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In this edition of Pas Reform Times, you will find more information on our new SmartCount™ counting and dosing system, as well as insights from Pas Reform Academy and the latest news from many forward-looking hatcheries around the world.

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Pas Reform Times 2012

  1. 1. ISA Erpiliç The Netherlands ISA chooses SmartPro™ Turkey Erpiliç supersizes with for new (Grand) Parentstock Hatchery > p. 21 SmartPro™ > p. 9Pas Reform TimesPas Reform Hatchery TechnologiesPas ReformInnovations Cherkizovo PT QL Trimitra Centurion Russia Cherkizovo chooses Indonesia PT QL Trimitra USA Centurion Poultry Inc. chooses Smart incubation for Russias expands with Pas Reform > Pas Reform for a new single-stage largest hatchery > p. 4 p.13 hatchery in Iowa > p. 6Dynamic times demand inspiration,innovation and changeIn a rapidly changing world, with a growing population – From the First Pas incubator, to the advanced capabilities ofand a growing appetite for poultry - the poultry sector today’s modular single-stage SmartPro™ incubation systems,must not only keep pace, but also anticipate where change anticipating where change will lead has driven Pas Reformis leading us. innovations for more than 90 years.Pas Reform sees the impact of these changes through the Today, our technologies extend into HVAC systems, to Reform is committed to excellence and innovation, forexperiences of our customers and partners in different maximise energy reduction and support exemplary hygiene; sustainable growth in the hatchery sector - and throughoutcountries and cultures around the world. the web-based SmartCenter™ information system, to monitor the poultry production chain. and analyse every production cycle with quality data, andNumbers alone are no longer sufficient. Quality counts. hatchery automation, to maintain the same levels of care for We are privileged that our customers, partners and colleaguesUniformity and robustness are the new standards, with massively increased numbers of day old chicks. share the same commitment. Many have contributed to thisexpectations of sustainable solutions that consume less latest edition of Pas Reform Times, to share their experiences,energy, improve hygiene and promote food safety with It is in automation that our latest innovation, SmartCount™, their expertise and the latest news from their hatcheriesrespect for animal welfare. introduces a revolutionary new system for handling large around the world. numbers of day old chicks, using vision technology andAs hatcheries grow larger to handle many millions of day old pattern recognition, to reduce stress for the chicks and These are dynamic times: I hope you find inspiration for todaychicks each week, every aspect of operations must be support the highest standards of animal welfare. – and for what tomorrow will bring - in this extraordinarysupported by information technology, to provide high quality edition of Pas Reform throughout the poultry production chain. From combating rising feed prices to providing sustainable, non-toxic alternatives for disinfection and hygiene, Pas Bart Aangenendt, CEO Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies
  2. 2. Pas Reform Times Dynamic times demand inspiration, innovation and change 1 Pas Reform’s visionary chick counting system 2 Pas Reform’s hatchery automation goes global with LAN acquisition 2 Cherkizovo, Russia 4 Sofia, Bolivia 4 New Pas Reform office in Indonesia 4 Pre-storage incubation 5 VH Group, India 5 Simultaneous transfer of multiple setter trays 6 Centurion Poultry, USA 6 Serfontein Kuikens, South Africa 6 ‘Red Dot’ Award for design quality 6 Pas Reform granted exclusive use of Microban in hatcheries 7 Nutriza, Brazil 7 ‘On Monday they are …’ 8 New Anthoney’s Farms, Sri Lanka 8 Pas Reform launches web shop 8 Erpiliç, Turkey 9 Belpticeprom, Belarus 9 Balance for perfection 10 Pindos Cooperative, Greece 10 Innovations in automation New poster charts embryonic development of the chick 10 SmartTray™: Driving performance and uniformity in the hatchery 11 Pas Reform’s visionary Ross Breeders Anadolu, Turkey 11 Watter® Safe, sustainable disinfection for the hatchery sector 12 New Representative in Peru 12 chick counting system PT QL Trimitra, Indonesia 13 Miratorg, Russia 13 ESM™ Energy Saving Module: Substantial energy savings for rapid payback 14 When eggs are stored too long 15 Granja Pinheiros, Brazil 15 Pas Reform innovations in print and pdf 15 Assuming that ‘anything is possible’ in the hatchery 18 Paragon Group, Bangladesh 18 iPad technology for hatchery managers 19 IKO, Poland 19 Worry-free ventilation for constant chick quality 20 Akyem, Turkey 20 ISA, The Netherlands 21 Kurskiy Agrokholding, Russia 21 Smart™ Incubators: delivering top performance worldwide 22 International appointment 22 Hatcheries are growing in line with increasing demand – and with them, the need for innovations in automation, to Pas Reform introduces web-based upgrade for improve the handling and welfare of the millions of chicks enhanced hatchery HVAC control 23 Amvrosiadis, Greece 23 hatched every week. After three years in development, Pas Reform’s Fresh Air: a prerequisite for life! 24 SmartCount™ represents the most advanced development PBPF, Kazakhstan 24 to date for the high capacity counting, vaccination and analysis of day old chicks. Pato Branco, Brazil 25 Provita, Bangladesh 25 UKPF, Kazakhstan 25 New representative in Colombia 26 Chicks make their own “humidity peak” 26 Inzhavinskaya, Russia 26 Sary Bulak, Kazakhstan 27 Namib Poultry, Namibia 27 Okskaya, Russia 27 Timashevskaya, Russia 27 Misr Poultry Group, Egypt 27 Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF™) 28 Pas Reform’s hatchery LAN’s expertise, says Pas Reform BNA Building of the Year 28 automation goes global CEO Bart Aangenendt, gives the Arax, Armenia 29 with LAN acquisition hatchery industry access to new Nutripollo, Mexico 29 applications, especially in Agrobueyca, Venezuela 29 Pas Reform has acquired Dutch complex handling systems, Circadian Incubation™: a new feature of single stage company LAN, a specialist in robotics and vision technology. incubation 30 custom-made handling and Service Centre Indonesian hatcheries 30 transport solutions – Founded in 1970 and based in accelerating plans for Tilburg, The Netherlands, LAN is Aviagen, Russia 31 globalization within its hatchery well known in Europe and the automation division. USA, with a reputation built on the design and development of2
