How to opt out of NSA


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Learn how you can opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program. Stop reporting your online activities to the American government with these free alternatives to proprietary software. With thanks to

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How to opt out of NSA

  1. Let’s take a journeyaway from Apple, Google and MicrosoftOperating systemWeb browserWeb browser pluginsWeb searchDNS providerDarknetOnline transactionsEmail servicesSocial NetworkingWith thanks to
  2. Opt out of Operating systemGet away from:• Apple OS X• Google Chrome OS• Microsoft WindowsTry this• GNU/Linux (a free, open sourceoperating system)• Debian (a popular ethical GNU/Linuxdistribution)• Fedora (fast, stable powerfulGNU/Linux distribution)• Tails (Live CD/USB designed forprivacy)• Trisquel (FSF endorsed, user-friendlyGNU/Linux distribution)
  3. Opt out of Web browserGet away from:• Apple Safari• Google Chrome• Microsoft Internet ExplorerTry this• GNUzilla IceCat (GNU version ofFirefox)• Mozilla Firefox (open source webbrowser)• Tor Browser Bundle (encrypted,anonymous browsing)
  4. Web browser PluginsTry this• HTTPS Everywhere (encrypts yourcommunications thousands ofwebsites)• Fix Tracking (guide to stop gettingtracked online)• Torbutton (Tor plugin for IceCat andFirefox
  5. Opt out of Web searchGet away from:• Google Search• Microsoft Bing• Yahoo! SearchTry this• DuckDuckGo (anonymous, unloggedweb searches)• Seeks Project (open decentralizedplatform for collaborative search)• Startpage (private, unlogged websearches)• YaCy (decentralized web search)
  6. Opt out of DNS providerGet away from:• Google Public DNSTry this• OpenNIC Project (total DNSneutrality)• Namecoin (decentralized DNS basedon Bitcoin technology)
  7. DarknetTry this• Freeneet (decentralized censorship-resistant network)• I2P (the invisible internet project)• Nightweb (anonymous I2P networkfor Android)• Syndie (distributed, anonymousforum software)
  8. Opt out of Online transactionsGet away from:• PayPal• Google WalletTry this• Bitcoin (P2P digital currency with nocentral authority)• Alternative cryptocurrencies (list ofalternative encrypted digitalcurrencies)
  9. Opt out of Email servicesGet away from:• Apple iCloud• Dropbox• Google Drive• Microsoft SkyDriveTry this• Git-annex assistant (synchronizedfolders on each of your computersand drives)• OwnCloud (cloud data in yourcontrol)• Sparkleshare (self-hosted versioncontrol and file sync.)• Tahoe-LAFS (free and open cloudstorage system)
  10. Opt out of Social networkingGet away from:• Google+• Facebook• LinkedIn• TwitTry this• Diaspora (community-run, distributed socialnetwork)• Friendica (open source, free social web server)• GNU social (Self-hosted, decentralized socialnetwork)• Lorea (distributed and federated social nodes)• Movim (private, decentralized social networkserver)• (self-hosted social nstream server)• Salut a Toi (multipurpose communication tool)• Tent (free, autonomous social network protocol)