name and would benefit from neck reset. Frets braced model. Nice, straight neck.model with string spacing wider date carefully scribed through fin- have considerable play wear and All parts appear original. Origi-than the fingerboard itself. Original ish on top. Would require new cone, slight finger board rutting. Soft case nal tuner buttons are shrunken andhard case included. Condition: Very refret, and neck reset for plectrum included. Condition: Good. deteriorated. Medium fretwear. SoftGood. style playing. No case included. Con- Starting Bid: $375 case included. Condition: Fair.Starting Bid: $250 dition: Fair. Starting Bid: $200 Starting Bid: $500 5 4 0 8 1 L a t e 19 4 0 s G i b s o n54077 Early 1930s National ES-150 Sunburst Archtop Elec- 5 4 0 8 3 L a t e 19 4 0 s G i b s o nTri-Cone Nickel Resonator Gui- 54079 1933-34 National Style tric Guitar, #N/A. Bright, clean, ES-125 Sunburst Archtop Acous-tar, #1661. Original plating shows O Nickel Resonator Guitar, original body finish. Front and back tic Guitar, #N/A. Early examplemoderate play wear with scratches #S4947. Very nice example. Clean, of peghead have been amateurly with flat braced back and all mahog-throughout and a couple of notice- bright body with moderate scratch- refinished. Extra holes in butt indi- any body. P-90 with slug pole pieces,able dings in the lower bout area ing but not dented. Original cone cate former different style tailpiece. but has later style plain trapeze, cir-on treble side. Bass side fingerboard and biscuit in very good condition. A 17” laminated maple body. Nice, ca 1950. Moderate checking overall,binding is missing. Cones and oth- Fingerboard loose from neck at starlight neck and worn frets. Origi- original tuner buttons are deteriorat-er hardware appear to be original. body. Would need neck reset and nal hard case included. Condition: ed and one is half missing. Soft caseOriginal soft case included. Condi- refret for plectrum playability. Orig- Good. included. Condition: Good.tion: Good. inal hard case included. Condition: Starting Bid: $300 Starting Bid: $375Starting Bid: $425 Very Good. Starting Bid: $750 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 17
  20. 20. 54084 1950 Gibson ES -125 54086 1951 Gibson ES-175 Sun- 54088 1952 Gibson ES -150 54090 1954 Gibson ES-295Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui- burst Semi-Hollow Body Electric Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui- Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui-tar, #4374. All original parts. Six Guitar, #A 7253. All original gui- tar, #X9829 31. Very clean cosmet- tar, #16721. Guitar has completevery small unexplained holes drilled tar. Moderate weather checking and ic condition with weather checking non-professional refinish. Wouldthrough original pickguard. Original various dings and scrapes overall. throughout. Has some damage near have been originally all gold metal-finish bright and clean with medi- Original hard case included. Condi- input jack and one noticeable crack lic. Tailpiece and bridge are not orig-um weather checking, nicks, and tion: Good. just below that area. Has newer tun- inal. Tuners are not original. Originalscratches. Nice, straight neck. Medi- Starting Bid: $1,000 ers with the same footprint as the tailpiece and tuners included in case.um wear to original frets. Hard case originals. Brown case with green lin- Original pickups and covers. Veryincluded. Condition: Good. ing. Original hard case includ- worn frets. Gouged and nicked fret-Starting Bid: $200 ed. Condition: Good. board from amateur refret. Good Starting Bid: $300 neck angle. Soft case included. Con- dition: Poor. Starting Bid: $200 54087 1952 Gibson ES -125 Left-Handed Sunburst Archtop Electric Guitar, #Z3427. Bright,54085 1950 Gibson ES -125 clean original finish. All originalSunburst Archtop Electric Gui- parts. Rare and unique original left 54089 1953 Gibson ES -125tar, #322312. Moderate weath- hand model. One rather apparent Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui-er checking overall, fingerboard 3/8 inch gouge at 7th fret area on tar, #Y477432. Various dings, 54091 1955 Gibson ES-225Tappears to have been lacquered. back of neck. Otherwise extremely scuffs, and scrapes with moder- Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui-Replaced tuners with later versions, clean guitar. No play wear. Tailpiece ate weather checking. Has exact tar, #W3550. Bright, clean, origi-but are correct style. Considerable may be new or replated correct replacement reproduction tuners. nal finish with very little wear. Minorfinish wear to neck in play area first style. Hard case included. Condition: Moderate fret and fingerboard wear. nicks and scratches on back. Neckthrough sixth fret. Soft case includ- Excellent. Soft case included. Condition: Fair. joint is open slightly resulting in highed. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $375 Starting Bid: $300 action, needs removal and reset.Starting Bid: $200 All original parts. Original soft case included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $30018 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  21. 21. 54092 1955 Gibson ES -125 54094 1956 Gibson ES -125 54096 1958 Gibson ES -125 54098 1959 Gibson ES-125TSunburst Semi-Hollow Body Sunburst Semi-Hollow Body Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui- Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui-Electric Guitar, #W111025. Has Electric Guitar, #V774330. Mini- tar, #T6506. Bright, clean, origi- tar, #S2450. Bright, clean, origi-repro tuners. Moderate weather mal weather checking and minimal nal finish with nicks, scratches, and nal finish. Has a 3” top crack at basschecking overall. Top finish has fad- play wear. Has various scrapes and dings. All original parts. Input jack is f-hole and a 4” top crack from bassed oddly; possibly has been over- scuffs on sides, but very minor. Tun- loose. Deluxe brown case with pink lower bout to butt. All original parts.sprayed or refinished. Back and ers have been changed to three on a lining included. Condition: Good. Nice, straight neck. Minimal fretwear.sides look correct. Neck has prob- side singles, so there are extra screw Starting Bid: $250 No case included. Condition: Good.ably been off and reglued due to holes. No case included. Condition: Starting Bid: $200glue residue at bottom of neck and Very Good.heel. Evidence of glue all around Starting Bid: $250back; may have been binding reglueor back removal. Also evidence ofglue around top binding. Reasonunknown. Hard case included. Con-dition: Fair.Starting Bid: $200 54097 1958 Gibson ES-225 Blonde Semi-Hollow Body Elec- tric Guitar, #T550135. Moderate 54095 1958 Gibson ES-125T weather checking overall with a few Sunburst Semi-Hollow Body scuffs and scrapes and some pick Electric Guitar, #T550628. All scratches on face. Some evidence of original guitar with only a changed moisture both inside case and back nut at input jack and strap button inside near jack area. Has minor fret added at heel. No breaks or repairs, wear and repaired headstock break.54093 1955 Gibson ES -125 and moderate fret wear, some rut- Original hard case included. Condi-Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui- ting at fingerboard at first position tion: Fair.tar, #W404931. Tuners have been primarily. Minor weather checking Starting Bid: $250changed with Japanese replace- overall. Hard case included. Condi-ments, missing endpin. Has mod- tion: Good.erate weather checking overall. No Starting Bid: $300other changes or modifications,minimal fret wear. Original soft caseincluded. Condition: Very Good.Starting Bid: $250 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 19
  22. 22. 54100 1959 Gibson ES -125 3/4 Sun - burst Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #S880621. All original guitar with normal weath- er checking. Pickguard has additional cut, but appears to be original. Original frets have minimal wear. Has numerous but minor scuffs and scrapes overall. Nut on input jack is replacement. Strap button added at heel. Soft case included. Condi- tion: Good. Starting Bid: $250 54101 1959 Gibson ES-355 Cherry Semi- Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #S606 22. Strong original cherry finish. Factory Bigsby, Gro- ver tuners, and ABR-1 bridge are original. Both PAF pickups have strong output but have had their covers off and put back on. Ground wires from the bridge and varitone control appear to be re- soldered to the braided ground wire of the bridge pickup. There are two spliced wires coming from54099 1959 Gibson ES-330 Natural Semi- the varitone control. All pots have their coversHollow Body Electric Guitar, #S10272. All with the exception of the bridge tone pot. All theoriginal. Has factory stinger at heel, but no evi- electronics function as they should and the vari-dence of repair. Minimal weather checking. No tone is still wired up. There is slight fracture dam-changed parts or modifications. Some slight belt age along the treble and bass sides of the neckbuckle on back, but not through to finish. Original binding area that extends from the non-originalhard case included. Condition: Very Good. nut to the ninth fret. There is also a slight fractureStarting Bid: $2,000 behind the low E tuner where the wing is joined. There is some slight damage around the tun- er bushings from over tightening which is pure- ly cosmetic. The frets have a lot of oxidation, but appear to have plenty of meat left. Interior orange label serial is A 31658. Original hard case included but is missing three feet. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $2,12520 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  23. 23. 54102 1961 Gibson ES -125 54104 1963-67 Gibson ES-120T 54106 1963 Gibson ES-125 TC 54108 1964 Gibson ES-120TSunburst Semi-Hollow Body Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui- Cherry Sunburst Semi-Hollow Sunburst Semi-Hollow BodyElectric Guitar, #Q872235. Minor tar, #101382. Bright, clean, origi- Body Electric Guitar, #105350. Electric Guitar, #84229. All origi-weather checking. Overall a few nal finish. No significant play wear. All original guitar with no changes or nal guitar. Minimal weather check-scuffs, dings, and scrapes. Minor fret Unknown ID numbers and letters modification. A few minor scuffs and ing with minor scuffs and scrapeswear. Tailpiece has been replaced scratched into back of peghead. All dings to body and neck. Original overall. Minimal fret wear and nowith older style, original tailpiece is original parts. Gigbag included. Con- soft case included. Condition: Good. modifications or changes. Soft casein case but broken. Original soft case dition: Excellent. Starting Bid: $450 included. Condition: Very Good.included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $200 Starting Bid: $200Starting Bid: $250 54107 1964-5 Gibson ES-355 54105 1963 Gibson ES-120T Refinished Walnut Semi-Hollow 54109 1965 Gibson ES-33054103 1961 Gibson ES-330 Sunburst Semi-Hollow Body Body Electric Guitar, #179032. Cherry Semi-Hollow Body Elec-Sunburst Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #89908. All orig- Tailpiece and bridge have been tric Guitar, #350721. Serial num-Electric Guitar, #34160. All orig- inal guitar with minimal play wear changed. Bridge pickups appear ber indicates 1965, but has laterinal guitar in very good condition and minimal checking. Almost no to have been replaced. Hole in top 1966 style knobs and chrome hard-with very minimal checking and fret wear, but some vinyl burn on from another unknown tailpiece. ware. Appears to have no modifi-play wear. Very few minor scuffs and back in various locations. No case Neck is coming off and will need to cations or changes. Original fretsdings. Very minimal fret wear. Soft included. Condition: Very Good. be reglued. Guitar appears to have have moderate play wear. Moderatecase included. Condition: Very Good. Starting Bid: $200 moisture damage. Finish is lifting weather checking overall. StampedStarting Bid: $1,000 overall with severe weather check- “Factory 2nd” for indeterminable ing and has turned slightly green. reason. Original soft case included. Hard case included. Condition: Poor. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $300 Starting Bid: $550 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 21
  24. 24. 54110 1966-69 Gibson ES-355 54111 1966 Gibson ES-120T 54113 1967 Gibson Barney 5 4 1 1 5 L a t e 19 6 0 s G i b s o nCherry Semi-Hollow Body Elec- Semi-Hollow Body Electric Gui- Kessel Sunburst Semi-Hollow ES-335 Sunburst Archtop Elec-tric Guitar, #848647. Very heavi- tar, #843144. All original with mod- Body Electric Guitar, #893088. tric Guitar, #112311. Bright, clean,ly worn original finish. No pickguard. erate weather checking overall. Fingerboard has been replaced original finish with minimal weatherClear tap plate protector on tre- Some evidence of water damage on without binding. Neck is collaps- checking. All original parts includingble horn in place of pickguard. Lyre back. No changed parts or modifi- ing into body with severe crack on original Bigsby tailpiece. Chrome-Vibrato tailpiece. One changed cations. Frets show some wear from bass side at neck pickup. Consider- plated pickup covers and bridge.knob. All gold metal parts worn and play. Original soft case included. able weather checking overall. Fin- Control knobs right style but havecorroded. Severe buckle rash on Condition: Good. ish missing from play wear on back gold inserts. Minor wear to origi-back. A 3” round area of missing fin- Starting Bid: $200 of neck. Original hard case included. nal frets. Nice, straight neck. Origi-ish. Heel has dark tinted finish, most Condition: Poor. nal hard case included. Condition:likely factory, is not broken. Replace- Starting Bid: $250 Excellent.ment tuners with filled screw holes Starting Bid: $875from original tuners. Peghead crackalong the lines