Basic stock investment rules

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some rules for newbie in stock market

some rules for newbie in stock market

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  • 1. Some Basic Stock Investment Rules
    Nguyen Hung Luan– K15C1a – C097729
  • 2. The Stock Market
  • 3. Putting their money to a certain business and make more money.
    Investing in the stock market requires an active stock market strategy.
  • 4. Successful investors must have special skills and a detailed research of a specific market.
    The most important factor is that each investor must have a suitable portfolio
  • 5. Some basic issues:
    1 - Determine the investment goals clearly
  • 6. The more profitable income you have the more hidden risks you may challenge to
  • 7. There is two streams of income:
  • 8. 2 - Choose a potential company
  • 9. You should not worry about what the market will do, you only need to focus on what the company will do.
  • 10. 3 - Choose a right time to buy stocks
    You must watch carefully the moves and foresee the suitable time to buy them in low price and sell them with higher price.
  • 11. 4 - Never put all your money into one pocket
  • 12. Let them prove themself first then you will consider putting your money into.
  • 13. 5 - Low price stocks
    Remember: Value for money
  • 14. 6 - Learning to follow your head rather than your heart:
    The common mistake of almost investors is that they often hope when they should worry about it and conversely
  • 15. Good investment decisions are not finding the biggest motor but the most efficient motor.
  • 16. 7 - Watch out when the market continuously go down
    But there are some stocks still make profitability after that shock.
    If you have good portfolio, even investing in red stock bring profitability to you.
  • 17. Building a flexible and successful portfolio is not easy
    The investors need to understand and try to foresee the problems above
  • 18. They should not apply these theories rigidly
    They need to modify the objectives and goals that are more suitable for market’s fluctuations
  • 19. This is end of my presentationThank you for listening
  • 20. Reference:
    • Stock Investment Magazine 56 – 11/5/2011
    • 21.