  3. 3. Hatchery automation: a growing market for innovation Improved efficiency, uniformity and chick welfareMarket demand for modular, single-stage incubation has Pas Reform’s SmartCount™ applies Vision Technology – Pas Reform has produced a full-increased substantially in recent years, with growing a complex pairing of digital imaging and pre-defined colour, fully illustrated brochurerecognition in the poultry industry that a short hatch algorithms, to count and analyze groups of day old chicks on to describe SmartCount™ in detail.window and uniform, robust chicks are critical factors for their way to the chick boxes. For your own free copyobtaining the best performance. of the brochure, please email Image sequences are interpreted using these criteria, or downloadTo keep pace with growing demand for high-quality chicks, pre-set by Pas Reform Academy, to process day old chicks in in pdf format from Pas Reformhatcheries large enough to produce more than two million stress-free conditions. With an accuracy of two chicks per online at www.pasreform.comday old chicks per week are no longer unusual. thousand, SmartCount™s nett system capacity is 60,000 chicks per hour.These growing hatcheries have become highly automated,to handle chicks in such large numbers and to promote short The same level of intelligence and accuracy defines a range‘throughput time’ - another key measure of chick quality, for of key parameters, including smart pattern recognition forits influence on post hatch performance. The case for even, gentle distribution in the right numbers into the chickautomation is further strengthened by the growing cost and boxes at the end of the conveyor and precise, optimisedreduced availability of qualified labour. spray vaccination.At the core of these transitions in the poultry industry, lies aduty of care to the retailer and ultimately to the consumer, SmartCount™’s chick analysis system incorporatesto deliver the highest standards of animal welfare and offer calculations for uniformity scoring – and by integratingcomplete traceability, from egg production and hatchery all SmartCount™ statistics with SmartCenter ™ hatcherythe way down the poultry production chain. information system data, the hatchery is equipped with theTogether, these factors create increasing demand for most detailed level of data analysis and batch reportinginnovation, to support and improve standards of animal available today.welfare - and to increase the availability of information from Integrating Vision Technology for high capacity counting,source. For more information on Pas Reform’s visionary chick vaccination and the analysis of day old chicksIn response, Pas Reform Academy has looked for more counting system, please visit orintelligent, innovative ways to handle valuable, day old contact us directly at +31 314 659 111 or by e-mail atchicks, with minimum impact on their health and well- info@pasreform.combeing, while at the same time reducing their throughputtime.This focus has placed Vision Technology at the heart of anew system for chick counting and quality analysis, toproduce significant increases in efficiency, chick uniformityand standards of animal welfare.Pas Reform has named this latest innovation SmartCount™.customized solutions and LAN Handling Systems will “For LAN, collaboration with Pas expertise in hatchery centre of hatchery automationinnovative systems for the food continue to deliver logistics Reform represents an technologies, will deliver a new worldwide, with innovativeand pharmaceutical industries. solutions to the food and exceptional opportunity to generation of total hatchery solutions and an engineeringKey customers include Kraft, pharmaceutical industries. In further develop Hatchery automation solutions.” capability that can handle evenMars, Del Monte and Nestlé. collaboration with Pas Reform’s Automation products and Pas Reform’s CEO Bart the largest ‘super-hatchery’ experienced, international team services in an industry primed Aangenendt concludes: “Pas automation project, anywhereAn experienced team of 60, – and under the new name of for growth”, says Harm Langen, Reform has worked with LAN for in the world.”including engineers and world- LAN Hatchery Automation – the Managing Director of LAN. “The a number of years now. It isclass production, testing and company’s expertise will also be combination of specialist rewarding to see this developedservice capabilities, joins Pas focused on hatchery automation handling solutions for hatching into such an exciting new Harm Langen, ManagingReform’s Hatchery Automation systems for the hatchery sector eggs and day old chicks, partnership: a collaboration that Director of LAN HandlingTechnologies division. worldwide. partnered with Pas Reform’s places Pas Reform right at the Systems. 3
  4. 4. Cherkizovo chooses Smart™ incubation for Russia’s largest hatchery L - R: Mr. Sergey Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo Group and Mr. Dmitriy Aveltsov, Cherkizovo’s First deputy CEO of the poultry division Russia’s Cherkizovo Group will place Pas Reform’s Smart™ “In a project of such a large scale, Cherkizovo was looking for single-stage incubation and hatchery technologies at the a partner who would not only deliver full technical and heart of Russia’s largest and most progressive new poultry technological support up to and during installation,” he says, complex. “but who would continue to provide ongoing support, to The installation, due towards the end of next year, will finetune implementation, processes and routines, as well as the assurance of (round-the-clock) access to service, Sofia chooses include 108 SmartSetPro™ setters, each with capacity for 115,200 eggs, 20 smaller 57,600 