of tuner screws ontreble side. Guitar is mono but withnon-original “Stereo” marked trussrod cover. Very low, worn originalfrets. Hard case included. Condition:Fair.Starting Bid: $750 54112 1967 Gibson ES-120T Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui- tar, #065397. Bright, clean finish 54114 1967 Gibson ES -335 with typical Gibson checking. Very Cherry Semi-Hollow Body Elec- 5 4 1 1 6 L a t e 19 6 0 s G i b s o n few nicks and scratches. All origi- tric Guitar, #330699. Clean, bright, ES -335 Walnut Semi-Hollow nal parts. All metal parts bright and original finish with typical weath- Body Electric Guitar, #890407. clean. Divots in fretboard to 3rd fret er checking but minimal nicks and Serial number shows to be 1967. If are the only signs of wear on this scratches. Slight surface buckle rash so, very early example of walnut fin- guitar. Original soft case included. on back. Two or three minor nicks ish. Probably 1969 with three piece Condition: Excellent. in neck finish. Amateur replacement neck. Moderate weather checking Starting Bid: $200 nut. All original metal parts includ- overall, with no changes or modifi- ing original Bigsby tailpiece. Nice, cations. Minimal fret wear has some straight neck. Original hard case areas of finish scarring both in center included. Condition: Very Good. from belt buckle and at lower bout at edge treble side. Original hard Starting Bid: $875 case included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $50022 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  25. 25. 5 4 1 1 7 C i r c a 1970 G i b s o n 54119 1970s Gibson ES-335 TD 54121 1974-5 Gibson ES-355TD 54123 1979 Gibson L-5CESES-335 12 Sunburst 12-String Cherry Semi-Hollow Body Elec- Burgundy Semi-Hollow Body Sunburst Archtop Electric Gui-Semi-Hollow Body Electric Gui- tric Guitar, #773293. Early 1970s Electric Guitar, #554019. Original tar, #70899055. Bright, clean, orig-tar, #905879. Minimal weather guitar. Considerable belt buckle finish is weather checked. Original inal finish with medium nicks andchecking, minor scuffs and dings damage to finish on back. Tuners pickguard is deteriorating causing scratches. Pickguard plastic deteri-overall. No major flaws or changed have been changed, but originals corrosion to pickup covers. All met- orating causing severe corrosion toparts. Binding is loose at nut on bass appear to be reinstalled. Missing the al parts corroded. Tuners have been pickup covers and pickguard mountside. No case included. Condition: ferrules and has washers instead. replaced, leaving six screw holes arms. Original tailpiece with wornVery Good. Neck appears to have been reglued exposed. Original frets in good con- gold plating. Original frets with veryStarting Bid: $625 or reset. Moderate weather checking dition. Nice, straight neck. Hard case little wear. Nice, straight neck. Orig- overall. Some evidence of tape resi- included. Condition: Fair. inal hard case included. Condition: due on back of guitar. Original hard Good. Starting Bid: $500 case included. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $1,250 Starting Bid: $45054118 1969 Gibson ES-335TD Walnut Semi-Hollow BodyElectric Guitar, #914921. Severe 54122 1979 Gibson ES -335weather checking overall. Some fin- Wine Red Semi-Hollow Body 54124 1979 Gibson ES-335CRSish missing on neck due to heavy 54120 1972 Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar, #72909078. Bur- Sunburst Semi-Hollow Bodyweather checking in many loca- Signature Goldtop Semi-Hollow gundy finish with light fret wear and Electric Guitar, #71379085. Min-tions. Bridge pickups surround has Body Electric Guitar, #120362. modest play wear. Minimal weather imal weather checking and playwarped and distorted. Original frets Moderate weather checking overall, checking. Both pickups have been wear. Appears to be all original gui-have considerable wear. No changed with considerable play wear on neck changed to Seymour Duncans, has tar with no changes or modificationsparts or modifications. Consider- finish. Original frets have moderate JB model in bridge. Has JMN in the with possibly an original brass nut.able belt buckle damage on back wear. Tuners have been changed to neck. Bridge is probably a replace- Original hard case included. Condi-through finish. Original hard case gold Schaller type. Electronics are in ment. Has some extra changed wir- tion: Very Good.included. Condition: Poor. good working order. Original hard ing, but all works well. Some of the Starting Bid: $500Starting Bid: $400 case included. Condition: Good. screws on pickup surrounds have Starting Bid: $625 been changed. Original hard case included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $450 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 23
