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Lat am education workshop finland 28.5.2012
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Lat am education workshop finland 28.5.2012


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  • 1. LatAm Education Market Workshop 28.5.2012 at 9-13 @Poppari Jyväskylä Finland25. huhtikuuta 12
  • 2. Hosts and collaborators Maria Cecília Oliveira Henna Kääriäinen is Valtteri Melkko is a Natalia Ceruti is an Pablo Villoch is a Collaborator Anita is a brazilian a Finnish Finnish entrepreneur Argentinan Chile-based Seidler is a consultant entrepreneur in in Monkey Business. marketing consultant consultant in German-Russian specialized in Monkey Business He got in touch with and lecturer at entrepreneurial co-founder of the technical cooperation since its beginnig. Brazil in 2006 when UADE. She’s got 17 learning towards Hub Madrid, who projects in the Since 2008 she he brought Brazilian years of business sustainability. He now works as a educational field. focused on the capoeira teachers to experience leading coordinates the strategic consultant She’s currently LatAm market and Finland and started a the LatAm Pedagogical and practice dealing one between was leading the first club in Jyväskylä. He internationalization of Leadership Diploma, specialist at Brazil, Finland and stage of taking collaborated in numerous European offered by the McKinsey & Co in Spain at SENAC Sao Tiimiakatemia to bringing and Latin American Education Innovation Rio de Janeiro. Paulo. Shes doing Brazil. Now she’s Tiimiakatemia to companies. Natalia´s Center at Fundacion Anita dedicates part her PHD at PUC São finishing an MBA in Brazil and now he experience is not Chile for public of her time for Paulo and is a Mondragon Uni in leads the Brazilian ordinary. That is why school entrepreneurial teacher in a post Spain and co- actions of Monkey she is frequently principals. He is also projects, and she’s graduate researcher creating new big Business with a goal invited as Guest professor in both going to work with group in Politics, LatAm projects with of opening a Yellow Lecturer both, in private and public us in Rio de Janeiro international relation that learning Office in Brazil in companies and in Chilean area actions. and social projects. community. 2013. universities. Universities. Want to join as a host or collaborator? Knowledge is the only resource that grows by use, so we want to invite more hosts and collaborators with LatAm knowhow on board. Express your interest and share why you’d like to join and what could you add to this movement by emailing to / huhtikuuta 12
  • 3. What will you get by joining this workshop? Spots are limited for 15 people from EduCluster Network, take yours by emailing: henna.gustafsson@jykes.fi25. huhtikuuta 12
  • 4. Schedule & style of the workshop? 9.00 Welcome + our learnings from Brazilian Education Market 9.30 Learning Café with the Brazilian, Argentinan & Chilean table in 3 rounds of 30 min for conversations so that each one can visit each table and talk about the themes of interest in each market 11.00 Learning Café conclusions and ideas for next steps 12.00 Buffee lunch and free chatting & connecting with people 13.00 Bye and see you in LatAm! To get started we’ll share a situation pic of the Brazilian education market as seen by Henna & Valtteri during the 3 years of working with Senac SP on bringing Finnish education to Brazil. It will be delivered in a visual and interactive way provoking questions for the following Learning Café. A handbook with deeper analysis of the brazilian education market can be bought at the workshop on separate cost. We also promise to facilitate your face-to-face -contact with the chosen organizations on a Learning Journey to Brazil, that will be offered during the autumn 2012.25. huhtikuuta 12
  • 5. Why Brazil might be interesting for you now? The interest of Finnish companies and public sector towards the Brazilian markets has grown strongly over the past years. One reason for this is certainly the strong economic growth in Brazil. “Brazil passed Great Britain and is now the world’s 6th biggest economy. There are 200 million people living in Brazil and it’s more than three times as many as in Great Britain. Last year the economical growth or Brazil was 7.5 %.” Translated from Finnish Taloussanomat, 27.12.2011 Brazil is also in strong development process of its educational system, and Brazilian organizations invest on the development work. “In the latest PISA-research Brazil ranked among the last countries. In a research made for a little over 60 countries Brazil ranked 53 with reading and the natural sciences skills and 57 with mathematic skilss.” Note translated from the Finnish Foreign Ministry’s publication: Suomen Ulkoasiainministeriö 6.5.2011. Jyväskylä-based Finnish educational innovation Tiimiakatemia started it’s export to Brazil in 2009. There are already many Finnish tehcnological and maritime companies working in Brazil, such as Outotec, Metso and Wärtsilä. Still the educational organizations haven’t made it there yet strongly apart from the private actions related with the industrial companies. In February 2012 Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen and his delegation were visiting Brazil to encourage the relationship and activities between Finland and Brazil, and that trip will surely support more businesses to expand there. Why Chile might be interesting for you now? A big opportunity in the Chilean education industry is that the Chilean Government plans to invest more than USD 4.000 million to improve the Quality of Education. Finnish education is perceived as world leader top one. Chilean universities and educational institutions are looking for international partners to position themselves and differentiate their programs. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has already visited Fundacion Chile for working on this field. In the startup field the recently published Startup Genome research found that Santiago is the 12. best city to live when you are starting a startup. Chile is said to be a great country to enter the Latin American market because it’s not too big, but big enough to make pilots in the spanish speaking market. The environment is welcoming and stable.25. huhtikuuta 12
  • 6. Join the workshop! There are 15 seats available free of charge for EduCluster Network members in this workshop. Reserve your seat by emailing: A brazilian buffee lunch will be offered around midday and a handbook of Brazilian educational market containing analysis of the chosen local companies and schools is possible to buy on separate cost. Already before the workshop you can share your wishes for it’s content, and also tell if there are some specific companies you’d like to connect with in Brazil. In case you have a wish, please share it with: / no later than 27.4.2012! Organizers and supporters: In Monkey Business our mission is to make the world more yellow. Our EduCluster Network represents the best Finnish expertise and practices Yellow Office specializes in learning and strategy design. We believe in the field of education. Our strength is in a large pool of top that interaction is the critical success factor and a source of creativity. educational experts and organizations. The platform of expertise is Thus it’s important to build leadership systems that encourage us to talk made up of national organizations of higher education, vocational more from the heart. Dialogue and creation of new knowledge are the education and different training, consulting and service businesses. core of Monkey Business. With those we help organizations to innovate Services range from mobile and eLearning solutions and short term and solve wicked problems. Monkey Business has operated consultancy services to long term professional development processes internationally since it’s launch in Oman in 2008. Our vision is to and educational system reforms. Our operating mode is client-based become a global collective of 700 entrepreneurs who specialize in the processing of development and learning where creative learning impossible. Like Dee Hock, we believe that “The future is not about environment, top expertise and best practices coexist. logic and reason. It’s about imagination, hope, and belief.” Check more: Check more: network.html25. huhtikuuta 12