capacity SmartSetPro™ technical back up and parts availability. SmartPro™ from setters and 152 SmartHatchPro™ hatchers. The comprehensive installation also includes a complete line of Sergey Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo Group comments: “This project marks a new stage of development not only for our Pas Reform in Bolivia hatchery automation systems, with automated egg company, but also for the poultry production sector in Russia receiving, egg transfer and chick handling and a hatchery generally, as Cherkizovo Group introduces progressive climate control system that incorporates energy-saving heat standards of effective, competitive production.” recovery systems. Cherkizovo’s new poultry production and processing cluster Each setter will be equipped with Pas Reform’s Adaptive will include five broiler sites with a combined capacity of 10 Metabolic Feedback (AMF™) – the company’s latest million birds, four parent stock and reproduction sites for innovation to ensure that specific conditions are maintained 900,000 birds and a slaughtering complex with a 24,000/ throughout the metabolic development of each embryo. hour capacity. AMF™ maximizes uniformity by optimizing airflow, the evaporation of moisture and air redistribution. At full capacity, the new Cherkizovo complex will produce more than 125,000 tonnes of poultry and meat products per Bolivia’s Avicola Sofia, the largest poultry producer in the With annual production set at 240mn eggs per annum, high annum. country, has recently signed a contract with Pas Reform do levels of automation have been commissioned, to reduce Brasil, for the supply of a complete, modular, single stage labour costs and save time, while delivering accuracy and “We are very proud to have been selected for this important incubation project and HVAC ventilation systems. efficiency in production and promoting high quality in the new development”, says Bart Aangenendt, chief executive of day old chicks. Pas Reform. “This is even more rewarding after Cherkizovo The new hatchery will be located at Santa Cruz de la Siera, Group’s rigorous evaluation process highlighted the to comprise SmartSetPro™ incubators and SmartHatchPro™ The integrated project, being hailed as a ‘live-work-play agro- reliability and safety of Smart incubators, hatchery hatchers, with a complete HVAC system to include air hand­ industrial campus’, will also include broiler and parent stock automation and climate control systems.” ling units, humidity and pressure control and a SmartCenter™ farms, slaughter plant, waste and recycling plant, feed mill hatchery information system, for detailed analysis and and other facilities. It is anticipated that around 5,000 remote diagnostics throughout the new installation. people will live and work on the ‘campus’ when it becomes   fully operational, in 2015. Mr. Mario Anglaril, general manager of Avicola Sofia, says: “In looking for a state of the art incubation system that Dmitriy Aveltsov, Cherkizovo’s First deputy CEO of the would be suited to our conditions, we found Pas Reform do poultry division, says that sound experience with Pas Reform Brasil’s engineers and technicians to be extremely well- as a company and the reliability and performance of its informed in their use and understanding of the latest SmartPro™ single-stage incubation technologies, were the technologies. This combined with the local knowledge that determining factors in choosing the project’s hatchery Pas Reform’s team could bring to an incubation project in a equipment supplier. country like Bolivia was extremely valuable to us.” Pas Reform appoints new that forms an important focus as a sales and service centre, Bas graduated in 1996 with an “This is an important step in my office in Indonesia within Pas Reform’s with the focus on swift, direct MSc in Animal Science from career”, says Bas, “ and I am very international strategy. Mr. Bas customer response and Wageningen University (The pleased to be taking it with Pas Pas Reform has further Kanters MSc, 39, joins the technical follow up. Customers Netherlands). He has lived and Reform’s dynamic team in Asia. bolstered its sales force in the company’s existing Asian Sales also have access to Pas Reform worked in Asia for 5 years, with Great work has been done here,” Asia-Pacific region, with the team from the newly opened Academy – and Bas and the previous roles as area sales he says , “ and I have been appointment of a new Sales Indonesian office – where his Indonesian team work closely manager for Hybro BV and more impressed, especially in recent Director and the opening of a responsibilities extend beyond with Pas Reform’s existing recently area sales manager for years, by the Company’s fourth sales and service office. Indonesia, to include customers offices in Malaysia, India and VDL Agrotech equipment from progress since the introduction The Dutch hatchery technology in South Korea, Thailand, Thailand. the Netherlands. of Smart single-stage incubators company has a strong and Australia and New Zealand. With more than 10 years’ – and by its commitment to its growing presence in a region Pas Reform Indonesia operates livestock industry experience, customers.”4
  5. 5. Pre-storage incubation:a matter of routine?By Dr. Marleen Boerjan, director research & development, Pas Reform AcademyThe care of hatching eggs during storage – at the farm, in Small-scale experiments will help identify the best timingtransit or at the hatchery - is an important aspect of hatchery and length of pre-storage incubation for your own hatcherymanagement that aims to preserve the vitality of the and egg types (see below). To assess results in your ownembryo. hatchery:With optimum temperature and relative humidity, hatchingeggs can generally be stored for one week without • Place eggs for pre-storage incubation on setter trays in setter trolleys, to ensure uniform egg temperature during VH Group hosts Passignificantly reducing hatchability or chick quality. Eggsstored for longer than this are known to benefit from lower incubation. • not incubate eggs on paper trays or in boxes. This Do Reform