How to start your own beauty therapy business


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How to start your own beauty therapy business

  1. 1. Each month we look at how people havesuccessfully turned their hobby into theirprofession. This month we continue this featurewith a look at beauty therapy. Here we will bediscussing the most important factors and issuesyou may come across when setting up your ownbusiness as a beauty therapist.
  2. 2. Beauty therapists carry To become a qualifiedout facial and body beauty therapist you musttreatments on clients. sit a professionalThese treatments aim to qualification at a college.enhance the appearanceof the client or toimprove their general It is important that you dowell-being. not perform treatments on clients without thisIt is common for beauty qualification.therapists to start offworking in a beauty Normally this will be a fullsalon and then become a time college course;freelancer. This is however, modules canbecause working for a usually be broken up socompany allows you to that you can learn part-learn from colleagues time.and get the necessarytraining and experiencein many areas of beautytherapy.Most freelance beautytherapists enjoy theflexibility that workingin the industry brings, asclients hours can befitted around family life.
  3. 3.  This is a client-facing profession so being friendly, easy to talk to and professional is very important. As well as having solid beauty therapy skills, you will need strong sales skills to make your freelance career successful. This is because you will need to convince your clients to try a wider range of beauty treatments and refer your services to their friends if you want to increase your business income. It is also important to be mobile, as you may be travelling to lots of different clients’ homes during your working day, so having a driver’s licence is essential.
  4. 4. When you’re setting up a freelance beautytherapy business, you should research whichtreatments are popular and which treatments yourcompetitors are offering to help you decide on theservices you should provide. You should also thinkabout your own strengths and even about offeringsome unique or unusual services to help you standout from the other therapists. You will also needto consider what equipment is needed to performeach treatment - remember that you will bevisiting clients’ houses, so this equipment needs tobe portable.This is an industry which is constantly evolving, soyou need to be able to keep up to date on thelatest trends. At the moment there is a growingdemand for semi-permanent eyelashes and high-definition eyebrow shaping. However, newtreatments are often inspired by celebrities andtelevision shows, so keep an eye on any referencesyour clients make.Top Tip Box:Some examples of freelance beauty treatmentsand other useful resources to help you start youown business can be found on our business start-up Pinterest board.
  5. 5.  It is vital to make sure you have insurance cover before you carry out any beauty treatments. There are several organisations which offer specialist liability insurance for beauty therapists. If youre going to join an organisation like BABTAC, then your membership might include a good insurance package. Getting to grips with your finances and taxes is an extremely important part of becoming a freelancer. Since you will have no guaranteed salary, you should ensure that you have a financial cushion (roughly 6 months’ worth of expenses) so that you can support yourself if you have no jobs or become ill. Making sure you are paying the correct amount of tax can be a challenging task. The best thing to do is to check the Inland Revenue website and make a call to the helpline for the newly self-employed (0845 915 4515). You will be responsible for keeping all your receipts and records for six years to complete your annual self-assessment tax form. Keeping your own accounts can be quite a time- consuming task, so look into small business accounting software which can simplify the whole process.
  6. 6. Becoming a freelance beauty therapist is a great idea if you like working with people and want flexible working hours.You will be expected to keep up to date with new fashions and beauty trends, so this is a career in which you will be constantly learning new skills. The entry barriers to establishing yourself in thisindustry are relatively low, and experience will be your greatest asset.