  26. 26. 54126 2006 Gibson Lucille Black Semi-Hol- 54128 1961 Epiphone Century E-422T 3/4 low Body Electric Guitar, #01306708. All orig- Cherry Archtop Electric Guitar, #19114. All inal guitar signed by B. B. King, #97 of 150 from original finish with minor nicks, scratches, and Guitar Center’s “King of the Blues” contest. Comes checking. All original parts. Missing 7th fret inlay with COA. No apparent play wear or modifica- dot. Missing B string pickup adjuster screw. Miss- tions. Original hard case included. Condition: Very ing E logo on pickguard. Nice, straight neck. Rare Good. and interesting guitar. Original soft case included. Starting Bid: $625 Condition: Very Good. Starting Bid: $37554125 1980 Gibson Super 400 NaturalBlonde Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar,#83300007. All original guitar with moderateplay wear and checking. Several dings on both 54127 1939-40 Epiphone Sunburst Semi-sides of upper bout for no apparent reason. Has Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #3061. Flat black, 54129 1967 Epiphone E-360TDC Cherrymoderate gold wear. Has very small two inch arch top. Probably from the ‘30s. Looks to have Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #105840.crack on top at waist on bass side bout. Consider- been refurbished or redone at a later date, prob- Riviera with bright, clean, original finish. All orig-able buckle or button damage on back. but only ably in the ‘60s. Tuners have hexagon washers inal metal parts. Original pickguard is slightlysmall area through to wood. Original frets have added in gold. Pickup appears to be newer as warped and missing E logo. Original frets in excel-moderate fret wear. Pickguard is beginning to well. Evidence that back has been removed and lent condition. Very nice, straight neck. Stampeddeteriorate at screw on bracket. Original hard case reglued. Extra hole by strap button. Various nicks, factory second. Hard case included. Condition:included. Condition: Good. dings, and scratches overall. Hard case included. Very Good.Starting Bid: $1,750 Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $750 Starting Bid: $32524 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  27. 27. 54130 1954 Gretsch Electromatic Natural 54132 1956 Gretsch 6199 Cream Archtop 54134 1964 Gretsch Anniversary 6117Archtop Electric Guitar, #11353. Clean, bright, Electric Guitar, #19570. 6199 Convertible/ Sal Sunburst Semi-Hollow Body Electric Gui-original finish with medium nicks and scratch- Salvador Model. Original finish is discolored or tar, #81625. Heavy play wear with finish wornes. All original parts. Peghead wings have been touched up on bass upper bout. Back, sides, and off in several places. Back of headstock and neckreglued along tuner screw lines. Medium wear to neck are copper metallic. Original tuners with one area have center seam separation. Has touch-uporiginal frets. Soft case included. Condition: Good. bent key on G string tuner. All original parts. Met- in several areas on the guitar. Has replaced pick-Starting Bid: $250 al parts corroded. Missing volume knob. Neck guard in bridge. Considered project condition. pulling away from body, needs reset. Original Hard case included. Condition: Poor. paperwork in case. Original hard case included. Starting Bid: $175 Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $45054131 1955 Gretsch Electromatic NaturalArchtop Electric Guitar, #13864. Nice, clean,bright finish. Body binding is beginning to dete- 54135 1967 Gretsch Clipper Sunburstriorate. Missing label. Approximate serial num- Archtop Electric Guitar, #37494. Pickupbers penciled in to back through f-hole. All parts 54133 1960 Gretsch 6117 Sunburst Semi- appears to be original and functions. Action isoriginal, bright, and clean. Very little wear to orig- Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #37198. Original high. Crackle in the pots indicates that the gui-inal frets. Original hard case included. Condition: guitar with minimal weather checking and play tar is in need of service. Scuffing and belt wearVery Good. wear. Discoloration on face of headstock. Original on the back. A few cracks and separations in theStarting Bid: $250 hard case included. Condition: Very Good. binding. Nicks and scratches to the neck. Hole on Starting Bid: $300 the lower bout and an additional screw on the top where the pickguard used to be. Discolor- ation and corrosion to the metal parts. Soft case. Condition: Good Starting Bid: $200 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 25