lecturestorage temperatures (12-14 °C) (Fasenko, 2007; personalexperience). guarantees heterogeneous egg/embryo temperatures, resulting in high levels of early mortality. program in BangalorePre-storage incubation, i.e. incubating hatching eggs before • Disinfect eggs as long as pre-storage incubation isthey are placed in the storage room, is a new approach to performed in a setter located in the setter room (‘cleanstorage management that aims to develop the embryo to area’). Ideally use a specific incubator, located close to thethe so-called hypoblast stage: a stage of embryonic egg storage roomdevelopment that is better able to survive storage. • Pre-storage incubation can be applied when eggs arrive atAccording to Fasenko (2007), broiler hatching eggs reach the the hatchery 3-4 days after production and are scheduledhypoblast stage after six hours of pre-storage incubation, for more than 4 days extra storage at the hatchery.turkey embryos after 12 hours.Layer hen hatcheries have reported improved performance, Guidelinesseeing 3-7% more females after pre-storage incubation for3-6 hours, when eggs are stored for more than 11 days To assess performance benefits and establish pre-storage India’s ‘Garden City’ Bangalore provided the dynamic(Lohmann Tierzucht, Management Guide). incubation protocols in the hatchery: backdrop for a lecture programme presented by Pas ReformIn the broiler industry, positive pre-storage incubation results 1 Egg selection: per egg type, three trolleys for pre-storage recently, when India’s VH Group hosted a seminar forshow at least a one per cent increase on expected incubation with one trolley (same batch) for the control. technical and support staff.  hatchability, when the eggs undergo pre-storage incubation 2 Disinfect: if the eggs are incubated in a normal routineof 3-6 hours on arrival at the hatchery (Fasenko et al., 2001; setter. VH Group’s General Manager for Breeder Sales Service,Fasenko, 2007). 3 Pre-storage incubation: place trolley(s) with (disinfected) Dr. Shetty, has worked with Pas Reform’s sales director, Dr.Eggs scheduled for storage for more than seven days after eggs in a running setter at incubation temperature. Tan Ee Seng, and director of RD at Pas Reform Academyproduction benefit most from pre-storage incubation. Incubate the eggs for 3, 6 and 9 hours. Control eggs stay at and leading embryologist Dr. Marleen Boerjan, to developHowever, many questions, mainly concerning timing and storage temperature. the programme around a series of four lectures on hatchingduration, continue to surround the adoption of pre-storage 4 Return pre-storage incubated eggs to the storage room egg storage, embryonic development and optimisingincubation in routine management practice. (with control eggs) for at least seven days before starting incubation. More than 40 staff members from VH Group the normal incubation cycle. breeder farms and hatcheries, Bala Industries and recentConsiderations for the practice of pre-storage incubation 5 Run normal incubation with both the pre-storage SmartPro™ single-stage customer Sahayadri Hatchery, from incubated eggs and the control eggs. Pune, attended the seminar.Pre-storage incubation is only beneficial if the embryos in 6 Evaluate: compare hatchability - pre-storage incubatedthe eggs are in a very early stage of development. For eggs vs. control eggs. Pas Reform emphasised its commitment to Indian customersexample: if nest temperatures are high and the eggs stay in 7 Repeat this experiment with eggs from at least three in 2009, when the company continued its expansion in Asiathe nest too long, the embryos may develop beyond the different flocks. with the launch of a dedicated country sales and servicestorage resistant stage, when pre-storage incubation will 8 Evaluate all results. If positive, adopt pre-storage center in Udumalpet, to deliver localised support.increase early embryonic mortality. incubation routine as indicated by results. Pas Reform CEO Bart sales and service centre in India Contact details for Pas Reform’s Aangenendt comments, “A few in 2009. Bas has lived and new office in Indonesia are: years ago, realizing the current worked here for a number of and future potential of Asia years. He understands the Raffles Hills, Blok J8 No.5 within our world wide challenges and opportunities for Kel. Sukatani, Kec. Cimanggis operations, we set out a new the poultry industry - and we Depok 16954, Indonesia strategy for Asia that focused on believe his skills will help us to local presence in the region.” achieve further growth in Asia Mobile +62 811 998 162 “We started that journey in with advanced, single-stage Telephone/Fax +62 21 8459 9187 2008 with the opening of the technologies.” E-mail office in Kuala Lumpur and have continued to grow, opening a 5
  6. 6. Simultaneous transfer of multiple setter trays SmartTransfer™ is one of the latest hatchery innovations from Pas Reform: an ergonomically designed, fully automated setter trolley loader that enables a single operator to safely transfer all 32 trays from a farm trolley to the setter trolley simultaneously, in less than two minutes. Centurion Poultry Serfontein Kuikens The new system is one of the first applications to take advantage of recently acquired subsidiary LAN’s expertise in Inc. USA chooses expands with Pas custom-made handling systems. Unlike other systems, the SmartTransfer™ setter trolley loader saves time and Pas Reform Reform in South Africa manpower with a simple, ingenious push mechanism that transfers every tray in a trolley simultaneously. A smooth, for new single-stage Dekalb Layer Breeder producer Serfontein Kuikens will gliding action protects fertile hatching eggs from any sudden movements or shocks, to prevent hairline cracks or hatchery in Iowa extend its collaboration with Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies this year, with the expansion of hatchery other damage to the eggs. operations at Potchefstroom, to meet growing demand for the Dekalb Amber Link breed in South Africa. Easy to operate, SmartTransfer™ is designed for operator Centurion Poultry Inc., the second largest producer of comfort during this normally highly repetitive task. A filled commercial egg layer chicks in the USA, is building a new 18 A new contract was agreed during the South African Poultry farm trolley is pushed into the SmartTransfer™ trolley loader million capacity single-stage hatchery in the State of Iowa, Association’s Annual Show, held recently at Emperors Palace and locked into position. With the door closed, the operator with hatchery technologies from Pas Reform.   