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Online marketing for top end hair salons
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Online marketing for top end hair salons


An online marketing approach for top end hair dressers. A presentation for the Intercoiffure Conference Hobart Tas, 2013

An online marketing approach for top end hair dressers. A presentation for the Intercoiffure Conference Hobart Tas, 2013

Published in Marketing , Technology , Business
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  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a steady flow of enquiries and bookings and not have to rely on client referrals alone for growth. If you could create online properties that do this for you 24/7 almost on remote control, what would that do for your business?Well I’m going to show you some things you can do to step towards that position online.
  • My goal for the next hour is to give you one or two things you can you can take away today and start to implement this week.I want to use this time to show you how to use online marketing to consistently attract flow of new clients because a flow of new clients is the lifeblood of any thriving business and is normally the most significant difference between a thriving business and struggling one.
  • Don’t need to take notes because at the end of this presentation I’ll give you a link to the presentation and information about all the how to do all this
  • OK show of hands, who has used Google in the last week to do a search?Who has used the Yellow pages – online or offline to do a search?The old broadcast way of marketing that worked two or three years ago, certainly five years ago doesn’t work any more because people’s attention spans are shortening and their media usage is radically different than it was 10 years ago. Remember MySpace, Alta vista, Yahoo?And there are platforms around that we didn’t even know about 5 to 10 years ago Youtube, Triberr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Google Plus. And who would have thought that so many people would be using smart phones as part of their day-to-day searching for local business services?But the challenge for us all as business owners is which channels should we use and how should we use them and how much time should be spend on them.CLICKIt’s complicated:A recent survey by of small business noted that business owners the main concerns were Too many channelsNo time to learn what to doToo complicated and confusingDon’t know who to believe or trustCan’t afford the extra costs involvedDoes that resonate with you? It does with most business ownersSo lets focus on what’s important
  • Speaking to several of you when putting this presentation together, it struck me that many of you get most of your customers from word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients. This of course is fantastic.But wouldn’t it be great if you had another client acquisition stream that supported this?The marketing complication is that your service is not product or even a transactional service like a pedicure or going to the doctor – its more complex – and thus the traditional online marketing approach of attempting to get someone to sign up or call you from one interaction - is not going to work .ClickYour service is actually an experience service. It’s relationship based and therefore all of your marketing needs to be focused on increasing trust and reducing risk. clickOnline channels are absolutely brilliant for this for this because potential customers need lots of information to reduce risk. Your marketing is then essentially an extension of your hair care, beauty care and fashion advice.This then means that the channels you choose, are essentially a series of “prospect and customer lists” sitting on each web property. The strategy is to give people advice and information to help them reduce risk and increase trust.FB, YouTube, Email Marketing and Online Reviews are perfect for this.
  • So the seven pillars of your digital marketing strategy areYou need a strong website that shows up in Google and it needs to be one that generates leads.2. You need to have your website looking good on mobile. Up to 50% of local searches are mobile. And Google tells us that nearly 90% of those searches end up in doing business someone within 2-3 days.3. You should have a Google places (or Google+ local) profile fully built out and connected to your website4. You need to be present and active on social media to create engagement5. You need a business system to collect online reviews. Online reviews make you more findable and makes it much more likely that a prospect will be influenced positively because the reviews reduce risk. No one can sell you as well as someone else. 6. You can also use email marketing to potential clients. The goal of email marketing to potentials is to build relationship, express your values and personality and this increase trust and reduce risk7. Use remarketing to manage the know, like and trust factors for people who have come to your site but not done anything.
  • A Forrester survey found that search engines, by a large margin, are the most popular source for finding local information.82% use search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN).53% use local newspapers.49% use TV.Of those surveyed, 50% said search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN) were the first place they looked when seeking a local business. Organic search is 2x more powerful than social mediaclickYet given the importance of websites in Google search, a straw poll of some local searches suggest about 1 in 2 hairdressers don’t have a website site. And for those hairdressers that do - they are not what I would call Strong websites.Around1 in 4 Intercoiffure members don’t have one it seemsI guess the others rely on Facebook. ROS StoryclickTo me, having a website is the most important foundation of the digital marketing strategy. It’s typically one of the only online properties that you actually own that can’t be taken away from you. Consumer drivenYour competition is there
  • Major errors I see on websites- Flash websites. Google can’t read flash and it is not supported by Apple anything- no phone number in the header or easily accessible on the site- not mobile responsive or no mobile version of the site- cheesy stock photographs- if you made it yourself, or one of your kids made it - it’s likely that the design sucks in terms of consumer acceptance- Two of the biggest mistakes is that there is is just not enough text on the site to get them ranked in Google- And that the text that is there is not optimsed to feed Google  
  • Google changes their algorithm about 300 times a yearSome of the big changes are Panda and Penguin and Hummingbird which came out about a week ago is adding a new twist about page content.Who gets emails or phone calls saying your website is not ranking for important keywordsYou can ignore thatBecausethe stuff they do does not work - in fact the more you pay them and the more the do the more likely you are to get banned from Google.Directories, Article Sites, Web 2.0 properties, Link development, Private blog networksInfographics, PR, Guest blogging Test – did some one give you a link of love?
