Affordable cosmetic dental clinic in melbourne – healthy smiles initial consulting free


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Melbourne Cosmetic Dental Clinic Offers Cutting Edge Treatments and State of the Art Facilities. Request a free consultation today.

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Affordable cosmetic dental clinic in melbourne – healthy smiles initial consulting free

  1. 1. Affordable Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Melbourne – Healthy Smiles | Initial Consulting FREE
  2. 2. August 29, 2013 – Finding a dental clinic Melbourne that offers affordable care can be difficult. As cosmetic dentistry becomes more popular, many consumers want to enjoy a healthier, more beautiful smile. However, since cosmetic procedures may be expensive, some individuals never get the smile they way. One cosmetic dental clinic, Healthy Smiles, offers affordable treatments, making it financially feasible for patients to get the dental care they need. Healthy Smiles – Preferred Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Melbourne The Healthy Smiles dental clinic Melbourne offers cutting edge dental treatments, including cosmetic solutions and general dental treatments. The dental technologies used within the office are state of the art and the latest dental equipment is used for treatments as well. This clinic also provides state of the art facilities that are clean, stylish and designed to provide a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere for each patient that visits. The friendly, experienced dentists at Healthy Smiles provide exceptional cosmetic solutions for patients. According to Dr.Ved Berani, the owner and principle dentist of Healthy Smiles, “Our cosmetic dental clinic has come a long way, and today we are at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry, offering our patients the best care possible with the latest treatments, such as CEREC and Sleep Dentistry.” Stop by for FREE Initial Consulting, Quote and Other Information -
  3. 3. Affordable Cosmetic Dental Solutions by Healthy Smiles: For patients that desire a whiter, more brilliant smile, affordable teeth whitening options are available. Smile designing is also offered by this cosmetic dental clinic. Other cosmetic services offered include implants, porcelain crowns and veneers, white fillings and single visit porcelain restorations with the CEREC system. Not only can patients enjoy finding the right cosmetic solutions for their dental needs, but also Healthy Smiles works to make these solutions affordable. Patients looking for a quality dental clinic Melbourne will find that Healthy Smiles offers more than just cosmetic dental treatments. General dental treatments are also provided by this clinic for adults, seniors and even children. For those that need routine, general treatment, the clinic provides general dental care. General Dental Treatments Offered by the Clinic includes: - Bridges, wisdom teeth, root canal treatments, crowns, restorative fillings, dentures periodontal treatment and many more Emergency dental treatment is available for dental emergencies as well. Dr. Berani notes that, “Emergencies happen when they are least expected, but our clinic is committed to treating emergencies on the same day, ensuring that our patients are not left in pain.” The clinic carefully schedules appointments to ensure that they are able to treat emergencies to ensure patients get the quick treatment and pain relief needed. Why Choose Cosmetic Dental Clinic – Healthy Smiles? 5 More BENEFITS: Healthy Smiles goes far beyond offering simple cosmetic and general treatments in their office. This dental clinic Melbourne offers many special services that are designed to keep patients calm, relaxed and as comfortable as possible. The office is comfortable, providing DVD presentations, complimentary refreshments and free Wi-Fi for patients. To keep patients distracted and relaxed while undergoing dental care, DVDs and iPods are available to patients. Payment plans are another helpful service offered by the clinic, making it easier for patients to afford the care that they require. To learn more about Healthy Smiles, the clinic’s services or to schedule you’re appointment, OR give the clinic a call at 03 9877 2035. Contact: Company Name: Healthy Smiles Dental Group Address: 150 Canterbury Road Blackburn South Vic 3130 Phone: 03 9877 2035 Email: Website:
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