Maintaining your brand with these top tips


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3 top tips to keep your brand coloring on

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Maintaining your brand with these top tips

  1. 1. Maintaining your company brand3 top tips to keep your brand colouring on
  2. 2. Contents1. Tip one: Brand goal setting2. Tip two: Brand reinforcement3. Tip three: Employee and client interaction4. Source List
  3. 3. Tip 1: Brand goal settingSetting goals for your brand will help you keep a measurable agendafor your brand success so making sure that you list these goals right atthe forefront of your brand launch is essential.There are for steps to take to formulate your brand goals:1. Identify what you want to ultimately achieve with your personal brand2. Break down your ultimate goal into milestone goals and set timeframes for achieving them3. Create supporting tasks to help your milestone goals and schedule them quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily etc.4. Keep your goals in a place you will see daily to keep them in the top of your mind
  4. 4. Tip 2: Brand reinforcementThere are various ways to ensure that your brand is reinforced in the public eye and there are 5ways to go about this either individually or as part of a greater campaign:1. Advertising: Brand advertising plays a huge role in reinforcing brands. It showcases brand worth through multiple media outlets including online advertising, behavioural advertising, print media, broadcast and a plethora of other outlets.2. Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Conferences: A brand can be reinforced through exhibitions were your brand is demonstrated and tested as buyers and shoppers come in contact with your brand and your company.3. Events and Sponsorship: Events and sponsorship is another viable medium used in strengthening your brand. Virtually all brands’ targeted audiences can be reached via event sponsorship.4. Merchandising: In store displays and store designs are vital communications tools that can guide customers towards making purchases.5. Promotions: Promotional activities can go a long way to strengthen brand relationship and loyalty. Rewarding customers by providing additional incentives encourage customers to create a relationship with your brand and your company. 360
  5. 5. Tip 3: Employee and client interactionsThere are simple ways to gain a brand reputation amongst your existing client baseand these can be instilled by a few easy to do techniques:1. Answering machines: Make sure that your business telephone systems are set up to automatically answer prior to pick up from external sources such as clients or potential clients and that in the automatic answer your new brand is clearly stated and relayed in a professional way2. Employee awareness: Make sure that if you are re-launching or changing your brand that you hold either nuclear or smaller unit meetings within your company to explain your new brand or adjusted brand to your employees as they are more likely to get excited about it and promote it via every day activity than if you were to just send out a circular via email3. Signature templates: Create an email template signature that promotes your new brand and social networking channels and send it out to your employees for them to attach to the end of their email signatures. This way employees and clients will automatically start adjusting to your new or adjusted brand and maintain the awareness around it.
  6. 6. Source list1. Content:Please click through to quoted sources by clicking their referencewithin text as they are hyperlinked to the original content foundon the web2. Design:The design is created as an originalImages found in the design of this presentation are taken fromFlickr and can be found here:• Image by: rwkvisual• Image by: david.nikonvscananon• Image by: matthewthecoolguy