  28. 28. 54136 1967 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennesse-an Walnut Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, 54140 1970s Gretsch 7670 Country Gentle-#671058. Moderate play wear with light scratch- 54138 1968 Gretsch White Falcon White man Walnut Semi-Hollow Body Electric Gui-ing and finish checking throughout. Medium fret/ Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #68104. tar, #1-17213. Very clean cosmetic condition.fingerboard wear. Binding is loose and crumbling Moderate weather checking overall. Binding is Neck heel is separating causing improper neckin neck joint area. Top binding has some deterio- loose and shrunken in many places. Heel cap is angle. Will need repair. Considered project condi-ration. Missing one knob. Both pickups have out- deteriorating. Original frets have moderate play tion. Hard case included. Condition: Fair.put. Original hard case included. Condition: Good. wear. Some corrosion on metal parts. Various dings and scrapes. Original hard case included. Starting Bid: $225Starting Bid: $425 Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $1,50054137 1967 Gretsch Rally Cadillac GreenSemi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #11716. 54141 1970s Gretsch 7660 Cherry Semi-Has moderate weather checking overall. Bind- 54139 1970s Gretsch 7555 Sunburst Semi- Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #23051. Verying deterioration overall. Large area of belt buckle Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #62180. All clean. All original. Some minimal scratches onwear through center of back finish. Control plate original guitar with some binding deterioration, back and a few dings on front in binding. Nocover is cracked at two corners at screws. Consid- primarily heel cap which is half missing. Minimal changed parts or modifications. Original harderable play wear through finish on back of neck. checking or play wear. Original hard case includ- case included. Condition: Good.Frets show considerable wear through tenth fret. ed. Condition: Very Good. Starting Bid: $450Bridge has been changed to Gibson ABR-1 style. Starting Bid: $400Original hard case included. Condition: Fair.Starting Bid: $27526 To view full descriptions, enlargeable images and bid online, visit HA.com/7048
  29. 29. 54142 1983 Gretsch 7670 Walnut Semi- 54144 1958 Guild Aristocrat Sunburst 54146 1965 Martin F-65 Sunburst Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #3-3006. Label Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #5757. All Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #202865. Hasmarked “7670.” Probably one of the Mexican original guitar. Moderate weather checking, dings, minor weather checking overall. Some evidenceassembled Gretsches in 1983, marketed as “South- and play wear. Back has horrible repair of hole of repair at heel. Belt buckle damage to backern Belle.” Foil sticker on back of headstock is par- cut, probably to repair electronics. Finish is bad- through clear finish, but not in wood. Severaltially obliterated. Glue residue near bridge as if ly burned in the area probably from catching fire. areas of vinyl cord burn in finish. Minimal fret wearglued to top. Minimal weather checking and a Considerable amount of missing finish. Moderate to original frets. Original hard case included. Con-few minor dings. Original hard case included. dings and scrapes overall. Inlays have shrunk on dition: Fair.Condition: Very Good. finger board and some are loose. Probably origi- Starting Bid: $300Starting Bid: $250 nal frets have moderate play wear. Original hard case included. Condition: Fair. Starting Bid: $400 54147 1967 Mosrite Celebrity III Cher-54143 2004 Gretsch G6120BK Black Semi- ry Red Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar,Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #JT04031520. #K0653. All original guitar with no changes orAll original Japanese made Gretsch in unusu- 54145 1962 Martin F-50 Sunburst Semi- modifications. Mild weather checking and moder-al black finish. Very little play wear with original Hollow Body Electric Guitar, #184472. Mod- ate fret wear. Original hard case included. Condi-paperwork. Original hard case included. Condi- erate to medium weather checking overall. Some tion: Very Good.tion: Very Good. button scrapes on back of guitar, but not through Starting Bid: $200Starting Bid: $300 finish. Various scruffs, dings, and scrapes overall. Original frets show light fret wear. Original hard case included. Condition: Good. Starting Bid: $250 Session One, Auction #7048 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10:00AM CT 27