in Johannesburg. Present for Serfontein Kuikens’ were sets SmartTransfer™’s electronically operated pusher into directors Jan Serfontein Snr and Jan Serfontein Jnr, with action, transferring all the trayed eggs onto a tray collector Headquartered in Lexington, Georgia, Centurion Poultry’s Bouke Hamminga, Pas Reform’s director of International simultaneously. Commercial Layer Division holds about 25% of replacement sales and business development, and Pas Reform’s South chicks for the egg layer market in the USA, mainly with African representatives, also a family concern, Jankees The operator then opens the door and replaces the farm BOVANS  and DEKALB brands. Since its inception in 1991, Sligcher and his son Adriaen. trolley with a setter trolley. Tray collector guides adjust the company has grown steadily, to incorporate satellite automatically to the correct pitch for the setter trolley – and operations in Alabama, Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Serfontein Kuikens’ hatchery expansion will occur in two all the filled trays are pushed into the setter trolley at the Wisconsin. phases. The first, coming into operation by the end of same time. The whole process is completed in under two November this year, will include three SmartSet™ 115 Setters minutes. The new Iowa hatchery will comprise 28 SmartSetPro™ with one SmartSet™ 38 and six SmartHatch™ Hatchers. In setters and 24 SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, with an annual the second phase, two further SmartSet™ 115 Setters will be With a footprint of just 1860 x 2775 mm, SmartTransfer™ is production capacity of 18 million day old pullets, which will added, bringing the hatchery’s total capacity to 8.8 million constructed from easy-to-clean stainless steel and requires make this one of the largest layer hatcheries in the USA. pullets per annum. minimal maintenance. For further information, please visit our website or call +31 314 659 111. Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ In a statement from the The red dot design award dates Pas Reform’s award is for incubator wins international awarding Jury, Pas Reform’s back to 1955 and is now one of “product design” in the ‘Industry ‘Red Dot’ Award for design latest development in single- the world’s largest and most and crafts’ category, emerging as quality stage incubation was highly distinguished design a winner out of more than 1,800 praised: “The SmartPro™ competitions, attracting more entries from renowned Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ incubator manifests a clear, than 4,500 nominations from 58 designers and emerging incubator has been awarded a comprehensible design and countries in 2012. international talent. prestigious international ‘red fulfils the highest demands dot award’ for high design expected of technologies for Pas Reform received its red dot quality. incubation in terms of reliability award during a ceremony held and user-friendliness.” at Aalto Theater, in Essen, Germany.6
  7. 7. Pas Reformgranted exclusiveuse of Microbanin hatcheriesMicroban antibacterial technology is finding new Pas Reform’s director of international sales and development,applications in the hatchery sector, through an Agreement Bouke Hamminga, has monitored performance and marketthat gives Pas Reform sole use worldwide. response to the new products. He says, “We strongly believe in the partnership we have developed with Microban andPas Reform has incorporated Microban into the polymer have extended our territory market relationship from EMEAused to manufacture setter trays, hatcher baskets and otherhygiene-critical hatchery consumables. to further include Central and South America and the Asia- Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand.” Brazil’s Nutriza“Pas Reform’s use of Microban technology represents an Following the success of Pas Reform’s Microban-treated chooses SmartPro™important development in minimising contamination bybacteria and pathogens in hatcheries”, explains Gerd de setter trays and hatcher baskets, the antibacterial technology will be incorporated in an extended range of for expansionLange, Senior Poultry Specialist of Pas Reform. “Millions of consumables and into new applications in Pas Reform’shatching eggs are transferred every day, between breeder hatchery planning, design and installation services portfolio,farms and hatcheries. From the hatchery, day-old chicks are such as hatchery flooring and joint sealants.then transferred in their millions, to multiple points ofdelivery in the poultry chain. Paul McDonnell, managing director at Microban Europe, concludes: “Pas Reform has achieved remarkable growth“The constant flow of eggs and chicks in hatcheries can, with its innovative incubation technologies and we arewithout proper hygiene practices, increase the potential for pleased that our antibacterial technology is now part of thiscross contamination and bacteria transfer during success.transportation. Improving the hygiene throughout this Nutriza AgroIndustrial de Alimentos S/A has chosen Pasprocess is an absolute priority” explains Mr de Lange. “Certainly, this would appear to be a market sector where Reform’s SmartPro™ incubation technologies for an antibacterial protection brings a genuine and very high expansion programme that will boost the poultryOptimising the hatchery’s hygiene status is fundamental to degree of benefit. We are looking forward to working with integration’s production capacity to 100 million hatchinggood incubation. Bacteria can double in number every 20 Pas Reform, to further extend its use of our technology.” eggs or 1.6 million day old chicks a week.minutes, so that within