  • So what do you need to do to make a strong website? You need to feed Google with contentBut not just any content – there needs to be a strategyThe first thing you should do is ask your clients what they would type in to Google to find you if they didn’t know your business name. You can give them a piece of paper when they come to reception get them to write down a couple of phrases. Then enter in Google and see who shows up on that page. Is it your website?After that is a little bit of art associated with understanding the question they are actually asking. You need to get behind the intent of what they’re saying so that you can have some content to your site that really is the best answer to that question. If you answer the question better than anybody else, Google will likely rank you number 1.These days most of the drivers of getting ranked locally are on your website and you can control it. But you need text to feed Google. Google is a text engine that doesn’t read images or video very well.So if you feed Google the text and make the text the best answer to the question that the searcher is asking Google will reward you for it. Provided you structure it right
  • Those are meta titles and meta descriptionsBlue one is Meta title - currently still used by Google and very important to rankingDescription : not used by google but is used by searchers – its your online add in the listingsMake it enticing – time to craft it.
  • Most important is Meta title and meta descriptionKeywords in meta titleUnique to each page
  • Example of page optimisation from MOZ.comAs well as focussed meta titles and meta descriptionsThe keywords are repeated in the headline text, image filename and Alt-image tagPlus the copy has the keyword and related keywords in it.400 words+This will feed Google with your text in a way they understand
  • InstallGoogle analytics and webmasterstools so you know what’s happening on you websiteName, Address and Phone (NAP) in text, in micro-format if possible. Put the NAP on every page if you canSite speed is an important ranking factorTry to capture details of visitors so you can start to engage with themEncourage shares +1’s
  • Look at your site on mobile. If it’s not responsive (reshapes) or delivers a specialist mobile site the user experience probably sucks – Google Analytics will tell youEpic shift going on – constant connectivity77% of mobile searches are in a location (home or work) where people are likely to have a PC available to them.  73% of mobile searches trigger additional action & conversionsWhen people use Mobile Search to help make a decision they are….30% more likely to visit a retailer website51% more likely to make a purchase57% more likely to visit a store39% more likely to call a businessWhich is best? Rebuild or add on.
  • Mobile search
  • Google + ProfileGoogle PlacesComplete it fullyName images correctlyVideo – on you tubeShows up in MobileNAP on website helps link GP
  • Help you increase ranking and range of your GP listing, Use exactly the Same NAP on all sites in Need to find themsearch for your address or phone number in quotes May not be right – wrong details, categories, incomplete, inaccurate, have bad reviews you don’t know about
  • Add a BlogComparing #1 and # 2 for Hair Salon Sydney#1 has 400+ pages and a blog#2 has 50+ page and a blogSites on pages 2-3 have 10 pagesAdds authorityYou show up for more searches and get more trafficProvides content for social mediaCreate internal links – wikipedia effectProvides fresh relevant content – Google loves it
  • Among consumers who sometimes or always recommend brands to others, sharing information face-to-face (80%) remains by far the most popular method of doing so, far ahead of email (51%) and social networks (39%), per results from a study.
  • Think about your best refersCharacteristicsAre they women, social, gregarious, optimistic, generous?Where else would you expect them to be – Social media of course
  • Post as Salon and As youYour staff can post too or become an adminAs you can post as 2 people (see above) your salon voice could be informative, salon related, technical, expert, helpful. Whereas your personal voice could very differentThe simple answer is often! Post at least 3 times a week and daily if you can manage it. More rules for posting • Use pictures as part of your post regularly Keep the messages short and snappy • Use a good intro line that catches the eye • • Use video links if they are relevant • If you have a website post links to it weekly
  • Charities, local business events, special days in the yearPhoto share – great for you guysCompetitions – best quotes etcLeverage the material – reuse itJust follow Facebook’s TOS.
