Ten Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry<br />Keeping your basement dry can be quite a challenge. But a few smart tips and trick...
10 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry
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10 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry


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10 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry

  1. 1. Ten Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry<br />Keeping your basement dry can be quite a challenge. But a few smart tips and tricks at your aid can see you through the problem smoothly. Here are ten simple and effective tips that will help you keep your basement dry. <br />Tip 1<br />Identify the cause. Ascertaining where the water in your basement is coming from can help solve the problem to a great extent. Figure out if the problem is coming from an external source or there is some internal leakage. <br />Tip 2<br />Installation of rain gutters can also prove to be of great help in keeping your basement dry. They ensure that the water does not for a pool inside your basement. Also, make sure that you keep your gutter clean and free of any kind of blockage at all times.  <br />Tip 3<br />You need to take steps to prevent condensation in your basement. If there is too much moisture in the basement, it is bound to condense, making your basement all wet. To avoid any kind of condensation, try to maintain an adequate air flow in the basement. Keeping your basement ventilated will prove to be of help here. <br />Tip 4<br />The ground around the foundation of your house should slope away from the structure. If the ground is not sloping, it can cause water to stagnate, which could lead to damage of your basement. In case, you can’t change the direction of slope, try digging a shallow drainage ditch. <br />Tip 5<br />Waterproofing your basement is also a good idea to keep it dry.  Waterproofing ensures that there are no leak problems. Opt for an effective basement waterproofing contractor to serve your needs.  <br />Tip 6<br />Make sure that there are no shrubs and plants surrounding the house.  Even if the plant surrounding your house is quite small, chances are that it can have large roots. These large roots can direct all the water to your basement.  <br />Tip 7<br />Keep your walls in check. Most leakage problems in basements are caused due to walls. You need to frequently inspect your walls to ensure whether there are any kinds of cracks or fissures that can allow entry for moisture. <br />Tip 8<br />Sealing the concrete walls in your basement is also a good idea to keep your basement dry. When the walls are sealed, the entry for moisture is successfully prevented. However, make sure that you do not seal the last three inches that are closest to the floor.  <br />Tip 9<br />How about putting a higher flower bed close to your basement? You can raise the height of the flower bed by adding soil to it. A raised flower bed will ensure that the water does not seep inside the basement, keeping it dry forever.  <br />Tip 10<br />Check for any sources of moisture. Are there any leaks or fissures that can disperse moisture in your basement? If yes, then make sure that you fix it at the earliest.  <br />For more information on Basement Waterproofing NJ visit <br />http://herbfrywaterproofing.com<br />