FliP - Regional Food Project
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FliP - Regional Food Project



The presentation documents a wiki established in a project between schools in Norther Ireland and Austria.

The presentation documents a wiki established in a project between schools in Norther Ireland and Austria.



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FliP - Regional Food Project Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cultural Diversity Projectshttp://flipregionalfood.pbworks.comhttp://flip2011.pbworks.compbworks: wikisoftwarefreeversion100 users, 2GBsupportsembedding, pages
  • 2. Partnership:Cookstown PS, NI, class 7Joanne MurraySt. Patrick‘s High School, Keady, NIPaul LaveryTourismusschulen Bad LeonfeldenGerda WeißHBLA Lentia (fashion, productmanagement)Martin StummerBRG Schloss WagrainHerbert Dutzler
  • 3. Challenges:
    Findingpartnersfor English teachers
    • Meaningfulinputfrombothpartners
    • 4. Curricular challenges
  • Visits 
    Herbert @ Cookstown PS: PPP on Austrian life had a great impact on the children ~frequently referred to during… & www.cps7animation.pbworks.com
    Martin @ Cookstown PS: worked with a group of children going on a Spanish Exchange visit ~ valuable & appreciated by parents, teachers & children alike!
    Cieran McCrumlish @ HBLA Lentia: engaged in interviews with students on cultural aspects of NI
  • 5. Impact on Learning
  • 6. http://flipregionalfood.pbworks.com
    The only problem is that you get stomachache if you eat the Krapfen hot.
    Our tongues are watering just looking at it.  It looks like a doe nut with sugar on it.
  • 7. http://flipregionalfood.pbworks.com
    In the Leberkäsesemmel is Leberkäse, a sort of pasty. In the pasty is beef and pork and a lot of spicery.
    This snack looks very unusual.  I think we have those bread baps in Northern Ireland.
  • 8. http://flipregionalfood.pbworks.com
    On a Grammelschmalz-brot  isn´t  any sugar on it. It must not be wheaten bread, for the Grammelschmalzbrot. What exactly are the wee crispy bits?  They do look scrumptious!
  • 9. http://flipregionalfood.pbworks.com
    Most schools would serve Irish stew as a Saint Patrick’s Day meal or just as a meal on any other day.
    The potatoes are okay, but the meat looks ugly, and it is swimming in a terrible sauce.
  • 10. http://flipregionalfood.pbworks.com
    Do you eat Boxty for breakfeast?
    You can eat boxty anytime you want either morning or night.
    How many people in your class like Boxty?
    Absoloutlyno one eats boxty in our classroom even though it tastes really good.
  • 11. http://flipregionalfood.pbworks.com
    Between the 3rd and 4th hour we mostly eat “Gabi's Fitnessweckerl”. This is a roll of bread with some salad, ham and cheese in it. Sometimes there are tomatoes and radish in it, too.
  • 12. http://flipregionalfood.pbworks.com
    On other days we prefer junk food and sweets like pizza, donuts and other kind of chocolate, but we eat everyday some fruits.
  • 13. http://flipregionalfood.pbworks.commultimedia contents:
  • 14.
    • MON: Chicken Crumble or Chicken Casserole, Carrots, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Fruit, Yoghurt
  • Impact Pupils’ Learning
    Surprises along the way?
    Maturity of responses & online netiquette
    Desire to share with parents, peers, visitors …
    Impact of written exchanges & also class visits on the children:
    Inspired an animation movie about Austria.
    Herbert & Martin got special mentions in the script!
  • 15. Impact on Teacher’s Learning
    ICT Skills (e.g. uploading movies)
    Personal Skills (learning from other teachers’ approaches)
    Developing learning across the curriculum.
    Appropriateness to achieving NI ICT Accreditation
    Explore / Exchange / Express / Exhibit / Evaluate
    Multimedia work / Online collaboration