The Top Secret Search Engine


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Do you know that YouTube is second most popular search engine in the world? It’s true – Google is the first and Bing is number 3. Check out more at

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The Top Secret Search Engine

  1. 1. Shhh…
  2. 2. Do you know the second largest search engine in the world?
  3. 3. I’ll give you a hint…. It’s not Bing It’s not Yahoo It’s not Baidu (yet) In fact most people don’t even think of it when they think of search. But it’s huge. That’s right. It’s….
  4. 4. YouTube in numbers YouTube receives around 3 billion searches every month. 9 months of video is uploaded every two hours A decade’s worth of video is uploaded every day Every 10 days, a century of video is uploaded YouTube sees four billion video views globally every day
  5. 5. YouTube in numbers 1 trillion – The number of video playbacks on YouTube 140 – The number of YouTube video playbacks per person on Earth 48 hours – The amount of video uploaded to YouTube every minute 1 – The most viewed video on YouTube during 2011 was Rebecka Black’s “Friday.” (I personally hate that song lol)
  6. 6. YouTube in numbers 82.5% – Percentage of the U.S. Internet audience that viewed video online. 76.4% – YouTube’s share of the U.S. video website market (December 2011) 201.4 billion – Number of videos viewed online per month (October 2011) 88.3 billion – Videos viewed per month on Google sites, incl. YouTube (October 2011) 43% – Share of all worldwide video views delivered by Google sites, incl. YouTube
  7. 7. Optimization of your content on YouTube Your keywords must be placed within the script. YouTube uses Hotspot as its analytical tools. This tool will measure the attention from the viewers. Where are the viewers dropping off, where do they stop the video, skip something of the video or maybe click on another video. Make some visually great videos.
  8. 8. Optimize your YouTube Channel Tagging Calls-to-action An eye-catching theme
  9. 9. Optimization of your YouTube video Be sure to write the word “video” in your title. Write the address of your website in the beginning of the description. And of course be sure to write your Facebook, Twitter and other addresses to your social networks in the description too. Remember to authorizing commenting, voting, responses and ratings – so you can engage people. And permit other websites to embed your video. This traffic counts as views too.
  10. 10. Optimization of your YouTube See more tips and tricks about your SEO for YouTube at