Teeth whitening in a flash


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Teeth Whitening Blackburn - Healthysmiles provides professional teeth whitening by expert cosmetic dentist. Call us on 03 9877 2035

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Teeth whitening in a flash

  1. 1. Teeth Whitening In a FlashMany people feel uncomfortable about the appearance of their smile. Over time, certain foods, drinksand aging can cause teeth to yellow. However, you no longer have to live with an aging, yellowing smile.With the emergence of new technology, such as Zoom teeth whitening, it is now possible to whiten yourteeth and enjoy the beautiful smile you want. If you are looking for teeth whitening in Australia, youwill be surprised to learn how affordable this form of teeth whitening is.Zoom Teeth WhiteningThis treatment is now offered in a dental clinic by your dentist. The entire process does not take verylong to complete. A single appointment is all that is needed to get whiter teeth. Also, the gums areprotected with a covering during the treatment and will not be affected in any way.Fast ResultsOne of the main benefits of zoom teeth whitening is the fast results it offers. The entire treatment onlytakes about an hour and by the end of the treatment, you will have the results that you want. In fact,most people see results that leave them with teeth that are six to eight shades whiter than when theywalked into the dentists office. The results also last for months at a time, which is also a big benefit aslong as the teeth are maintained at home. Some patients may experience mild-moderate sensitive teethfor up to 24 hours after the treatment.How it WorksOnce you are in the dentists office, the treatment starts by protecting the lips and gums so that only theteeth are exposed. Next, a special whitening gel that includes hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth.This gel works to begin removing stains on the teeth. Then, a special light is shone right on the gel,activating the gel ingredients. The gel is applied three times in one treatment, approximately fifteenminutes apart. This means that youll only spend about 45 minutes to an hour having the treatmentcompleted.
  2. 2. Zoom teeth whitening allows you to get a whiter smile in a flash. Your dentist will probably give you ahome touch up kit that you may use after a few months as well. To enjoy longer results, you may needto avoid certain beverages or foods to avoid staining teeth once again. This may include beverages suchas tea, coffee, soda and coloured drinks. Foods such as sauces, marinades and coloured food should beavoided for the first 24 -48 hours after treatment.After all, your smile is definitely worth that investment.Healthy Smiles is a family friendly dental clinic in Melbourne. We offer teeth whitening and root canaltreatment as well as general treatments. Contact us at our http://www.healthysmiles.com.au clinic atBurwood East 3151 in Australia.Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Teeth-Whitening-In-a-Flash&id=7590826] Teeth Whitening Ina Flash