Refrigerator Dimensions And Design


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Refrigerator Dimensions And Design

  1. 1. ==== ====The Coolest Site To Choose The Best Size Freezer ====DesignDesign does not only mean the looks of your refrigerator but also the storage sections it providesto you internally. You can check for the storage shelves and compartments it provides andcompare them with your needs. A lot of refrigerators today provide with separate multi utilitycabinets and sub divisions in the existing ones for more convenient storage. You can also choosefrom top freezer or bottom freezer compartment and even opt for a separate pull out doorvegetable tray at the bottom.LooksExternally also there is a wide variety to choose form. You can stick to a single door refrigerator forbasic needs. However if you do want to explore and get something off beat, you could have atough time selecting. The humble single door refrigerator has not only evolved into a double doorone but also into ones with large French doors with options like an external water dispenser andeven an LCD TV screen. Other than that, they come in attractive pastel as well as metallic colorsand even wonderful print motifs. You can take your pick and even co ordinate it with the interiorsof your living space!FreezerAnother important thing to decide is the freezer compartment. People get lured by a large,separate freezer and most of the time end up not using it except for making ice. So if you are notthe kind of person who needs to store a lot of frozen foods, avoid getting tempted by a big freezerand choose a fridge with a good refrigerator to freezer ratio.SpaceYou also need to consider the space where you will install your refrigerator. Ideally a refrigerator isplaced in the kitchen or in the dining area. You need to find out how much space can you dedicateto your fridge from the existing layout. A large refrigerator in a small kitchen would only makethings more difficult. So either create ample space for the large refrigerator that you are going tobring home or just stick to a size proportionate to your space.After making these considerations you need to make on your part before buying a refrigerator, youcan go through what is available in the market to choose from. You can check the types ofrefrigerators and the features that are being provided and decide what you want from yourrefrigerator. Other than the basics, there are also a few extras that might interest you if you arewilling to spend a larger share of your pocket. Here is a
  2. 2. quick rundown on what is up for grab in the current refrigerator market for you to choose from.Types of RefrigeratorsTechnologically, there are two types of refrigerators. - Direct Cool and Frost Free. Direct Cool arethe single door refrigerators while the Frost Free ones come in multiple doors. Apart from that,depending on the consumer needs, different sizes and design types of refrigerators have comeinto the market. Your first step should be to decide your usage pattern and find out the type ofrefrigerator you want.Single Door RefrigeratorDescription: These are the basic, small size refrigerators with a single door and in built freezercompartment on the top. They come in a compact size( 50liters - 100 liters) acting as minirefrigerators and also in a small family size (170liters - 200 liters). These refrigerators are directcool ones as opposed to the double door refrigerators which are generally Frost Free ones.Ideal For: Bachelors and small families who have limited storage needs from the refrigerator andalso do not require a large freezer.Top Freezer, Double Door RefrigeratorDescription: These Refrigerators have separate doors for the freezer and the refrigeratorcompartments. They have the freezer compartment on top and have gained immense popularityover the last few years.Ideal For: Midsized families and people who use the freezer to store frozen foods. Provide easyand direct access to food for people with short height and children.Bottom Freezer, Double Door RefrigeratorDescription: These are again double door refrigerators with the exception of having the freezercompartment at the bottom. The double door refrigerators of both kinds, with top or bottom freezerare medium size refrigerators and come in the size of 200 liters- 450 liters.Ideal For: Mid sized families and people who do not use the freezer often. These type ofrefrigerators provide easy access at an eye level to the refrigerated food and save a lot ofsearching trouble.Lifestyle RefrigeratorsDescription: These are large size (450 liters-800 liters) refrigerators with either two or multipledoors. They come with a plethora of features and designer looks and are high priced also.Ideal For: These refrigerators are for you only if you have a really large family and a big budgettoo. If you are the kind of person who likes to throw big parties often and has different types offrozen/ refrigerated foods to store and beverages to chill then you must look at this category of
  3. 3. refrigerators.Feature PerfectOnce you are done with sorting out your needs from a refrigerator and the ideal size for yourfamily, you might want to have a look at the many features that the refrigerators of today areproviding so that when you go out looking for your perfect fridge, you know what you want andwhat you dont.Child Lock: Secures your refrigerator from unwanted opening and closingDeodorizer and Freshonizer: removes bad odor and keeps food fresh by killing harmful bacteria inthe fridge.Open Door Alarm: Rings an alarm if the door is left ajar for longFreezer Lamp: Gives illuminated freezer to save you fumbling in the darkQuick Freeze: makes ice much faster than the normal time takenIce and Water Dispenser: A separate water/ice dispenser is provided externally for convenienceTemperature Control Shelves: These are shelves which can be set to a temperature different fromthe rest of the fridge.Auto Defrost: Defrosts automatically saving you the hassle.Auto Power Save: Detects your absence due to zero fridge operations till a certain time andswitches itself to power save mode automatically.Multi Media Features: Cool features like an LCD screen or a digital picture frame attached to yourrefrigerator door are soon becoming a commonplace in the lifestyle refrigerators. The future willAdjustable Shelves and Separators: There are door bins that can be removed to create room fortaller bottles and jars. Separators on the other hand help you store food items separately fromeach other.Buying a refrigerator at the end of the day should not be a decision made in haste. It should be awell thought over one that would give you a commodity that is the most useful to you in everyaspect. Think over your lifestyle and food habits carefully and finalize a refrigerator that suits yourneeds perfectly.Vinnit Alex is a well known author and has written articles on Dell, Kitchen Appliances store,Videocon Refrigerators, online shop and many other subjects.
  4. 4. Article Source: ====The Coolest Site To Choose The Best Size Freezer ====