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European policies regarding noise assessment

European policies regarding noise assessment



Presentation held in Florence (Palazzo di vecchia) on HUSH event on progress noise mapping and noise action planning in Europe,

Presentation held in Florence (Palazzo di vecchia) on HUSH event on progress noise mapping and noise action planning in Europe,



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    European policies regarding noise assessment European policies regarding noise assessment Presentation Transcript

    • European Policies regarding Noise Assessment henk.wolfert@dcmr.nl
    • Content • Noise burden in Europe • Effects of Noise • What can be learnt from 1st and 2nd round • Overview noise legislation/policies EU • Outlook Noise in Europe • Towards a Thematic Strategy on Noise • Local Strategies • Discussion 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 2
    • Number of people exposed to noise in Europe 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 road rail airport industry Lden aggl Lnight aggl Lden major Lnight major 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 3 > 55 Lden and > 50 Lnight
    • Noise in Urban Areas (Lden) 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 % EXPOSED > 55 DB LDEN noisiest cities in EU 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 4
    • Noise in Urban Areas (Lden) 0 5 10 15 20 25 exposed>55dBLden quiest cities in EU 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 5
    • Comparability far away • Different sound power • Different modelling • Different methods • Different software • Algoritms • Formulas • Different settings • Reflections/movements/ population/accuracy/defaults Road Traffic Noise Railway Noise ASJ RTN 2009 (JP) CRN (UK) CRTN (UK) Harmonoise/imagine (EU) Harmonoise/imagine (EU) Nord 2000 NMPB 2008 (FR) Ononu 305011 (AT) Nord 2000 (DK-FI-NO- SE) RMR (NL) RLS 90/VBUS (DE) Schall 03 VBUS (DE) RMV (NL) Semibel (CH) RVS (AT) Sonroad (CH) TNS (US) Industrial Noise Airport Noise Harmonoise/imagine (EU) AzB 2008 (DE) ISO 9613 (EU) ECAC Doc 29 Harmonoise/Imagine 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 6
    • CNOSSOS art 6 and Annex II END will help PHASE A development methodological framework PHASE B tools and validation PHASE C Implement Annex II 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 7
    • PHASES CNOSSOS Phase A WG 1 Quality framework WG 2 Road Traffic Noise Emission WG 3 Railway noise emission WG 4 Aircraft Noise prediction WG 5 Sound Propagation industrial noise WG 6 Good Practice Guidelines WG 9 Revised ENDRM WG 10 Assigning noise levels and population to buildings Phase B WG6 Good Practice Guidelines WG 7 CNOSSOS EU-database WG 8 CNOSSOS-EU reference software WG 11 Burden of Disease Estimation WG 12 Pilot studies for CNOSSOS validation WG 13 Helpdesk and Training for Member States 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 8
    • CNOSSOS reports • JRC Reference report on “Common Noise Assessment methods in EU (CNOSSOS-EU) for strategic noise mapping” • JRC Master report on “Common Noise Assessment methods in EU (CNOSSOS-EU): outcome and resolutions of the CNOSSOS-EU Technical Committee & Working Groups” 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 9
    • Effects of long term exposure Health effects • Annoyance/high annoyance • Sleep disturbance/Severe sleep disturbance • Learning /memory difficulties • Hypertension • Ischemic Heart Diseases • Strokes/ Diabetes • DALY’s 1-1.6 /annum Economic effects • Measures / administration • Health costs • Real estate value drop • Production loss • Car accidents (tiredness) • An extra year in college/school/univ. 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 10
    • Data deliveries Noise contours maps Airport noise 10/138 Road traffic noise 23/164 Railway noise 34/161 Industrial noise 23/160 Major airports 11/78 Major roads 9/29 Lden Major railways 7/22 Lden • 71% Airport Noise • 80% Road Traffic Noise • 76% Railway Noise • 75% Industrial Noise • 96% Major Railways • 96% Major Airports • 96% Major Roads Reported data 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 11
    • Conclusions so far Some shortcomings: • Delivered noise data is not conform ENDRM • Lot of data was not in time • Data was delivered in wrong format • Data is incomparable • Noise maps are not representing all the noise • Poor action plans • CNOSSOS to be used in 3rd round • CNOSSOS, detailed or strategic (means a broad overview) • Input data to be improved • Guidance needed 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 12
    • Why is END not effective yet? Con’s • No binding limit nor targets • Noise Action Plans not SMART • Definitions not clear or lacking • e.g. agglomerations, quiet urban areas, industry • It is obligatory to make noise maps/noise action plans but it is not obligatory to reduce noise at a national, regional or local level! • Does not offer overall framework for noise links with source related legislation is missing! 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 13
    • Pro’s of the first rounds • Fairly good impression of the size of noise burden in EU • Experience with noise mapping • Experience with noise action planning • Found the points to be improved • END • Input data • Output data • Informing the public • Skills 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 14
    • Outcomes review END 2002/49/EC Two strands • Review by troika Milieu, TNO and RPA • Report European Commission COM(2011) 321 • Internet Consultation • Report to be expected 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 15
    • Report European Commission • Framework mapping methods (CNOSSOS) • Guidance for implementation • Synergy between air quality and noise (integrated approach) • Limit values, targets or triggers • Noise indicators • Enforcement, Definitions • Administrative burden to be relieved 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 16
    • Public Consultation 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 PERSONS GROUPS recommend trigger limit exposure 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 17
    • Outlook I regarding END • Completion of methodology including databases for road and industrial noise OCTOBER 2013 • Validation and fine tuning (possibly with support of EU-MS) FEBRUARY 2014 • First presentation of a draft revised Annex II FEBRUARY 2014 • Finalisation of the revised Annex II JUNE 2014 • Helpdesk supporting practitioners AS FROM 2014 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 18 RECOMMEND
    • Overview EU legislation in force • Aeroplane Operation limits • First railway Infrastructure Package • Environmental Noise Directive • Lawn mowers (permissible noise) • Management Noise at Community Airports • Motor vehicle exhaust systems • Noise Emission Outdoor Equipment • Tractor Type Approval • Railway noise: TSI norms rolling stock conventional rail system • Recreational Craft noise & air emissions • Subsonic jet aeroplanes • Tyre labelling Regulation • Tyre Noise Regulation 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 19
    • Overview EU legislation proposed • Airport Package, noise restrictions at airports • Motor Vehicle Noise • Recreational Craft Directive • Research and Innovation for EU future • Noise of Two- and Three wheeled Motor Vehicles • CNOSSOS common assessment method according to END • Revised END 2002/49/EC 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 20
    • Overview different scenario’s motor vehicle noise Source: TNO AIA-DAGA, Merano 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 21
    • Outlook II regarding Noise in Europe • Traffic still grows 1,5%/annum • Noise will also grow • New MS and modal shift • Urban population grows 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 22
    • Why noise policies fail to lower the noise • Noise is the most forgotten environmental issue (Jo Leinen-EEF) • Noise has to deal with other issues • Financial downturn (excuse) • Incentives (carrot) • Enforcement (stick) • Fail to involve stakeholder • No binding between source & END policy THEMATIC STRATEGY NOISE is what we need! • Human behaviour 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 23
    • 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 24 Thematic Strategy on Noise Linking source policies with a stronger and effective END • Multi level policies • EU • National • Regional • Local • Governmental bodies • Institutions • Schools • Residents 06/05/2013HUSH final event Florence 24
    • 07/08/2013HUSH final event Florence 25