  • Time - effectivelyFB Only 1 hour a week regularMore Hour a day goal conflict recognise and reward for it make it part of job role but rest of team needs to be read in – aware  editorial calendar Focus on goals - no calendar just created random stuff and is inefficientStaff to talk about it – but they need to be in the loop.Staff can post – Like and them become an admin
  • FB likesOnly two waysOrganic Talk to clients about it, ask them to keep in touch.Friends - perhapsStaff will only promote if they like the contentCheckinsOffer a special treat for our FB friends when they check in with FB.Publishes to FB NW that they have been at the Salon
  • Paid, Very cost effectiveMountain Dew
  • Lead capture and listing building devices including Facebook and EmailThink about most visitors who come to your site – do they buy or call straight away.A lead capture form with a lead magnet – video, how to, coupon etc. in return for email address is a great way to start engaging with potential customers to increase trust and reduce riskDrip feed engine (Autoresponder): Aweber , Mailchimp, Constant Contact If you give freely the norms of reciprocity normally encourage people to give back- we like to do business with people we like- not much of a risk they will DIY
  • ReviewsGet reviews on Google Places70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase? Would be similar in Aus.. But lower Ranks you higherLowers risk increase trust No one can sell you as well as someone else
  • Bad reviews happen Less politeNot concerned about the impactVery casual about something that is so permanent - like tattoosIf they leave you they don't tell you - now they bag you outyou need a system for getting reviews You need to know what they are sayingAcknowledge nice onesDeal with negativesSet up a Google Alert for your business name


  • 1. Intercoiffure Congress | Hobart | Oct 2013
  • 2. • Give you at least one thing you can take away and implement in your business this week
  • 3. • Foundations • What you should do to be competitive • Not “how to” • Link at the end
  • 4. Too many channels Too complicated Can’t afford extra costs No time to learn it Who to trust or believe
  • 5. Increase Trust Lower Risk Online channels are perfect for this.
  • 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Strong website that generates leads Mobile capable Google Places (+ Local) Active in social media Online reviews Email marketing Remarketing
  • 7. Search engines are the first place people look and most people use Google 1 in 2 hairdressers don’t have a website 1 in 4 Intercoiffure members don’t have one Room for improvement
  • 8. Flash websites / Press “Enter” to see site Phone number not in header or easily accessible Cheesy stock photos The design sucks Not enough text Text not optimised to feed Google
  • 9. 60%-80% of local ranking is “on-site” Ask your clients about their searches Create content focussed on each of those terms and the related terms Be the best answer for the searcher’s need
  • 10. Page Title = Meta Title: Aim for 65 characters including spaces Page Description = Meta Description: Aim for 156 characters including spaces and try for no more than 160.
  • 11. Install Google analytics and webmasters tools Name, Address and Phone in text Make sure your site loads in 2-3 secs. Lead capture and listing building devices including Facebook and Email signups forms Make sharing easy – especially +1’s
  • 12. More than one-quarter of organic search visits came from mobile devices in Q2 73% of mobile searches trigger additional action & conversions. Mobile site or responsive site – which is best?
  • 13. Name, Address and Phone Images Videos Aim for 100% complete
  • 14.
  • 15. Local market Listing on page one for website for some search terms Listing on Google places for local searches
  • 16. Your market is socially connected 11.5m Australian Facebook users/accounts Google independent traffic and customer source Social signals improve Google ranking Twitter Google + Social W-O-M is rising – 38%
  • 17. More users High levels of engagement Functionality List – access to customers and prospects
  • 18. Everything you post does not show up in the newsfeed of your likers – edge rank controls that
  • 19. You need to work the audience to get engagement. Just sharing stuff talking about your business won’t do it Think about your “voice” Frequency – 3 to 5 times a week
  • 20. You can actually use FB quick poll to do this and get some valuable feedback at the same time.
  • 21. Event based activity Photo share Competitions TOC
  • 22. Facebook Champion Part of role: recognition and rewards for it 1 hour a week – 1 hour a day Use a content calendar Use schedule posts – put them all in on Monday Daily checking and responding
  • 23. Organic Your clients, your mailing list, (your friends) Encourage “check-ins”
  • 24. Promoted posts Facebook offers Audience selection in FB is very powerful Likers Friends of likers Clone your customers Other target prospects
  • 25. Help you to increase trust And reduce risk Opportunity to do what you normally do Engage and talk to people Give useful advice and help Express your personality and values
  • 26. 95% of visitors leave and do nothing It is easy to remarket to these people Google AdWords Ad Roll Display advertising reinforces your image and brand Builds awareness and familiarity
  • 27. Lead magnet– give away really useful stuff Follow up using an auto-responder (drip feed emails)
  • 28. Bad reviews happen Need a system for collecting reviews from clients Gmail address – to Google Local Facebook to FB reviews Others - True local
  • 29. Citations FB Advertising and Engagement Drip Feed Emails Google Places Facebook Email Marketing Blog List Building Website Remarketing
  • 30. Increased traffic to your website – at least double Increased engagement More bookings from new clients – 25%-50% increase us a reasonable expectation More profits
  • 31. Go to Follow me on twitter @OLBizBuilders for updates and tips from the world of online marketing