Mental Models Intro


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Intro used for the Monkey Business Game.

Mental Models Intro

  1. 1. Mental Model Game Share & form thinking.
  2. 2. What is a Mental Model Game? Mental Model Game is a game that challenges the players to discover their minds. It helps individuals to understandtheir own and their teams thinking. It aimsto create better alignment within the team. Monkey Business Idea Slides
  3. 3. Mental Model Game in Action What’s your What’s your Mental ModelMental Model of success?about quality in work? Mental Model of the perfect pitch? Monkey Business Idea Slides
  4. 4. Why is it important to talk about Mental Models?“Although people do not (always) behave congruently withtheir espoused theories (what they say), they do behavecongruently with their theories-in-use (their mental models).”-  Chris Argyris, Harward professor of organisational behaviur, learning and education Monkey Business Idea Slides
  5. 5. What Mental Models do in practice?Leaps of Abstraction = Do we notice the leaps of our Thoughts from observation to generalization?1. Observation2. Thought3. Assumption 4. Generalization – assuming that “it’s a fact” 5. ActionMore information about Leaps of Abstraction and the Ladder of Inference: Monkey Business Idea Slides
  6. 6. What are Mental Models made of? Monkey Business Idea Slides
  7. 7. What are Mental Models made of? Monkey Business Idea Slides
  8. 8. Why bother about Mental Models?Everyone thinks uniquely and wants to be noticed, heard and understood.To discover, listen, and act with everyone’s thinking you need time and understanding. Mental Model Game helps you to share and create thoughts with your team. In real time. Monkey Business Idea Slides
  9. 9. Team & history• 2006 we created this idea in a Team Academy Finland’sCreative Intellingence & Flexibility –training programcoached by Timo Lehtonen. It was a team of 10 thereinnovating, and we had a task of creating a game - this wasthe outcome• 2008 we started to sell this idea as a partial content ofMonkey Business coaching sessions• 2010 we created a product out of this idea and started tosell Mental Model Game sessions • 2011 we keep on building this product & recruiting people• 2020 …World Peace Game! Monkey Business Idea Slides
  10. 10. If you wish to contact us:•  Monkey Business•  Henna, "•  Ville, "•  Johanna, Monkey Business Idea Slides
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