just seven hours, every bacteriumcan multiply into more than a million organisms. While Pas Reform: working Nutriza’s CEO and managing director Mr. Tomazini says thedisinfection is effective in the short term, it does not prevent with Microban® decision to invest in Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ single-stagethe re-growth of micro-organisms once the surface dries and antibacterial technology incubation technologies was based primarily on quality andthe disinfectant has evaporated. the Company’s very clear commitment to the Brazilian market, through Pas Reform do Brasil. “Expanding theBy incorporating Microban technology into hatchery Nutriza hatchery is central to our strategy, to bolsterconsumables such as setter trays and hatcher baskets, Pas hatchery operations at the core of our poultry integration,”Reform has created a unique and highly effective means of he says. “When we looked at how best to reliably delivercombating cross-contamination in modern hatcheries. greater numbers of uniform, robust day old chicksContact with the Microban treated polymer fatally disrupts alongside modern requirements for hygiene and bio-the biological function of bacteria, to provide continuous security, we found Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ incubationprotection between wash cycles. technologies to be the most comprehensive and viable investment for Nutriza’s future needs”. The official home of Pas Reform on YouTube. Check in for regular updates and new content from around the world. 7
  8. 8. New Anthoney’s Farms adopt SmartPro™ single- stage incubation ‘On Monday New Anthoney’s Farms (pvt) Ltd has contracted Pas Reform to supply a SmartPro™ single-stage incubation system for its new hatchery in Attanagalla, Sri Lanka. The company, one of the country’s foremost poultry they are …’ producers, will install SmartPro™ 77 incubators, with a full climate control system and automated Candling and Transfer to complete the commission. As an independently developed producer, committed to quality, New Anthoney’s Farms is in a unique position, with the new single-stage hatchery joining associated broiler houses, breeder houses and a feed mill (in Indolamulla and Thiththapaththara) and processing (in Hanwella) up to international standards, to complete the integration. By Martin ‘Tiny’ Barten, senior hatchery specialist, Pas presentations and enjoying lively discussion. Reform Hatchery Technologies In the evenings, I joined the hatchery manager and his team Mr. K.A. Emil Stanley, the company’s chairman and and together, we reviewed all the hatchery data. managing director, said “New Anthoney Farms During a recent trip to the tropics, I had the chance When we looked at the climate histories for the hatches selected Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ technologies to unexpectedly to visit a hatchery that was due to host a Pas pulled earlier that week, a pattern started to emerge. For support our vision and commitment to providing the Reform Academy Seminar. each cycle, relative humidity immediately after transfer was best quality, hygienic chicken products to health very high, gradually decreasing to set point then rising again conscious consumers in Sri Lanka.” My unplanned visit was well received, giving the hatchery sharply with the emergence of the chicks. manager the chance to talk to me about chick quality, which was not, he said, entirely satisfactory. Culled chicks and first When asked if the hatcher baskets were always 100% dry at week mortality were slightly high by their standards. transfer, there was a lengthy discussion before agreeing on Four hatch days each week meant that I could witness chick their reply: “On Monday they are ……”. I concluded that the take-off during my visit. The newly hatched chicks presented baskets were not, therefore, completely dry on the other with full bellies - and too many unclosed navels. Other signs hatch days. confirmed that 502-504 hours of incubation were not enough: the chicks were being pulled too early. At the end of When it was also confirmed that chick quality was indeed my short visit, we agreed that relative humidity set points usually much better on a Thursday, the solution was clear. would be reduced from 53 to 50%, with incubation starting Evaporating water from wet baskets was reducing the 4 – 6 hours earlier. temperature and increasing humidity in the hatcher, resulting in chicks with thick bellies and poor navels. A month later, as the hatchery welcomed delegates from all We agreed that an extra set of hatcher baskets would over the region to the Academy seminar, our host’s General quickly pay for themselves. And to maintain good chick Manager asked if I would join him and his team in the quality in the future, a golden rule would be applied: evenings. It seemed that while there had been some transfers would always be made in dry baskets! improvements in chick quality since my previous visit, results Martin ‘Tiny’ Barten, senior were still not quite as they should be. hatchery specialist, Pas Reform During the day, we were fully occupied with the Seminar Hatchery Technologies programme, taking part in practical sessions, attending Pas Reform launches original, high-quality incubator The web shop can be accessed web shop spare parts. Every part is fully by clicking on the web shop tab illustrated, with a powerful on Here Pas Reform is launching a new zoom function, to enable the you can browse and request for web shop, as a global service checking of parts in close detail a quotation online in just a few for the ordering of genuine if necessary, before placing an easy clicks. Searching for spare Pas Reform spare parts anytime, order. parts is intuitive, by application from anywhere in the world. area, keyword or article number. The new web shop provides All requests are acknowledged Pas Reform’s customers with a directly to the registered email comprehensive, online platform address. for ordering a wide range of8
