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COPD Canada 2011


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COPD Canada is an independent *non-profit patient association focused on providing educational information for people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

COPD Canada is an independent *non-profit patient association focused on providing educational information for people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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  • 1. COPD Canada Addressing the needs of the Canadian COPD Patient
  • 2. COPD Canada COPD Canada is an independent non-profit patient association focused on providing educational information for people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • 3. COPD Canada Mandate Our goal is to build national public awareness of COPD and to upgrade the information and services currently available to those with COPD and their caregivers. The group’s long-range objectives include the early diagnosis of COPD as well as enhancing the understanding of the disease through education and advocacy
  • 4. COPD Canada Advisory Board Advisory Board Members Dr. Ken Chapman, Respirologist Dr. Harry Krakowski, General Practitioner Meeran Manji, RN Andrea Robarts, RN Sandi Leckie, RN Nadine Budd – Creative Director Mitchell Shannon, CEO – Chronicle IR Henry Roberts, Publisher Mary Layton, Founder
  • 5. Sponsorship Platforms Web Site Sponsorship Patient Newsletter sponsorship Living with COPD Professional Newsletter sponsorship The COPD Digest Patient Education Seminar Sponsorship Radio and Television public service ad sponsorship
  • 6. Web Site The COPD Canada web site is used to collect and disseminate the latest in worldwide COPD news. It also serves as a national archive for the association’s newsletters, public service videos and seminars. As importantly, the web site is the conduit to membership and manages the membership database. To be a member of COPD Canada you must be a COPD patient or a caregiver for a person with COPD. NOTE: an e-mail address is required to join the association through the web site.
  • 7. Patient Newsletter Living with COPD “Living with COPD” is an eight page patient information newsletter that is currently published twice per year. - National circulation is 10,000
  • 8. Velocity Report* COPD Canada Living with COPD *Pick up rate through hospital network Hospital Information Display Channel
  • 9. HIDC Summary Hospital Information Display Channel: provides access to 30 million patients through an extensive network of 500 individual display systems located in 60 of Canada’s busiest hospitals. HIDC National Network Methodology • IDS representatives visit each site every two weeks to replenish the inventory of materials within our displays to ensure no out-of-stocks occur. • Bi-weekly site visits by IDS representatives ensures our clients materials are always available thereby maximizing the exposure of your message. COPD Canada Brochure Utilization Results • A total of 4000 newsletters were received by IDS Canada and a total of of 3,143 newsletters were taken from HIDC displays during the month of June. This represents a 79% pick up rate for one month. AB BC MB ON QC SK TOTAL # of HIDC sites 58 52 28 268 80 14 500
  • 10. Province/Region # of brochures taken Alberta 337 British Columbia 218 Manitoba 193 Ontario 1,737 Quebec 483 Saskatchewan 175 TOTAL 3,143 Brochure Title: Living with COPD
  • 11. Professional Newsletter The COPD Digest “The COPD Digest” highlights and comments on COPD research being conducted worldwide - An 8 page digest (abstract) and dialogue (comment) styled newsletter - Frequency 2 times per year - Circulation 6,800 (Respirologists + select GP/FMs)
  • 12. COPD Seminar Series A pilot patient education seminar was launched in June 2010. The seminar was digitally recorded and is posted in streaming video sessions on the COPD Canada web site. Toronto – June 18, 2010 The Garfield Weston Foundation Auditorium Toronto Western Hospital
  • 13. Radio & Television COPD Awareness Campaigns Radio 30 second public service radio spots (300 in total) will be broadcast on CFRB (Toronto) and CJAD (Montreal-English) following their weather reports Radio spots close with … Sponsored by tag line Television 10 second television public service ads will run nationally (20 times per week) on the Weather Channel network Television spots close with … Sponsored by tag line
  • 14. Planned Activities 2011 • Increase frequency of our patient education newsletter Living with COPD - to quarterly • Increase frequency of our professional newsletter The COPD Digest - to quarterly • Hold a second COPD patient education seminar in Toronto for on-line broadcast
  • 15. COPD Canada COPD Patients’ Advocacy Association Addressing the needs of the Canadian COPD Patient For more information: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Association