Emailvision Case Study: Mercedes-Benz


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A case study on how Mercedes-Benz increased customer engagement with a custom made solution provided by Emailvision

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Emailvision Case Study: Mercedes-Benz

  1. 1. “Emailvision provided us with a fast and simplesolution that not only measures the performanceof our online campaigns but also helps us to createmore sophisticated and relevant messages.’’Mercedes-Benz Case Study: Mercedes-Benz
  2. 2. Case Study: Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz™ increases customer engagement with customsolution developed by Emailvision™.Challenges The Challenge• Content, frequency and design of local email marketing In Belgium alone, Mercedes-Benz has 110 local dealerships were not consistent with corporate guidelines selling over 20,000 cars per year. Online communication is an important channel for Mercedes-Benz’s retention marketing• Need for better customer engagement - target of 25% but their strategy for delegating email marketing to local open rate and 10% click through rate dealerships was not effective enough. The range in level• Inability to monitor email marketing and report on their of communication with their customers was varied – some success dealerships engaged regularly with their community, while• Some dealerships struggled to find time to send relevant others did not have sufficient resource. In addition, when emails were sent, the quality of the content was often not email marketing campaigns consistent with Mercedes-Benz’s corporate messaging.• Reach younger online audience to promote A Class model Mercedes-Benz needed a solution that would be easy to integrate into their infrastructure and that would make onlineKey Achievements marketing easy for local dealerships, while enabling head office•Dealerships able to deploy customer email in 60 seconds to maintain the standard and deliverability of the emails sent.• Customer emails 100% compliant with corporate and brand The Emailvision Solution guidelines Based on Mercedes-Benz’s requirements, Emailvision’s• Open rate of 40% Custom Development Team completed the detailed analysis,• Click through rate of 11% design, implementation and testing to deliver a solution that empowered each dealership to send targeted email marketing campaigns to clients in multiple languages.Emailvision Product Being SaaS-based, each dealership could access the platform• Custom Development of Campaign Commander from any location at any time. All they needed to do was upload their content, segment their client database and scheduleAbout Mercedes-Benz the delivery of their campaigns. Dealerships now have theHeadquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Mercedes is a division flexibility to create marketing messages based on ready-madeof the German manufacturer Daimler AG. The name first content produced by Mercedes-Benz’s head office or to tailorappeared in 1926 under Daimler-Benz but traces its origins messages based on the needs of their local customers. Withto Daimler’s 1901 Mercedes and to Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz the click of a button, each dealership can create newslettersPatent Motorwagen, widely regarded as the first automobile. from a selection of content such as advice on tyres for winter,The Mercedes-Benz brand is synonymous with excellence or the latest corporate information.and efficiency to vehicle buyers and drivers all over the world. In addition to the ease of use for dealerships, it was crucial that Mercedes-Benz’s head office was able to maintain visibility of“Emailvision’s Custom Development Team has developed local dealer communications. With sophisticated user rightsa fast and simple solution that keeps email marketing in management, Mercedes-Benz could be confident that all email campaigns would be consistent with corporate guidelines bythe hands of local dealerships, while making it easy to creating a fixed layout for emails and producing newslettermaintain consistency with our corporate guidelines. Using topics that dealers were required to send to their clients fourCampaign Commander, we’re now able to measure and times a year.learn from the performance of our email marketing and As a result of using Campaign Commander, Mercedes-Benzgoing forward, we plan to use the information about our saw a considerable return on investment; achieving averagecustomers to develop more sophisticated and relevant open rates of 40% and click-through rates of 11% which led tomessages.” potential sales. The number of dealerships sending emails to their customers also increased due to the fact that dealershipsMichiel Corluy were able to create emails in 60 seconds.E-Business Officer Moving forward, Mercedes-Benz plans to work with EmailvisionMercedes-Benz Cars to develop even more relevant and sophisticated online marketing campaigns based on customer behaviour and preferences. They are also exploring the ability to automate the delivery of these campaigns in order to minimize the effort required from local dealers.