  9. 9. Turkey’s Erpiliç supersizeswith SmartPro™ Smart hatchery boosts BelpticepromTurkey’s expanding Erpiliç has awarded its fourth, single-stage hatchery development contract to Pas Reform, for the “Pas Reform delivered on every level, not only with a complete, highly advanced single-stage solution on SmartPro™, but also growth in Belaruscompany’s advanced, SmartPro™ hatchery technologies. by consolidating their role with a full range of hatchery automation systems and climate control equipment - and theThe new hatchery in Mudurnu - Bolu, Turkey, has been project management capabilities to fully support theawarded as a virtually turnkey project and will be boosting development of the hatchery.”production capacity by 61 million day old chicks per year.The contract comprises 36 SmartSetPro™ 115 setters, each Erpiliç was founded in 1969 by the Ericek family, beginningwith a capacity of 115,200 eggs and 36 SmartHatchPro™ production with just 200 chicks. Now with headquarters inhatchers. Pas Reform’s project team has designed the entire Bolu, Turkey’s broiler capital, Erpiliç’s annual capacity is 80hatchery layout and will remain onsite to deliver training for million hatching eggs per year, with integrated operationsErpiliç hatchery personnel, while refining and programming that include breeding, incubation, slaughterhouse, processing,the hatchery’s systems. parent stock houses and feed factories. Operations are divided Forward-looking parent stock hatchery Belpticeprom has for the separate production of delicatessen and processed cemented an important Agreement with Aviagen, toThe decision to work with Pas Reform came, says Project products. become the sole distributor of Ross parent stock for theDirector Mustafa Ericek, after careful and rigorous Belarusian domestic market.comparisons of hatchery equipment manufacturers. With a string of ISO accreditations, including for Halal production, Erpiliç is fully HACCP Food Safety Certified and The Agreement came just months after Belpticeprom’s places great importance on the maintenance of the strictest investment in a new state-of-the-art hatchery, designed and hygiene standards, in accordance with Islamic rules, at all its equipped by Pas Reform. The newnew ‘Smart™ Hatchery’ and equipped by Pas Reform. The ‘Smart™ Hatchery’ was facilities. planned withwith input from Aviagen’s European team, to was planned input from Aviagen’s European team, to include SmartSet™ setters, SmartHatch™ hatchers, Pas Erpiliç’s decision has, says Sake Yalcin, president of Refarm Reform’s Automated Hatching System and SmartCenter™ A.S., Pas Reform’s representative in Turkey, put the company hatchery management, for the production of up to 4 million firmly on the map as the number three poultry producer in hatching eggs per annum. the country. The installation also includes Hatchery Automation and “Erpiliç’s exacting and progressive approach sets extremely Climate Control Systems from Pas Reform, with full onsite high standards both in Turkey and in those countries they training and hatchery management training provided by the export to. This project is a very good example of future- Pas Reform Academy. LastLast year, Belpticeprom further the Pas Reform Academy. year, Belpticeprom further focused design – with the emphasis on results for an extended the hatchery complex to increase production up“We wanted a fully integrated approach to the development ambitious and expanding company.” to 6 million hatching eggs a year.of our new hatchery project”, he says, “our preference was towork with a single industry partner.”With all the ease of ordering Features of the detail in the images from PCs, Macs and mobile Visit Pas Reform’s web shop atonline from a fully illustrated • Saves previous orders auto­ browsers, to smartphones, www.pasreform.comcatalogue, Pas Reform’s new Pas Reform’s new web shop matically for ease of reference netbooks and tablets.web shop will help to maintain offers many useful features: and speed of repeat orderingmaximum uptime in the • Open 24/7, 365 days a year – • Guaranteed reliability from Pas Reform’s webshop has beenhatchery. Every spare part to order parts anytime, any genuine parts avoids the risk created using responsive design,supplied carries Pas Reform’s place of costly downtime from to ensure that all page featuresguarantee of quality assurance. • Easy, intuitive navigation using uncertified parts. and functionality can be seen • Every item illustrated and used no matter how large • Spare parts are easily verified Customers are visiting (or small) the display. with a powerful zoom tool from that allows a close inspection an increasing variety of devices, 9
  10. 10. Balance for perfection Pindos Cooperative targets growth with Pas Reform in Greece By Martin ‘Tiny’ Barten, senior hatchery specialist, again, we found normal values in all sections of the Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies machine, which would definitely improve chick quality and help to reduce the hatch window. Stuck at Mumbai Airport because of a volcanic ash cloud, I found myself thinking about how, during my visits to so Similar situations have occurred in other hatcheries, many different hatcheries, certain aspects of incubation irrespective of incubator brand, in both the setters and the remain a recurring point of discussion. One such point is the hatchers. In a hatcher, when baskets are stacked higher on impact of under-loading setters and hatchers, which can one side, it is easier for the air to circulate on the side with cause problems if the less than full machine is not loaded “in fewer or no baskets, where resistance is much lower. In this balance”. scenario, air passes less effectively through the baskets with “Pindos” Ioannina Agricultural Poultry Farming the heat producing embryos, resulting in an overheated Cooperative, the largest poultry sector cooperative in I recalled visiting a customer’s hatchery, where the hatchery micro-climate. Careful observation during chick take-off will Greece, has awarded the development of a new manager took me to the setter room, explaining as we went reveal reduced chick quality, or in the worst case, baskets hatchery complex to Pas Reform. that in some machines, although egg shell temperatures in with a higher incidence of unhatched eggs. In conjunction with Pindos’ existing hatchery – one section were good, the temperatures in another section commis­ ioned with Pas Reform in 1994 – the new s of the same machine were too high. We entered a setter For optimal results, machines should always be loaded facility doubles production to 1 million day old broiler containing 17 day old embryos and immediately I noticed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When chicks per week. one completely empty section, although all the other machines are fully loaded, there is little room for mistakes. sections fully loaded, each with four trolleys. On measuring But when machines are loaded at less than full capacity, it is As President of Pindos Cooperative, Mr Michael Kasses egg shell temperature in the section opposite the empty important to consider the flow of air - which in the daily represents the interests of 560 member poultry one, I found an average of 102 ºF, with more variation than practice of the hatchery means loading both setters and producers, in a vertically integrated organization that normal. Temperatures in the other loaded sections were hatchers in a balanced pattern, to give each embryo an equal currently delivers 25 million broilers each year. He says, fine. opportunity to thrive. “With 5,000 retail outlets to serve currently, demand for poultry and poultry products is growing here in I explained that the imbalance in the way the machine had Greece. The Cooperative has chosen Pas Reform for its been loaded was having a negative effect on air flow. To innovation, reliability and cost-efficiency, as we focus on restore balance and optimize air flow, we moved two meeting home demand while at the same time trolleys towards the ventilator-side of the opposite section. expanding our export operations to the Balkans, Several hours later, when we measured shell temperature Europe and Asia.” Embryonic development of the chicken New poster charts Each image includes daily embryonic development of notes, to describe key changes. Pas Reform Hatchery Phase 1 - Differentiation Knee Embryo First signs of Head Eye pigmentation Eye pigmentation In the freshly laid egg, the Technologies blood ring Umbilical cord Eye embryo consists of a sheet of the chick To receive your free copy, please Heart cells segregated into groups Pas Reform is an international Sub-embryonic Sub-embryonic Leg that will eventually form company, which has specialized fluid fluid specific tissues and organs. in the development of Differentiation of embryonic email innovative hatchery techno- logies for the poultry sector since 1919. Blood ring (Area vasculosa) Area vasculosa Albumen proteins cells begins in the oviduct, continuing during incubation at the optimum temperature Pas Reform’s new poster The company has earned its of 37.8 ºC (100 ºF). position as one of the world’s Extra-embryonic tissues, leading hatchery equipment e.g. yolk-sac membrane manufacturers, through Day 1 [0-24 hours] Day 2 [25-48 hours] Day 3 [49-72 hours] Day 4 [73-96 hours] Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 and chorioallantois, grow illustrates each of the 21 days of decades of research into the biological and physiological Phase 1 - Differentiation Phase 1 - Differentiation Phase 1 - Differentiation Phase 1 - Differentiation Phase 1 - Differentiation Phase 1 - Differentiation Phase 2 - Growth to form the different fluid compartments. The blood aspects of embryo develop- • A primitive streak and head- • Head and heart structures are • Blood ring (Area vasculosa) • Embryo turned to its left side • Elbows and knees develop • Beak becomes visible • Egg tooth and comb appear vessel rich yolk-sac membrane chick development during ment, combined with a fold are visible in the embryo formed • Heart beats • Wing and leg buds develop • Area vasculosa covers 50% of • Autonomic movement begins • Digits and toes are visible supplies nutrients to the thorough understanding of • Sub-embryonic fluid forms • First signs of blood ring • Head is turned to right • Eye pigmentation: distinct yolk sac • Albumen proteins are concentrated • Legs move embryo. The chorioallantoic all aspects of the poultry a concentric ring around the • Sub-embryonic fluid formation is in the sharp end of the egg membrane is involved in the production chain – and a embryo clearly visible in the yolk exchange of gases (O2 and CO2) incubation. Large, clear, colour dedicated focus on the future. through the shell and forms the allantoic cavity, where metabolic waste products are images help to observe the key collected. Umbilical cord Phase 2 – Growth phases of embryonic Amnion Ear Eyelids Ear Half-way through incubation, bodily organs have reached Digits and toes 95% of their final form and need only to increase in size development, a day at a time. Wing and mature in functionality. Egg tooth Feather Growth therefore occurs in primordia Yolk sac the second half of incubation SmartPro™: optimising embryonic development as the functional maturation Thigh of tissues and physiological control systems and continues10 until the bird is ready to Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 hatch. During this time, extra- embryonic fluids are absorbed by the embryo. Phase 2 - Growth Phase 2 - Growth Phase 2 - Growth Phase 2 - Growth Phase 2 - Growth Phase 2 - Growth Phase 2 - Growth • Three rows of feather • Chorioallantois covers 80% of • Rhythmic contractions of the • Scales on legs can be recognized • Eyes open • Head in yolk sac • Embryo starts turning towards primordia are visible embryo and yolk sac amniotic muscles rock the • First feathers • Chorioallantois complete and • Metabolic heat production and air cell Phase 3 – Maturation • Calcification of bones is • Mouth opening appears embryo in the amniotic fluid • Volume of amniotic cavity closed oxygen consumption increase The embryo has reached its initiated • Feather follicles are visible maximum • Albumen proteins transported exponentially final size, but the physiological • Upper and lower beak • Toes are now completely in yolk sac • Periods of embryonic activity control systems are yet to